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Petition to Telangana Government, Municipal Commissioner

Change laws for Govt. construction works

With great pain and sorrow, we are writing this petition. The untimely death of Gopishetty Rajinikanth on Saturday, 25th September, 2021 due to slipping into drainage work near Manikonda Golden temple pains us a lot. This is clearly, a failure of the way Govt bodies are working. As can be seen from the video here, there are no barricades around the deep digging work the Govt took up. What concerns us is that if the video of the person falling in the ditch is not taken, then we wouldn’t have known in the first place that this happened due to the deep ditches that are dug for constructing the drainages. We couldn’t have traced reason for the death of this person and the found dead body would have been orphaned forever. What happened in brief:  A person fell into the drainage construction ditch on a rainy day and lost his life A car got stuck in the ditch where there are no sign boards indicating that some construction is going on There are no barricades to stop people going towards the construction site. On day light it is somewhat fine. But when it is raining, and with power outage, this is a disaster as no one knows where the construction site is Govt bodies sleeping the entire year and starting to work exactly in rainy season. They know that there are some drainage issues from past one year. But started to work exactly when rains started The work that is undertaken has been prolonged for more than a month without any proper planning For drainage construction, more than two roads are dug in parallel, choking the movement of people. This is a clear indication of lack of planning on behalf of the Govt bodies Our demands: Increasing the accountability of Govt officers who are under taking such projects: Severe punishment for contractors who are not following the norms while undertaking the construction work. Punishments must include as severe as going to jail for at least one year.(Argument) A person going to jail is far better than a citizen dying for no reason. We all know that with all the norms in place, such construction work poses some risk (take for example HYD metro construction). Without any norms, we know for sure that it leads to disaster like that happened in Manikonda. Work must be completed with-in stipulated amount of time. Updating the norms while taking up public constructions: Boards must be displayed that the work is in progress and appropriate safety measures such as strong barricades around the construction site Alternate routes must be before-hand worked out while starting the work in a particular place so that people can move around without their life being in danger The construction plan must be communicated to the public before hand through notice to the local colony society or through media. There is no use by publishing a notice on the notice board where no one sees. It must be communicated properly to the public.

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Petition to Shri Arjun Munda, Shri Dr. S. Chellappa (IAS Rtd.), Chairman, Shri Kalvakuntla Chandra Sekhar Rao, Shri Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy,, Justice Shri V.Eswaraiah (Chairperson), Shri Dr.Rameshwar Oraon (Chairperson), Dr. Thomas Mathew (Director), Shri Pushpendra Kumar Sharma, Shri Sailesh, (Registrar General and Census Commissioner), Shri Amit Anilchandra Shah, The Head of the Home, Shri. Ram Nath Kovind, The President of India

Mission Valmiki: We the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states requesting please reinstate Valmiki Boya community in the Scheduled Tribes List of the Government of India!

According to Edgar Thurston Boya is one of the ancient primitive tribe in India! We the people of Boya Valmiki community, decedents of Maharshi Sri Valmiki (Boya Valmiki was an ancient Hindu Saint who wrote the Ramayana) requesting that Boya Valmiki is one of the primitive tribe of an ancient India, They were mostly from telugu hunters said Edgar Thurston (Edgar Thurston CIE was a superintendent at the Madras Government Museum who contributed to studies in the zoology, ethnology and botany of India and published works related to his work at the museum) in his book "Castes and Tribes of Southern India".   The Boya Valmiki community needs Scheduled Tribes status in all over India particularly in AP and Telangana without restrictions! In some states like Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana are giving SC/ST status. In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states Valmiki/Boya Caste included in Backward Class (BC) group in platue areas, ST's in agency areas. Why showing differences for one caste in same region? Our honourable request is that please give us equal opportunities those who lives in agency or platues. We are living in difficult conditions. We don't have any profession. And we are economically very poor. we have no own houses, no education, no food,  no jobs. Hence once again we appeal to Central & State Governments please recognize Boya Valmiki community as one of the Scheduled Tribes.  Before 1956 we were in ST reservation in united Andhra Pradesh. Later we were included in Denotified Tribes (DNT's). The UN's anti-discrimination body Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) asked India to repeal the Habitual Offenders Act (1952) and effectively rehabilitate the denotified and nomadic tribes on 9 March 2007. In 2008, the National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes (NCDNSNT) of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment recommended equal reservations, as available to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, for around 110 million people belonging to the denotified tribes, nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes in India. Along with the tribes designated as, "Nomadic" or "Semi-Nomadic", the denotified tribes are eligible for reservation. After that those who doesn't want to enter the Boya Valmiki community people into power & politics like the dominant rulers from upper caste wittingly (without giving earlier reservation as ST's) Boya Valmiki community included into BC(A) group in 1976. Hence we need our ST reservation back. Because British rulers at the time of The Indian independence movement so many our community people fought against the British Rule hence our ancient people were cought and imposed so many robbery cases and recognised as thieves forcefully.  If you accept our 60 years demand, Boya Valmikis will succeed in social empowerment by recognizing as ST's! If Boya Valmiki community people get ST status than only the comunity BPL children will get proper education, Unemployed youth will get Job opportunities and also poor families will get direct benfits from the governments. We hope we will succeed in social empowerment if we recognise as ST's.  Index for the chronological references of Boya’s ST demand: 1. With reference to the Castes and Tribes of The Nizam Dominions, the Bombay Times press, 1920 the Bedara or the Boya are the decedents of Valmiki Kshatriya and Maharshi Valmiki. They have endogamous sections as Pedda Boyas,Chinnna Boyas,Sadaru Boyas and Myasa boyas.  2. The Government of India (Scheduled castes) order 1936 confirmed that the Valmikies of Indian province are Scheduled Caste.  3. The Director of public Instruction ,Madras 1540/49,dt 14-10-1949, Madras Census Report 1901, Mysore Census Report 1891 & 1901  4. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, The Gazette published by Authority No.3, Kurnool dated 10-12-1953 (Thursday), Part-III-B Central Acts-Ordinances etc, Govt. of India, Ministry of Law, New Delhi, dated 14-9-1953 (Valmiki’s SC) Page-64  5. With reference to an extract from Scheduled castes and tribes committee report in the year 1961 -62 the boyas were classified under PRIMITIVE TRIBE.(encl.1) In view of their very bad living conditions and following tribal habits and with reference to EdgarThurdstun’s edition on Castes and Tribes of southern India (1901)(2)  6. Census of India 1961 Vol II AP Part V B(8) Ethnographic notes on Boya etc.  7. GO Ms No.2490 EDN of 10-9-1964 of Social Welfare Dept. A.P, Hyderabad (Social Welfare Department-State Social Welfare Advisory Committee Meeting held on 18-6-1960 and 17-11-1960 Resolutions No.6 and 7 facilities given to Boyas-extension of Valmikis-Orders issued. GO MS No.2490 EDN, Dated: 10-9-1964)  8. In the district Gazette of Anantapur in the year 1970 mentioned that Boya mean a Hunting caste, Basivi means a dedicated prostitute to a temple.The Vimukthajathis(ex criminal tribes )mainly are from Boyas ,Dasaries Dommaras ,Oddes and from Mala Dasraies(Anantapur District Gazette (Revised Edition, 1970) Page No.119 of Page 894)  9. GO Ms No. 1793 Education Dept., 23-9-1970 List BC “A” Sl.No. 24 as amended from time to time (BCs) S.Cs., S.Ts. list (Modification) order, 1956, S.Cs. and S.Ts. (Amendment) Act, 1976  10. The Govt of Andhrapradesh GO MS no 230 clarified that the Boyas ,valmiki boyas in agency and non-agency area one and the same {GO Ms No.230 Employment & Social Welfare(F) Department, Dt: 22-5-1974 (Boya-Valmiki Synonyms)}  11.  With reference to the amendment act no 108, 1976, which came in to effect dt 27-7-1977 mentions that Valmiki are Scheduled tribe in agency tracks only.   12.  GO Ms No.124, S.W.(P) Dept. Dt:23-09-1985(Sl. No. at 24), Valmiki Boya Same Caste (B.Rajendraprasad in his publication wrote that “Boyas are the hunting tribe”.Govt of Andhrapradesh issued an abstract dt 24 th June 1985 stating that the Boya and Valmiki are one and the same,a comma between these two may be removed)  13.  Boyas are decedents of Maharshi Valmiki.With reference to Kurnool manual district gazette 1986, the Boyas are classified in two categories “Gunta boyas and as Pedda boyas.”Pedda boyas eat beef while the gunta boyas do not eat Beef. The Basisvi condition of women prevails in Boyas.These people are police Talaries and many of them live on Jungle produce and by Cultivation.According to the Manual of North Arcot district, “the boyas are the Telugu hunting caste and chiefly live on Ghats..  14.  AP High Court W.P No. 8058/1990 (Take appropriate action in Forum)  15.  The Constitution (ST) order Second Amendment Bill 1991, Dt: 19-4-1991 Part IV Karnataka State(Boya)  16.  Valmiki, Boya(Boya, Bedar, Kirataka, Nishadi, Yellapi, Peddaboya)Talayari and Chunduvallu (G.O.Ms.No.124, SW, dt.24.6.85) Yellapi and Yellapu are one and the same (amended vide G.O.Ms.No.61,BCW(M1) Dept., dt.5.12.96 17. NHRC Petition Number1: 1315/1/1/202011/NHRC by Ramalingeshwarudu 18. NHRC Petition Number2: 813/1/0/2012/NHRC by Ramalingeshwarudu 19. SHRC Petition Number: 661/2008/HYD Dated 14-08-2010 by Ramalingeshwarudu  20.  The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 (Central Act.No.6, 2014), in the reference 24th read above, the Member Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Commission for Backward Classes has informed that as on 01.06.2014, there are (138) castes/communities in the list of Backward Classes as approved by the erstwhile Government of Andhra Pradesh from time to time in the undivided Andhra Pradesh State.  After verification of the list and Government orders, it is found that (112) castes/ communities of Backward Classes pertain to the State of Telangana and the Member-Secretary, AP Commission for Backward Classes has also enclosed the list of (112) castes/ communities of Backward Classes pertaining to the State of Telangana along with the relevant Government orders.  21. In view of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 (Central Act.No.6, 2014), Government of Telangana has decided to adapt all the relevant Government orders issued in the undivided State of Andhra Pradesh along with the list of (112) castes/communities which is annexed to this order, Group wise and Percentage of reservation as Backward Classes for the State of Telangana, so as to enable the respective Departments to take necessary action as per their requirements. G.O Ms.No. 3  BC Welfare (OP) Dept, Dt. 14.08.2014  22.  G.O.Ms.No.5 Dated 03.03.2015, Telangana State Gazette dt. 03-03-2015 (Now, therefore in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 3 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952, the Government of Telangana hereby appoints a Commission under the chairmanship of Dr. S. Chellappa IAS (Rtd) (1. Sri K. Jagannatha Rao, IPS (Rtd.) – Member, 2. Sri H.K. Nagu, - Member, Addl. Commissioner (Labour)(Rtd.) of Inquiry about Boya Valmikis and Khaithi Lambada communities for their inclusion into ST communities). The Commission shall consolidate the information through its study and survey and analyse the data gathered and shall submit a report to the Government within a period of six months from the date on which it commences its inquiry. (Commission period extended again 2 terms upto September, 2016)  23.  Both Telugu speaking State’s Chief Ministers Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekar Rao, Telangana was promised to Boya Valmiki community in the Assembly sessions of Budget on March 2016. But we are aware that in United AP we were promised same by Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy to late YS Raja Sekhar Reddy former CM and present CM of divided AP N. Chandra Babu Naidu in previous terms.  But not done. Ours elders to present generation fighting for the same cause from past 60 years that is ST demand. Hence we are requesting and hope that you’re the right person to help us in the context of inclusion of Scheduled Tribes list of Government of India. 24. We are the people of indigenous tribe, which is called Valmiki/Boya Community. In both Telugu States we are nearly around 45 Lakhs Valmiki/Boya Community People (Telangana-4 Lakhs (3 Lakhs in Mahabub Nagar, Gadwal, Nagarkurnool and Wanaparthy districts only) and in Andhra Paradesh-40 Lakhs Valmiki/Boya Community (Kurnool, Anantapuram, Chithoor, Kadapa, Ongole and Prakasham districts) people living. Valmiki/Boya Community people given many representations to earlier governments from past 50 years for reinstate Valmiki/Boya Community in Scheduled Tribes. Because we are not having particular community profession to sustain. An earlier Government  was listed Valmiki/Boya Community from Scheduled Tribes(ST) to Backward Class (BC (A), Sl. No. 24) by 1950, 1978, 2002 Amendments with differentiate the Valmiki/Boya Community two categories that is same community people living plains was recognized as BC and Those living in Agencies was treated as ST. The same caste people getting two reservation system in one region. Our request is that please reinstate Valmiki Boya Community in central Scheduled Tribes List to removing the difference (Valmiki/Boya are the same those who lives in Plains or Agencies) in both Telugu States. This is our rightful demand asking from past 50yrs. Because According to Edger Thurston we are Telugu Hunters. And hereditary people of the sage Maharshi Sri Valmiki (The writer of Vedic Ramayana). Present situation is worst.  Telangana and Andhra Pradesh State’s Cabinets also approved resolution that Valmiki Boyas recognized as Scheduled Tribes in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh States and also passed the Assembly Bill of ST Reservations to increase from 6 to 10 percent with including Valmiki Boyas in ST.  And sent to Central Governments to the same bill to look into the matter. Hence, we Valmiki Boyas requesting please reinstate in Scheduled Tribes list for uplift the downtrodden community that is Valmiki Boya. If you do that we will pray as our God like Maharshi Sri Valmiki ji. So, kindly list the Boya Valmiki commuity as one of the Scheduled Tribes in India. So, please accept our 60 years rightful demand. Thank you Sir. From Venkateswarlu Boya  (Belonging to same community petitioning this report on behalf of Boya Valmiki Community Associations of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states) Address: H.No. 8-4-369/172/I, N.R.R. Puram, Site 3, Borabanda, Hyderabad, Telangana-500018 Contact No: 09391204009 Email ID: Facebook ID: Twitter ID:

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Petition to Shri Narendra Modiji, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishankji', Shri Prahlad Singh Patelji, Shri Mahendra Nath Pandeyji

Degree/Diploma for Vegetarians in Hotel/Hospitality Management Courses

  DEGREE/DIPLOMA FOR VEGETARIAN’S IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSES Around the globe and also in India there are various religions, races, communities, castes and human groups which prefer eating vegetarian food only. Some Religions and communities are Vegetarian only. In India, majority of people are Pure Vegetarians, some are Non-Vegetarians while others are occasional non-vegetarians. Learning to prepare non-vegetarian food was compulsory in Hotel Management Degree Course till recently. Due to that, there was no option available to the students other than to practically prepare and present the non-vegetarian food. Students coming from Vegetarian Families who were inclined towards this esteemed course were deprived admission by their parents. Recently, Ministry of Tourism has given option of “learning Vegetarian only” in all the 71 IHM ( Institute of Hotel Management), which are under NCHMCT ( National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology), Tourism Ministry, Central Government , Institutions it is running all over India. With this initiative the passionate students can take admission and pursue career in the field of Hotel Management. But the awareness on large scale is required to be undertaken for the Vegetarian passionate students about availability of option of "learning Vegetarian Only". Recently,U ( University Grants Commission ) and AICTE ( All India Council of Technical Education ) has agreed to give permission of this option if it is applied for. It is strongly suggested that there should be an option of “learning Vegetarian only” in present degree course for Vegetarians in Hotel Management Studies in all the Institutions whether run by Government or Deemed Universities, by State Governments or by private Hotel Management Education Institutions. Such change is highly recommended as it is the need of society. Such a degree at all institutions will not only be a boost for the students but it will also benefit the Hotel and Tourism Industry, by getting qualified intelligent Vegetarian Chefs and staff in India and all over world. In this Course, students have to study in more than 40 different subjects like Accommodation, Laws, Travel & Tourism, HR Management, Accounting, etc. out of which Culinary Skills (Cooking) is one of the specialized areas. So, the Vegetarian students were not only losing the Opportunity to learn this skill but they even cannot learn other subjects and were deprived of having their career in those areas. Once this option is introduced at all places, then various people around the world can enjoy different and new delicacies of Vegetarian dishes. Many Renowned chains of Hotel, airline companies and passenger cruises operating internationally serve pure vegetarian food during stay and travel, can provide it with authenticity. Also , the Government initiatives like Skill Development, Swatch Bharat, Healthy India, etc will get big booster by bringing this option in Hotel / Hospitality Management Institutions. Also, we request the Hotel Industry to have designated only Vegetarian Restaurant with dedicated only Vegetarian Kitchen in all star hotels where more than one Restaurant is available. In this regards, I appeal you to use your good offices to support the cause and bring a “Degree/Diploma for Vegetarians in Hotel Management Course” in reality by pursuing the need to Heads of Governments, Education, Tourism Ministers, AICTE, NCHMCT, Universities and other concerned authorities at all levels to give option and create awareness about the availability of Learning "Vegetarian only option"  CA Chandrashekhar R Luniya,Pune. M : +9198222 57474 Email:

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