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Petition to UK government

Give automatic interim protection to buildings proposed for listing

Our built heritage is irreplaceable, and most people recognise its cultural and economic value. Listed buildings are given special protection by law, and it is a criminal offence to damage them, but current UK legislation offers no automatic interim protection to buildings which are under consideration for listing. As a result, over many years a long string of historic buildings have been destroyed or deliberately vandalised in order to prevent them being listed. Most famously the art Deco Firestone building in West London was bulldozed over a bank holiday weekend. Since then the same fate has befallen buildings ranging from important industrial heritage to ancient country pubs. More recently a rare and beautiful Jacobean ceiling in a former restaurant in Bristol was ripped out before it could be assessed for listing. It had survived the civil war. It had survived the industrial revolution. It had survived the Blitz and the depredations of 1960's town planning - only to be smashed to pieces as soon as it was put forward for listing.  If a local authority considers a building to be at special risk, they can choose to serve a Building Preservation Notice. But local authorities are reluctant to issue Building Preservation Notices, and often there is no prior reason to suspect that the owner will damage the building. Only a handful of BPN's are issued each year. Numerous organisations including The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, The Victorian Society, Bristol Heritage Forum and The Twentieth Century Society are calling for change to provide interim protection. In Wales buildings under consideration for listing are automatically given interim protection while their status is decided. But the UK parliament has failed to support similar legislation, which was previously proposed in 2008. If this legislation had been introduced when first proposed, many historic buildings might have been saved. The longer it takes to close this planning loophole, the more of our history and culture we will loose. I urge the UK government to amend the law to ensure that vulnerable historic buildings in the rest of the UK have the same protection as those in Wales. Draft 2008 Heritage Protection Bill: Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016: Firestone building: Sittingbourne Paper Mill and Blue Boys Inn: 15 Small Street, Bristol:    Carlton Tavern:  

Neil McKay
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Petition to Ministry of Health (Govt of India) and Medical Council of India

Branded products should continue to foster innovation, excellence and quality healthcare

Not more than 1% generic drugs sold in India undergo quality tests...even on the question of price of branded vs generic drugs, it is what the retailer has to keep which quite often decides the price paid by the customer, narrowing the difference between the two further...It's really surprising to see where we are heading. Instead of making people capable of accessing quality healthcare (which is the growth of economy in its true essence!), we are trying to push the low quality generic medicines leaving the fate of the patient in the hands of the retailers...are we commoditising the healthcare sector our hon'ble PM? 10 L practicing doctors...50 prescriptions a day...5 Cr prescriptions per day...125 Cr prescriptions a month across the nation...who's gonna monitor that...have we thought about that our hon'ble PM? With only a handful of Drug Inspectors...what infrastructure are we banking upon to ensure quality healthcare? India has earned a place in the global healthcare...a supplier of quality and affordable medicines to the world...more than 80% of the antiretroviral drugs used globally to treat AIDS are supplied by Indian pharmaceutical companies...are we ready to compromise on the global respect our nation has earned by discouraging research & development and hampering excellence and quality just for attracting a vote bank? It's like taking the Indian health care in a backward direction...are we moving back from where we have evolved...? Are we going back to the times when the medicines used to be dispensed with a pestle and mortar...Is it for this we have advanced so long in the healthcare space through continous innovation and excellence... Let me tell you Sir that it was in 2005 when the UPA government signed the Product patent agreement that the cost of medicines surged...after that the entire endeavour of the Pharmaceutical companies has been to provide quality medicines at affordable price through day in day out tireless efforts...that is by way of Branded Generics Sir. How can a doctor or patient ensure the quality if pure generic drug by salt name is sold ? Then the patients will be at the mercy of the chemist who will simply sell the brand with maximum profit. So I request our Hon'ble PM Modi ji to look into the matter carefully and discuss the matter with experts before uttering bad words about the doctors who serve the ailing humanity with utmost zeal and dedication. The loss of relation of trust by such immature statements without knowing the facts fully is really damaging for the health of the nation. HERE I WOULD LIKE TO MENTION VERY STRONGLY THAT IN INDIA COST OF TREATMENT AND ALSO COST OF THE MEDICINE IS THE LEAST IN THE WORLD. AND INDIAN DOCTORS ARE CONSIDERED THE BEST IN THE WORLD DUE TO THEIR EVER GOING HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. Let's not kill our pharma companies Sir which have provided us the quality medicines at the most affordable prices. Let's Respect our doctors who serve the ailing humanity with utmost dedication, hard work, sacrifice and quest for excellence, keeping the interest of patients above themselves... Its an unthoughtful decision which is going to degrade the entire healthcare sector in its long run...I strongly condemn this decision.

Varun Suneja
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