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Petition to Deer Valley Community

DVUSD cannot have board president that resorts to name calling!

Hello all. My name is Aude Odeh and I am a teacher at Barry Goldwater High School. On June 6th, 2017, I engaged my friend Nick Gearing and Ms. Kim Fisher on the political topic on twitter. The conversation back and forth quickly degraded into Ms. Fisher calling my statement of facts “bullshit” and shortly after that calling me an “anti American Trump Hating troll no matter what you say it is b*******”. The conversation between the two of us ended after this. As a Palestinian American Muslim, I have been called worse names in my life, but never anything like this from one of my superiors. I tried to let it roll off my back, but have since concluded that I will neither suffer this abuse nor fear any future retaliation at the hands of the DVUSD school board president! Although the conversation between the two of us ended in the morning, the conversation between Ms. Fisher and students, former students, community members, and parents raged on all day.  Ms. Fisher kept defending herself, calling herself a private citizen, invoking her freedom of speech, and denying the fact that her choice of language represents both districts she works for in a negative light, even though dozens of members of the DVUSD community spoke up to tell BOARD PRESIDENT so. Ms. Fisher proudly states in her bio that she works (and therefore represents) both Phoenix Union and Deer Valley.  No one had an issue with her political stance. She is allowed to think what she would like. What everyone did have a problem with was her rampant unprofessionalism. In her “apology” that she tweeted out (as she never really did apologize about her behavior and language towards me) Ms. Fisher claims that she did not reply as a DVUSD Board member and did not use profanity in that capacity. However, as a leader, she should know that her public statements negatively impacted the district. I proudly recognize that I am representing more than myself online, and I take steps to ensure my statements do not discredit my profession or negatively impact my ability to teach the students in the district.   She also claims that there was “no bullying or harassment from [me]”. I strongly, vehemently, stringently, FORCEFULLY, disagree! Name calling is something we learn is wrong in Elementary school.  Never once, in my political discourses online have I ever lowered myself to name calling, but it only took Ms. Fisher a few conversations to resort to name calling. What image does this send our students and the community that the President of our school board thinks this type of rhetoric is acceptable towards anyone, let alone an educator? Students, staff, and members of the DVUSD community deserve better than a board president who would sink so low as to attack teachers publicly on social media! As President of the Board, she MUST realize that her conduct in any public space (as her twitter account was public at the time) MUST be held to the highest of standards, just like every educator understands they must do the same. This District cannot have a BOARD PRESIDENT that resorts to name calling to express different opinions.     Here is visual evidence -

Aude Odeh
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Petition to Governor, Peter McCoy, Leon Stavrinakis, Sandy Senn, Tim Scott, Henry McMaster, Donald Trump, George Campsen, Mark Sanford

Marilyn’s Law

I want it to be a mandatory federal law that all schools and child care facilities are required to check DSS/CPS’s Statewide Central Registry as part of their background checks for hiring purposes and to continue to check the SLED and Statewide Central Registry every so often while employed (like random drug tests). This should be done in every state of USA.  I hope you could create a bill that would be called Marilyn’s law, as she is my daughter and she has been the inspiration for my coming forward. I cringe at the thought that a man like my abuser could be teaching her in our public school systems. Countless potential victims could have been avoided had the background checks been more thorough during my abuser’s employment within the schools. He was a sexual predator that was allowed to teach for an additional 17 years even after his name was put on this Registry by DSS for sexual abuse of a minor. He flew under the radar due to the lack of a thorough background check.   This is an example of why Marilyn’s Law is necessary. So nothing like this ever happens again, I hope that you are inspired for real change. Thank you for your time and consideration. There is a red link below to a local newscast about Marilyn’s Law. Please sign and share

Brooke Olsen
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Petition to Rev. Msgr. Thomas Machalski, Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D., Joan McMaster

Mrs. Cooke Principal of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy cannot be let go

The Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy in Bayside, NY who came into position less than 3 years ago, and who should be upholding our Catholic values and identity will not be renewing the contract of our Principal who has dedicated over 20 years of academic excellence to our school without any explanation given to the parents or faculty. This news was sent via e-mail, an hour after the student body was dismissed for Easter break. During the transition process from school to academy, Principal Cooke was at the forefront of guiding the existing school community along with bringing new families to the school. The new families who are a part of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, chose our school because of her leadership and professional qualities, her educational stance, and the caring and Catholic environment she provides to all the children, families and her faculty. Mrs. Cooke is not only an amazing educational leader and caring Principal, but an award winning teacher. She is the heart and leadership of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. A Principal who truly cares for the children and families of the school and a Principal who can lead us without a doubt into the future of the Academy. In a time when many catholic schools are struggling to stay open, Principal Cooke is the educational and professional leader that our school needs. Without her there is no Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. Mrs. Cooke CANNOT be let go!

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy Parents
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