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Increase the share of GDP in education to reduce population

Improved literacy contribute majorly to economic growth, reduce poverty, reduce crime, promote democracy.  Without a good quality govt. schooling system, it's impossible to envision us moving towards a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society.  With the population of over 130 million, India is swarming with a fast pace. It will become the world's populous country soon.Earlier it was predicted that it will surpass China in 2028 but now the prediction has been updated and it is being said that the population will top China in the year 2022. This brings a dire consequence, e.g.- the increase in the crime rates, communal disharmony, distress in the society, low administration standards, unprincipled democracy just to name a few.  Education is the only weapon to fight with all these and the interim goverment seem frivolous about this concern. The budget for the year 2019-20 has proven that a legislative body could run its cabinet with mere wishful thinking. With no concrete allocation of monetary funds to any crucial sectors, the current budget did no justice to the stagnant growth of economic and GDP condition of the nation.  The budgetary allocation for the education is at its extreme low. Only 3.4% of the GDP is alloted this year whereas, in 2018 it was 3.74% and in the year 2014 it was 4.57%.  Why is the goverment not so concerned ? The countries with the higher literacy rate have proved to bring down the fertily rate which improved the democracy and in the growth of the nation in direct or indirect manners.  Way back in the year 1964, a commission bench named Kothari Commission had recommended the allocation of 6% GDP in education. In the contrary, we are seeing the percentage is decreasing every year.  With this petition, I would like to request all of you to sign it and be the part of the campaign to make a desirable change that need to be done at the very latest. There's a need for the allocation of atleast 6% of GDP in education for our country to prosper.   It is my humble request to the concerned department of finance, human resource and education ministry to bring the change in the allocation of the funds preferably.    Thank you!

Snehashish Roy
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Petition to New Education Policy 2019, GOI

Reduce the basic age bar of graduation to 18 years Reduce the basic age bar for graduation to 18 years, we can do this by removing unwanted and outdated topics from our academics. Why every child is needed to learn algebra, calculus, chemical equations, etc., Just provide the basic caluclation concepts, for the rest we can use calculators.. similarly , by leveraging on technology we can eliminate most of he junk from the academics and  this will ensure the youth will have the required knowledge by 18 years and he will be ready to start his career. This will bring enormous changes in society.1. Our youth is  ready a bit early to chase their dreams (from 22/23 to  bought to 18)2. Will decrease cost of education to be spent by. Parent( if there are 2 children -6 /8 years of expenses to be spent on their education and other expenses would be saved)3. This will help the family , Indian society is mostly dependent on parents and that too father being the bread winner and mother taking care of family... If we can bring this change by reducing the basic age bar for graduation to 18, this will help in early self sufficiency for the family.. the kid will also be an helping hand to the parent.3. This will uplift the social life style of the family thus building a happy nation. Optimistic scenario: consider this reform is implemented,youth has started his career by 18, he has enough time to decide and have a focussed growth by age 24/25 (7 years). He got married and started his family and he need to provide and take responsibility till the kid turns 18, so by 45 he will be free from basic responsibilities. We have brought down the retirement age 15 years by doing so... Event in worst case consider the half , we have saved 7/8 years of labour he has to do... This will improve the life style of the family and helps for nation's upliftment. 

Praveen K
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