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Petition to Govt. of India, Finance Minister of India, MSME , Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

Save Traditional Retail in India

Do you think e-commerce a threat to traditional retail in India If yes, then join this petition and make a impact on Government to think and act on it to save livelihood of millions of people in country.. Impact Assessment :The Indian Retail Trade is not only a form of business but more a mode of earning of livelihood for tens of millions of people in the Country. As per NSSO 2013 about 5.77 crore small business enterprises are working in non-corporate sector providing employment to nearly 46 crore people and contributing about 45% to national GDP. E-commerce/MNC Retail Trade is an threat which will have great ramifications on livelihood of all such people who are deriving their earnings from retail trade. Allowing E-commerce/MNC Retail Trade in any segment of retail trade is a major threat since it has vital bearing on livelihood of large number of people in the Country particularly that section which does not have any other means of earning. E-commerce Scenario :Currently, under the umbrella of e-Commerce business in India, the e-retailers are selling products much below the actual price of the manufacturer. This is possible only because of funding received from overseas. This practice creates huge distortions. Uneven Playing Field :The eCommerce/MNC Retail trade is nothing but an issue of Big Capital v/s Livelihood of millions of people in the Country. The global and other big players engaged in eCommerce business in India are working with a mandate to control & dominate the retail trade and to convert it into a monopolistic market. The E-commerce/MNC Retail Trade is creating an uneven playing field to the disadvantage of millions of small business enterprises. The e-retailers are engaged in predatory pricing policy and subsidizing the prices with a view to oust brick & mortar shops from retail trade Technology Provider or Foreign Investor :In case if government fails to distinguish between the technology provider vs a foreign investor who is investing in e-retail, this will mean global retail giants will invest in technology to sell their warehouse/store products to both offline and online customers. This is quite evident where some of the prominent e-commerce entity's are started opening offline stores in name of experience zones, and also buying large offline retailers. The Government must put an end to this by issuing suitable guidelines, to save Indian Retail Trade. I request you all to help in requesting Indian Govt. to save traditional retail in India

Ajay Nahata
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