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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Malcolm Turnbull

Stop kids raping kids. Introduce porn safeguards for our kids sake!

Enough is enough. With the news from Sydney of two 12 year old boys being charged with raping a 6 year old, and last months news of 70 Australian high schools being involved in an internet porn ring, when are we going to address the influx of issues that stems from porn being readily available to Australian kids? Following similar atrocities in the UK, where a 12-year-old boy, emulating pornography, raped a 9 year old, the news outlets and politicians joined forces to make Internet porn something people had to opt in for. In an effort to combat the early sexualisation of children there was a move to legislate so as to provide freedom for kids to... well ... be kids.  Then Prime Minister David Cameron made it clear that his aim was to ensure that all ISPs (internet service providers) would have a filtering system in place. As a result, within a year, all 4 major Internet providers introduced default filtering. There is no reason why our politicians can't legislate and put pressure on educators and Internet providers to bring about changes to the current harming of children we are seeing through pornography. As we have seen in the UK it is possible for ISPs to automatically block pornographic sites, with individuals being required to opt in to receive sexually explicit material, rather than opt out. As leading expert Dr Michael Flood, (A professor from the University of Wollongong) said in his 2009 report there is “consistent and reliable evidence that exposure to pornography is related to male sexual aggression against women.” Prime Minister Turnbull - You have been quoted as saying “It is “unAustralian” to disrespect women”. Therefore can I suggest that it is "unAustralian" to be ok with the current unfettered pornography that kids are exposed to. (20% of teenagers in this country say they looked at porn at age 8 or earlier). Pornography cultivates, promotes and normalises acts where men are sexually violent and dominating towards women. I think it is very important that we consider a number of things in an effort to counteract porn shaping the behaviors of young people. We need a bigger push for education of parents who often are unaware or naive to the availability and impact of porn on children. Parents need to be better equipped and informed We need an encouragement of schools to educate age appropriate awareness of what kids should do if they come across pornography online. All Australian schools need be held accountable that they are addressing this issue and trying to foster healthy relationships and attitudes as part of their health curriculum. We need to put pressure on Telco’s and Internet providers to be accountable for the harm that their products can be having on young people. ISP filtering should be introduced in an effort to protect Australian Children. This is not about censorship; it is about children's rights and the future health of Australia's young people.

Paul Ninnes
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Petition to Jeanette Nagorcka

Secure Lisa Duffy as Acting Principal at Arthurs Creek PS for 2020 and beyond.

Dear Jeanette Nagorcka As a member of the Arthurs Creek Primary School Community I urge you to immediately offer Lisa Duffy an extension on her contract as Acting Principal at Arthurs Creek Primary School for 2020 and beyond. Arthurs Creek Primary School has experienced challenges with its leadership over the past six years. In 2019 Lisa Duffy was appointed Acting Principal and has been a great fit for our school.  A small school like Arthurs Creek requires a leader that understands our community and wants to be part of the community. Lisa was the first to put her name down to help out at our Bunnings BBQ! Lisa has done an amazing job of fulfilling the role of teaching principal. We require stable ongoing leadership to drive the future of our school. Lisa is currently only contracted to Arthurs Creek for 2019. Our School Council has had regular contact and meetings with the Department of Education and Training throughout the second half of this year to push for plans to be made for 2020. Currently, we are told by the Department that they are not clear on their plan for the Principal role in 2020. It is not fair on our children that your decision making has been left until term 4.  Please allow our children and teachers the stability of leadership going forth so that short, intermediate, and long term plans can be made to drive our school and our children's education forward. Our children only have one primary school experience and we want it to be the best it can be.  

Rebecca Apted
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