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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Create an Australian market for recycled materials!

Hi, my name is Alicia and I'm a student at JCU studying Environmental Practice. Environmental issues are really close to my heart - and I'm sure you've all noticed the recent media attention around sustainability. I grew up on a farm in Western Victoria where we grew our own food, and were always careful with our waste and recycled whatever we could. I never really thought about what happened once the recycling was in the bin, just that I had done a good thing by putting it there. After learning more, I've seen that the Chinese markets for Australian recycled materials are coming to a close, and councils are telling people to try to minimise their recycling. Regardless, we should keep this potentially large processing and manufacturing industry in Australia, rather than sending it overseas! One solution to this problem is to make it compulsory for all Austalian Government run projects to use items made from recycled materials. This would include park benches, bollards, decking, fencing, signage and potentially a huge range of other items. We need to stimulate the market, create a thriving economy in this industry, and find a use for the huge amounts of plastics we use! Currently about 300 million tonnes of plastic is being produced each year, and only an estimated 10% of that is recycled. These figures are terrifying, especially when we know just how long plastic takes to degrade, how it's killing marine life, choking oceans and filling our valuable land as rubbish. The more uses we can find for the plastic that has already been created, the better. This should be just another step forward towards a more sustainable future, and I would be so incredibly grateful for your support in this. Ours, and future generations deserve a planet that is clean and healthy!

Alicia Walter
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce, Scott Morrison, Mathias Cormann, Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek, Chris Bowen, Andrew Leigh, Jim Chalmers, David Coleman, Matt Thistlethwaite, Adam Bandt, Julia Banks, Scott Buchholz, Trevor Evans, Kevin Hogan, Craig Kelly, Matt Keogh, Madeleine King, Derryn Hinch, David Leyonhjelm, Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie, Nick Xenophon, Senator Richard Di Natale, Scott Ludlam, Larissa Waters, Andrew Wilke, Cathy McGowan

Break up the big banks now—pass Glass-Steagall!

TO THE HONOURABLE THE SPEAKER AND MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES This petition of the Citizens Electoral Council draws to the attention of the House that even such institutions as the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements, and the U.S. Federal Reserve are now warning of a new, far more severe financial crash than that of 2008. Transatlantic and Commonwealth governments have bailed out the Too-Big-to-Fail (TBTF) banks with US$19 trillion since 2008, virtually all of which has been used for speculation; the banks are now 40 per cent larger; and the derivatives exposure of Australia’s own banks has soared from $14 trillion in 2008 to $38 trillion now. Moreover, these TBTF banks have repeatedly been caught in criminal activity like drug-money laundering, terrorism financing, mortgage fraud, interest rate and exchange rate rigging, and more. The world must replace this disastrous, corrupt system now, before the next crash. We the undersigned therefore call on the House to do Australia’s part, and legislate the following: a full Glass-Steagall separation of Australia’s banks to protect normal commercial banking and deposits from the wild speculation of today’s TBTF banks; a national bank modelled on the original Commonwealth Bank to create massive new credits to revive our manufacturing, agricultural and other productive industries; a program of major water, power and transportation infrastructure projects, in Australia and in our region, cooperating with China’s “One Belt, One Road” program—in which 100 nations are already participating—to spur global economic recovery and provide for an enduring peace.

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
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Petition to Mark Binskin, Chief of Defence, Malcolm Turnbull, Pauline HANSON, Barnaby Joyce

Immediately cease siezure of farmland for foreign training

I, as well as the majority of the Australian people, are appauled by the governments immediate willingness to take shots at our primary producers.  The economy is already causing issues to farmers alone with price drops in food and materials.  Then corporate groups like Woolworths, Coles and other groups are dropping prices to unsustainable levels and causing many farmers to opt towards dumping their crops over getting stiffed.  Now though, I see a new level of disgusting and appaulling behaviour: multi-generation held farmland being swiped to train the military.  What the hell is going on?  We are quite literally the most unpopulated landmass second to Antarctica with masses of desert and scrubland, and we're taking land from from an already impervished group.  A group who provide us with our food security.  Stop this land grab immediately.  We elected this government to represent our interests, and again and again are we poorly represented by our PM, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  This cannot stand any longer: we've lost our motor production industry, our steelworks is a skeleton of its former self and as a result, our iron is exported just so we can buy it back in finished, more expensive form.  If we let our farmers get rorted any longer, then we're truelly left to the dogs.

Corey Hedges
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

Fix the Dole-Bludging Crisis. Make Centrelink honest again!

The dole-bludging crisis has evolved from a minor problem into a major issue. In 2016 there are a record 35,000 Australians who can work but don't and get paid for it! And if you cant give up one minute to sign this petition then how can you claim to fully support this nation. Please help solve a problem which will bleed the economy revenue irreparable by 2019 for the next generation whose wages, tax and community will be affected by this welfare crisis. This petition is for welfare reform. Centrelink alone uses 1/3 of the Governments taxpayer money and budget which is money we can use for education and healthcare among other vital infrastructure. We need to reduce this spending by investigating an individuals eligibility for centrelink and remove those who don't need it! I am tired of sitting idly by and allowing people who voluntarily don't work get paid almost the same as hardworking households and families. I see it everyday, I hear about it everyday and I know that if everyone speaks up we have a rare opportunity to create funding that can enrich our lives in the long run. The only victims of this change will be the ones cheating the government and communities out of money that can make those said communities greater. Australian taxpayers alone fund 240 million welfare payments per year! The Australian government is now spending $190 billion on centrelink and dole bludgers per year! 8 out of 10 income taxpayers are now paying the nations welfare bill! So please give a signature to show your support and vote for change, enrichment and prosperity for those who work hard! Thank You.

Hunter Leech
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