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Petition to Royal Parks, Vinci , CEO of Royal Parks Andrew Scattergood, CEO of Vinci Xavier Huillard

London Living Wage for workers at the Royal Parks

I’ve worked as an attendant at the Kensington Garden Royal Park for 9 years. The parks are owned by the incredible wealth of the Crown, and yet we are paid the minimum wage, made to feel unsafe at work, we get no sick pay and are denied our legal right to annual leave.  We’ve asked for this unlawful and unjust state of affairs to be fixed but we have been completely ignored. That’s why I’m joining my fellow workers to go on strike. Striking is a huge step. It is not something we are doing lightly. But it’s the last resort we have to try and get treated as human beings at work, to get paid the real living wage of £10.55 per hour, and have our legal rights respected.  I often hear people say ”you’re working for the royals you must be paid quite well?”. Let me tell you what it’s really like to work at the Royal Parks.  We are employed through a contractor called Vinci Facilities which makes £100s millions. Yet we are paid the legal minimum of £8.21 per hour and are treated poorly.  We are often dismissively referred to as “cleaners” - but we play a vital role in the maintenance and operation of the parks. We have to do first aid, we lock up the toilets and playgrounds and we often face abuse when we are trying to get members of the public to leave when they don’t want to.  In instances of abuse we have never felt that Vinci or the Parks supports us, which is demoralising and makes us fear for our safety. We’ve asked for someone from Vinci to be present with us when we’re closing up so they can see the abuse that we often face - but surprise, surprise they have never taken us up on this.  They see us as a cheap, expendable labour source. We are just a few dozen workers trying to get one of the richest estates in the country to pay us a fair wage. But we need your help and support to do it. Please sign my petition for Royal Parks workers to get a fair wage.

Antonietta Marrow
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Petition to Edinburgh City Council, Doug Parker, BUS DRIVER

Make Bus Drivers More accountable for the safety off their passengers!!!

On the 24th November 2018, at around 20.30pm, I was on a number 12, travelling up Leith Walk. I was sat behind the driver, facing side on, when he broke sharply, and I hit my face on the handrail, dropping my shopping, I got off the seat to pick up my shopping, and when I did, I stood up, I reached for the handrail, and I think I brushed it, He then pulled away, and I fell on my back, it caused me to land on my inhaler breaking 8ribs, and smashing 2 off my ribs to smithereens , pushing 1 through my lung, causing an neuro thorax, and ended 4mm from my heart, I had 2 major operations in 5 days, I have a titanium cage where my ribs were, I have a scar over 2ft long on my back, I was critical, and in critical care, and in intensive care, I spent 8wks in Hospital,. I have been in excruciating pain ever since. I made a claim for damages as Lothian Bus Driver is your drivers neglect caused this.... I have been refused any chance of compensation due to the fact that you say you have no working CCTV for the day off this incident, this is hard to believe as it was a brand new number 12 bus. I think you've deliberately scrubbed it to cover your Driver's NEGLECT. I'm disgusted that a company as big as yours has done this... I'm going to do all in my power too prove it was his fault. I have been in excruciating pain since, and it will continue for a year or so yet... Disgusting bunch off Humans that you are, that you're willing to let someone suffer to save a bit off Money, SHAME ON THE LOT OFF YOU!! Please Donate so I can get a mobility scooter etc to ease my pain.. And too make sure this never happens again to anyone else. Thank you

Joseph Thompson
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