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Petition to Department of Education

Its time to talk. Its time to teach students things that actually matter.

School prepares us for collage not real life.In a this day and age not a lot a people go into professions that even require why am i taught to solve xa+17=55 instead of how can i keep my best friend from killing herself. I propose that we make a class that not only talks about important things like past historical wrongs. I want this class to be 100% unbiased and 100% inclusive. So when people sign the petition i ask them to write down a topic they want to see talked about. Here are some of those topics,mental heath issues, religon,suicide,politics,gun voilence education,immigration,how to handle stress effectively, anxiety and depression, and finally family issues. Im 13 years old and ive had to stop my friend from killing herself multiple times. I have to talk her down at 3 am. We should teach kids the signs and how to help. Not only for suicidle kids but for mental illness.If you think that kids dont talk about religon think again. My friends and i had this huge fight at lunch because of was christian and one was atheist. The christian didnt like that the atheist was an atheist.lets teach kids everything is equal.politics should be taught not only just because voting is important but because most students dont even know if they are democrat or Republican. Please sign this petition to teach them things that actually matter. And please sont forget to put a topic that you want to see talked about.

Amber Starr
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Petition to Indiana Genernal Assembly, David Long, Martin Carbaugh

Require Sexual Education and Consent Education in Indiana Schools

In this era of #metoo I was shocked by a recent CNN article ( that reported only 8 states require consent education within their sexual education curriculum. The article also contained a table showing all 50 states and I was stunned to learn that Indiana does not require consent education, but also does not require sexual education at all. According to the, as of 2015, Indiana is 17th in the nation when it comes to teenage births. More horrifying is that according to a state commissioned report ( Indiana as of 2015, ranks 2nd in the nation when it comes to forced sexual intercourse of girls under the age of 18. In that same report 1 in 6 females have been sexually assaulted before the age 18. This is simply unacceptable. Please join me in signing this petition to ask Senator Long and Representative Carbaugh to write a bill and/or sponsor the bill requiring sexual eduction and consent education and for the General Assembly to turn it into law. Regardless of personal or religious beliefs, the mechanics of procreation should be taught along with the fact that consent should be mandatory for men and women.  Thank you for taking the time to sign my petition, and I encourage you to start one for your state as well.  Thank you Jennifer Purdue

Jennifer Purdue
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Petition to LOCAL GOVERNMENT, developers, Architects

'Mall-Sprawl' For An Awesome Urban Future!

Humans multiply. We tend to grow in number, and as our numbers grow, so must also the buildings and cities that house and sustain us. However, the field of urban planning teaches that if we do not pay close attention to expanding our facilities properly, then the problems we face as a society can also multiply. These days, there are many professionals paying attention to the surmounting problems that poorly designed cities face, as well as the prosperity that good city planning can bring. Urban planners know of many great solutions, but setting those solutions in local planning law is ultimately up to the will of the people. The bottom line: massive change is possible when citizens declare what they want in solidarity. This petition presents an opportunity for citizens to declare in solidarity that they desire the following solution implemented in their region. The solution that follows could be categorized as ‘Eco-Sprawl’. As the name suggests, ‘eco-sprawl’ is a way for human settlements to grow and expand without such process being considered unsustainable (or the cause of significant future problems). The solution proposed here is for cities to commit to designing neighborhoods that consist of one giant, sprawling mall. The average building would probably stand about eight floors high with basement level parking and storage, a 1st floor mall, 2nd floor office and flex space, 3rd through 7th+ floors featuring a mix of affordable and luxury residences, and a top floor and roof featuring community amenities. By designing neighborhoods and cities around the 'sprawling mall' principle, every resident may have immediate access and views to an active market on one side of their building plus access/views to a spacious, amenity-filled park on the other side. As you can see in the picture above and imagine, this sprawling mall/park/mixed-use development concept would make for a pedestrian-friendly paradise. Nevertheless, this pattern of settlement could also be brilliant for automobiles and public transit systems since smart planning law protecting natural/agricultural land can direct the development of these 'mall-sprawl' neighborhoods in a linear path (such as along already existing roadways) making transportation from one end of the community to the other very efficient. To make these neighborhoods even better, they could also be designed as the most educational home-environments imaginable by including components listed in the following petition: Sign To Promote Educational Neighborhoods and UBI. For all inquiries, please direct message Nathaniel Ryan Hernandez via LinkedIn.

Nathaniel Ryan Hernandez
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Petition to Betsy DeVos, Department of Education, Donald J. Trump

Make schools better in America

The US is academically behind many industrialized countries like Poland, Germany, and even Canada. A cause of this is the broken school system.  The US school system hasn't changed much in the past century even though many people are aware that they're behind most other first-world countries. Many US public schools start too early which indirectly affects the US economy. In Canada elementary school hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. and high school hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. According to the RAND Corporation if start times were delayed to 8:30 a.m. the national economy could gain $9.3 billion annually due to students performing academically better and fewer car accidents due to less tired students. American schools have one of the highest amounts of hours spent in school by students but don't produce one of the top academically performing students on international tests, showing how inefficient American schools are. According to OECD data only Mexican, Swiss, Chilean, Colombian, and Costa Rican students spent more time in lower secondary/ middle school per year than American students. This creates stress on students. Many have extracurricular activities like sports and some teenage students have jobs. They have outside-of-school stuff on top of their homework.  Join me to demand proper changes so our schools can perform better academically.  For more information

Jeff Liang
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