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Petition to CGU (Complaints), QUS, Curtis Pitt, The Federal Treasurer, SUU, CHU Insurance "Strata insurance specialists - and ONLY strata insurance", QBE, Allianz, The Hon Warren Entsch MP, The State Treasurer, Insurance Council of Australia, Annastacia Palaszczuk, CHUBB Insurance, Zurich Insurance, Hon Yvette D'Ath

Help North Queenslanders get fair and affordable insurance premiums

This petition was started in 2012. Since then the insurance crisis has spread beyond strata to include other insurances: commercial; home and contents; business; landlord’s; rural etc, and to include other areas of Australia leading to a solution required for Northern Australia not just Northern Qld although that is, and has always been, my priority. I cannot change the words of the petition as that is what people started signing but I can let you know I am continuing the fight.   Insurance companies in Queensland are driving homeowners to the wall. Premiums for units, large complexes and resorts in North Queensland have increased by 200-800%. House premiums are beginning to rise rapidly too.They are home to people like Lester, a self funded retiree. “Our complex premium has gone from $63,000 to $123,000. Several owners could not pay increased Body Corporate Fees which, in my case went from $1,900 to $3,000 per quarter. My wife and I are self funded retirees living on our allocated pension income. Since our allocated pension will not cover the increase in the Body Corporate Fees we are having to draw down from other savings to cover the situation. On top of that we are now restricted to very minimal visits to 6 grandchildren who are located in other areas. Our complex has not had a single insurance claim in the 6 years it has been built.” It’s completely unjustified -- many increases are for buildings that have not flooded, have not claimed for any cyclone damage (or minimal claims) in the last 5 years, and are not affected by bushfires. Also, because there are only one or two companies insuring larger buildings, they charge whatever they like. Meanwhile, the reports state that properties in Brisbane which did flood have received insurance premium increases of around 36%, and even in earthquake-torn Christchurch the increase is only 30% for residential properties.There are so many stories, it’s heart-breaking. These increases are devastating lives and businesses and causing huge mental, physical health and financial difficulties.North Queensland needs help NOW!!!! We want: · The recommendations resulting from the Cross Party Federal Parliamentary Inquiry to be actioned in full - in order to help ALL property owners  · The Insurance Council of Australia to concede there has been market failure in North Queensland Please sign the petition, ask the insurance companies to stop gouging North Queenslanders and give them a fair go.

Margaret Shaw
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Petition to The House of Representatives. Parliament Buildings Private Bag 18041 Wellington 6160 New Zealand

Increase funding for Radio New Zealand in this year's Budget. (Petition still going)

Authorised by A. Newman, 29 Bradford St, Waihi.    UPDATE (11/9/16): If you wish to donate to this page, the link to the Give a little is here: NB: the donation page which comes up after signing this petition is for and has nothing to do with the #FundRNZ campaign. UPDATE (20/8/16): has added an option to donate for petition signers. The money won't go to #FundRNZ, but to to increase the circulation of the petition. UPDATE (31/5/16): This petition will continue to run because RNZ received no extra funding this year and is still in financial trouble. Every signature is a vote to give Radio New Zealand more funding. Please continue to sign and share this petition. Please see below the original text of the petition. Radio New Zealand Limited, New Zealand’s only public service broadcaster. It delivers high-quality, impartial, journalism and a wide variety of content, including coverage of issues in the Pacific region. This organisation has had its funding frozen for at least eight years. RNZ deserves a funding increase in this year's Budget because it needs to be properly resourced, not just this year, but in future years so that it can continue to deliver on its charter and provide the same standard of content that has given RNZ its fine reputation. Please sign this petition if you care about the future of RNZ and share it with your networks. 

Jo Bond
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Petition to Channel 9

Housing for people made homeless by Channel 9's The Block

I was shocked to learn that 32 women who were forced out of The Gatwick, to make way for Channel Nine's The Block, ended up homeless and in prison. I can't believe we let vulnerable people fall through the cracks just so a big network can profit from their TV show. I personally have worked for years assisting people at risk of homelessness, in Australia and overseas, including in the St Kilda area, and have seen first hand the importance stable accommodation makes to people's lives. Before transforming The Gatwick into luxury apartments and ratings gold, the St Kilda icon was last-ditch accommodation for many women. Women are particularly vulnerable to homelessness, and sleeping rough is incredibly unsafe for women. These women have been forced on to the street and put in jail because of poverty and homelessness-related crimes and desperation, and it all started when Channel Nine muscled their way into The Gatwick. Sometimes crisis accommodation like The Gatwick is all people have available to them and when it's gone all that's left is the street. That Channel Nine can profit off this and just put the money they made from their show in their pocket and walk away without having to take ownership for what they've done is obscene. They need to be answerable to the people they have affected by this. I'd like to see Channel Nine put the advertising and other the money they made off The Block towards housing the women they helped make homeless. Will you sign my petition and help me help these people? 

Jo Bea
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