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Petition to Esther McVey MP

Stop denying my mum and 520,000 Brits their full UK Pension!

This is my mother Anne, a 93 year-old WW2 veteran. She is one of 520,000 Britons who are being short-changed by the British government.   My mother served her country, then she spent the rest of her working-life paying National Insurance. She expected, like the rest of us, that when it was time to retire she would be able to access the pension she had paid into.  But now in her 90s my mum, who does all her own shopping and cleaning, has to think twice about making a trip to the supermarket, or before buying Christmas gifts for her grandchildren. Why? Because at the age of 76 my mother moved to Canada to be close to her family in old age. And currently there is a loophole that means that if a pensioner moves to another country, the Government can stop paying the full pension that is due.   If mum had stayed in the UK she would be receiving £126.95 a week. Instead she is punished for leaving with a pension stuck at £72.50 for the rest of her life.   This is despite the fact that by living overseas she is saving the British government thousands of pounds each year in medical costs, bus passes, social services and other benefits.  Pensions are supposed to increase year on year because over time the value of money and the cost of living changes. However British pensioners in most Commonwealth and many other countries have their pensions “frozen” - meaning their pensions are fixed at the amount they were when they left the UK. There are only a handful of random places (such as Israel, Samoa, Guam, and strangely the USA) where annual increases are paid. Here’s a list of all frozen and unfrozen countries: For my Mum a frozen pension means having to choose between a muffin or half a dozen eggs at the checkout, but for others the difference can mean poverty. Many vulnerable overseas pensioners have been forced to return to the UK, leaving their support network and family behind. It’s humiliating. And just plain wrong. They paid in. Now government should pay out. Please sign this petition, for my Mum and for all the other overseas pensioners who are being cheated by the British government. Thank you. 

Gillian Mittins
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Petition to The Scottish National Party, HUMZA YOUSAF, Kenneth Gibson, Nicola Sturgeon, Stuart McMillan., Jeremy Corbyn MP, Michael Matheson


Caledonian MacBrayne are A World Leading Company, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With 199 Years Of Experience, Award Winning, Owned by Us, In The Public Sector, who Expertly Run LifeLine Ferry Services to The Scottish Islands and West Coast of Scotland, and based at Gourock, Inverclyde, Scotland, UK. They are constantly under threat of Process Privatisation, and having to use resourses to defend against the likes of serco, as they are at the moment.   Let us not forget what happened at NORTHLINK, Where Serco Unfairly Manipulated Themselves, into preferred bidder status, Taking Advantage, winning the contract, Then the problems started............ Let's Get NORTHLINK back.     We are calling for the SNP Government, Nicola, Humza,  Fiona and Alex.    To Ensure :::  Investment and Expansion of CALEDONIAN MACBRAYNE :::IE ::: EG ::: To Northern Ireland and The EU.::: And a return of Car Carrying to Dunoon Pier. THAT THE TENDERING PROCESS, POST EU, IS NOT NOW REQUIRED, AND THAT THIS NON SENSE IS SCRAPPED./.   Scottish Labour Party, Neil, Neil Bibby MSP, David, David Stewart MSP, Highlands and Islands, Support me in this, as well as Jeremy Corbyn, The New Labour Leader.  Also The Scottish Daily Record, and Daily Mirror. The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Caledonian MacBrayne~~~ We are building, and have built, and plan, fine ships for Caledonian MacBrayne   It is time to further recognise, and praise, All the Brilliant Work put in by the Multi- Award Winners, World Leading Ferry Company. Thank you. Please read The Shetland Times Article on what happened with the Northern Isles Boats, Appalling, Shocking Reading.  Thank you Everyone.

The Labour Party.
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Petition to The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP for Bromsgrove, Rt. Hon. Nick Hurd MP

Grant Police Widows Pensions for Life - Don't Make Them Choose Between Future Happiness and Pensions

My husband Colin was a police dog handler and served with the West Midlands Police for 21 years. On Sunday 29th November 1987, he was dispatched with a number of his colleagues to deal with a disturbance; having performed this duty Colin suffered a heart attack and died at the scene – he was 40 years old.  At 24 I found myself a widow, and our 4 year old daughter Kelly lost her best friend in the world.  In 2001 I was faced with a very difficult decision: to keep my police widows' pension, or move in with my partner; although I could ill afford to lose the money living apart was becoming intolerable. Our financial lives have been a roller coaster ride since then but we have been happy. 2006 saw Police Pension Regulations change for new entrants and serving officers eligible to transfer to the new scheme. Should the most awful thing happen, they know that their survivors' benefits are now payable for life, irrespective of whether they remarry or form a new partnership. Changes have also taken place in Northern Ireland: 'Following a change to the Royal Ulster Constabulary Pension Regulations 1988, widows whose widows’ pension ceased on remarriage under the RUC Pension Regulations 1988 will now have their widows pension reinstated from 1 July 2014. For those of us forever overshadowed by the 1987 Police Pension Regulations, we have been told by the government - that in order to make public service pensions affordable for the tax payer, we will not be able to keep our pensions for life should we remarry or cohabit, and those of us who have already chosen love over money will not have our pensions reinstated. They say that the financial cost is too great.  I think that you will agree that our husbands have already paid the ultimate price and given value for money in serving and dying within their communities. If you agree, and think that all police widows should keep their pensions for life – then please sign this petition. Thank you. Cathryn L. Hall Update As a direct result of this campaign the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006) were amended; the amendment came into force January 18th 2016. The widows, widowers and civil partners of police officers killed in the line of duty and covered by the 1987 Police Pension Regulations, will now receive their pensions for life if they were in receipt of a special or augmented pension and remained unmarried and were not living with a partner by 1st April 2015. The survivors of firefighters killed on duty will also benefit from these changes. On October 5th 2015 the Scottish Government announced the same amendment to the pensions paid to the survivors of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty in Scotland. Scotland differs from England and Wales in that the survivors who were entitled to a special or augmented pension before they remarried or moved in with a partner - have had their pensions reinstated and back-dated to 1st October 2015. We continue to campaign for parity with the RUC widows in Northern Ireland and lifelong pensions for ALL police widows, widowers and civil partners.  

Cathryn Louise Hall
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Petition to DEFRA, The Government

Save our homes from the ravages of the sea.

We are a small community of homeowners, of all ages, living in 22 homes which are perilously close to the cliff edge at Skipsea Sands , just 12miles south of Bridlington on the unprotected East Yorkshire       Coast. When we purchased our properties we were advised by the local council that we would have between 50 to 70 years before any action would need to be taken to defend our properties from the sea. That was in 1990 to 2000 but because of accelerated erosion caused by Climate Change and by Extraction of Sand and Gravel from Bridlington Bay( Bridlington town to the River Humber Estuary).Because of the accelerated loss of our land we estimate that we have less than 4 years left before we face eviction by the local council. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council will say that our properties are unsafe for habitation being perilously close to the cliff edge. The Government will not provide any form of sea defences to safeguard our properties and refuse to let any owner protect their own property. All the properties have been built with full planning permission and fully compliant with building regulations but we are being neglected and victimised by the lack of any help from the government. Some residents have lived here for over 30 years and have paid full council tax and have received nothing to help protect our properties. All our properties are in a line parallel to the cliff edge and when a property is within 9.36 metres from the cliff edge then each owner will be issued with a notice for eviction without any form of compensation whatsoever. Other coastal dwellers in the UK enjoy their properties knowing that they are safe from losing their homes to the sea or by flooding because they have sea defences and sea walls which are paid for and maintained by the government using money provided by the tax system. Also dwellers who have purchased their properties on flood plains are recieving assistance from the government in a variety of ways including cash help and better flood defences to help safeguard their homes! So why are we being discriminated against and not given any protection from the sea? Why are we prevented from having sea defence protection or any compensation or real assistance to enable us to stay in our properties? Please support our citizen rights to have help provided by the government to safeguard our homes and help provide continuity of our lives by initially providing and maintaining sea defences. Please sign our petition and ask your friends and relatives to support us by adding their names.We will be extremely grateful for your help.

Skipsea Sands Residents
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