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Getting more transportation options such as skytrains in areas of B​.​C.

Transportation is a necessity for many people especially ones that don’t have cars. Cars are not easy to obtain for many reasons because not everyone has the same mental and physical needs. This will allow people to be able to go back and forth from their home or workplace easily and make it easier to just go about their daily lives. Many people don’t have cars and aren't able to get to certain places because they may be unable to drive because of a physical/mental problem or even age.  Some problems that may arise could be seniors who aren't able to drive their own car because of physical or mental problems, someone who may be blind, someone who may have mental illnesses which doesn’t let them drive a car, someone who has a hard time passing a driver's test, someone who is less fortunate and isn't able to afford a car and transportation is a cheaper option, homeless people, etc. Many people don’t realize this and take having a car for granted. People without cars struggle a lot and may not be able to go anywhere at all depending on where they live. Transportation is needed for people who want to work someplace further than their house, getting job opportunities in general, need to get business done, needing to pick or drop something off, want to hang out with their friends or family, need to visit somewhere, or just making it easier and faster for people to get around in general. With the lack of transportation, people without cars have less opportunities and lots of closed doors since they aren't able to go anywhere. They’re bound to their home which is upsetting. I want to raise awareness so that the government would be able to take it into account and do something about it. Not everyone can drive, bike, skateboard, etc. Some may even have trouble walking so having transportation in more areas is very important to get to places.

Transportation Justice
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Petition to Dr Brent Roussin, Dr Jazz Atwal, Premier Brian Pallister, Minister Heather Stefanson, Minister Audrey Gordon, Province of Manitoba

Safe Reopening of the Body Modification Industry in Manitoba

The events of the past year have shown all of us in the body art community how little is understood about our profession and how quickly our businesses and livelihoods can be jeopardized. We have now had ample time to draft protocols, implement them and ensure that we are able to operate safely and break the chain of transmission when the virus is encountered. Manitoba body art businesses have implemented new protocols to ensure we are able to resume services and operate safely. With new screening protocols, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, occupancy limitations and the use of mask. We are doing everything we can to ensure getting a tattoo or piercing is safer than ever before.  We have always put the health and safety of our staff and community first. Often people cite prolongued interactions or exposure time as the risk. How is it safe for our children to put on a fabric mask, walk to the end of the driveway and get on a school bus with children from 50 other households? How is it safe for them to go to class with another 24 students from other households and sit there for 6 hours, if interactions in our studios are considered unsafe.  All licensed Body Art studios in Manitoba have ample hand washing stations, public sanitization equipment, education in cross-contamination, and awareness of a basic micro biology to ensure public safety. The constant contradiction in policy and orders from the government have been difficult for us small businesses to manage and integrate, but our consideration for public safety had made us step up to these challenges and protocols respectfully. We are the people following fundamentals and we are community ambassadors reinforcing them in others. We are the people doing what is right. We are leading by example. Enough is enough.We have submitted plans to the province and we are ready and prepared to resume services safely through this pandemic.  Please sign and share this petition in support .  Sincerely  Manitoba Body Art Association 

Manitoba Body Art
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