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Petition to teacher, Students

Huge Corruption in Education sector - A sign of deteriorating governance system of India!!

Now-a-days, many private engineering colleges are run as if they are money-making businesses instead of institutes run for a noble cause of imparting education. Being a faculty working in one such institute, I have been observing very closely and experiencing all such things. There are many ways such corruption can be done and importantly all of these activities directly or indirectly impact the students, the future of our country. I write to express my concern over the issue of abuse of power and corruption in private engineering colleges and issues are stated as below; 1). In my Institute, like all other faculty members, I was giving more than 30% of my salary amount, in return as hard cash to the institute. This scam may be accounted for more than rupees of 1 crore per month in my college. More or less similar things have been happening in many educational institutions for a long time. In some institutes, the return amount to the management is even more than 50% of the salary. 2). In many institutions, faculty appointments are made only if the faculty agree upon these conditions. 3). Due to such a policy of higher salary amount shown on salary slips of the employees (actual amount in hand is less), institutes can show huge amounts being spent in the form of salary (for faculty), and the same is conveyed to the Fee Regulating Authority (FRA). FRA decides the student's fees amount on the basis of the amount spent on salary and other expenses. Therefore, the student's fees get hiked. Therefore, the injustice is done not only on the faculty of the institute but also on the student community.  4). Taking note of the above facts, famous Padma Shri Awardee Indian business journalist and author Sucheta Dalal has tweeted on 02/07/2021,( "). Even after 2484 Retweets, 273 Quote Tweets, 9,760 Likes, none of the government agencies took cognizance of this.  5). Another method used by the institutes for earning money is levying monetary fines on students for different reasons. For example: for student's absenteeism (one lecture, one session, one day, or many days), late coming, non-completion of work in time, etc. These Institutes never inform anybody (not even the students) regarding for what purpose the amount collected (Lacks of rupees) in the form of fine is utilized.  6). Another method of money collection is in the form of Alumni Association registration fees (approx. Rs. 1000/- per student), deposit fees (approx. Rs. 5000/- per student), and Transfer certificate fees (approx. Rs. 1000/- per student). Many Institutes never give the actual account details of all such collections.  Moreover, many times, we have complained with an affidavit (Notary) to the concerned regulatory bodies like; University, DTE, and AICTE. But, unfortunately, none of them have extended their support or even shown willingness to take a note of the same. Rather, they are seen to be managed by these educational institutes. Some of the higher authorities of these regulatory bodies have advised me to change the institution if I am not happy with one particular institution. Some authorities tried to discourage us or tried to frighten us. Therefore, to eradicate these termites of the Indian education system and make our system corruption-free, everybody's support is expected and required. Would you please help us?

Prakash Dane
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Petition to The President of India, Prime Minister of India

I want my Post graduate Degree and Marksheet from Indian Institute of Management Rohtak

Problem - I am Pooja Gupta , I completed my MBA Education from Indian Institute of Management Rohtak in March 2020. The Institute has illegally withheld my degree. I have already exhausted all my resources to get my degree.Least I Could want is my Marksheet and degree and not the Justice which I deserve as I am unable to pursue/apply for  my career Opportunities. I live in India and tried each and every options. Currently my case is ongoing in High Court of Haryana and Chandigarh for more than a year now. The slow process as sloth is quite disheartening in the time of Digital India. I am losing my hope from Ministry of Education as I am yet to get any satisfactory response from them. Legal slogan " None is above the law included the judges ". But not making any inquiry against Dheeraj Sharma (Director, Indian Institute of Management Rohtak ) is showing that there is no law. There is question in mind of people , What is Law ? & What is Democracy ? In India , so many fundamental right of the citizen has violated but, executive & legislative are silent .This is very sad for democracy & for rule of law. This is like fun of Law. Please support my Petition.Kindly go through the link to understand more.        

Pooja Gupta
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