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Please restart Austrian Visa Services in India for Students and Work Contract Holders

Please help the Students and Work permit holders to submit the application at the Austrian Embassy and their related visa services by reopening the Embassy. We have been waiting with our admission letters and job contracts. Our livelihood, career and future are on hold. We are ready to follow any preventive and protective measures the Government will put forth for a travel. Many students have paid their fees including accommodation and are ready with all the documents. But unless and until the Embassy wont restart their services we will just be staying behind without any future or a job. Many people have left their jobs and been waiting with the job contract letters so as to join the employment and earn a livelihood. We request the Embassy of Austria in India to accept our applications, atleast start processing the D Visa category for students and work permits. Without your help we won't be able to start our degree programmes or join our job that we’ve been qualified for. Please consider our request as many countries have opened their visa services for students and essential services. A small help will save the life of many people and their families who have invested so much in this.

Austrian D Visa Aspirants from India
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Petition to United Nations

World map we know is distorted. Increase the use of Winkel-Tripel maps

The world map that we commonly look at is distorted and is misleading in terms of the land area shown. It might not be what we want our next generation to follow. The cultural bias it is bound to, makes it even worse. The current Mercator map projections show Greenland to be similar in size to Africa, when in reality Africa is over 14 times larger. Times have updated, our maps have not. Using a conventional map does not reflect the truth. Continual use of it only promotes the inherent biases in society especially when alternate versions are available. Not only does it affect our perspective of the world, but it also puts a veil on how future generations see and relate to the rest of the world. The Mercator maps, which are widely used today (even in Google Maps), were created in the 16th century to serve a different purpose. Think of it this way - would you still be using a horse carriage today when you have an automobile? Here is an excerpt from one of the articles on Winkel-Tripel projections: "Th [is] map resorts to mathematics to curtail three major types of distortion - area, direction, and distance (and hence the German term for 'triple', Tripel, is in the name). This map projection shows Greenland as the same size as Argentina, and not as the size of all of South America. The National Geographic Society has been drawing all its standard maps using the Winkel-Tripel projection since 1998, and many US schools have followed suit. However, despite its popularity, since the map doesn't preserve angles, it is nowhere close to replacing Mercator for navigation purposes. "* So, the claims on cultural biases are alarming. You can read them up in the articles below. The aim of this petition is to point out and help increase the use of an alternative projection that is as close to reality as possible. Numerous articles and posts are available on this topic. Cited article from (with asterisk *):

Rachana A
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