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Petition to DIRECTOR : SIT Pune

Better academic structure and faculties for E&TC SYMBIOSIS

Hey there! We're students of Symbiosis Institute of Technology : Department of Electronics and Telecommunication. This petition is created to bring about a change pending from years in the academics structure of our department. The E&TC department is considered to be the worst in the entire college. The HOD " ill-treats " students, is just not ready to listen, at all. The Head of Department keeps warning/blackmailing students that she has the power to expel students at any point of time or give us an entire CNG. Any genuine reason given, is considered to be an excuse and dismissed right away against the favour of students, always. According to our Head of Department, the only solution out of any problem occuring with the students is : Take a TC and leave the college right away. The route to college is pathetic as well, there are trucks and other traffic : hours of traffic jam, even if the student is 3 minutes late : he loses his class. After every semester, a Faculty Feedback is taken. There's practically no change even post our feedback. The same faculties continues, along with the same problems that students are facing. In every " OPEN-HOUSE " meeting, students discuss their problems, and again are sent away by the HOD. The entire point of an Open House is beaten, right away. No problems are discussed, just there to listen to HOD about students making excuses. Students are seriously sick of such a behavior on the part of administration, and do require an Honest Change in the same. We may be wrong at some instances, but we do have some genuine concerns about how the things are going on.  We're heading to the Director of SIT, Mr. Ketan Kotecha to discuss the same in the absence of all the faculties. Sign up, to support the same.

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Petition to Honorable Prime Minister of India, Honorable Minister of HRD of India, Honorable Governor of Karnataka, Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Honorable Higher Education Minister of Karanataka, Respected Chairman of UGC New Delhi India, Respected Chief Secretary of Karnataka, Respected Principal Secretary to Higher Education Department of Karnataka

"Not Maintaining the Transparency" in the Faculty Recruitment at Davanagere University

Respected Sir, I would like to bring to your kind notice about “Not maintainingTransparency” in recruiting Teaching faculty of Davangere University, which concluded on 19th August 2019. During the whole recruitment process, University authorities have Breached the Recruitment guidelines laid down by Department of Higher Education of Karnataka as well as UGC guidelines 2018 and it has hurted the minds of most competent applicants. Sir, Davanagere University has made three notifications for teaching positions (02.03.2017; 20.07.2017; 02.02.2018) and finally in October 2018, University has called all the applicants for the written examination consisting of Multiple-Choice Questions by providing OMR sheet along with pen to mark the correct answers. University has not issued any carbonless OMR sheet to the candidates who have appeared for the written examination (Carbonless OMR sheet is provided to avoid malpractices in highly sensitive and important government recruitment processes; Even University has not released Answer Keys of any subjects before interview date to confirm the discrepancy between Allotted marks and Expected marks by the candidates (Karnatak University and Bellary University has displayed the answer keys after examination on their website during their recruitment process; Without releasing Key Answer of written examination, concerned authorities of Davanagere University have sent Score Card via e-mail to all the candidates who have appeared for the written examination.  It has also mentioned in the score card as second important note that “In case of any discrepancy the candidate has the right to approach the concerned authority within 7 days from date of issue of the score card” (Many candidates were not able to approach the University within seven days of stipulated time as they are strucked in flooded areas; for chemistry subject, time has given only six working days from 3rd August 2019 to 9th August 2019). Further, without knowing the key answer, it is not possible to calculate discrepancy between marks allotted and expected marks (for example, Karnataka Examination Authority, CSIR and UGC conduct examination by providing carbonless OMR sheet to the candidates and soon after examination, they upload question paper and answer key on their website to check the discrepancy of marks between allotted and expected). Sir, even though, some candidates have approached concerned University authority of recruitment process and filed the objection against the allotted score by providing key-answer along with justification by providing standard book references (even photocopy of book pages in support of correct answers to The Registrar, Davanagere University via e-mail as well as hard copy). Even then University authorities (Honourable Vice-Chancellor and Registrar) have not answered for the queries related to Written examination even after sending repeated reminders. It clearly reveals that Davanagere University authorities of recruitment process have breached all the recruitment guidelines and not maintained the transparency to favour the candidates of their choice. Sir, the prepared merit list of all candidates which has displayed on the website before interview is not in accordance with recruitment guidelines. As per the recruitment guidelines, the merit list should display academic record + research performance marks (Sl.No. 1) and written test marks (Sl.No. 2) separately (Sl. No. 1 & 2). Instead of that, Davangere University has displayed merit list of Total marks (Sl. No. 1+2) to hide something.For your kind reference, Karnatak University displayed the merit list of candidates as per the recruitment guidelines-2017 of  Government of Karnataka ( Interviews for some of the subjects have conducted in a very short period and have not given at least 4 to 5 days to prepare for the interview. For example, interview of Chemistry subject is conducted on 16th August 2019 at 9:00 am and for which interview letters have been issued to the candidates via e-mail on 14th August 2019 after 5:30 pm (less than 48 hr is provided to the candidates to appear for the interview). During this period, Karnataka was affected by Flood and the candidates from this region and others who went to flooded areas earlier were not having access to internet. The hard copy of interview letters sent by the Registrar has reached the candidates after interview. This clearly indicates that Higher authorities of University are making the favouritism.             Finally, I request you on behalf of all most eligible candidates to direct Government of Karnataka to investigate the whole recruitment process of Davanagere University from the committee headed by Chief Justice of High Court (We all have faith only in committee headed by Chief Justice of High Court).

Ramesh Vadavi
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