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Petition to University authority, Senate, Syndicate , TNDALU , Government Law Colleges

TNDALU, Law Colleges reopening, Students' Right to be Heard

Respected Senate, Syndicate, Minister for Law, Faculty, and Student, The TNDALU is considering to reopen on the 1st of September, which is appreciated for its motive. But it is indeed a concerning sight that this is happening with such short notice, and with no consideration for those who will have to stay in Hostels. Are these students expected to pack their luggage and travel to Chennai, without having their concerns heard? This very well seems to be undemocratic, and that too because it is happening during a pandemic. It would have been prudent if the authorities had instructed and delegated work to the Faculty to collect data regarding the number of students who have received vaccination ( either just one or both dosages ), before deciding to reopen. It is more unwise that such data is not collected even while considering the terms and conditions for reopening on September the 1st. How else, without such data, is the University expected to know the situation at the ground level? Why is the University not meeting the students at a midpoint, and instead expecting students to bend their backs just so that we could reopen on a date fixed with such hurry? Why are we to reopen, given how there are talks and studies of the eminent Third wave of Covid-19, only a few weeks from this speculated date of reopening? How are we going to accommodate the Hostellers, given how if even one person falls sick, it will lead to a huge sense of panic, causing distress to not just the students, but also their families back home? And how are the families going to trust that in the case of one student falling sick, the rest are tested properly? And in that case, are these students going to quarantine themselves for a few days until it is time for them to go for the rT-PCR test? These are just unnecessary and unwarranted, and we might as well wait to get over the third wave, and reopen in peace. In times like these, the Administration is expected to have a human to human connect with its students, to learn their views and concerns. It is particularly shocking to see how we have set a deadline without hearing out the views of those who are at risk, the students. The general brushing away of such questions saying students would not want to attend college and so they wouldnt have a rational thought before giving their views, is judgmental and uncalled for, especially from those who are Law-learned, and understand that each of us have to be granted a chance to express our thoughts. We are to consider the worst-case scenario since now is not the time to be optimistic and overly positive. And the worst-case scenario is obvious enough. Even the concept of having classes in rotation basis is a suicide. We need to look at what has happened to several schools and colleges around India, who had also reopened in similar fashion . Most of the students are willing to attend offline classes, we are just concerned about this collection of data and hostel accommadation. We hope your decision is one that is well thought out, and in favor of those concerned.    

mr. gddy
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Petition to Arif Mohammed Khan, Times of india, India Today, Hindu, Manorama News, Asianet News, Mathrubhumi News, Media One, NDTV

Calicut University 3rd semester Exam

To bring your attention to an important issue that is collectively faced by all the 5th semester students under Calicut University.The University decision to conduct all the pending semester exams (3rd,4th, 5th and 6th Semester exams) in the coming months is very much unfair to the students. We have recently received the notification for the 3rd semester exams to begin on Sep 20th, while we are already nearing the end of the classes for 5th semester . During the past one year of sit at home online studies, students from different backgrounds have gone through many difficulties like missing classes due to network connectivity issues, inaccessibility of devices for online classes, financial issues etc. Also, online classes have their own limitations.All of these have considerably affected their studies in a negative manner. While students are already struggling with such innumerable problems, the University decision to conduct 4 semester exams within 7 months is something that deepens the crisis and causes immense tension among students.Along with these 4 semester examinations, we have to attend 3 internal examinations, audit course exams, vivas, projects and lab exams. Hence, we request the university to cancel just the 3rd semester exam.If that's not possible, the University should at least show the generosity to cut short the syllabus.In that way students will be emancipated from this enormous tension. --> Within 7 Months, *-4 sem exams*-3 internals*-Open course exam*-Assignments*-Project*-Viva*-Lab exams *-Per Day30,000+ covid casesTPR 18%+ *-No special Exams for covid patients as per latest notifications of CU * Overbearing of semester exams and classes (Example: 3rd sem exam during 5th sem classes and 2nd sem during 4th sem classes) Thank you for taking the time to read this. Looking forward to your considerate action on the same.

Kishor Indrasenan
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Governor of Maharashtra

Restoration of appropriate School Education in Mumbai

The life of Mumbaikars is on the trial due to this Pandemic situation. As the circumstances are getting stabled, the students' approach to proper and basic education rights. Our motive is to voice the concerns of students, teachers and Parents and make education convenient.  Schools should resume in-person (Physically) with following Covid norms. The frustration of students, parents and Teachers to the online lectures has reached its peak due to various issues mentioned below: Reducing school fees to 50%Covid Lockdown has made Mumbaikars difficult to survive with draining income sources and rising household expenses. In all these havoc schools are pressurising the parents to pay the full fees. Heavy fees charged for facilities that aren’t utilized in today’s times (Library, infrastructure, Gymkhana, etc.) Online Education inaccessibilityStudents having tough times with inaccessibility to the required mediums of online Education. Unavailability of Devices, Lack of Internet facilities, technology deprived parents and students are few critical points which should be noticed. Teachers’ ConcernCommuting to the schools without access to the local trains has been a burdensome duty for the teachers and school staff across Mumbai. Lack of technical knowledge makes it a strenuous task for the teachers to teach and students to understand the topic. Education officer SupervisionA regular visit by the Education officer to supervision the Schools’ routine activities should be made mandatory. Stricter rules should be complied with for monitoring the schools. Opinion Survey of MumbaikarsA provision should be made to Analyse and understand the viewpoints of parents and students on the Education process by conducting a Survey. The future of Mumbai is at stake, We urge you to sign this petition and be a part of the movement to restore physical schools in Mumbai. Join us and save the tomorrow of Mumbai!

BJP Mumbai
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