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Petition to Brook Lane Doctors Surgery, Civil Enforcement Ltd, Suella Fernandes

Stop Brook Lane Surgery parking fines

Brook Lane Doctors Surgery in Locks Heath have enforced new parking regulations based on an ANPR system, requiring patients to input their reg numbers into tiny tablets in the surgery to avoid a hefty fine.  This system causes a great deal of unrest and fear and doesn't take into account, in the slightest, the fact that their significant, if not, majority patient base of elderly people are not au fait with technology and will struggle to deal with this, and potentially also forget to do it in the midst of the stress that a trip to the doctors can bring (applicable to all patients - especially in emergencies).  The company sends out letters to those unfortunate enough to forget the tiny tablets, or miss the signage (which has increased significantly, likely due to a huge number of people being fined), with an initial fee of £60 which then increases to £100 if not paid within a short period. I personally know of people who conveniently never received the initial letter and then received the urgent £100 letter, covered in red text, with no information of where the alleged fee was incurred, resulting in significant anxiety. For the elderly who may not be able to access the website and may also be hard of hearing, so find access to the telephone difficult, they are left with a exorbitant bill with no information, threats on their credit rating and as a result, a crippling level of fear and panic.  This new parking management system is supposedly due to people using the car park for the neighbouring Royal Mail office, and if parking control is indeed required, maybe a method could be considered that it is not so punitive and disregarding of their mainly ill and elderly patient base who are often not comfortable with technology and in the stress of medical difficulty, not always considering that parking may be an issue. If it is essential, which seems unfortunate, a ticket system is probably better so it's not so easy to forget/be unable to configure like this current ANPR system. 

Holly Gillett
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Petition to Dominic Grieve

Greater protection needed for Mobile Home residents! Bring in Fit and Proper controls!

Many Parks are for older people, who may be less likely to fight back when confronted with unfairness and injustice from their Site Owner. I live on a Park Site, I know people who live on other sites, and I have spoken with National organisations who report problems country-wide. The law needs to be stronger - not just for older people, although there are many - but ALL residents. It's ok if you have a good Site Owner and manager, but if you don't, life can be miserable. There are an estimated 250,000 people who live in Park Homes. On privately owned sites, residents who own their home pay Site Fees to the Site Owner (owner of the land on which the homes are situated), who is issued a Site Licence by the Local Authority to run the Site. Yet no legal criteria have ever been brought in to direct Councils as to who can be granted a Site Licence! This needs to change. A number of residents privately report difficulties with Site Owners or managers, but are afraid to come forward. They need better protection, so that they can come forward without fear of repercussions where they live. The government were due to review the Mobile Homes Act 2013 this year, including whether 'Fit and Proper' controls need to be applied, and looking at the effectiveness of Local Authorities, although I have just heard that it may be delayed until 2018. It was due to be May, then the Autumn - it can't be delayed again! Please join me in asking for the law to be revisited as a priority; 1) to bring in 'Fit and Proper' controls as to who can own or run a site. (Feel free to comment as to what you think should be included - there isn't even a DBS check required by law.) 2) to set up a safe way that residents complaints may be logged. 3) to implement a national database which Councils must access to alert them to any previous comments and complaints regarding an individual or company that wishes to have a Licence. Any reasonable Site Owners won't object to checks being made, and legal controls would better direct Councils to protect the people living within their jurisdiction.  Please join our Facebook page : Twitter : @fitandproperso Email

Andi Little
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