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Petition to Simon Birmingham, Robert Stokes

Lets grade Australian schools by students' happiness and creativity, not academic results

Stop. Don't sign this until you're sure - you're really sure that you are ready to have Australia put everything at stake and completely ovehurl our current education system for something entirely different because of your signature. Are you ready to be part of something like that? If you sign this petition, you are agreeing to a wolf in sheep's clothing, appearing to be asking for nothing more than a small beauracratic change in a snowfield of policies and procedures that appear to govern what we call 'The Education System'. But signer beware - be very careful of what the unintended consequences of your comaraderie may be. Because we have been sheep, blindly following the orders of our instructors and teachers for so long, and we don't know what it means to be free. We have become so comfortable with our fences and fear and ability to blame others for our discontent that though we may hate our governors, are we really ready to take our lives into our own hands? Please be very careful about writing your name on this list, in case it snowballs and we end up running free like the wolves, who's power and decisions lie within. Dear Minister for Education, While the government has been using standardised testing to see where students are falling through the cracks in literacy and numeracy, it has neglected the far greater crack that 45% of Australians are expected to fall into at some point in their lives: A 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing found that three million Australians had fallen into the cracks of depression and anxiety, to the point where it was affecting their career, productivity, wellbeing, and personal relationships. If parents are to be informed of how well a school can support their children in developing their literacy an numeracy, they should also be informed of how well that school can support their child's long term emotional wellbeing and enable them with the skills to deal with life's challenges in a creative and positive manner and to live happy, fulfilling, empowering and rewarding lives with resilience against anxiety and depression. Many schools seem to be failing miserably in this matter. A recent study by Ben North of UNSW as quoted in 'The Conversation' found that: ''Of the 722 year 12 students 42% registered high level anxiety symptoms, high enough to be of clinical concern(!!!)'' ''16% of students reported extremely severe levels of anxiety. Stress, anxiety and pressure levels were highest among girls, and higher still among gifted girls. These findings were consistent across a range of cultural groups''. In the flurry of competition to tout the best grades, governments, schools and families alike have often sadly swept aside the need for emotional wellbeing in students' lives. We asks that: 1. The following holistic testing be done for Year 7 students, Year 12 students, and adults five and ten years after leaving school: •The Happiness Test•The Emotional Intelligence Test•The Creative Problem Solving Test•Personal (confidential) responses 2. Wherever the results of NAPLAN and/or final year examinations are publicly released or are used as the basis for studies by schools, governments or researchers, the results of the abovementioned tests should be also readily available 3. Use the schools ranking highest in the abovementioned tests as models for curriculum development and direction for State and National funding4. Direct teachers from schools with high rates of anxiety, depression, lack of emotional intelligence or creativity; to taking remedial courses (based on the research from the findings of the highest performing schools) about positive teaching techniques. Let's plant seeds for the children of today to be able to be able to make a more peaceful, content and harmonious world than the one we have known

Jacinta Nowland
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Petition to Federal Education Minister

Help bring the Australian people together through education

Living within Australia resides a priceless treasure,  something of which many of us know very little about - or nothing at all. Something that we deserve to learn about in school as our birthright in this country. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and their beautiful, environmentally and socially wise traditional culture. The world’s oldest living culture. The brutal, fractured, painful reality of that many Australians see as “Aboriginal” in our country is not a reflection of this culture. 95% of our most socially cohesive, environmentally wise , sustainable history in Australia - is the reflection of this culture that we need to hear, learn and see. For the longevity and well being of all Australians. It is scientific law as well as spiritual law that what is happening to one of us is happening to all of us on some level. Therefore no one is truly privileged in a society where policy induced fear, misinformation and division run riot. What is the answer?  Education through being exposed to the Elders themselves. For all Australian children. To learn about their beautiful ancient culture - something every Australian can be so profoundly proud of. Learn about the environmental and social science inherent in this culture - so vital for our planet at this point in history. Getting to know and understand the beautiful storytelling, the humour, creativity and deep spirituality that weaves throughout this ancient land.  So many committed, incredible people have tirelessly campaigned for justice, sanity and change for so long - yet the situation is getting progressively worse. I truly believe that a vast majority of Australians want the rich, ancient history of this country to be maintained and preserved for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. A future where we can hold our heads high on a global stage, as international visitors pour into our country yearning to experience the precious, unique mysteries of Australia. A future where ALL Australians live in connection, safety, justice and respect for each other. Education, connection and understanding is key for forward momentum. This Dream began with the wishes and wisdom of Aboriginal desert law women.. The Dream continues through YOU. If you would like to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture taught and experienced through the Elders, within the Australian education curriculum, in all schools across these lands, please sign this petition. We, as the Australian people, have so much power to create our own society when we come together as One Voice. One million signatures across Australia - please add yours now.

Fiona Mclennan
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Petition to Simon Birmingham, Arthur Sinodinos

Let's Halt the Crisis of Youth, and Low-Skilled, Unemployment

Youth and low-skilled unemployment is at crisis point. In most Western civilizations three options exist for school leavers: Commence Academic tertiary studies (University/College), Commence Practical tertiary studies (Vocational Education), or Get a job. With the advent of automation, or lower-paid jobs transferring to developing nations overseas, the third option is becoming less possible. This means that our young people, who fit the third category, are likely to become welfare recipients for life.   We propose a new third option. Jobs for young people are becoming less available. So, in order to provide employment for our next generation, and generations to come, investment in entrepreneurs needs to happen. We need young people to produce innovations, businesses, start-ups and other entrepreneurial mechanisms to provide for themselves and the gainful employment of others. We educate students for a job. Who educates the job creators? At present, to be an entrepreneur a young person has to learn on their own. This isn’t how we deal with academics or apprentices, so why do we do it with entrepreneurs? Successful entrepreneurs are usually the ones providing jobs for graduates and trained qualifiers. Therefore, it makes common sense that we start educating young people that entrepreneurialism is a legitimate alternative. We propose that schools offer Entrepreneurialism, starting with 15 year olds. A recent study of 15-24 year olds highlighted that 90.5% believed schools should probably provide an entrepreneurial pathway and 84.5% believe schools don’t do this as well as they could. Australia needs its young people to be part of the solution for growing our society and economy. Let’s not wait until they leave school before we assist them to develop their ideas. They weren’t going on to tertiary studies anyway, so let’s harness their gifts and potential while they’re still at school. Our future prosperity is society’s responsibility. We can only blame ourselves if we ignore this crisis. We need you to sign this petition to our Minister for Education, Hon. Simon Birmingham, and the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Hon. Arthur Sinodinos so that Entrepreneur studies can provide a legitimate third option for school leavers.  

Stuart Robinson
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