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Petition to Camden Council, Tulip Siddiq, Angela Mason

Save Kilburn Grange Nursery

My children and I have recently moved to this area after a very turbulent few years and have been supported and welcomed by the local children's centre at Kilburn Grange. My family have been through so much and have been so lucky to have recieved the support from the Kilburn Grange children centres family support worker and have the opportunity to use the drop in play sessions for my daughter Reva.  Reva is almost 2 years old and will shortly be begining her early years education at nursery. I have been looking forward to Reva hopefully attending Kilburn Grange nursery for some continuity. However as part of the council's latest proposals for early education in Camden, it is suggested that 4 of the best nurseries in Camden will be closed, this would include Kilburn Grange Nursery. This would be terrible for my family because Kilburn Grange Nursery is the best one in the vicinity with an "Outstanding" Ofsted report. I would be forced to look for a lower rated nursery with substandard care for my daughter and that would be if there was any availability at all. As parents we deserve choice when it comes to who looks after our children. This is devastating news for the parents, staff, and community. First and foremost it is devastating for the children who thrive and have been thriving at the nurseries. The proposals aim to close the nurseries and repurpose the buildings as facilities which offer no childcare for children under 5. Kilburn Grange already offers amazing services which me and my daughter have been accessing. The proposals make no sense because the suggested repurposing would be a downgrade of facility, offering no childcare for children under 5. The council's aim is to save £600,000 by cutting funding to children's services. This is at the expense of local children and families and it is wrong. THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL!  Please sign this petition to keep the nursery open and allow the children already attending to continue thriving and give an opportunity for new children, like my daughter Reva, to start!

Krissy Banks
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