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Reopen the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry Crossing

We Must Bring This Route Back..... And Soon!  In September 2014, a very special route from the UK to Scandinavia closed down. This route was the last ever route from the UK to Denmark and the last route to Scandinavia. Now we are left with the long drive via Dover/Newcastle or an even longer journey for foot passengers who used to use the route. The DFDS Dover to Calais/Dunkirk service do not allow foot passengers, therefore we are forced to go via Newcastle (Via the Amsterdam service). Passengers now face further issues, now passengers are not permited on freight routes to Sweden and Norway. 'To Travel is to live' - Hans Cristian Andersen  The famous Danish author once said 'To Travel Is To Live' meaning that you can only live once you have travelled. Now the historical route that began during Hans' time has been lost due to various excuses that amount to nothing in the grand scheme of ferry travel in the United Kingdom, and abroad.  Excuses include EU sulphur rules, where insignificant when a vessel has been fitted with scrubbers like the Sirena Seaways after it left the route. Other excuses range from passenger numbers, to duty free rules, which all have been proven to be workable.  I am very proud of where this petition has gone, and as of 11/3/16 we have our first endorsement from the Harwich MP, and we hope to increase our supporter count because of this. We have also been subject to various news articles.  RHEG is very proud to be the largest online community who campaign to get this ferry back, and we will continue to champion this case until we get our ferry back! If you have any questions or queries please contact me at or visit our Facebook group. I try my best to reply quickly via email, however please remember I am not always with my phone. Thanks for signing, and I hope you can soon enjoy a relaxing crossing to Denmark.  George JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY:

George Moore
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Petition to ealing council

Build affordable housing on the Gurnell Leisure centre Site - West London

Ealing Council intends to allow developers to build luxury housing on the Gurnell Leisure Centre site in return for a contribution towards the cost of improving the swimming pool. This contribution is welcome, but it is wrong to allow development on public land which waives the usual requirement for at least 25% of new housing to be to be affordable/social stock, while we are so desperate for social and affordable housing in the area. This must no be allowed to happen. Ealing currently has over 10,000 people on its social housing waiting list and current property prices are out of the reach of the majority of people. The average house price in Ealing is now £650,000 and average room rents are £825 pcm (£1400pcm for a 1 bed flat). Between 2014-15 the number of social houses increased by only 68 and affordable homes to buy by 480. People who have grown up in the Borough are having to move out, something that is happening right across London. Where are our teachers, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, cleaners, police all going to live? We are in desperate need of affordable housing and we must all be concerned about the mass sell-off of public land. We need genuinely affordable housing, not just a new swimming pool. Please join with me by signing a petition to Ealing Council requesting that they reconsider their policy to abandon its commitment to affordable and social housing.

Ailis Gavan
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Petition to Michael Gove, Sadiq Khan

Say No to Toxic Cruise Port in London

Michael Gove has pledged to take action on diesel fumes on the roads. Now we believe it's time to do the same for much dirtier diesel fuel on the river as a new cruise liner port is about to be built near the O2. Just one medium sized cruise ship moored at the Greenwich site by Enderby Wharf (now called 'Maritime View'), will consume about 700 litres of diesel per hour. That's the same as having 688 heavy lorries with their engines idling - spewing out toxic fumes near homes and schools. Experts claim that pollution leads to 10,000 premature deaths in the UK every year causing all manner of problems: permanent lung damage in children issues with dementia and cognition untold suffering for people with asthma Cruise ships have a terrible record for pollution and emission control, which is why Mr Gove must introduce measures so that: the cruise ships plug into a ship to shore power supply or we abandon the port completely. Onshore power is the common sense solution. It's worked in the Port of Los Angeles where the port serves 43 miles of coastline. It could also work at Enderby Wharf which is infinitely smaller by comparison. This petition was started as a cry for help when Greenwich Council forced through planning permission for Enderby Wharf, despite vehement protestations from locals and environmental groups. The decision was challenged in the High Court, but the case was lost because there are no laws to protect people living near the river. The Mayor of London has promised to help but has discovered he has no powers over river traffic. The terminal could bring in tourist dollars, granted, but if peoples' health suffers as a direct result – which it undoubtedly will without onshore power – it defies all logic. When planning permission was sought for the development most of us were ignorant about the effects of pollution. Now we have the facts at our disposal there is NO EXCUSE. We’re not a bunch of tree hugging activists with nothing better to do. We are ordinary people concerned about the long term health of children, family and friends whose health will suffer if this goes ahead. Not just here but at ports everywhere, like Southampton, where cruise ships contribute up to 23 per cent of the city's air pollution. Enderby Wharf is up for sale. Whoever buys it needs to know that unless they install an onshore power supply, the terminal is pure poison. Yes, there will be an extra price tag attached. But compared to the human cost, and the burden it will invariably place on the NHS, it’s well worth it. Ultimately, if we can't facilitate a ship to shore power supply at Enderby, then we might as well abandon the port altogether. The EU has a directive that says that all ports must provide onshore power by 2025. If, as Mr Gove believes, we’ll be better off and greener outside the EU, now is the ideal opportunity to prove it.  

Isle of Dogs Locals
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