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Petition to Steve Ciric - Chair of Health Science, Health Information Management Co-ordinators

Grant George Brown HIM Students the Option to Continue Fully Online

In the new year of January 2022, Health Information Management students from George Brown College (Waterfront Campus)  are being told that the coding course ( RECM 2015 Health Information Coding Classification II) will be returning back to campus. This means that most courses that began online, will be required to resume in person for the one particular course which has been taught online prior. Students do not have a say as to whether they’d like to continue online or not but the only option for us students is left to "Drop" out of the program. Amidst the pandemic, students all over the globe that have taken the opportunity to partake in the great program offered by George Brown College, international students that went back home for the pandemic for their families and those who may not be able to return back to the college are now faced with the problem that George Brown will be expecting their in-person presence in 2022. In many cases and departments, GBC does provide online classes, thus not even giving alternative classes to take for this particular course. This loss of choice is a rapidly growing issue, requiring students to go back in person is a problem for many as so there is large uncertainty with current students schedules and the uncertainty behind the new variant. The students of George Brown College didn’t know if or when they would go back. Most students have commitments and schedules made and this sudden switch affects schedules that are now forced to rapidly change. Safety has also been a very large concern for most, this new policy grants no care or respect to those who are immune-compromised and uncomfortable with going back in person with smaller space. Reducing exposure has been the main concern during this entire pandemic, so let's keep it that way. Not everyone will have the ability to return in person, and GBC is doing their students a great disservice by stripping away the choice to continue online on such short notice, while the course can be taken online completely, as we have been able to do it so far. This petition will serve as a voice and a way to help students who are currently attending 3rd semester of the health information management program (C139). 

George Brown College HIM Students
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Petition to Waterloo Region District School Board, Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School

Getting rid of the racism that's been put up on the walls of KCI

Hey, I'm a grade 10 student at KCI (Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School), and I'd like to share some things with you today. As most students at KCI know, KCI was built in 1855, which means A LOT of the stuff in here is out dated. A little while ago on my way to math, while walking over the bridge, i came across something nailed into the wall, and upon closer inspection, i was quite disgusted. There was someone dressed up in a mascot type costume that slightly resembled a snowman for whatever reason, that had indigenous braids, and a feather on the back of its head to mock indigenous peoples. According to a teacher in the school, it would be used for school events, so it was not a one time thing. Now you're probably thinking, "that's only one thing right? It's not that bad?", however that is wrong. The info I'm going to share came from a teacher of mine, and was said in front of my entire class. I wont say their name, if you know who it is please DO NOT share their name, and they experienced this first hand, therefor it's not hear-say and is more concrete. There's a man that used to teach at KCI who was referred to as "Mr KCI", and he was quite well known and appreciated by the school for his skill of teaching in basketball and he was (apparently) a very good math teacher. The issue with him, is that in the 80s/90s, he would dress up with cloth around his lower area, no shoes or anything, and surprise surprise, a feather in head. This man would lead assemblies and songs, and everyone worshiped him KNOWING he was a racist and KCI has named the red gym after him. If you haven't watched it yet, the video above briefly shows you the plaque and trophy case I was talking about, and how close they are together. Do better KCI, cause this is absolutely disgusting.

Bee Carpeneto
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Petition to Doug Ford MP, Stephen Lecce, Jeewan Chanicka, ETFO

WRDSB Teachers need Standard First Aid & CPR training

Imagine this, your child is playing up high on the playground and slips and falls onto the ground. They are now unconscious. Their friends rush to bring a teacher over for help. The teacher runs over and tries to wake them, but realizes they aren’t breathing. Time is of the essence, but rather then administering chest compressions and rescue breaths right away they call the office for help and wait because they have no CPR training or access to equipment. Will help arrive on time? Currently, the WRDSB only approves a small number of staff being formally trained in Standard First Aid & CPR. For a school of under 400 people (staff and students), only two staff are certified. For over 600 people in a school, only 5 certified staff are approved. Do you think this is enough to provide life saving measures in case of an emergency? The school board seems to think so. I was very surprised and am very concerned that teachers are not required to be trained in first aid. There is no legislation mandated by the Ministry of Education that requires Ontario certified teachers to hold first aid and CPR training. But there should be. Standard First Aid & CPR training is a two-day comprehensive course that teaches CPR for adults, children, and infants, using AEDs, choking and breathing emergencies, mental health first aid, opioid overdose awareness, bleeding and burn management, bone and joint injuries, and environmental emergencies. All these events could occur with staff or students while at school. This is even more likely if your child, like mine, has asthma, a life-threatening allergy or diabetes. The school board follows the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) regulation, like any other business or establishment across the province. This requires employers to have first aid equipment, facilities, and a certain amount of trained workers in the workplace for the protection of their employees. But what about the protection for our students? All teachers should be required to be trained to administer first aid and CPR. Daycare workers, social service workers, and many other jobs that serve people, are required to be trained if they want a job in the field. This absolutely needs to be applied to the teaching profession as well. Although all staff supposedly have informal training to be able to identify an emergency at the beginning of each school year, they are unable to physically respond to the injury or emergency, including administer life saving medication. What happens if your child needs CPR immediately? What if your child is choking? What if they need an EpiPen or inhaler? Specifically for life saving medication, teachers are not able to hold onto or administer it. Instead, the medication is either kept in the office and then someone who is certified is paged to bring the medication and administer it. This is only after the child identifies they need help and requests it. Alternatively, the medication can be kept on the child, and they can administer it themselves. To put this into perspective, all students, including elementary aged children, are expected to be able to identify they need medical assistance, get their medication (or alert a teacher to page for it), and then administer it CORRECTLY (or wait for a first aid certified staff to delivery and administer it) while having breathing difficulties, such as during anaphylactic shock or an asthma attack. This is what is expected of my 6 year old with asthma. All parents should feel comfortable and safe sending their children to school. It should not take a tragedy for changes to be made. The Ministry of Education and school boards need to step up and be proactive for the protection of our children. Mandate Standard First aid & CPR training for all Ontario teachers now!

Jessica Qubrossi
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