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Petition to John Horgan

Grant Tetyana Melnychuk her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree which UNBC withheld through discrimination and abuse

Chairs of nursing schools can declare any nursing student "unsuitable" just as a matter of personal dislike for that person. The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) waited until the end of my registered nurse training  program to fail me in the last course, thereby maximizing their revenue, the bank's profit, and my student debt.  This happened even thought I was one of the top nursing students.  It was part of ongoing discrimination, abuse, and persecution against me by three nursing instructors and the chair of the nursing program at UNBC, who did not like the fact I am an immigrant English Second Language student and a single mother. UNBC consistently supports the chair of UNBC's School of Nursing, no matter what she and some of her faculty members do to nursing students. UNBC officials turn a deaf ear to the students' complaints unless the student can afford a lawyer.  Not surprisingly, since 2011 UNBC has banned lawyers from the student appeal process. I now owe a huge student debt with no means of repaying it or of supporting myself and my minor son. According to a lawyer, I have a human rights case against UNBC. However, without legal representation, I am unable to defend my rights against UNBC and obtain my registered nurse degree.  Moreover, Legal Aid and pro bono legal services do not provide help for low income people in cases such as mine. Provincial governments have privileged universities, but failed to protect students' rights and interests.  Publicly the BC government deplores the increase in child poverty! Please do not ignore this family; help and make one child's life better.                                                                                                                    I am asking you to help me obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNBC, so that I can write my registered nurse exam, receive my registered nurse license, find work, pay off my student debt, support myself and my minor son, and become a self sufficient member of society.                                                                                                                      What Martha MacLeod and some other UNBC instructors have done to some UNBC students is horrible.                                                                                                                UNBC must be compelled to treat its students fairly.  Students' rights need to be protected, and one of the best ways to do that is to allow students to have representation by a lawyer through all four stages  (instructor, chair, dean, senate) of the appeal process. This assistance needs to have funds available so that low and middle income students can enjoy the same effective rights as the wealthy. Please support us and pass this petition to others. Thank you very much for your support.   To know more about how UNBC has mistreated me, follow this link      

Tetyana Melnychuk
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Petition to B.C. Voters and Members of Legislative Assembly

Say No to New Provincial Surtax on Property 拒绝省政府新施的物业附加税

PETITION: SAY NO TO NEW PROVINCIAL SURTAX ON PROPERTY WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, strongly oppose the new Provincial Surtax on property (School Tax) as it is completely unfair, arbitrary and counterproductive. WE DEMAND THAT YOU REPEAL THIS POORLY CONCEIVED, UNFAIR, ARBITRARY AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE TAX IMMEDIATELY. The tax is a shameful tax grab to extract money from a vulnerable minority, a poorly selected group of homeowners, on the pretext that they are somehow more fortunate than others, but with total disregard to their incomes, financial circumstances or ability to pay. The announced tax rates amount to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars ​per year​ per household​ in cash obligations imposed by surprise on an unsuspecting public. Many of those victimized by it are seniors with no prospect of earning income and their savings will be eroded. Many other victims of the tax will be financially burdened beyond their means and will be unable to service their mortgages. Many will be forced to leave their homes and neighbourhoods. This tax does nothing to improve housing supply and nothing to improve affordability. It is likely to make home ownership and renting less affordable. Only developers, the wealthy and foreigners will be able to afford to own. The tax will cause entrepreneurs, high value employees and business owners, to leave the Province for jurisdictions where they can live with housing taxes that are less oppressive. REPEAL THIS TAX! 请愿:拒绝省政府新施的物业附加税 以下签署的我们强烈反对省政府新施的物业附加税(学校税),因为该附加税完全不公,武断,和适得其反。 我们要求你立即撤消这个错误,不公,武断,和适得其反的附加税。  这项附加税是一个可耻的税收攫取手段,以从目标错误,无还手之力的弱势群体中提取金钱。省政府新施物业附加税的借口是,目标群体比其他人更幸运,但完全无视他们的收入,财务状况或支付能力。 省政府宣布的物业附加税会导致毫无戒备的公众要每户承担每年上万至数万元的税收。许多这项附加税受害者是没有收入的年长人士,他们的储蓄将被耗尽。这项附加税的其他受害者将承担超出他们的经济负担的税收,而无法支付按揭,最终被迫搬离他们的家园和社区。 这项附加税对住房供应和可负担性毫无益处,而会导致买和租房更加不可负担。最终,就只有开发商,富豪,和外国人有能力买房。 这项附加税是会导致创业者,管理人员,和企业家搬离本省,迁移去不受物业税压迫的管辖地。 撤消这项附加税!

No New Property Surtax
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