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Amaravati Capital - Justice for the farmers who gave lands to AP Gov to build Capital City

The foundation stone was laid at Uddandarayunipalem area by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 13th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 22 October 2015. Amaravati was a proposed and planned capital city of Andhra Pradesh, India. Amaravathi to be built on the southern banks of the Krishna river in Guntur district, within the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region. It is being built on a 217 sq km riverfront designed to have 51% of green spaces and 10% of water bodies. AP Government has taken lands from approximately 33,000 acres of farm land by convincing the farmers about the future of the capital and the farmers being the investors to build the AP Capital. During 2nd and 3rd week of Dec 2019, a series of news and committee reports suggest that scope of development that was initially proposed has been distributed to Amaravati, Vizag and Karnool to establish a decentralized governance and development.  This plan will have a huge impact on the farmers who have invested  and given lands for establishing AP capital. The farmers future and probably the next few generations of the farmers will be jeopardized with the latest plans of Andrapradesh Government.    Possible Solutions: 1. AP Government to allocate the agreed amount of lands to the farmers who gave their lands not only @Aamaravathi but also @Vizag  to maintain the promise given to the Amaravathi farmers. 2. Continue initial promise and build AP capital as planned 3. Any other solution that doesn't impact the farmers

Amaravathi Farmers
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Petition to Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP

Lowering of Retirement Age for Front line Ambulance Staff from 67 to 60

Currently front line emergency ambulance staff have a retirement age of 67. Yet we do full rotating shifts which is proven to shorten your life. The job is both physically and mentally demanding involving carrying heavy equipment and patients up and down stairs, facing arduous circumstances on a daily basis. Often working outside in challenging circumstances and conditions. Recently a close colleague  retired at 63 after a 40 year career serving the public of London. Sadly he suddenly passed away 3 weeks later, leaving a partner 4 children, 9 grandchildren and a great grandson that was born just after he passed away. He had been very fit and healthy to this point and had not yet reached the official retirement age by nearly 3 years. Currently as legislation stands we in the ambulance service are treated the same as any other NHS employee with a retirement age of 67. I am calling for a reduction in the retirement age for front line staff from 67 to 60 to bring us more in to line with our colleagues in our partner emergency services . I also believe that due to the way our job has changed that this problem will be self resolving as most staff no longer have long careers within ambulance services. I want to see a change made before a colleague passes away on duty. This is a career choice and we should enjoy a life after retirement.

Matt Fisher
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