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Petition to Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC

Save Globe Wilkins!

‘We all know that early childhood education makes more difference to children’s life chances than anything else. The kids at Globe Wilkins are literally receiving the best start to their education of any group of children across Australia.’ Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne, 5 March 2018 Globe Wilkins is the only Inner West preschool to receive the Australian Childcare Education and Care Quality Authority Excellence Rating, the highest rating a service can achieve. It is one of only 13 preschools in NSW awarded this rating and the only preschool in Sydney to have received it more than once. Unfortunately, this incredible preschool faces an uncertain future. The lease on the grounds where it has resided for 20 years expires at the end of 2019 and the preschool has been informed there is no intention to renew it. (This in turn could end May Murray, Marrickville's unique and beloved early childhood centre of over 40 years: visit the Hands Off May Murray! petition for more info.)   We believe the closure of Globe Wilkins Preschool would be a devastating loss to our community. Furthermore, Globe’s closure is at complete odds with the Department of Education’s policy, which advocates for increased access to high-quality Early Childhood Education, citing research that this not only gives children the best start at school but sets them up for the rest of their lives.  What does Globe’s closure mean for our community? Globe has the highest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children enrolled across all Council Early Learning Centres. Globe has an exceptional commitment to promoting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture, collaborating closely with the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) in creating an Indigenous Cultural Framework to guide theory and practice in ECE settings, including implementing a localised, endorsed Sydney Aboriginal Preschool Language program. Globe also employs an Aboriginal educator to foster and reinforce a sense of cultural identity and to provide a strong Aboriginal role model while learning in an authentic way.  Globe also has the highest number of children enrolled who experience a disability, across all Council centres. Educators at Globe strive and advocate for practices that achieve the goal of true inclusion of children who experience a disability. The closure would dismantle a highly knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate team of educators (with 165 years’ of experience collectively), whose long-term commitment to Globe bucks the trend of high educator turnover elsewhere. The staff are leaders in their field, at the forefront of global research in ECE; they provide training for early childhood educators across the country and are regularly approached for research studies, based on their long-standing reputation for high-quality practices. Globe strives to create a fairer and more equitable playing field for everyone in the community, in particular those who experience a disability, the disadvantaged and Indigenous children. External agencies such as Australian Refugee Council, Brighter Futures and Plumtree consistently refer families to Globe for guaranteed exceptional care and education. Closing Globe also means fewer childcare spaces and longer waiting lists for Inner West families – of the present and future – despite an ever-growing demand for early childcare services in the area. Please act now to save our exceptional local preschool and ensure that future generations have access to the best possible start in life.

Save Globe Wilkins!
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Petition to Minister for Education, Greg Hunt, Anne Ruston, Scott Morrison, Daniel Tehan, Stuart Robert

Stop educational discrimination against children with ADHD

Thousands of children with ADHD experience discrimination and alienation in schools across Australia each day. Behind this discrimination is a lack of awareness and wilful economic ignorance about the nature of ADHD. This ignorance exists within all levels of the education system.  We call on the Education Minister to ensure: Schools in Australia are up to date with the current research and developments relating to ADHD. Principals and teachers are trained to recognise ADHD is a neurobiological condition. Students with ADHD are provided access to funding and support. Schools formulate and implement positive strategies for students with ADHD, both in the classroom and playground. Principals and teachers who discriminate against children with ADHD are legally held accountable for their actions. Stop discriminating against our children and instead provide support. Children with ADHD require adjustments to their learning environment. Many also require health and allied services including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Behavioural and Psychological services. These services are not freely available across Australia and are financially out of reach for many parents and carers. Provide access for those affected by ADHD to these services and allow them the opportunity to participate equitably in the community.

Saf Chaleur
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Petition to Hon Dan Tehan MP

Federal Election Music Education Charter

Every child, in every Australian primary school deserves a continuous, sequential and developmental Music Education, which is delivered by an expertly trained music specialist during a weekly protected one hour session. Every Australian child in Secondary schools deserve opportunities to continue their training, with dedicated specialist music classes, opportunities to study an instrument and participate in vocal groups, bands and ensembles. The people of Australia highly value Music Education, and we the undersigned believe that every child, in every school deserves a rich Music Education. The research demonstrates that those who study within an engaging music program benefit from higher outcomes in numeracy and literacy, emotional health and engagement to school.  As we now move towards the Federal Election, we call upon any newly elected government to:  * Make Music a compulsory subject for all Primary school students in Australia  * Provide Primary schools with a minimum time allocation per week to deliver Music, as it has with sport.  While sport provides extensive physical health benefits, Music provides extensive social and emotional benefits  * Review the policy for providing preservice training in specialisms for Primary Teachers. * Instruct AITSL to deliver benchmarks for quality music education teacher service for ITE providers  * Develop ITE provider guidelines for excellence in Music education pre service training.  * Work at COAG to instruct STATE governments to deliver on whole of class, P – 6 Music Education delivery, according to the standards required in the Australian Curriculum  * Encourage State Education Ministers at COAG to deliver Music Education to all Justice system programs, special needs specific schools and any alternate education setting as appropriate.  * Encourage State Education Ministers at COAG to follow the example provided in Victoria where a strategic improvement plan has resulted in greater Music Education delivery, including maintaining salaried instrumental music teachers, the Quality Music Education Framework and the VCAA Music Education Guide: We see in the ABC Documentary #DontStopTheMusicAU that people all over Australia want their children to receive a comprehensive Music Education: BENEFITS AROUND NEUROLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT Dr. Anita Collins publishes the latest research on Neurological and cognitive benefits, showing students improving in their literacy and numeracy outcomes. The School Music Action group blog hosts a range of research and resources demonstrating the positive effects of Music Education: MUSIC INDUSTRY Skills delivery to young people wishing to enter an Australian $1.2 billion Music Industry needs a continuous, sequential and developmental approach for graduates to succeed on the global stage:  “Live music injects over $1.2 billion into the Australian economy annually, and the broader Australian entertainment sector is valued at $ 3 billion.” Every child, in every school deserves a quality music education delivered by an expertly trained teacher.

sMAG Vic
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Petition to Ministry of Education

Studylink to reassess Student Allowance eligibility criteria

Although I support my family by working part-time on top of earning secondary school qualifications, Studylink calls me ineligible for a Student Allowance (Weekly payment made by the government that doesn't have to be paid back). This is because one of my family's two sources of income is irregular and greatly reduced by tax and business expenses which are not taken into consideration by Studylink. This means that I am reliant on scholarships and loans to get me through 6+ years of competitive university away from home to reach my dream of Medicine. I believe that every student who has no choice but to be financially self-reliant because they will not be receiving support from parents/caregivers should be eligible for a Student Allowance. This is not happening under Studylink's current policy. If some students receive Governmental support while others don't, then those who slip through the cracks are disadvantaged further by being made an even smaller minority. Money is powerful, and its presence or absence in the life of an eager student will aid or obstruct them in the pursuit of their dreams. This criterion is that deciding line, and if it's causing students like me to have a smaller chance of reaching a successful future; then it’s not good enough. If the criteria used for deciding whether a student is eligible to apply for a Student Allowance was made more flexible or considerate of special circumstances (AKA more human), then no student with a dream and good intentions to pursue it will step into tertiary education without the necessary means to support themselves. Please help me urge Studylink to reassess their policy so that New Zealand students can have equal access to education.

Aliesha Taramai
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