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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Students

A level Edexcel Biology B examiners should do paper 1 in 105 minutes and averge 90%

Imagine spending 2 years of your life preparing for an exam. Then the exam comes and it is a joke. Edexcel examiners have written a paper and they feel it is okay to give it to students and give them 105 minutes to complete it. Now what I want to know is if they themselves can do that paper in 105 minutes? Can they answer every question? Can they do it under pressure? Its easy to write exam papers. Its not uncommon for them to make mistakes. Who pays for those mistakes? Us. Students pay for those mistakes. What I want to know is if these examiners who are setting the exam papers, that will decide your future, if they can do the same paper in the same conditions. Can they get above 90%? Nope. But time and time again they do unimaginable things. If they cannot do the paper then how do they expect us to do it? This is a problem in our education system. This problem will not be fixed until the students have had enough. Last year ocr made mistakes. This year edexcel made mistakes. Who paid for those? We did. We had to deal with the emotional stress. We had to deal with the anxiety. Why don't we put these examiners to the test and see if they can cope under the pressure they put us in. Be the change you wish to see in the world. If we don't stop accepting their mistakes they will continue making them. They will abuse our rights. So I ask you that you please sign this petition and sort this mess out once and for all. So that future generations do not have to go through the suffering we have had to endure. Let us make a difference. Let us be that difference. Why do we let them get away with this? What is justice? Where is justice? The simple answer is there is no justice. Now I ask you do you want to witness justice?

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Petition to UK Parliament, Ofsted

Make kurdish a recognised mordern language GCSE in the UK.

We as Kurdish people are one of the largest minority groups in the world without our own country, with a population of well over 40 million in world. The United Kingdom is not without it's own fair share of Kurdish people, nearly 50,000 according to the latest census; with that number increasing daily we feel it is time we are recognised and given a modern language GCSE. There are currently a vast amount of Kurdish schools being run by Kurdish communities and mosques in the UK, the children attending these schools at the moment only gain self pride, however if there was a Kurdish GCSE these children (who not only are the future of Kurdistan but also the UK) would gain a valuable qualification that they can hold forever. Furthermore with Kurdistan being located in the heart of the Middle East it has huge economic power and with the recent independence push it holds great political interest to the UK as an ally in the Middle East. This will also be useful for those Kurdish people that have recently come to the UK as asylum seekers, as they too can gain a qualification more easily than they currently can and further enhance their education within the UK. Lastly this would help get more kurdish people into professional jobs within the UK, it would also create more professional jobs for the people of the UK. Please take one minute out of your day to share this cause and help the kurdish language be recognised as a modern language. Thank You.

Bako Ahmad
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Petition to Mark Anderson, Dr Ian Stockford, Nicky Morgan MP

Ensure the representation of women on the A-Level Music syllabus

The current 2008 Edexcel A-Level Music syllabus has a total of 63 different set works from a variety of musical genres and eras. Yet not a single one of these set works was composed by a woman.   I am a 17 year old A Level Music student currently studying the Edexcel syllabus. Earlier this year, I was part of an in-school gender equality and leadership programme for young women (Fearless Futures). Among other things, the programme looked into the way in which we are desensitised from noticing the lack of representation of women across different aspects of society. It was during this programme that I was shocked to realise I had never before noticed that there are no female composers included in my Music A-Level.  So I decided to do something about it. I first thought this issue could be solved easily by contacting Edexcel directly and drawing their attention to their omission of women from the A-Level, as they advocate that students should "...engage in, and extend the appreciation of the diverse and dynamic heritage of music...”.   I thought the lack of women was simply a mistake, an oversight, as clearly their aim cannot be fulfilled without the representation of women. However, a series of emails highlighted that Edexcel oppose any possibility of change to ultimately meet their own aims of creating a richer, more diverse musical world. While it is true that female composers aren’t as well known as their male counterparts (unsurprising as women composers are rarely studied in schools), the assertion by Edexcel's Head of Music that "there would be very few female composers that could be included [in the A-Level syllabus]" simply isn’t true. On 8th March 2015, BBC Radio 3 managed to do a whole day of programming of female composers to honour International Women’s Day. Surely, if BBC Radio 3 can play music composed by women for a whole day, Edexcel could select at least one to be a part of the syllabus alongside the likes of Holborne, Haydn and Howlin' Wolf? Edexcel’s proposed 2016 syllabus, currently awaiting approval from Ofqual, does not, once again, include even one female composer. This has got to change. How can we expect girls to aspire to be composers and musicians if they don't have the opportunity to learn of any role models? How can we accept that the UK's largest awarding body doesn't adequately acknowledge the work of female musicians? Why are we limiting diversity in a subject which thrives on its astounding breadth?   Please sign this petition to urge Edexcel to take seriously their responsibility to create a more equal musical world through their educational material and include at least one female composer in their A Level syllabus.

Jessy McCabe
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