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Petition to Damian Hinds, Nadhim Zahawi

Time to stop pushing KS1 into our reception classes. Extend Early Years principles to 7!

What are the essential skills for life in the 21st century? What do our children really need to know?  What do they need to understand?  Does the current English system give them this? does not. Our children need communication skills, personal, social and emotional development, physical skills, embedded literacy and maths skills, an understanding of their world and the people in it. They need characteristics such as resilience, perseverance, creative thinking, the ability to solve problems, think outside the box, independence, risk taking, make connections. They need confidence and the ability to learn from mistakes as they grow in a world which is a challenging place to be...and becoming more so by the day. The irony of all of the above is that we currently have a curriculum in England that delivers much of the above and more. It is the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The only problem is it ends when children leave Reception classes. For many children, it is ending in the Reception classes due to pressures to be so called "National Curriculum" ready!  This notion of moving children towards KS1 during their Reception year was highlighted in OFSTED's recent report into the Reception year: (  It was seen as positive that Reception teachers were starting KS1 learning in their Early Years classes in a bid to make children ready for Yr1 expectations, expectations that are developmentally inappropriate! How can this be right? Many of these children are still 4 years old.  Every child in reception is entitled to an early years education, not a watered down pale imitation. Surely its time to stop pushing the flawed and inappropriate KS1 curriculum into our Reception classes and time to push up a curriculum that is tried, tested and proven. A curriculum with relationships, environments and child development at its core.  The early years of life do not end at age 4 or 5.  They end at 7 or 8..and that is the age when learning should become more formal. This is when most children are developmentally ready for such approaches.  Look abroad at nations like Finland where this is just what happens.  Their children are thriving and out performing ours.  Our children (and their families and teacher's) are tired, stressed, pressured and fed up. Children as young as 4 are switched off and see learning as boring....    Time to stop the testing our over tested children. Time to stop making children do things they are not ready for. Time to make a change for our children, their families and our educational workforce. Let's stand together to make a change for the future. WB Yeats stated that: "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire". It's time to find the matches...

Keeping Early Years Unique
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Petition to Annie Constantinides ( ), Babis Mamas (, Simon Leyshon (

ISST Calamity: Let's change the date to allow seniors to play in their final ISST's.

The 2019 Div. 1 Tennis ISST's are being held at ACS Athens from the 23rd to the 25th of May. For all schools participating, besides ASL who don't offer the IB program, this date specifically affects their ability to put out their most competitive team. The tournament conflicts with any IB Chemistry, French, or Further Math's exams, thus preventing students with any of the aforementioned exams from competing in the tournament. I am proposing a date change for the tournament, a location change if need be, to start on the 27th and end on the 29th of May. The schools affected include ACS Cobham, ACS Athens, American School Paris, Munich International School, and International School of Brussels. At the moment there are 16 returning players, I am one of them, who cannot play in the tournament due to the conflict with exams, with more possibly out there. We urge you to please support this petition and put pressure on the sports directors of these schools, in order to allow us to represent our schools one final time before we graduate. For some, this might be their last chance to play competitive sports. Many people dream of the perfect senior year, and for some, it includes playing this tournament and possibly even winning a medal. The players spend hours and hours on the court and in the gym preparing for this. Please help us keep our dream alive. Thank you! My name is Daniel Bramah and I am the co-captain of the Varsity tennis team at ACS Cobham. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me anytime at 

Daniel Bramah
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Petition to Moving Forward SAE Campaign

Steiner Waldorf Education should be available through state education provision in the UK

We believe that Steiner Education provides an important choice for learning in the modern world and think that it should be part of mainstream state provision. It provides a balanced approach to learning where the intellectual, artistic and practical are held in equal regard. This approach makes it well placed to meet different learning needs and styles and promotes good mental health. Learning and playing outdoors is integral to the curriculum. This encourages children to have respect for their environment and understand how their wellbeing is interconnected with nature. It promotes problem-solving and collaboration to create social conscience and responsibility. It observes and celebrates the seasons and annual festivals, which helps children to be reflective and connect with the cyclical nature of the year. Steiner teacher training places a great emphasis on the recognition and support of individuals within the context of the class as a team. It looks to create lifelong and independent learners who will make judgements and direct their own behaviour in many different settings beyond the school. The Steiner curriculum is age-appropriate and defined by an understanding of the different stages of child development. Steiner Education is not affiliated to any particular religion or religious group, nor is it guided by any specific religious ideas or doctrines, instead it encourages community across all religions and beliefs. This Campaign is initiated by ‘Moving Forward, Steiner Academy Exeter’

Moving Forward SAE
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