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Edexcel A Level Maths Paper 3 Leak Solution: Void Paper 3 entirely

As a response to Edexcel’s statement, published on 18th June 2019, I propose that there can be only one fair solution to the A level maths paper 3 leak if resitting is not an option: paper 3 is voided in its entirety. To quote Edexcel, “blacked out images of two exam questions from our A level Maths Paper 3 on Statistics and Mechanics appeared on social media before the exam on Friday 14 June had begun.” The fact of the matter is that the whole paper was up for sale for £70, and more than those two questions were circulated. The BBC published an article on 15th June 2019 that included images of more than the two questions that Edexcel refer to. There is no way to accurately determine who saw what parts of the paper due to the nature of social media. The possibility of removing two questions is completely inadequate. This isn’t about grade boundaries. This is about equality and fairness. By voiding the paper, there is complete fairness to all those who sat the paper. No one is disadvantaged or advantaged in any way. Removing two questions hurts those individuals that may have fairly gained marks in those questions and consequently lost out on marks elsewhere in the paper. The paper and the circumstances around it are now contaminated, and so validating anything from the paper is flawed. A truly ‘level playing field,’ even with various adjustments to how the paper is marked, can never be achieved, because there are too many variables at play. Sign this petition if you truly believe in fairness and justice. This exam affects lives and could be the factor that alters people’s futures. Thank you.

Peter Singh
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