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I successfully graduated last year,  I'm the supposed breadwinner of my family, my parents spent all their life savings to send me to a reputable college and further made sure that I obtained a masters degree, I had high hopes, that shortly after my education I'm going to apply for a respectable job that would enable me to raise money to help my aged parent, but it seemed I had high hopes and dreams in a system that does not work in alignment to my perceived expectations. I started job hunting even before my graduation so far, I have applied to over 400 different organisations and I've not gotten a single job offer at this juncture I have started to get frustrated and depressed so then I decided to dive in for immediate research as to confirm if I am the only graduate going through this predicament I got a shocker of my life when I realized that unemployed, and Out of the Labor Force Distribution of Adult Population (age 16 and older), 2020. The total adult, working-age population in 2021 was 253.5 million. Out of this total population, 151.4 million were classified as employed and 7.7 million were classified as unemployed. The remaining 94.4 million were classified as out of the labour force. As you will learn, however, this seemingly simple chart does not tell the whole story.In 2021, 62.8% of the adult population was in the labour force, either employed or without a job but looking for work. Those in the labour force can be divided into the employed and the unemployed, The unemployment rate is not the percentage of the total adult population without jobs, but rather the percentage of adults who are in the labour force but who do not have jobs. my findings were quite interesting so i  researched further and realized that on a scale of hundred 85% of the unemployed was due to lack of working experience just like me that was when came to my realization that if no company is willing to employ a graduate without experience then how will a graduate ever get an experience or chance to work on their specialization and have experience. without employment, we cannot be experienced and without experience, we cannot harness employment. In conclusion, I feel it is time employers scrap out experience as criteria for employment, it could be an added advantage good and but not mandatory most of us without experience have more potentials than most of the experienced employees you hire. Start implementing room for courses and training periods for employees instead of mandatory working experience. Thank you!

John Peace
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