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2 YEARS OF AGE RELAXATION AND 2 COVID COMPENSATORY ATTEMPTS IN ALL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EXAMINATIONS (INDIA) - UPSC-SSC-BANKING-RAILWAYS (FOR THE YEARS 2020 AND 2021) -Covid19 which is indeed once in a century pandemic has clearly not been an equalizer when it comes to the spread of its effects and aftermath. What clearly seems unfair is that majority of the aspirants who belong to the lower/ lower middle class of society have been severely affected by this, as they have been devoid of the basic necessities of life, medical aid, and educational infrastructure along with the issue of India's Digital divide; Students who tested positive during examination also had to bear the brunt, and much more which has hampered their will power, strength and integrity thereby further lowering their chances of clearing any government examinations like UPSC/ SSC/ BANKING / RAILWAYS, etc. wherein the richer and well to do could get the amenities and medical aid quickly, it was mostly the lower strata which had to suffer the most, among which the UPSC CSE aspirants were probably the most left out and neglected ones considering the nature of preparation for the exam. -Aspirants throughout India are demanding two years of extra attempts and two years of age relaxation in compensation for all the hardships and unbearable pain that we have had to face due to covid19 which hampered the preparation to such an extent that ultimately lead us to the failure in our long endeavored goals and exhausted all their attempts and are left with nothing but despair and hopelessness.   -Many aspirants have sat on hunger strikes and protested peacefully throughout India during these last two years to draw the government's attention to this matter but to no avail.  -Students have contacted more than one hundred Members of Parliament regarding this issue. More than one hundred and fifty MP’s have already written letters to the Prime minister's office and recommended granting two years of age relaxation and further two years of compensatory attempts for UPSC/ SSC/ BANKING / RAILWAYS examinations. -Aspirants have even filed multiple PILs and court cases in order to sway the government towards their genuine cause. The Supreme court of India won't have much say in this matter as it's a policy decision. However, while disposing of a plea filed by three aspirants who had cleared the UPSC 2021 prelims exam but could not appear in all papers of the main exam after testing positive for COVID-19; The Supreme Court Urges UPSC To Take 'Lenient View' On Plea For Extra Chance; Allows Civil Service Aspirants To Make Representation. -In both the houses of parliament of India on 24th March 2022, Department related Parliamentary standing committee in its 112th report on demand for grants of DOPT and training (Ministry of Personal Grievances ) (2022-2023)  headed by Shri Sushil Modi (M.P)  has recommended the government to change its mind and sympathetically consider the demand of CSE aspirants to grant an extra attempt with corresponding age relaxation to all the candidates. -The intensity with which the pandemic hit the different levels of societies is different and it is the lower strata of society that suffered the most. Amidst all that, They had to prepare for one of the toughest exam in the world like UPSC. While the government and everyone heard and understood the pains of farmers, hawkers, MSME workers, high school students, teachers, and IIT aspirants,  No one understood the pain of government jobs aspirants. -The last attempters are a  vulnerable class of aspirants in this scheme of exams like UPSC/ SSC/ BANKING/ RAILWAYS. The government, which is supposed to be a welfare state, should have at least thought about them while making a decision. It has completely ignored the principle of vulnerability — an important factor while designing any policy. -We want to ask is it fair that all these bright young minds who want to achieve their dreams despite all the odds and hardships they had to face in these last two years are left to struggle with almost no help from anyone, with no one to pay heed to their cries and shattering their dreams. Covid19 played havoc in everybody's lives in some way or the other. Some who were financially and physically sound were fortunate enough to sail through these hard times. But there are many who have been hit very hard by this pandemic and were not this lucky to have escaped the wrath of Covid-19. Many times you would have seen and heard inspiring stories of aspirants making it to the holy pdf (as they call it) despite fighting all odds in their personal and financial spheres. But what do they do when not just society and the situations, but even nature turns against us.Yes, this happened and shook most of the aspirants to the very core that we are still unable to cope with the ongoing preparations and the losses that we are dealing at our personal spaces, be it family, financial, educational & professional spaces, we are left with nothing. we came across many aspirants and heard their heartbroken stories. We met a very young female aspirant who lost both of her parents last year, despite this she still stands strong today and wishes to clear CSE one day. An aspirant who couldn't sit for UPSC CSE mains despite clearing prelims as he got infected just before the examination and despite putting in all his efforts, his dreams were shattered as this was his last attempt.There are a lot of students who can not even afford two meals a day and despite that, they are working relentlessly towards their goals like UPSC/ SSC/ BANKING / RAILWAYS, many of whom we met are working as food chain delivery agents, house helps, auto-rickshaw drivers. We even went to ORN which is known as the mecca of CSE, we could hardly breathe in the severely cramped rooms where they had 2-4 boys in one single room, all of them toiling hard in the sweltering heat of Delhi. If one goes and see their situations, and the kind of sacrifices these aspirants are willing to do for their dreams, and their families, one can realize the intensity with which the pandemic hit the different level of societies.  Many aspirants from middle/ lower strata of society have exhausted all attempts, some due to age factor, others due to giving all attempts and getting through none of them. During these last two years (2020-21) most of them were not in the right frame of mind and condition to appear in CSE exams due to adverse personal and financial scenarios. The government of India ought to have taken a cue from state governments (like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh) which remained mindful of the ground realities and decided to strike a harmony between Article 21 and Article 16(1) of the constitution of India by making special arrangements for Covid-19 positive candidates to appear in their respective state service examinations.In the alternative, the Centre could have provided a compensatory attempt as an extraordinary measure. This has been done on many occasions. For instance, the Joint Admission Board (JAB) in charge of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) admissions has allowed students registered to appear in Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) 2020 to re-appear in 2021 exams, as a one-time measure. Similarly, Odisha and Tripura provided a compensatory attempt with the corresponding age relaxation in their respective State Service Examinations.  We request all of you to kindly give some of your precious time to sign this petition so that we have a glimmer of hope that we can still fight for the dreams that we have held close to our hearts for so long.Please don’t disappoint us. Your one sign can help us get an inch closer to our cherished goals.  

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Petition to Telangana Chief Minister (CMO Telangana), K T Rama Rao, Sabitha Indra Reddy, Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan, Navin Mittal, Harish Rao Thanneeru

Save Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPW)

Save Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) #SaveKNPW Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) in Hyderabad,Telangana is Asia’s first Women's Polytechnic College is now being planned to convert it to a private engineering college due to lack of funds (as cited by the management). What the KNPW alumni and students feared that would probably happen became true when the college name was missing from the list of states polytechnic colleges for the academic year 2021-2022 released by the Telangana Department of Education. Before going into complete details of the present issue we would like to share some interesting facts related to KNPWC. • As mentioned earlier, Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) is the Asia’s first Women’s Polytechnic College established by the Exhibition Society in the month of June, 1961. • Late Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, former Prime Minister of India laid the Foundation Stone on 19th July, 1962. • The spacious and beautiful building was inaugurated by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India on 23rd June, 1966. • On successful completion of very satisfactory and excellent growth of 25 years the institution was privileged to celebrate Silver Jubilee Celebrations inaugurated by Late Sri Rajiv Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India on 26th November, 1987. • On successful completion of 50 years, this Polytechnic has also celebrated its Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 2nd March, 2013. • Every year approximately 1500 girl/women students qualify several polytechnic courses from KNWPC. The fees levied on students is nominal which can be afforded by the students from under privileged and economical weaker sections. The college offers all facilities to students such as laboratories, playground, including hostel for students. The following courses are offered by Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) 1.  DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING (DCE)  - 3 YEARS  - 50 Seats 2.  DIPLOMA IN ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING (DECE) - 3 YEARS-  50+10 SF Seats 3.  DIPLOMA IN ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANTSHIP (DAA)  - 3 YEARS - 60 Seats 4.  DIPLOMA IN COMMERCIAL & COMPUTER PRACTICE (DCCP) - 3 YEARS - 60 Seats 5.  DIPLOMA IN GARMENT TECHNOLOGY (DGT) - 3 YEARS - 30 - Seats 6.  DIPLOMA IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT & CATERING TECHNOLOGY (DHMCT) - 3 YEARS - 30 Seats 7. DIPLOMA IN PHARMACY (DPH) - 2 YEARS - 50+10 SF - Seats           II SELF FINANCE COURSES : 8 DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING (DCME) - 3 YEARS - 60 SF - Seats The college will no more be offering aided courses as it has applied for closure of five courses and decided to run remaining four courses as self-financed courses. The five courses to be discontinued include Garment Technology (DGT), Hotel Management & Catering Technology (DHMCT), Pharmacy (DPH), Commercial and Computer Practice (DCCP) and Architectural Assistantship (DAA). One of the oldest and prestigious colleges of our KNWPC, which was established exclusively for the welfare of women where hundreds of girls from economically weaker, marginalised communities have graduated, to promote literacy rate among women, to encourage girl students to pursue careers in engineering and other streams is being privatised. As per Dhiraj Kumar Jaiswal, Secretary of Exhibition Society, stated that they are forced to convert aided courses into self-financed courses due to financial constraints. He also quoted that they are ready to run the college, but only if the Telangana State Govt continues to provide financial assistance in paying salaries to contract lecturers. We, the Students and alumni of KNPWC allege that the exhibition society, is trying to shut down the college and start a private engineering college in its place. Reason for the allegation is that the society on one hand has applied and received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from State board of technical education and training to stop the aided courses; on the other hand they have also applied for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to convert / upgrade KNPWC as a private engineering college from JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad ). By citing financial constraints as reason, exhibition society took the decision to convert KNWPC to a private college. However, exhibition society conducts an annual consumer exhibition (Numaish) in Hyderabad, Telangana state every year in the month of January and February. Through this exhibition the society is earning approximately 10 to 15 Crores of Rupees.We along with the faculty members question the society that where these funds are being utilised. Instead we suggest the society to use that finances to run the college which approximately require 5 crores per annum. Telangana Government spent Rs. 5993 crores for Shadi Mubarak & Kalyana Lakshmi schemes and Rs.1102 crores on Bathukamma Sarees since 2015. Education is a better gift than a saree or a lump sum amount for marriage for a girl child. Every girl needs to be educated enough to fight the odds of society. So, we the girl students and alumni of KNWPC along with other supporting Student Organisations, ( TSNSUI, SFI, AIDSO, AISF, ABVP ), social activists, educationalists, women organisations, like minded support groups demand Telangana Government to provide financial support to restore the good old days to KNWPC which produced brilliant engineers, architects, politicians, fashion designers and self –reliant women citizens to India over the last six decades. Even we are trying hard to gather the support from all political parties, Women Organisations , student organisations, social activists to save KNWPC from privatisation/commercialisation. In this process we Alumni could gather the support of Danasari Seethakka, MLA (Mulugu Constituency). Kamala Nehru Polytechnic Parirakshna Committee Members, Ch.Prameela (convenor-KNPPC) and E.Hemalatha (KNPPC member) met minister KTR garu and submitted memorandum regarding the conversion of Kamala Nehru Polytechnic college from govt. aided into a self financing one and its serious repercussions on poor & backward women's education. He promised that he will look into the matter. Smt.P. Vijaya reddy garu (khairatabad corporator) also requested him to take necessary steps to commence admissions for this academic year into the aided courses. Swati Maniputri (alumni, KNWPC), along with PDSU Leaders met Sabitha Indra Reddy, Minister for State Education and presented the memorandum and requested her support. She has extended her support and also assured to extend her help in all possible ways. Mere lack of funds should not be the reason for closing of prestigious KNWPC which has trained so many polytechnic diploma professionals. Instead, the government should have taken an initiative to provide funds to the college with better facilities which would bring honour to state and even nation as well. We as Students and Alumni of KNWPC request K. Chandra Sekhar Rao (KCR), Honourable Chief Minister, Telangana State and Mrs. Sabitha Indra Reddy, Honorable Minister for Education, Telangana State to look into this matter and take an initiative to save the Prestigious Kamala Nehru Women’s Polytechnic College from being shut down. Save Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNWP) #SaveKNWP

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