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Change the Name of the Asian Carp to the Silverfin

Since the 1970's, Asian carp have rapidly spread throughout the Mississippi River basin, destroying its ecosystem and the industries that depend on it. Now, these fish also threaten the Great Lakes and the $5 billion fishing industry there. Measures have been taken to stop this species' spreading, but these are short-term and still do not solve their replication in the Mississippi. The only way to moderate this invasive species' growth and restore the river to its natural state is to consume them. Asian carp are nutritious, cheap, and abundant. They have high contents of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and they can be prepared in numerous ways. The main reason people don't eat Asian carp is because of the stigma against it: carp are considered trash fish bottom-feeders, meaning people would have to be desperate in order to consume it. This stigma has proven to be economically and environmentally harmful, as the carp continues to replicate and take over the Mississippi River. Changing the name to the silverfin would increase consumer demand. It would eliminate the stigma against it, and with its low price and healthy contents, this fish would sell. There is abundant evidence that this method has worked before with monkfish, Chilean sea bass, and orange roughy, and the silverfin could be the next to join this list of fish to become popular with a little name tweak. Unlike most issues, this one is not political; it is common sense. Join the movement to correct a false stigma against a healthy yet harmful fish species so that we can eat it out of the Mississippi.

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Petition to Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service -Office of Law Enforcement, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Scott Pruitt: Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Johnathan Barber

Ban of Disposable Plastics in the U.S.

There is an increasing concern about the pollution of disposable plastics in the land and waters across the United States and the hazards they subject to the environment around us. The U.S. produces a staggering 32 million tons of plastic waste and only around nine percent is recovered for recycling. However despite this, a vast majority of it ends up in landfills. But with so much of this product mass-produced in the market and having such a financial grip on our daily lives with the economy we are only beginning to realize the affects it has on local waterways and our oceans. Some 10 million to 20 million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year in the U.S. waters and it's economy depends on well over $375 Billion indirectly on In 2014, the ocean economy, which includes six economic sectors that depend on the ocean and Great Lakes, contributed more than $352 billion to the U.S. GDP and supported 3.1 million jobs. In a sense it pays us to keep the oceans clean for the sustainability of natural resources such as fish and the overall health of the average American who consumes 15.5 pounds of seafood a year.  2004, the ocean-dependent economy generated $138 billion or 1.2% of U.S. GDP. Coastal tourism & recreation dominated both employment and GDP in the ocean economy sectors with 1.7 million jobs (75%) of employment and nearly $70 billion (51%) of GDP. With these statistics in mind, the ocean is expected to contain one tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish by 2025, and by 2050 plastic debris is said to weigh more in total in our oceans than the total weight of fish that have been in it. In turn, when plastics do get into the environment they break down under sunlight based reactions and erosion creating smaller bits killing fish, seabirds and marine mammals by physical entanglement, gastrointestinal blockage, reef destruction and chemical threats to both land and water based wildlife. Although plastics in the remote areas of the oceans (like the "Pacific garbage patch") garner the most media attention, they are not the only water bodies polluted by plastics. Plastic trash and particles are now found in most marine and terrestrial habitats, including the deep sea, Great Lakes, coral reefs, beaches, rivers, and estuaries of the U.S. An annual spending, according to, of $13 Billion in total is spent constantly cleaning up the tons of plastics, in just our oceans, floating and dumped on our shorelines. But with plastic production planning to expand and increase with an averaged growth of some 8.7% between recorded years 1950 to 2012 the costs will rise as well to clean it up. As a means to combat this national and environmental issue those who sign would like to express our a push in change in the production of disposable plastics to a greater alternative or with issued laws and or requirements for investing in biodegradable plastic products that do not remain ,for hundreds of years, in the areas outside our doorsteps which the U.S. relies so heavily upon for our recreation, business, and enjoyment what our nation has to offer.

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Petition to We The People


THE ENTIRE WORLD IS AFFECTED BY THIS: additionally, so is the author of the lawsuit that I am sharing a link to, below. Being a former Intelligence Officer, he decided to expose the whole corrupt system. This ACTUALLY affects, not just him, but... THE ENTIRE WORLD. Yes, you heard it right: One lawsuit can change the world. Here are links to it. If you have any viewing issues, download the document and open with Word on your PC: Dropbox: Sync: *Go ahead and read through it, you will learn a lot. It makes a lot of sense, once you put things into perspective.* SOLUTION(S): Backing the currency with 70% Gold and Silver, eliminating the Fiat (Fake) Federal Reserve notes that have NO VALUE. Donald Trump talks an aweful lot about making big deals to help the economy. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. If he really cares about this country, then, this should be a solution to all economic problems. Let’s hope to bring an end to the evil that controls the world: A FAKE CURRENCY SYSTEM. If you agree with this lawsuit, please get involved and send a letter to the Federal Court. This is VERY important, because if we bombard them with letters, they have to pay attention. It will only take a moment of your time: Edward R. Roybal Federal Building& United States Courthouse255 E Temple St, Los Angeles 90012(213) 894-1565 LET'S MAKE OURSELVES HEARD!!! FORCE THE FED TO PAY ATTENTION!!! WHY IT MATTERS: This can change the world economy by backing our currency with 70% Gold and Silver. It is also proposed that the National Debt be negotiated. I'm not asking for money, just support. You have no idea how serious this is. And the timing is perfect. It is critical that letters be sent to the Federal Court so that we can push this thing as hard as we can. *For those that paid attention: Thank you VERY MUCH!!!*

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