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Petition to Minister of Education David Eggen, Brian Jean Leader of Official Opposition, Ric McIver Interim Leader of PC Party, Dr David Swann Leader of Liberal Party, Premier Rachel Notley

THREATENED: Authentic Educational Choice in Alberta

Authentic educational choice exists in Alberta because families have the freedom to choose the educational settings that best meet the needs of their children. However, today that freedom of choice is under direct attack in Alberta. Dr. David Swann, leader of the Liberal party, has suggested the government should consider withdrawing funding, removing charters or dissolving boards that refuse to implement the sexual orientation and gender identity Guidelines provided by Alberta Education. Not only do his statements show a complete lack of regard for the Minister of Education’s clear assurances to Albertans in March that the Guidelines document was provided as a “resource” that was not “not legally binding”, but he also forgets that he does not fund the entire operation of Alberta’s education system. Taxpayers do. Which means that the diversity of educational choices, funded either fully or partially through public dollars, reflect the diversity of Albertans who provide that funding through their tax dollars.To suggest that only some educational choices are “valid” to receive public taxpayer funding demonstrates a shockingly discriminatory premise of inequality which declares that the needs and values of some people are worthy of inclusion in our publicly funded education system – and others are not. This alarming premise undermines and fundamentally corrupts the functioning of a pluralistic, multicultural and free, democratic society.And that is not progress. Unfortunately, others are also actively advocating to undermine educational choices in Alberta. For example, Dave Beninger started a petition today demanding that the Minister of Education cut funding to specific Christian private schools.  Dr. Kristopher Wells and Public Interest Alberta have resorted to a public smear campaign to undermine educational choice, in an apparent attempt to coerce faith-based school boards to conform to their bidding.And last week the Minister of Education David Eggen made an unprecedented declaration over Facebook that undermined the authority of democratically elected school boards.  Frankly, it is irrelevant to this discussion which values you personally happen to agree with. The fundamental question is not whether any one person believes a set of values to be right or wrong, but whether the government should be permitted to use public purse strings to enforce a "one size fits all" approach on all children and their families within our public, independent, home education, charter, and Catholic schools across the province.Freedom of choice is meaningless if all "choices" are forced to be the same. Please sign this petition to show that you: a) support public funds toward a variety of educational options that will continue to serve the diverse needs of families across the province. b) support the operation of secular and faith based schools to exist and operate according to their foundational beliefs, without coercion from government and special interest groups To preserve authentic educational choice and meet the needs of all children and families in our multicultural, pluralistic province of Alberta we must advocate that our current model of public funding not be compromised. And a special note to Dave Beninger and Kristopher Wells: You have the freedom to disagree with how Pastor Brian Coldwell chooses to run his private Christian school and how certain school districts choose to write their policies. But you know the great thing about Alberta? You also have the freedom to make other choices. And if you don't like the options available at Pastor Brian Coldwell's school or any other schools, then feel free not to send your children there. I invite Albertans to communicate your support for authentic educational choice by signing this petition. Remember that your voice matters.  Not speaking up has a 100% success rate of accomplishing nothing. Thank you for helping to preserve the diversity of educational choices in this province – for everyone. Sincerely,Theresa Ng

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Petition to College Employer Council, Sonia Del Missier, OPSEU - CAAT-A, Deb Matthews, Mitzie Hunter

Students demand a tuition refund for each day missed in case of an Ontario college strike

Ontario's 24 public colleges and the union representing their faculty are in negotiations over their contract. College faculty have declared that they will be on strike as of October 16th, 2017 if a deal is not reached. The purpose of a strike is to put pressure on the employer. However, as it stands, College administrations have nothing to lose. Students pay the same tuition regardless of how much time and learning we lose if a strike occurs Administrators continue to earn their comfortable salaries even if classrooms are empty. It's a public system, therefore students can't really "take their business elsewhere." The colleges therefore have a monopoly. Students suffer the most, yet we are not part of the conversation. We lose learning. We lose time. We demand a refund. Many students work minimum-wage jobs to pay for ever-rising tuition costs that vary between $3,800 - $7,500 for two semesters Some are mature students with families to care for and bills to pay. Our college education is a ticket to employment. Parents spend their hard-earned money to invest in their children's education. We, the 235,000 full-time and over 300,000 part-time students demand a tuition reimbursement for each day lost should a strike occur. At an average tuition of $5,000 for two 13-week semesters, we are paying nearly $40/day to be in school. Full-time students must be reimbursed $30/day should a strike occur Part-time students must be reimbursed $20/day should a strike occur We, the students, want to be in school and we want to learn. We are paying for it. If the two bargaining teams do not consider our educational and employment prospects as motive enough to reach an agreement, then perhaps a justifiable hit to the colleges' bottom line will. #wepaytolearn

Ontario College Students
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Petition to Canada, UNESCO

Commemorating the first female astronomer, Hypatia of Alexandria.

A famous female mathematician and astronomer, Hypatia, a daughter of Theon, lived in 4-5th centuries CE in Alexandria. Her death (actually barbaric murder at the hands of a clique of Christian zealots) symbolized transition from Antiquity to the Dark Middle Ages: The astronomy-calendar/Easter related background and particular circumstances of her murder are explained here: Since, according to my reconstruction, Hypatia's last days were dedicated to finding the exact time for the vernal (spring) equinox, I propose remembering Hypatia annually on the day of the vernal equinox. By Alexandria local time, the vernal equinox in the years 2016-2050 falls on the same date, March 20, as in the year of her murder, 415. Therefore March 20 is an ideal date in our era to commemorate the first female astronomer. Let us make it Hypatia Day! At large, on Hypatia Day we may celebrate Women in Science in general. ................................................................................................................. Une célèbre mathématicienne et astronome, Hypatie (Hypatia), une fille de Théon, a vécu entre la fin du 4ème siècle et le début du 5ième à Alexandrie ( ). Son assassinat (un meurtre barbare exécuté par une clique de fanatiques chrétiens) symbolise la transition entre l'Antiquité et les heures sombres du Haut Moyen-âge ( ; en anglais). Des explications sur le contexte sous-jacent liant le calendrier astronomique, Pâques et les circonstances de son meurtre sont accessibles à l’adresse:  (en anglais). Selon ma reconstitution, comme les derniers jours d'Hypatie furent consacrés à déterminer l'heure exacte de l'équinoxe vernal (équinoxe du printemps) je propose qu’on se remémore Hypatie chaque année le jour de l'équinoxe vernal. Au cours des années 2016 à 2050 l'équinoxe vernal tombera le 20 mars à l'heure locale d'Alexandrie,  soit à la même date que celle de son meurtre en 415. Ainsi, le 20 mars serait une date idéale pour commémorer la première femme astronome. Créons donc le jour d’Hypatie! Ce jour d’Hypatie pourrait être l’occasion de rendre hommage à toutes les femmes qui œuvrent en Sciences. ................................................................................................................. For Spanish speakers: ................................................................................................................. For Russian speakers: Знаменитая женщина математик и астроном Гипатия дочь Теона родилась, училась и преподавала в 4-5 веках в Александрии. Ее смерть (а фактически варварское убийство кликой христианских фанатиков-ортодоксов) для многих историков символизирует переход от Античности к периоду Средневековья: Астрономические-календарные обстоятельства ее смерти я объяснил в двух своих статьях, опубликованных в английском журнале "Астрономия и Геофизика" в 2010 г. (русский перевод опубликован здесь: )  и в голландском журнале "Христианские Бдения" в 2016 г.: Так как, согласно моей реконструкции, последние дни Гипатии были посвящены установлению правильного дня весеннего равноденствия, я предлагаю вспоминать ее ежегодно в день весеннего равноденствия.  По Александрийскому местному времени, весеннее равноденствие в 2016-2050 гг. выпадает на 20-е марта -- т.е., на тот же самый день, что и в году ее смерти, 415 г. Поэтому 20-е марта -- это идеальный день вспоминать первую женщину астронома. Пусть это будет День Гипатии! Конечно, в этот день можно будет вспомнить не только Гипатию, но и многих других женщин ученых.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Greek speakers: Η πιο διάσημη γυναίκα μαθηματικός και αστρονόμος, Υπατία, κόρη του Θέωνα της Αλεξάνδρειας, έζησε τον 4 με 5ο αιώνα π.Χ.  στην Αλεξάνδρεια. Ο θάνατός της, στην πραγματικότητα βάρβαρη δολοφονία από τα χέρια μιας κλίκας των χριστιανών ζηλωτών, σηματοδοτεί τη μετάβαση από την Αρχαιότητα στο σκοτεινό Μεσαίωνα: Τα σχετικά με την αστρονομία και το-ημερολόγιο του Πάσχα που σχετίζονται με το υπόβαθρο  και τις ιδιαίτερες περιστάσεις της δολοφονίας βλέπε εδώ: Δεδομένου ότι, σύμφωνα με την θεωρία μου, οι τελευταίες ημέρες της Υπατίας ήταν αφιερωμένες στην εξεύρεση της ακριβούς ώρας της εαρινής ισημερίας, προτείνω να θυμόμαστε την Υπατία κάθε χρόνο την ημέρα της την εαρινής ισημερίας. Στην Αλεξάνδρεια η εαρινή ισημερία κατά τα έτη 2016 έως 2050 πέφτει την ίδια ημερομηνία, 20 Μαρτίου, όπως στο έτος της δολοφονίας της, 415. Ως εκ τούτου, 20 Μαρτίου είναι μια ιδανική ημερομηνία για να τιμούμε την σημαντικότερη, ίσως πρώτη γυναίκα αστρονόμο. Ας την ορίσουμε την 20η Μαρτίου Ημέρα της Υπατείας. Την Ημέρα της Υπατίας μπορούμε να γιορτάσουμε τις Γυναίκες στην Επιστήμη γενικότερα. ................................................................................................... For Italian speakers: Ipazia, figlia di Teone, matematica e astronoma, visse nel IV-V secolo in Alessandria ( ). La sua morte (un brutale omicidio a opera di una banda di fanatici cristiani) simbolizza la transizione fra l'antichità e il Medio Evo ( ). Le circostanze astronomiche del suo omicidio, legate alla Pasqua, sono discusse qui: Secondo la mia ricostruzione gli ultimi giorni di Ipazia furono dedicati a trovare l'ora esatta dell'equinozio di primavera.  Per questo motivo propongo di ricordare Ipazia ogni anno nel giorno dell'equinozio di primavera. All'ora locale di Alessandria, l'equinozio, per gli anni 2016-2050, cade nello stesso giorno: il 20 marzo, come nell'anno della sua morte, il 415. Quindi il 20 marzo è il giorno ideale, nella nostra era, per commemorare la prima astronoma donna. Facciamo del 20 marzo il giorno di Ipazia, e nella stessa data celebriamo, più in generale, tutte le donne scienziate. ....................................................................................................... For Hebrew speakers: האישה המפורסמת מתמטיקאית ואסטרונומית היפאטיה בת תיאון נולדה, למדה ולימדה באלכסנדריה במאות 4-5. מותה (בפועל רצח ברברי ע"י כת פנאטי נוצרי קיצוני) למספר רב של היסטוריונים מסמל מעבר מתקופת ימי קדם לתקופת ימי הביניים. הסברתי כאן את הרקע אסטרונומי- קלנדרי של מותה: כיוון שלפי השחזור שעשיתי, הימים האחרונים של היפאטיה היו מוקדשים לקביעת יום מדויק של שיוויון אביבי, אני מציע לעשות יום הזכרון שלה כל שנה ביום השיוויון האביבי. לפי זמן מקומי של אלכסנדריה, השיוויון האביבי ב-2016-2050 יוצא ב-20 למרס, בדומה לשנת 415, שזוהי שנת מותה. לכן 20 למרס זה היום האידיאלי להיזכר באישה אוסטרונומית הראשונה. יהי זה יומה של היפאטיה! בגדול ביום הזה אפשר להיזכר לא רק בהיפאטיה, אלא גם במדעניות אחרות.

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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, John Joseph Horgan, Stephen McNeil, Brian Pallister, Rachel notley, Bwright ball, Brian Gallant, Brad Wall, Wade maclauchlan, Edifice rene lesesque, Sandy Silver, Peter taptuna, Bob mcloed

require all provinces & territories to cover 3D-Printing under student bursaries

  3D-Printing is a technology where ideas can last forever & make anything possible 3d-printing is different than traditional manufacturing. It would be suitable for young and older students so we want them to have this opportunity they may of have not otherwise got. They can use digital manufacturing to boost math, science, and engineering. This is a way they can get students interested in these topics.   If we could make it affordable than this could bring amazing opportunities for our youth and everyone's future. It will expose people to other types of manufacturing and one download means the school and students can make as many copies as needed saving schools a lot of money. If even one school board did this imagine what we can let kids do verse their current restrictions. & we ask for this to be covered this like computers under programs like for example in Ontario osap also regarding this technology is currently will open groundbreaking at all schools in even giving them a brighter future in this day & age with technology & additionally with all post secondary students to get their own they can experiment their future & teach them the job skills they need for stem jobs We are asking for 3dprinting to be available in schools. We are asking for post secondary students To get a federal or provincial bursary from Canada. we ask for 3dprinting to be covered by all schools & post secondary students that got federal or provincial bursaries of Canada starting September 2018 or earlier +3dprinting can eliminate 20% of world pollution so it's also a clean tech*image credit: ultimaker 3D-Printing est une technologie où les idées peuvent durer pour toujours et rendre tout possibleL'impression en 3D est différente de la fabrication traditionnelle. Il serait approprié pour les étudiants jeunes et les étudiants plus âgés, donc nous voulons qu'ils aient cette occasion qu'ils pourraient avoir autrement. Ils peuvent utiliser la fabrication numérique pour stimuler les mathématiques, les sciences et l'ingénierie. C'est une façon pour les étudiants d'intéresser ces sujets. sous des programmes comme par exemple dans ontario osapPour ceux qui sont déjà admissibles aux ordinateurs portables Si nous pouvions le rendre abordable, cela pourrait apporter des opportunités incroyables pour nos jeunes et l'avenir de chacun. Il exposera les gens à d'autres types de fabrication et un téléchargement signifie que l'école et les étudiants peuvent faire autant d'exemplaires que nécessaire pour épargner aux écoles beaucoup d'argent. Si même un conseil scolaire a imaginé ce que nous pouvons laisser les enfants faire des vers leurs restrictions actuelles. et nous demandons que cela soit couvert, comme les ordinateurs, il ouvrira des révolutionnaires dans toutes les écoles en leur donnant même un avenir plus brillant à ce jour et à l'âge avec la technologie et, en plus, avec tous les étudiants du postsecondaire pour obtenir leur propre, ils peuvent expérimenter leur avenir & leur enseigner les compétences professionnelles dont ils ont besoin pour les travaux sur les tigesNous demandons que l'impression en 3D soit disponible dans les écoles. Nous demandons aux étudiants postsecondaires d'obtenir une bourse fédérale ou provinciale du Canada.nous demandons que l'impression en 3D soit couverte par toutes les écoles et les étudiants postsecondaires qui ont obtenu des bourses fédérales ou provinciales du Canada à partir de septembre 2018 ou plus tôt + L'impression en 3D peut éliminer 20% de la pollution mondiale, donc c'est aussi une technologie * crédit d'image: uostenker

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