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Petition to University of Essex

Teach Peace, not War

According to a recent FOI request, the University of Essex currently organises employability events which include companies whose main area of business is the production of weapons and military systems. Whilst we recognise working in these sectors is a matter of personal choice, we the undersigned believe that Universities should put an emphasis on using knowledge for improving human lives everywhere, rather than to facilitate the killing of other human beings. We are especially concerned in light of recent news that British produced weaponry is being used by Saudi Arabia to commit crimes against humanity in Yemen, the last of many incidents in which legally sold armaments have been used to violate humanitarian and international law. We strongly believe that our University, which prides itself for its international student population, has the moral duty to take a stance on the matter and should not encourage its students to choose a career in a sector that exists for the sole purpose of designing new and more effective way to take lives. Therefore we ask the University of Essex to change its criteria for the selection of prospective employers for all future Employability events, and choose to promote life-giving careers over life-taking ones.***This campaign is supported by these University groups: Progressive Christians (SCM) Anglican Chaplaincy Methodist Chaplaincy Congregational Chaplaincy University of Essex Liberty League Essex Islamic Society Palestinian Solidarity Group

Progressive Christians (SCM) University of Essex
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Petition to Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Conservative Group

RBWM Conservatives must have a 'policy vote' on Lowbrook, not a 'free vote'.

Lowbrook Academy was asked by RBWM to expand in 2016, in line with the Conservative Group Manifesto 2015 ("Continue to invest money in school expansion, focused on the best schools").  The school is already over subscribed.  For the last 4 years its taken 30 extra children into the Reception year because there is such a shortage of school places in the local area.  As a result, some students now have to be transported to a different site each day as there are currently not enough classrooms on the school grounds.  The hall is not big enough to fit the bulging population of the school and some facilities are no longer fit for purpose. So expansion plans were drawn up and agreed, and building work began.  All parties, including the Theresa May MP, were very satisfied that the school had agreed to expand and the future looked bright at Lowbrook. Then in March 2017 there was a sudden withdrawal of funds by RBWM. The Council cited a dispute with the size of the new hall as a reason for the U-turn, even though it had already been agreed at various stages of planning.  The amount in dispute ended up being approx £250k. The withdrawal of funding means Lowbrook Academy are now unable to continue with the expansion, meaning that they can't offer the extra 120 places that the community urgently needs.  The leader of RBWM Council, Simon Dudley, has decided that the decision as to whether to reinstate the funding will be voted at a Full Council Meeting.   There are 53 Conservative Councillors, 3 independents and 1 Lib Dem on the Council.  The 53 Conservatives have their own group called the RBWM Conservative Group.  They have separate meetings, make decisions together and then take them to Full Council meetings as a team.  If the decision they're voting on is related to any of their own policies (See their latest manifesto at ) they will hold a 'policy vote' and it will be passed as a matter of course.  If the decision is not related to any of their own policies, they hold a 'free vote' where members are allowed to vote based on individual opinion. On the 19th June 2017 the RBWM Conservative Group will vote on whether to support the reinstatement of Lowbrook's withdrawn funds. The leader of the Group, Simon Dudley, has decided to make it a 'free vote', allowing all the Conservative Group members to vote by individual choice.  However, school expansion is one of the RBWM Conservative Group's policies, as referred to in their manifesto.  It's such a priority that the Council had committed a total of £32m for school expansion projects, including Lowbrook's. So I say the vote on 19th June should be a policy vote.  Not a free vote.  School expansion is an existing policy. A policy vote would secure support for the school at the next Full Council meeting and the much-needed funding would therefore be reinstated. If Simon Dudley holds a free vote instead of a policy vote, I fear this sets a dangerous precedent for other schools and puts all future expansion projects in jeopardy.  So furthermore, I also say that all future school expansion decisions should be policy votes and not free votes.

Amy Monks
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Petition to The Supreme Court Of The United Kingdom

Make it clear that it is illegal to avoid enforcing child employment law

 100,000s of children, many of them younger than 13 in the UK, are being exploited in commercial research and marketing (see , & ). This is despite the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 prohibiting those younger than 13 being used to assist in for-profit work such as that described above & The Employment of Women, Young Persons, and Children Act 1920 prohibiting children younger than 14 working in industrial undertakings with people other than their family. However, problems with enforcing these laws have resulted in a blind eye being turned to the above employment. Resulting in the problems of many of the above children having no workers’ rights, not being covered by employers' liability (compulsory) insurance, being deprived of pay & ending up doing for-profit clinical testing or online work that is unsafe for them. In light of this, I think it needs to be made clear that it is illegal to avoid enforcing child employment law because I think this will help prevent the above problems. Consequently, please sign the petition because if we cannot rely on our legal system to protect the children in our community, we cannot rely on it to protect any of us! Furthermore, this will also help to give those who have been harmed by the exploitation a chance of being compensated for it.  In addition to the above, Section 1 (Slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015  ( says the following: The consent of a person (whether an adult or a child) to any of the acts alleged to constitute holding the person in slavery or servitude, or requiring the person to perform forced or compulsory labour, does not preclude a determination that the person is being held in slavery or servitude, or required to perform forced or compulsory labour. And Section 3 (Meaning of exploitation) of this Act states the following: (1) For the purposes of section 2 a person is exploited only if one or more of the following subsections apply in relation to the person. (5)The person is subjected to force, threats or deception designed to induce him or her— (a)to provide services of any kind, (b)to provide another person with benefits of any kind, or (c)to enable another person to acquire benefits of any kind. Securing services etc from children and vulnerable persons (6)Another person uses or attempts to use the person for a purpose within paragraph (a), (b) or (c) of subsection (5), having chosen him or her for that purpose on the grounds that— (a)he or she is a child, is mentally or physically ill or disabled, or has a family relationship with a particular person, and (b)an adult, or a person without the illness, disability, or family relationship, would be likely to refuse to be used for that purpose. Consequently the above failure to properly enforce the 1933 and 1920 Acts mentioned above, has probably caused or contributed to breaches of the above sections of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and therefore it might have caused or contributed to the industrial scale exploitation or enslavement of children in the UK. In light of this please sign this petition :-) .

Jonathan Hayes
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Petition to Shirley-Anne Somerville, College Management, Board of Directors, EIS Union, Scottish Government

West College Scotland - Stop putting students futures in Jeopardy!

To College Management,   We the Student Body at all levels of study here in West College Scotland Paisley are dissatisfied and disillusioned with the level of care and study provided due to the ongoing strikes. Due to the ongoing lecturer strikes, students have lost vital contact time with lecturers and vital access to software and equipment to allow us to attempt to progress on with our studies. Students were banned from accessing classes when they turned up to college to try and salvage some level of study due to Senior Management. This has put student’s futures on the line through no fault of their own, to achieve a political and bureaucratic aim. Students hoping to progress on to University or on to the next year of study or even in to a work environment now face having those hopes dashed due to the very real possibility of failing core units. We fully understand the dispute over harmonisation of pay and harmonisation of terms and conditions, to which these strikes are about. College Management should stick to the original agreement that should have been put in place by April this year and think of productivity rather than pinching the pennies. College lecturers work incredibly hard, and adding unreasonable demands on to an already hectic schedule diminishes the quality of learning the student ultimately pays for. Instead of protecting your pay packets, protect your students.   WE EXPECT AT THE VERY MINIMUM ·         Extensions to deadlines in all affected classes ·         Access to class rooms whilst strikes are ongoing ·         Extra class time being available to achieve a high pass in all units, especially in the Graded Unit`s ·         Or a blanket pass for all units ·         A notice placed on the college website indicating that Senior Management understands students concerns and will take them seriously   IF THESE TERMS ARE NOT MET AND STUDENTS ARE LEFT SCRAMBLING FOR A PASS OR FAIL THE CORE UNITS WE EXPECT THESE TERMS TO BE MET IN FULL.   ·         All Student loans for students affected to be immediately payable to SAAS or in to the student`s bank account for the full amount of the loan so the student is not saddled with debt due to not achieving the result desired/required due to no fault of their own ·         Tuition fees paid by Students who do not receive tuition fee funding from SAAS immediately repayable in to the student`s bank account in full ·         Free tuition for the following year to make up for the unit`s students did not pass or did not pass well due to no fault of their own, to save the student from having to use their back up year from SAAS which will in turn lead to further debt ·         Travel expenses to and back from the college for the duration of the above-mentioned units   IF THESE TERMS ARE ALSO NOT MET, LEGAL ASSISTANCE WILL BE CONSIDERED.     We are the future; our futures should be taken seriously.     Yours Sincerely,     The Student Body at West College Scotland Paisley and the Greater Public.

ross mcgougan
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