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Petition to Happy Model School, CBSE

Justice for our Physics and Maths teacher.

A week ago our school, Happy Model School, Khurahuan conducted Period test for class 9th to 12th. In which a lot of students got failed. Later, our school principal called all the students of class 12th who are failed in the physics test. As a principal she tried to motivate every student to focus on their studies but a girl of class 12th named Aakriti took it in another way and after returning to home she approached to his brother and told about the incident. His brother is a worker in some political party and in order to get famous and gain publicity he came to school with some of his family members and put a blame on the school department that his sister is being tortured in the school from many years and asked for his sister's test paper. After reading the test paper when they don't get any point against the school, they returned home and used a local newspaper to publish a fake/paid news against the school and it's teachers. The news contains that the school, HMS Paharia is a very bad school for children, the students are tortured violently and mentally, the school teachers have private tution classes and they force students to study in their tution class, the newspaper also says that if the students deny to study in their coaching, they get bullied by the teacher and they make those students failed in the class. But there isn't  anything like this. This paid news got viral on Facebook/ Instagram. After this our school principal got worried for the school reputation and decided to suspend the Maths and Physics teacher from the school.  Please vote in our petition and bring justice for those teachers.

M Maurya
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Petition to UK Parliament

Make Epilepsy Education a separate module in #epilepsyPSHE in secondary schools

In 2020, all primary and secondary schools are set to have First Aid as part of the PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) module. However, there will not be an actual specific, separate module on epilepsy for secondary school students.  Epilepsy, (a neurological condition resulting in seizures) affects approximately 1 in 100 of us. Around 1 in 26 of us will develop epilepsy at some point in our lives and roughly 1 in 10 of us will experience a one off unprovoked seizure during our lifetime; so seizures and epilepsy are a lot more common than people think. Everyone is likely to know someone during their lifetime that has epilepsy, and probably see someone having a seizure, so it should be a module which is made mandatory during PSHE lessons.  This will not only educate young people about what epilepsy is, but will help families to understand this neurological condition, while also helping to eradicate the stigma that sadly still prevails.   I myself have epilepsy and run two online epilepsy support groups, and it is so disheartening to both experience and hear about people with epilepsy being bullied, misunderstood, judged and made to feel like they are not ‘normal’ all because they have epilepsy. Even family members of some people with epilepsy don’t understand properly or think they are ‘faking’ seizures. Much of this boils down to lack of understanding and knowledge of epilepsy, and in (almost) the year 2020, it’s time that changed! Let’s make epilepsy a subject that’s spoken about and understood more, let’s help families who have to live with epilepsy, let’s educate, save lives & stamp out the stigma that still surrounds it!  I would like to dedicate this petition to Paul Underhill, a dear friend of mine who very sadly passed away on 19th September. Paul, like me, had epilepsy and worked with me to come up with this petition. He would have loved to have seen this petition succeed and create more awareness of epilepsy. So, please help me, in memory of a kind, funny and selfless man, to make epilepsy a mandatory module on the national curriculum under PSHE, by signing this petition. #epilepsyPSHE #inPaulsname  Thank you!

Zoe Gude
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Petition to UK Parliament

Introduce Mental Health Awareness Schemes in Schools and Workplaces

Research suggests that across the UK around 1 in 4 people will experience a form of mental health disorder each year, yet for something so common there is still a severe stigma around it. People need to be aware of the prevalence of mental illnesses and developmental or learning disorders, and the effects they can have, as well as understand how to support those going through them. In my opinion a meaningful way of accomplishing this could be to increase awareness through education, both in schools and the workplace. From personal observations it has become apparent that there is a lack of understanding of the scope of this epidemic, an idea that suicide and mental illness happens elsewhere and not right in front of us. Throughout my experiences in employment I’ve encountered many misconceptions about mental illness and learning or developmental disorders, as well as a lack of empathy towards them. For the people who are struggling these misconceptions can create an oppressive environment and can, in some cases, worsen their symptoms and leave them feeling as though they are an ‘other’. Many people have cited how their depression or anxiety seemed to originally manifest during their school years, often as a result of bullying or stress, and how a lack of understanding of developmental or learning disorders such as autism prevented others from getting the diagnosis and support that could have changed the trajectory of their lives. By introducing lessons or schemes to raise students’ awareness of this, and perhaps by increasing teachers' knowledge of the subject through mandatory courses, students could feel more supported and be more willing and able to seek out help.  Within the workplace co-workers who were afflicted by mental illnesses or learning or developmental disorders have been ostricised by the other members of staff; there seems to be a significant lack of empathy and although there may be no ill-intentions this can have a significant effect on the individuals in question. This behaviour again stems from a level of misunderstanding, from misreading the symptoms to simply denouncing someone as ‘weird’ or ‘different’ and not knowing to look any deeper. If employers were encouraged to provide even a limited education on even the more common conditions during a job induction or training then the workplace could become a far more positive and supportive place, and it could really help people. People are struggling and hurting within our community every day. By increasing the awareness of these issues both in schools and within the workplace we have the chance to make a real difference to someone's life.

Rebecca Jeffery
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Petition to Open Colleges, Australian Government, Department of Education

Stop Open Colleges from scamming hard working Australian's!

Open Collges is Australia’s leader in online education. They pride themselves on offering flexiable online courses for students to complete at their own pace. I am  petitioning for Open Colleges to be investigarted by the Australian Government and Department of Education for their scammer and negligat behaviour. I also demand full refunds for all individuals effected by the sheer lack of care they have customers.  My story with Open Colleges... From 2015-2018 I was (on and off) homeless. I was under the age of 18 at the time and without the privlege of finishing school I felt my lack of qualifications, experience and knowledge of the world would mean I could never get a job. Lucky for me with hard work comes great reward. While living in my car I got a job at a local resturant and for months worked double shift after double shift, saving up all the money I could to finish school or go to TAFE.  $6,000 in the bank I set off to the local TAFE. But after being told I wasnt a great fit, tears and a few weeks later I found Open Colleges. PERFECT! A Tafe where I can still work and complete my courses at the library in my spare time. I called and ended up crying with joy. The staff were amazing! A 1 hour phone call with a wonderful man who told me all I needed to know about the company and what they offer left me feeling elated. Everyday they were in contact with me. Sending me information, calling me and asking me questions. After a few calls I ended up opening up to one of the ladies about my situation and thanked her for the companies intensive support and communication. Things were looking great! Days later I made the transfer. And thats when it went downhill.. FAST! All communication suddenly cut off. I received my login in details and course information via email and it was like the whole team dropped off the face of the planet. Logging onto the site was a nightmare, there was no structor, no communication, the courses NEVER worked and even though I sent over 10 messages via the chat boxes provided the team never replied. Weeks of utter dissapoinment. I called the office OVER 5 TIME!!! And emailed many more than that. And only once I demanded was I allowed to speak to someone of relivance to my issue. She was EXTREMLEY rude and basically hung up on me.  In my car. Alone. $6,000 and all faith I had in humanity gone I honetsly did not want to live anymore. It was the lowest point in my life. To work so hard and build up your life from nothing but a broken car and your own willpower and then have a money hungry company take that all away from you is heart breaking.  I had no one to report this too. No one to contact. No way to visit their store because they dont have one and no matter how many times I DEMANDED to speak with a manager, CEO or someone in charge they said I was not allowed. After all they know I'm a homeless kid.. What am I going to do? So I searched online. And I found THOUSANDS of other women, men, girls, boys, PEOPLE! Who had been through the exact same experienvce as me. Betrayed, cheated, lied too, ripped off, dissapointed. Hundreds of reviews, comments and testimonials of the same experience as mine. If only I saw this sooner.  1 year later (today) I came across A platform where I CAN be heard. So here I am. Sharing a summary of my story in hopes of not only seeking justice for me and the thousands of other hard working Australian's who have also been cheated by this company. But also preventing the thousands who may sign up in the future.  Please sign my petition to help bring Justice for all effected by this awful company!     

Maddy Jansen
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