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Petition to Mary Heard, John Utting, Lee Reading, Sandie Butcher, Robert Coe, Alison Eyden

Say no to the academisation of Deal schools - our kids deserve better

Please also come to our public meeting at Deal Town Hall, at 6:30pm on Thursday 1st November 2018 (children welcome): Petitioning – Governors of Deal Parochial, Hornbeam, Kingsdown & Ringwold, Northbourne CE, Sandown, Sholden CE and The Downs CE primary schools Say no to the academisation of our schools – our kids deserve better As parents, teachers, support staff and community members we call upon the governors of Deal Parochial, Hornbeam, Kingsdown & Ringwold, Northbourne CE, Sandown, Sholden CE and The Downs CE primary schools to halt the academisation of our schools in the interests of our children and community.  We do not want our community schools to become part of a Multi-Academy Trust because: 1.           The move could jeopardise educational standards  All of our schools are already rated ‘good’ and are working closely together as part of the Deal Learning Alliance. We do not see what benefits such a move would make to our schools. Further than this we fear standards at our schools may be threatened by the move due to academies having the freedom to employ unqualified teachers unlike local authority maintained schools. We are also aware that average salaries for teachers in academy schools are lower and therefore schools may struggle to attract the best teachers our children deserve.       2.           Multi-Academy Trusts draw money away from frontline teaching There is an increasing body of evidence of growing layers of highly paid bureaucracy within MATs which is taking resources away from front-line teaching and learning. Resources our schools can ill afford at a time of education funding cuts. This year the Department for Education has written to 213 MATs asking them to justify the high salaries they paid to academy bosses.  3.           Multi-Academy Trusts are less accountable to parents MATs can do away with local governing boards. All power ultimately rests with the trustees who can delegate power to local governing boards if they wish to. In addition to Local Authority appointed governors our schools currently have staff and parent governors who can take up parent and staff concerns. Kent County Councillors can also be lobbied and are held accountable through the ballot box when there are concerns about a school. This would end if our schools formed a multi-academy trust, leaving our local community powerless to hold our schools to account.  4.           There is no going back from academisation The academisation of a school is a permanent change. There currently exists no mechanism for an academy to return to local authority maintained status, even when that is in the best interests of the schools and the will of the parents and staff. Academy schools can only be re-brokered which means they are given to another academy trust to run. Parents, staff and the community have no say in this process. Castle Community College (now Goodwins Academy) which became an academy in 2010 has been re-brokered twice. Please sign and share the petition as our kids deserve better. Save Deal Schools

Save Deal Schools
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Petition to Eoghan Murphy TD

Empower the Family (formerly The Hope Ireland Project)

Hi, My name is Deborah Somorin and I am 24 years old. I was homeless at 13, pregnant at 14 and a mother at 15. Thanks to the support of amazing people and organisations like Focus Ireland I went to DCU to study Accounting and Finance at 18 through the DCU Access programme. Thanks to a scholarship I then completed my Masters in Accounting in DCU . This helped me earn a place at one of the biggest accounting firms in the world where i've worked for the last 2 years. I have passed all my accounting exams and will qualify on completion of my training contract in October. My son Liam is now 9. I can stand on my own two feet now. I know other people aren't as lucky as I have been so I am now giving back and helping others achieve what I have achieved.  I’ve had this dream for ages but with the housing crisis at the moment and the support i've had since I came out with my story I thought why not do this now.  I’ve decided to open student accommodation for young disadvantaged parents (fathers and mothers - 17-26) in 3rd level education for example care leavers. When I was in DCU there were 4 young single moms there alone and we all had the same struggles, accommodation and childcare. This is a barrier to other young moms engaging in third level education and therefore being able to stand on their own feet. ​The accommodation will be similar to normal student accommodation with each family having their own mini apartment. It will also have a creche downstairs for the children in the accommodation to make sure the students have access to affordable childcare. There is a lack of availability of affordable homes and childcare at the moment for student parents so these are the needs this project will fulfill. It will also act as a motivator for young parents still in school who might feel college is an impossible option for them due to lack of availability of suitable accommodation or accommodation in a demotivating environment or lack of availability for affordable childcare places. With the knowledge this exists third level education becomes a goal to work towards and not a fantasy. This project will help break the homeless cycle for generations. Please show your support for the project by signing the petition which will be included as part of my proposal and business plan. You can found out more about me at: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Warm Regards, Deborah Somorin  

Deborah somorin
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Petition to David Miles, James Merlino, Telmo Languiller, Kelly Grigsby, Nathan Blackburne, Christopher Pyne, Tim Pallas, Richard Wynne

Please Build a P-12 School in Williams Landing, VIC

The Background:  Williams Landing is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Victoria, Australia. Williams Landing had been identified by the state government as a Major Activity Centre and Priority Development Zone, and was set to become a major social and commercial destination in Melbourne’s west. Williams Landing is a connecting point for two other fastest growing suburbs: Point Cook and Truganina. Because of the location and the transport infrastructure, most of the residents in surrounding suburbs comes into or bypass Williams Landing every day. To accommodate the increased residential demand, Wyndham City Council approved numerous medium density (town houses) and high density (apartments) developments in Williams Landing, apart from regular houses. These will make Williams Landing one of the highest population density suburbs in Melbourne’s west. The Issue:  Despite of increased current and future needs, Williams Landing is not provided a school by the government so far. Not having a school in Williams Landing has forced families to move out, and resulting in increased traffic congestion in surrounding neighbouring suburbs: Truganina South, Truganina, Point Cook and Seabrook, which are already struggling with traffic due to poor connectivity, resulting in reduced community productivity overall. We believe every child has a basic right to attend their school within easy reach; however evidence based researches show Williams Landing is the most disadvantaged suburb in Wyndham even with one school. Existing and proposed schools in surrounding suburbs: Truganina South, Truganina East and Seabrook, won’t meet the needs for this fast growing region.Those schools are either too far away not accessible by children or already under enormous enrollment pressure and it will become worse as population grows fast in the Melbourne's West. The local and state government knew this issue since 2014, but so far there is still no progress. We urge the government to look at this issue seriously continue to invest in developing the Education State and to recognise that approval of high density town houses and apartments must go hand in hand with school provisioning in advance. We urge the government to recognise this urgent need in Williams Landing and Wyndham more broadly, all relevant bodies: Victorian State Government, Wyndham City Council and Cedar Woods work proactively together to put the much needed P-12 school in Williams Landing as soon as possible. Media Links:  Williams Landing residents cry out for a school and community hub A lack of schools and childcare in growing suburb Williams Landing forcing mass exodus Call for Williams Landing schools, not ovals MP helps push for Williams Landing school Petition calls for new school at fast growing Williams Landing Other Links: Interested people can join our public Facebook group: Williams Landing Community & Residents Facebook page:

Concerned Residents of Williams Landing
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