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Petition to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Finance Minister of India - Sri Arun Jaitley, Hon'ble Minister of State for Finance - Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Hon'ble Minister of State for Finance - Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, His Excellency Shri Ram Nath Kovind


A FERVENT APPEAL TO THE  HON’BLE PRIME MINISTER: SRI NARENDRA MODIJI........  Hon'ble sir, SUBJECT: PERPETRATED FRAUD COMMITTED BY THE BANK MANAGEMENTS REPRESENTED BY INDIAN BANKS ASSOCIATION (IBA) & THE BANK UNIONS REPRESENTED BY UFBU RESULTED IN THE DENIAL OF LEGITIMATE COMPENSATION AGAINST INFLATION TO THE RETIRED BANK PERSONNEL OF PRE-2002 & PERIODICAL REVISION OF PENSION: ------------------------------------------- Respected Sir, At the outset, I take pleasure to introduce myself as D. Srinivasa Murti (s/o late Devulapalli Subrahmanya Sastri ) aged about 69years, retired as Manager (Middle Management) from Syndicate Bank - one of the premiere Banking Institutions in the Public Sector . It is the only bank that took its birth in a remote rural village way back, in 1925. I feel proud to be identified as its retired employee with about 30 years of active service since 1972 (Emp.No.127259) till my retirement in 2001 We are indeed hard-hit by inflation as our monthly pension remaining static since the day we retired from the services very long ago.  Many of our colleagues attained their Heavenly abode and We still remain waiting for our turn to meet them IN FURTHERANCE OF THE SETTLEMENT (SIGNED UNDER THE ID ACT) DATED 29th. OCT.1993 BETWEEN  THE BANK MANAGEMENTS REPRESENTED BY  “IBA” AND THE  UNIONS  REPRESENTING THE EMPLOYEES – “PENSION REGULATIONS OF 1995” WERE ADOPTED BY ALL THE  BANKS. THESE  REGULATIONS WERE FORMULATED ON SIMILAR LINES  TO THE ONE  PREVAILING IN THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA,  A SPECIFIC MENTION WAS ALSO MADE IN THE REGULATIONS ITSELF. THUS, THESE REGULATIONS FORM PART AND PARCEL OF THE SETTLEMENT SIGNED UNDER THE  INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT -  A STATUTORY PROVISION.  THE  PARTIES TO THE ABOVE SETTLEMENT HAVE NO AUTHORITY, WHATSOEVER,  TO  ALTER / MODIFY THE  TERMS  / PROVISIONS OF THE SETTLEMENT ALREADY INCORPORATED AS  ABOVE,  SUBSEQUENTLY  AT A LATER DATE.    100% DA Neutralisation and Family Pension were long back resolved by RBI in 2008 and 2013 respectively. In fact,  RBI  revised the family pension from 15% to 30% of last drawn pay without any sealing. But the same is not made available to the retirees of the Banks. This discrimination is contrary to the provisions of the pension scheme adopted in the Banking Industry (as stated above)-- A glaring discrimination indeed !  CONTRARY TO THE ABOVE ,  “IBA” WENT ON ISSUING ITS ADMNISTRATIVE GUIDELINES SUBSEQUENTLY TO ITS MEMBER BANKS  OVER RULING THE PROVISIONS OF THE SETTLEMENT MUCH DETRIMENTAL TO THE INTERESTS OF THE PENSIONERS , WHO ARE THE ULTIMATE BENEFICIERIES OF THE PENSION TRUST.    01. We have been denied of our legitimate claim of 100% DA neutralization on         par with those who retired from their services w.e.f 2003 02. The very meagre Family pension has been remained static since very long       time . By mere administrative orders (though not maintainable in law), IBA has been, , on several instances deliberately  over ruled/ by passed/violated the provisions/clauses of the settlements made under  ID act depriving a meagre section of the retirees, like us, of their legitimate claims. Obviously, with the “tacit approval” of the UFBU, that goes without saying. It is unfortunate sir, to bring it to your kind notice that neither the bank Managements represented by the IBA,  nor the unions represented by UFBU have been serious to resolve our burning issues despite our hue and cry through various forums.  In fact, they both have gone to the extent of saying that – we the retires cease to have any relationship with the employers and have no contractual obligations whatsoever and refused to have any dialogue with the organisations representing us for the redress of our legitimate grievances stated supra, vide their “Record Note” dated 25th May, 2015, which reminds us of the historical “Magnacarta” signed  by themselves , to leave our fates to destiny forever.  -  TRANSPARENCY IN THE MANAGEMENT OF PENSION CORPUS:   You may be aware sir, that ours is a fund based pension scheme  with the employees contribution(towards pf) from out of their salaries every month and where as  the matching contributions from the employers towards the Pension Corpus which is supposed to be invested in the approved Government Securities to make it self-sufficient for smooth servicing of the scheme as envisaged  by the settlement signed under the ID Act . The responsibility of managing/servicing the pension corpus is vested in the hands of the respective boards of trustees formed by the concerned banks who are to take the best interest of the beneficiaries of the Trust.  But I am apprehensive of the following:  *   Are bank managements crediting their matching contributions towards the Pension corpus on monthly basis as is being deducted from  the serving employees...?(while disbursing their monthly salaries? – )  *     Whether the  Investments of pension corpus have been  in conformity with the terms of the pension settlement as originally signed under the ID Act? *    Whether the interest loss to the Pension Funds for retirees due to the amortisation of Pension cost of banks over 5 years in the IXth BPS, is made good ? else, Is it not an act of --misappropriation at the corporate level ?(embezzlement of funds) – THOUGH IT BEARS THE POST RATIFICATION BY THE RBI? Supposing, the same were to be indulged by any erring  employee,  for his/her Misconduct in a stray /isolated instance, he/she would have been sacked from the service mercilessly as per the service conditions !–Even for a paltry amount of involvement for that matter !   That being the case , Can the representatives of the unions on the respective pension trust boards  plead for their “estoppels”  from being guilty on par with the managements on the above logic?  SIR, ONLY A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION  ON THE ABOVE LINES BY AN ACCREDITED INSTITUTION LIKE "CAG" ALONE WILL BE ABLE TO BRING THE TRUTH TO THE SURFACE IN THE INTEREST OF THE INNOCENT  RETIREES LIKE US, AS THE BENEFICIARIES OF THE PENSION TRUST . AUDITORS CONCERNED SHOULD ALSO BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE  WE ARE HARD HIT BY INFLATION.  OUR PENSION & FAMILY PENSION HAS BEEN REMAINED STATIC FOR OVER  15-20 YEARS WITHOUT ANY REVISION INSPITE OF SEVERAL WAGE SETTLEMENTS TOOK PLACE IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY.  WE ARE UNABLE TO MAKE  OUR  “BOTH ENDS MEET” AT THIS  FAG END OF OUR LIVES.   WE ARE TREATED AS  “UNTOUCHABLES” PRACTICALLY -- BOTH BY THE MANAGEMENTS AND THE UNIONS AS WELL. Sir , We are at loss to understand as to how our funds are being managed by the trustees "Behind our back" without even an iota of our knowledge . Hence my request for "CAG" inquiry – THERE ARE NO REPRESENTATIVES  FROM THE RETIREES ON THE PENSION TRUST BOARDS OF THE BANKS.    Notwithstanding the above,  even the available resources in  the Pension corpus can easily pay three to four times the present pension to all retirees without any pinch on their profits and without warranting the Government to make any  additional budgetary allocation for it . FIGURES SPEAK BY THEMSELVES.......... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pension Fund details                    (Amount in Rs.Crores)All Public Sector Banks ( as on 31.03.2014) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Closing balance                                                     1,58,782.61 Contributions received during the year               7,789.27 Income from investments                                        11,919.89 Actuarial gains                                                            7,624.79 Total Accretions during the year                          27,333.95 Pay out of benefits                                                     9,998.06 Percentage of Pay out 36.57%*                             *(The Pay out % has been steadily on the decline trend in the  successive years) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------The money held in trust is certainly  mismanaged by banks in the process of denying due pension with updation as provided in regulation 56 of Pension Regulations. The Pension Fund need not service employees who are recruited after 01.04.2010 who are governed by PFRDA Scheme and a rapidly growing Pension Fund is meaningless and illogical. FROM THE ABOVE, IT IS CLEARLY EVIDENT THAT........  IT’S  ONLY THE EGOISTIC STANCE TAKEN BY BOTH IBA AND UFBU THAT ALONE IS COMING IN THE WAY OF  OUR WELLBEING AS THE BENEFICIARIES OF THE PENSION TRUST– THIS IS EXACTLY THE ONLY CRUX OF THE PROBLEM SIR.   We are therefore, forced to necessarily bank upon the time-consuming legal recourse which needs to be expedited simultaneously together with other organisational efforts like dharnas, CLC meetings, etc.   In this regard, the pains-taking efforts of the leadership of All India Bank Retirees Federation- AIBRF, an apolitical organisation representing us , who have been making their relentless efforts unmindful of the humiliating/frustrating experiences at the behest of IBA and UFBU - The sole architects and copyright holders of their so called "Magnacarta" - ie. "Record Note" of 25th.May, 2015 in their bid to make us to stand before them as "beggers".   Thus, we have been treated as “untouchables” both by the IBA and the Unions as well.  Under the circumstances, we have been left with no other option but to knock the doors of justice for the redress of our legitimate grievances – -though burdensome, frustrating and time consuming. If you try to look at the past Sir,....... Only the PCR Recommendations (Committee constituted by GOI),  brought a sea change in the service conditions of the Bank Officers. This is besides many other committees constituted by the Governments in the past resulted to bring improvisations in the service conditions of the bank employees at large  in the form of various “awards “ over a period of time. Let us not, therefore, lose sight of these historical facts. IN THE BACKDROP OF THE ABOVE SCENARIO........Under the given circumstances, time has come for us- we the retirees, To urge the Government to set up a--- "Banking Pay Commission" - the only ultimate recourse, for all of us- as we do will have, a "statutory body of authenticity" to whom we can represent for the redress of our legitimate grievances directly through our organisation/s with dignity and decorum. Thus we can as well eliminate the “manipulations” at the behest of  IBA/Unions during the negotiations which are very much detrimental to the interests of the bank retirees as stated supra. Sir, in my six decades of active life, I have come across only two statesmen as Prime Ministers of our nation - viz: Late Lal Bahadur Shastriji and the next being, none but yourself who have kept the priorities of the nation at high esteem with firm conviction and determination to be the trend-setters as leaders by example. Hon'ble Sir ! Many of our colleagues attained their Heavenly abode and We still remain waiting for our turn to meet them I therefore, volunteered to place before you sir, the grievances as detailed above, and seek Your kind intervention/help to bring us the solace. In the light of the above..... With folded hands..... I make this fervent appeal to you sir!  to come to our rescue who are "with one foot in the grave " at this fag end of our lives. "SOS"                                             

Devulapalli Srinivasa Murti
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Petition to k Chandrashekar Rao, chief Minster of Telangana, Kadiyam Srihari, Education minister of Telangana

Ban Sri Chaitanya and Narayana colleges which are killing students for their profits

Dear Parents, You always strive to get a good education for your children which gives them better future. You sacrifice even your basic needs and spend lakhs of money to get a good education for them. And you join your children into big corporate colleges like Sri Chaitanya and Narayana. Because you think they are the good colleges by looking at their advertisements about their ranks incompetitive exams. But these corporate colleges are killing your children for the ranks which would earn them profits. Sri Chaitanya, Narayana, and Other corporate colleges treat education as a business. So, they play all kinds of tricks to get students and make profits. Sri Chaitanya and Narayana colleges have hundreds of branches and thousands of students in Telangana and in many other states as well. Out of its many thousand students, not even one percent gets state ranks in competitive exams. Even if the student gets rank that’s your children efficiency but nothing else. There are many students from these same colleges who do not even get average marks. And many of the students won’t get through any competitive exams. So, if you believe that whoever joins in this college gets a good education, its wrong. Because, their idea of ‘good’ education itself is problematic. Sri Chaitanya and Narayana advertise good infrastructure which they have in one or two main branches. But they have narrow suffocating classrooms where no proper lighting will be there. And they make a huge number of students sit in those classes. There are no labs for practicals where students learn some practical knowledge.  Basically what they do is make students study for 16hours without proper sleeping. And students have to go through mental trauma and psychological unrest that pushing them for suicides. Only in 2017, there were some 47 students committed suicide in these two corporate colleges. These are the students who committed suicide within the college premises. The number can bemore than this. And there must be many students who are facing psychological issues. Even after all these, no case has been filed against them which shows the strong coalition between state and corporates. Sri Chaitanya and Narayana hostels are mear jails than academic spaces.  Nearly 18 students should stay in the small single room. Students could not question about food. If they do, they will face physical torture. These things have shown up on social media so many times. They don’t allow parents to check the hostels. Students have to get up by 4 am and study till 11 pm.  The students will not get any holidays. And the sexual harassments which girl students have to go through are countless. In 2001 government appointed Niradareddy committee to look into the complaints on Sri Chaitanya and Narayana colleges. This committee reported to the government that these colleges are treating students inhumanly.  The committee also suggested for only 9 hours study and give some time for games and other activities. Niradareddy Committee brought out the reasons why students in Sri Chaitanya and Narayana committing suicides. But the government has taken no action against Sri Chaitanya and Narayana colleges. Moreover, political parties in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh made these two college managements part of the government. Narayana group of education chairman P Narayana is the minister in Telugu DesamParty government in Andhra Pradesh. This is the way Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments choose to deal with the corporate colleges. Demand for KG to PG free and common education To stop the student’s suicides, ban the Sri Chaitanya and Narayana colleges. The government should stick to its promise of free KG to PG common education and implement it.  Don’t pay lakhs of rupees to Sri Chaitanya and Narayana colleges and economically bankrupt, to kill your own child. Demand KG to PG free common education for all. That is the only solution for these suicides and unemployment problems. Poor or rich, should go to the sameschool and get the same education. Please sign this petition to ban Sri Chaitanya and Narayana colleges and to save your child. Demand KG to PG free common education for the better future of your child.   30 march 2018 - Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika - TVV ph: 09494843353, 07032775713  

Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, Narendra Modi, national green tribunal, Supreme Court of India, Justice Dipak Misra, JICA India, JICA Tokyo

Mumbai’s climate and ecology in danger. NO, It is not due to Diwali.

Mumbai, the city of dreams in India , while blessed with wealth is very poor in one aspect, Open spaces. The only relief this densely packed city has are, Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) and Aarey Forest. These lush green oases in a sea of grey, not only tackle pollution and floods but also help bring down temperatures. But unfortunately Mumbai stands to lose this forest due to various upcoming projects. The first of these, which will open up this green lung to commercialization, is a car shed for the upcoming Mumbai Metro 3, which is being funded by the Japanese company, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with 57% of the project cost , which is about  2,036 Million $.  A car shed is nothing but a parking lot and service area for metro trains. JICA Dear reader, in this day and age when the world is struggling with the devastating consequences of climate change, destroying a critical green lung for a parking lot is irresponsible. 3500 trees are set to be cut and we want the government to rethink the location of the car shed.There are many viable options, mentioned in their own studies, which have no environmental destruction involved.Experts from NEERI and IIT (Reputed organizations in India) have suggested 7 other alternate sites as  options.They have clearly warned of the consequences Mumbai will face in terms of flooding and loss of open space & wildlife, if the depot is built in Aarey forest.Government records show that Aarey is an integral part of Sanjay gandhi National Park and thus protected under forest laws. It has over 5 Lakh trees, it is home to 9 resident leopards and has a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Even today, original adivasis (indigenous inhabitants of this area) live in 27 tribal hamlets in Aarey. It offers a unique experience for urban dwellers to experience nature at it's best. “In the name of development, only tribals suffer” said one of the leaders. The Save Aarey campaign has been requesting the government to relocate the carshed to an alternative location. Relocation will not affect the metro 3 alignment in any way. Common citizens from all walks of life, professionals, students, school children, celebrities have  supported this issue. Inspite of all this the state government is insistent on building the depot in Aarey. And to support this, they have given wrong information to JICA. The Mumbai Metro rail corporation Ltd.(MMRCL) has told JICA that the project site is located in city area and no wildlife is envisaged, while in reality, Aarey is a forest area , housing 76 species of birds, 80 species of butterflies , 16 species of mammals, 38 species of reptiles and 9 leopards, besides 0.4 million trees. By signing this petition, you are asking JICA to review the funding given to the project. According to JICA's environmental and social considerations, it should comment on the issue and By shifting the depot out of Aarey, Mumbai will not only get a metro but also retain its green, open space. And we are sure in consideration of its policies, JICA will also help in putting an end to further loss of land in Aarey to various other big and small projects. Help #SaveAareyForest.

Nirali Vaidya
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Petition to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Supriya Sule, TKS Elangovan, Prof M.V. Rajeev Gowda

Commit to Publishing Employment Data for the Past 6 years

I’m confused. As a parent in the world’s fastest growing economy, I don’t know what to tell my children when they come to me for career advice. My children are bright and intelligent, and are among the 15 million youngsters who enter the workforce every year. But there is no data on the sunrise sectors that are ready to employ them in the next 2 years in India. I did a Google search in desperation and found that the NSSO, India’s prime employment data collection body has not released its annual survey report on job generation since 2011-12. Sign my petition asking all political parties to commit to releasing sector-wise employment data for the past 6 years, if and when voted to power in 2019.This data will enable the youth to make informed career choices and find gainful employment. The economy will benefit as well. It will be a win-win for all! Recently, I read in The Times Of India, "an independent think-tank called the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy estimated that 11 million jobs in the country were lost in 2018, with the rural sector being the worst hit. Furthermore, the same article reported that our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that the government has helped create "crores of employment opportunities" across sectors in the past four-and-a-half years. If the government releases accurate data on employment, it will put an end to this confusion thereby incentivising my family and lakhs of others to invest in education and encourage them to be a part of the meaningful workforce in India. Sign my petition so that data on visible employment opportunities becomes accessible to every Indian in 2019. Image courtesy:

Roma A
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