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Petition to Philip Santos

Keep the business program at LPSHS

The business program at LPSHS gives their students educational opportunities not found in a traditional high school. This program allows students to gain experience outside of the classroom such as internships, job shadows, networking, and scholarships. Participating in the program means you can put those on your resume because colleges and employers are actively looking for experience. The coordinator of the program, Mrs. Zaiderman, is the reason why students are able to take job shadows, paid internships and network with important people. Her contributions also give the school funding in grants. She is the reason why we were able to re-design the computer lab, library and participate in Junior Achievement's New York Business Plan Competition. The JA business plan competition is a statewide run competition, where teams of up to four students work together to present a business pitch to the judges in hopes of advancing to the next round. The competition exposes students to entrepreneurship and how business works. Volunteer judges come from companies such as Delta Airlines, Manor & Company, and CommunityCo. The top three teams win cash prizes and even those who may not have passed the first round are given something valuable to put on their resume. Her efforts also gave 10 students the opportunity to work with Zurich, the global insurance company for 5 days.  The objective of the program is to provide an opportunity for students to explore various career options, prepare for college and build real business experience. Throughout the 5-day program, students will hear lectures from Zurich’s executives and will then have the opportunity to work on a business project. At the end of the week, the students will present their learnings to a Zurich customer. The business program exposes students to leadership and management experiences such as, but not limited to: Operations Macroeconomics Business law Career opportunities Marketing & Sales General Insurance and Risk Management Presentation Skills Removing the business program means denying students an opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs, future leaders, and scholars.

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Petition to Michael Mulgrew, Department of Education, Bill de Blasio

Help NYC Teachers Fight for Paid Maternity Leave

New York City Department of Education currently offers their teachers who have just become mothers NO PAID maternity leave. These are women who devote their lives to helping raise other people's children. After getting pregnant in 2012, I went to a maternity workshop to help understand my maternity benefits. It began as a room full of bubbly, pregnant women, and ended with many of us in tears. Here is what we learned: In order to get paid for up to SIX WEEKS (you read that right-not months, weeks) we would have to use our own small number of saved sick days. If we had none, or few (which was the case for most of us, being around children all day long) we learned that we could borrow up to 20 days that we would eventually have to repay or rebuy.   Most women never make it out of their negative balance. If you have more than one child, forget it! You have likely borrowed all you can for the first.  When I had my second daughter, even after two years of excellent attendance, I only was able to get paid for seven days after I gave birth. This is completely common among teaching mothers.  For all our union fights for, I'm asking Michael Mulgrew, our Union President: When will the fight begin for our teaching mothers? As an education system, we are well aware of the importance a parent's presence has on his/her child. Yet why don't we value that? Why do women who spend day in and day out educating, nurturing, and supporting other people's children, continue to suffer for having a family of their own? We are the teachers and the mothers of this city-- a city that prides itself on being one of the most progressive and socially conscious cities in the world- and we deserve to be fought for.      *                         *                                 *                           *                       * Click below to watch an amazing documentary done by Broadly where the terrible state of maternity leave in our country is explored and exposed How America Is Failing Its Mothers

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Petition to Deer Valley Community

DVUSD cannot have board president that resorts to name calling!

Hello all. My name is Aude Odeh and I am a teacher at Barry Goldwater High School. On June 6th, 2017, I engaged my friend Nick Gearing and Ms. Kim Fisher on the political topic on twitter. The conversation back and forth quickly degraded into Ms. Fisher calling my statement of facts “bullshit” and shortly after that calling me an “anti American Trump Hating troll no matter what you say it is b*******”. The conversation between the two of us ended after this. As a Palestinian American Muslim, I have been called worse names in my life, but never anything like this from one of my superiors. I tried to let it roll off my back, but have since concluded that I will neither suffer this abuse nor fear any future retaliation at the hands of the DVUSD school board president! Although the conversation between the two of us ended in the morning, the conversation between Ms. Fisher and students, former students, community members, and parents raged on all day.  Ms. Fisher kept defending herself, calling herself a private citizen, invoking her freedom of speech, and denying the fact that her choice of language represents both districts she works for in a negative light, even though dozens of members of the DVUSD community spoke up to tell BOARD PRESIDENT so. Ms. Fisher proudly states in her bio that she works (and therefore represents) both Phoenix Union and Deer Valley.  No one had an issue with her political stance. She is allowed to think what she would like. What everyone did have a problem with was her rampant unprofessionalism. In her “apology” that she tweeted out (as she never really did apologize about her behavior and language towards me) Ms. Fisher claims that she did not reply as a DVUSD Board member and did not use profanity in that capacity. However, as a leader, she should know that her public statements negatively impacted the district. I proudly recognize that I am representing more than myself online, and I take steps to ensure my statements do not discredit my profession or negatively impact my ability to teach the students in the district.   She also claims that there was “no bullying or harassment from [me]”. I strongly, vehemently, stringently, FORCEFULLY, disagree! Name calling is something we learn is wrong in Elementary school.  Never once, in my political discourses online have I ever lowered myself to name calling, but it only took Ms. Fisher a few conversations to resort to name calling. What image does this send our students and the community that the President of our school board thinks this type of rhetoric is acceptable towards anyone, let alone an educator? Students, staff, and members of the DVUSD community deserve better than a board president who would sink so low as to attack teachers publicly on social media! As President of the Board, she MUST realize that her conduct in any public space (as her twitter account was public at the time) MUST be held to the highest of standards, just like every educator understands they must do the same. This District cannot have a BOARD PRESIDENT that resorts to name calling to express different opinions.     Here is visual evidence -

Aude Odeh
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