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Petition to UK Parliament, Theresa May MP

Fair media coverage for all Parties and Independent Candidates throughout an election. During the General Election on 8th June 2017 I noticed that the media mainly concentrated on the two largest UK political parties.  As a Christian Independent Candidate to become a Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East during this recent General Election, I was not given any opportunities to discuss my Manifesto or agenda within local or national broadcasts. Amongst the newspapers, only one local paper asked me for my comments whilst all the other papers wrote a main article about the candidates who represented the major parties and only listed the names of the other candidates without any further comments.  This type of biased coverage is unacceptable as referring to only two parties can lead the British public to believe that there are only two real choices of which party they can vote for. Smaller parties are often ignored throughout the campaign process, apart from when they are mentioned within mandatory publications.  I petition the UK Government to create a fair process for future elections by ensuring that either: 1) There is fair media coverage across all media platforms e.g. All Parties and Independents are featured within local and national newspapers with the same word count and an unbiased summary.  Where there is a TV broadcast, all Parties and Independents should be given the same opportunity and length of recording time to speak on the same programmes.  or 2) There is no mainstream media coverage.  The Government should introduce a fair and managed way for the public to access information on the candidates.  A simple solution would be to scrap all media publicity during an election period and only allow the public to receive a leaflet about the candidates and a website link.  There could be a centralised website that lists all of the candidates who are taking part. Each candidate could be asked all the same questions and given the same word count to answer them on the website.  Similar to a comparison website, this would give the public all the facts that they need to know to make a thoughtful and confident vote. The problem is that unless people see that politics is a fair process, they are more likely to take the law into their own hands through protest marches and in the worst case scenario, extremism.  

Colin Rankine
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Petition to Conservative Party MPs

Theresa May Must Be Replaced NOW

I'm a Conservative voter and I voted for the Conservatives in this election. I did this, not because of, but in spite of Theresa May. In fact, I came close (very close) to voting Labour this time around - which for those who know me would've been like an English football fan cheering for Argentina in a World Cup match against England. Even before the election result came out, I, as well as many other Conservative voters I spoke to, believed Theresa May should resign after the election (even if she won). However, now that we've witnessed the appalling result, we are convinced she must go.....immediately. A survey carried out today by ConservativeHome of 1500 Conservative party members showed almost 60% say she must resign, and this is amongst those who are committed party members - the number for middle of the road or casual Conservative voters is likely to be higher. During the election campaign Theresa May lost the confidence of her party, existing Conservative voters, potential first time Conservative voters, the media, EU & world leaders, and the British people as a whole - many of whom voted for her only because the alternative appeared worse (whether or not in hindsight it was). After the election however, her authority is gone. Her credibility is gone. Her mandate is gone. She is a zombie Prime Minister (she looks it and sounds it - it's plain for all to see), so why is she still leading the Conservative party and the country? Conservative party MPs can and MUST replace her now. Despite what some are saying it is not a daunting and complex process to replace a PM. Theresa May became PM just 17 days after David Cameron announced his resignation. And John Major replaced Margaret Thatcher in even less time - 7 days total from first ballots cast to being declared leader and PM. The 'how' therefore is easy, but what's lacking is either the courage, sense, judgement, or vision (or all four) to do it. And I'm not talking about Theresa May lacking these qualities - the British people have already made up their own minds about this question - I'm talking about Conservative MPs. It would take just 48 Conservative MPs (out of 318) to write to the Chairman of the Conservative '1922 Committee' stating they no longer have confidence in Theresa May to trigger a leadership contest. And as per the two examples above the new PM could take their position in as little as 1 week. So the question is: are there 48 Conservative MPs (just 15% of the total) who are willing to do the right thing? Whilst we would hope Theresa May would do the right thing and resign - her actions and words after the election show she is incapable of taking responsibility for her deeds. So we must now turn to her MPs to see if they can deliver the leadership she lacks, and do what is right and best for the country and it's people. And if the argument of doing right by the country is not enough for them, then maybe they should consider it for the sake of their party and their careers - because if May is not replaced then the traits the public and EU leaders attribute to her: weak, incompetent, arrogant, poor judgement, and more, will filter down and through the Conservative party. The Conservatives will inherit her legacy and image, and this will spell the end for many more MPs - and likely for the Conservative government - particularly if we head to another election in the near future. Also, we are entering negotiations with the EU soon and the idea of letting Theresa May lead these is beyond worrying. Her involvement will make our negotiating position worse, not better. Remember: two wrongs don't make a right, so let's leave it at one wrong - calling the election - and not add another on top of it - letting her negotiate Brexit. Finally, I said at the beginning that I (reluctantly) voted Conservative this time around, but if you do not replace her you will lose not just my vote, but the vote of many other Conservative voters across the country. Theresa May is not the leader of the Conservative Party, she is not the leader of the United Kingdom, she is not a leader full stop. Conservative MPs must replace Theresa May NOW.

UK Citizen
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