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Infinity War Premier at Edinburgh

We are petitioning to have an Infinity War Premier at Edinburgh, as the city has contributed a lot to filming it. We think that this is the perfect chance to showcase what the city has to offer in terms of future Hollywood film productions and premiers. More importantly, it would be an honour and a great thank you to the city and its people, and the fans within the city, in their contribution to creating this film. Some information about the filming process within the city: 1. Avengers: Infinity War is the largest production the city of Edinburgh has ever hosted. 2. The production filmed in Edinburgh’s historic UNESCO World Heritage Old Town for 7 weeks in the Spring of 2016, with a further 3 months of prep ahead of filming, transforming shop fronts, erecting props like bus shelters and street lights, even a café in Waverley Station and installing heavy equipment in the Royal Mile, Parliament Square, Cockburn Street. 3. Filming took place through the night for 7 weeks, with local residents, businesses and the Council working collaboratively with the production to accommodate the filming. For instance, residents were asked to keep lights on or off throughout the night, businesses closed or kept staff on site all night to help with lights and access, the main entrance into the City Chambers was blocked off, St Giles Cathedral juggled services and celebrations with Avengers activity by night.   4. Network Rail, long accustomed to working with high-level feature films like Wonder Woman and Paddington, gave an unprecedented 6 weeks of access to Waverley Station – more access than has ever been given to any production in any station in the UK. 5. Over 400 production crew came in to the city from Atlanta Georgia where the production is based, while services and supplies were hired locally with an extensive ‘Avengers Reach’ throughout the city region. 6. Edinburgh was the only non-studio filming location in the whole world. 7. Edinburgh was very proud to host the world premiere of ‪T2 Trainspotting‬ in January 2017 with a glitzy event at Fountainpark. We feel equally proud that we were chosen as the only location in the world for Avengers: Infinity War and we would be delighted if we could launch the film here. We are all superheroes.

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Petition to City of Edinburgh Council

No to trams in Leith

City of Edinburgh Council published its outline business case on 28 August 2017 regarding bringing the trams to Leith/Newhaven. A report accompanying the OBC will now be considered at a special meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee on 4 September, before going to Full Council on 21 September. Please take the time to sign this petition calling for the trams NOT to be brought to Leith/Newhaven. Also, please take the time to write in the comments section your reasons for supporting the trams coming to the area and whether you live in the area, are a business in the area, or someone with a general interest in Leith/Newhaven.       Key points from the Outline Business Case as presented by City of Edinburgh Council are; Rapid population and economic growth· Over the next decade, Edinburgh and surrounding area expected to be home to faster growing population than anywhere else in Scotland. National Records of Scotland projections published in 2016 suggest city should be planning for an additional 47,000 people by 2024 and additional 102,000 by 2039 (20% increase) · Number of households forecast to increase by over 38,000 (16%) by 2032. A quarter (25%) of this growth is forecast to occur in Leith Docks and Western Harbour area · Employment levels in Edinburgh are projected to grow by 7.6% between 2013 and 2022 Costs & benefits· Capital Cost estimated at £165.2m, including risk and inflation · Patronage forecast to almost double in opening year to 14m, reflecting high population densities along the route · For every £1 spent the economic return to the city is £1.64 · OBC includes wider economic benefits, including social inclusion, and completing the line will provide access to jobs and support business and opportunities in the area Construction work to take three years· Estimated three-year construction period, including 18 months on Leith Walk, followed by approx four months of testing and commissioning on new line. · Significant proportion of major utility works have already been carried out – remainder carried out in conjunction with main infrastructure works, meaning no ‘double dig’ Carefully planned traffic management· Diversions, road closures, access and crossing points thoroughly planned and modelled · All key stakeholders, including residents, businesses, emergency services and Lothian Buses will be consulted on the traffic proposals set out in the OBC Support for businesses· Customer and service access to local businesses maintained at all times · Compensation and support scheme for affected businesses along the route put in place · Logistic centres and dedicated crossing points provided at 150-200m centres on Leith Walk · Logistics officers deployed throughout the day to help businesses with deliveries Lessons learned· OBC recommends industry-standard contract with rigorous project governance · Traffic management would give contractor expanded sites and provide flexibility if problems encountered · Project would benefit from industry networking with other cities (Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin) to ensure best practice · Consultation with the market and incorporating input from Tram Inquiry  

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