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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian, Scott Morrison, Daniel Andrews

Set up a Royal Commission into the Building Industry - our homes our lives our money!

We are owners of a unit in the strata apartment Mascot Towers, Sydney which we mortgaged in 2009. After hearing previously on the news about Opal Towers we thought it would not happen to us, yet here we are! Believe me the building industry problems coming to the surface are just the tip of the iceberg as evident in news of the apartments in Zetland, Erskineville, Alexandria and so on. Confidence needs to be restored in the home building industry so that all can have long-term security and benefits.  Therefore, it has become clear that State and Federal governments need  to drastically review and overhaul the way buildings we call our homes are designed, approved, built, certified for occupation, insured, financed, and managed in Australia. It is criminal that Corporations Law allows limited liability companies to be used by unscrupulous players at all levels of the building industry to profit from the misfortune of others, that is the home owner. Conflicts of interest are rife in the industry at all levels including the support structures that are supposed to help the end user, us the home buyer and owner. It affects everyday Australians whether you are an individual home owner that has had a house built off-the-plan or a strata unit owner who either bought off-the-plan or bought into an existing strata building. Pouring your life savings into your home is considered a fulfilment of the 'Australian Dream' and yet the business structures and processes around one of our single most expensive purchases and assets is riddled with a cancer that needs to be excised sooner rather than later. Please sign the petition and distribute it widely so that we can pressure our Governments to take action and save the future for our children and not just for those greedy banks, developers, builders, sub-contractors, insurance companies, and strata and building management companies where self-interest permeates at every level.  

Andrew Burrell
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Petition to Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg

Increase the Newstart payment by $75 per week

Please increase the Newstart unemployment benefit for single mothers and fathers by at least $75 per week. The Newstart allowance has not increased in real terms since 1997 when John Howard put a freeze on it. Now even he is calling for an increase. Currently the National unemployment rate is 5.2% but is 6.8% in Tasmania, and the underemployment rate 8.3%. As you well know we will never have full employment no matter how many times you say the answer is to get a job. You are struggling to bring the unemployment rate  below 5% so there will always be a percentage that is unable or simply not capable of getting a paid job. Why don’t you just accept the reality and show some compassion for those people in our society who, through no fault of their own, have ended up in the too-hard basket and are really doing it tough. There has been a lot of talk about homelessness and how to fix that problem, but if you were paying enough benefit for people to afford to rent a home, be able to heat it and clothe themselves they would be more able to face the world and possibly find a job. I know they can apply for rent assistance but in today’s market that is a mere drop in the ocean. Bob Hawke famously said back in 1987 that no child in Australia would be living in poverty by 1990.  It is now 2019 and it is estimated over 731,000 children in Australia are living in poverty. This is simply unacceptable. So maybe instead of waking up each day thinking up ways to make these poor people’s lives more difficult, you could think about the children that are suffering because of your choices. It has been proven that poverty impacts negatively on mental health and increases the risk of suicide. Please  increase the Newstart/Jobsearch Allowance by $75 per week now! Yours sincerely Linda Hannah    

Linda Hannah
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