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Petition to The Governments of the 27 EU member states

Local shops close, while Amazon & Co make huge profits: the digital tax must come now!

English / Deutsch / Español / Français / Dansk / Català / Italiano In many countries, local retail shops have to close before Christmas because of the Corona pandemic. This pandemic is bringing many shops to the brink of their existence. Entire city centres are threatened with economic extinction. And now, of all people, the tax dodgers from Amazon or Google are profiting from this plight of the local retail shops. Their businesses are now flourishing all the more because many people do their shopping online. Digital corporations like Amazon and Google pay an average of only 9.5 % tax on their profits in the EU. Other companies, on the other hand, pay 23.2 %. The fact that local retail shops are closing and online retail is booming even more will further exacerbate the inequity between them. At least in terms of taxes, the unfair competition between locally rooted retail and digital corporations must end. The solution is a digital tax that puts a stop to these unprofitable profits of digital companies.  But the digital tax is still being postponed at the European level because of the blockade by the EU member states. In this historic economic crisis, the state must counteract the crisis with high spending. Therefore, the EU states must not wait any longer: We need the digital tax now! In Europe, France, Austria, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Spain have long since introduced national digital taxes because they did not want to wait any longer for Germany. But, most of these taxes do not tax the bulk of business made by digital giants such as Amazon or Apple. Other EU countries have already presented corresponding plans. The German and other government are blocking the introduction of a Europe-wide digital tax by referring to a global solution. But this global solution will not come any time soon. Now, in the crisis, the blockade by the governments is becoming even more counterproductive. The profits of the digital corporations are getting bigger, their taxes remain indecently small. That is why we need a quick change of course now:  All governments must introduce digital taxes immediately. And in such a way that all large digital companies including Amazon, Google, Apple & Facebook have to pay taxes where they operate in the future! In this Corona crisis, governments have already implemented many measures at a fast pace. This urgency is now also needed for the digital tax. Digital corporations must live up to their social responsibility. Especially now, when they are profiting from the fact that other businesses have to close. And especially now, when the state has high expenses and urgently needs this tax revenue.  Instead of passing on the costs of the Corona pandemic to future generations, digital companies should finally make their fair contribution to the common good. Digitalisation must no longer take place beyond the common good!

Sven Giegold
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Petition to Ulrike Höfken, Anne Spiegel

Energy revolution and nature conservation now: Making hydropower possible

English I Deutsch  Rheinland-Pfalz is not fulfilling its responsibility in the energy turnaround. The hydroelectric power station in Euteneuen has not operated for years and the surrounding forest is dying. Rheinland-Pfalz´s Environment Ministry finally has to act. We demand green electricity from Rheinland-Pfalz and at the same time the rescue of the naturally protected alluvial forest in Euteneuen! Two brothers, who couldn't be more different, but we - David and Constantin - are twins who have always had one thing in common: We love nature and are committed to climate protection. At the current time, it is not technically possible to store electricity for long time periods. In the course of the energy turnaround, we therefore need a decentralized power supply. Mrs. Anne Spiegel, please finally operate the approval procedure with the necessary transparency and enable the power plant to be commissioned! We are both convinced that we humans will one day achieve the energy turnaround. Unfortunately, a few days ago we stumbled across a story that shaken our convictions and unfortunately describes perfectly why the energy turnaround in Germany is not progressing. It is about a small hydroelectric power station that is not being used because of bureaucratic hurdles. Using this clean energy source would be an important step in the right direction and it would send a signal that we truly desire the energy turnaround. Say YES to the ENERGY TURNOVER and SIGN this PETITION! But first let us tell the story... Even before 1869, hydroelectric power was used at the river Sieg in Euteneuen. But since December 2015 the turbine stands still. The reason for this: The water right has expired. The Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Nord (local authority), as well as the former Minister of Environment of Rheinland- Pfalz, Mrs. Ulrike Höfken, refuse to conduct a licensing procedure with the necessary transparency and thereby prevent the activation of the power plant. The use of hydroelectric power could save approx. 1,200 tons of CO2 per year, and 1.2 million kilowatt hours of clean, green electricity could be generated! This would supply almost 375 households with clean, sustainable electricity. The European Renewable Energy Directive of 11 December 2018 aims to promote the expansion of renewable energies as part of a package of initiatives to combat climate change. In our view, the state of Rheinland-Pfalz is also committed to achieve this goal. The bizarre thing about the situation appears to be that the approval process has already been on-going for 3 years. The approval procedure is being handled very slowly by the Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Nord and there is obviously little interest of the authorities. Offers of discussions by potential operators and the consultation of technical experts were rejected by the SGD Nord. Obviously, there is a lack of willingness to support hydropower. In parallel to the approval procedure, the state of Rheinland-Pfalz has lowered the floodgate, draining the adjacent protected alluvial forest. The state has already announced further measures to dismantle the floodgate, although it is not exactly clarified who actually owns the floodgate.  Over several centuries the alluvial forest has developed into a biotope for many animal and insect species. The habitat of these animals is now threatened or, if the flood barrier continues to be lowered, is destroyed. The reservoir area was used by third parties in public interest, including the local fire brigade. The local fishermen's association is also supporting the reactivation of the hydroelectric power plant in Euteneuen. In this context, we do not understand the actions of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and the responsible authorities. Here, people are actively engaged in order to counteract climate change and are simply blocked by an incomprehensible and intransparent approval procedure. Dear State of Rheinland-Pfalz: If we want to achieve climate change and the required energy turnaround and, above all, take it seriously, we must support such projects instead of dropping the engagement in the beginning. The EU and its member states have agreed on ambitious climate objectives and these are also essential to guarantee the continued existence of our planet Earth. For this we need committed people, but above all we need a policy that actively supports renewable energies. Why destroy our own living space when we can save it? THAT IS WHY WE DEMAND - NO, RATHER, WE SHOULD ALL DEMAND - THE APPROVAL AND OPERATION OF THE POWER PLANT IN EUTENEUEN! Sign this petition and share it with your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Let us show that we love our earth! For Further Readings:,-bleibt-oder-verschwindet-das-wehr-euteneuen-_arid,1856475.html

Constantin Schneider
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Petition to UK Parliament

COVID 19 to be accepted as listed "Notifiable Disease" for business interuption insurance

Many small businesses are having claims for business interuption caused by coronavirus and measures to combat it rejected on the grounds that COVID 19 is not specifically listed as a "Notifiable Disease". Policies that formerly covered any notifiable disease have been modified to list specific diseases. The lists do not include COVID 19. (An example of this is the "Welcome Assured" policy for bed and breakfast establishments which made this change in 2019.) The government must have been made aware of this as the Prime Minister referred to this issue in a televised interview at the beginning of the outbreak when he confirmed that COVID 19 is notifiable and said that insurers would honour claims for business interuption caused by the virus and restrictions associated with it. Small businesses take out wide ranging and comprehensive insurance to protect against the devastating effects of long term closure through no fault of their own. The policy brochures give the impression that the effects of disease are covered and owners pay their premiums in good faith. It seems unreasonable that insurers have amended the fine print to reduce the cover previously provided.  The government should find a way to compel insurers to honour claims by small businesses affected in this way.  My wife and I have a small bed and breakfast with four letting rooms. We have worked very hard over the last nine years and ploughed everything we have earned into making a success of it. Profits in the early years were modest as we invested in improving the business. Last year we reached the point where we were able to enjoy a reasonable standard of living and were looking forward to our best year yet.  Enter Coronavirus. We now have no income, all bookings cancelled for the foreseeable future, high overheads for the property, utilities and operating systems. Thank goodness we are insured. But our insurers say we are not covered for this particular notifiable disease. This is clearly wrong and not what we pay our premiums for.   

Andrew Stevens
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Petition to Robert Kotick, Todd Howard, Andrew Wilson, Philip Timo Rogers, Council of the European Union

Modern consumer rights for digital products

DE Version PLAY WHERE U WANT #pwuw2020 Cloud-computing is an emerging technology which we already use daily on our smartphones and computers. With new services like Google Statdia and GeForce NOW it is changing the gaming industry and how we play video games. It makes it possible that expensive pro-gaming hardware has become obsolete and everyone can enjoy the games they love in the best quality without having to spend hundreds of dollars on them. All that is needed is a good internet connection and a device that can transmit the stream of the game. GeForce NOW has a special approach to this and is different from other providers. It is possible to launch previously purchased games on a virtual computer via Steam, Uplay or Epic Launcher. Log in, start the game and start playing/streaming. NVIDIA is constantly working to bring new publishers on board. This video explains it perfectly:  What followed was disappointing: The first major publishers banned NVIDIA from playing their games via Geforce NOW! The result: many games disappeared from the platform and made it impossible for players to continue streaming their favorite games. 11th of February 2020 Activision Blizzard 21st of February 2020 Bethesda 28th of February 2020 Hinterland Studio 07th of March 2020 2KGames As part of the gaming community, we don't understand why large, successful and rich companies like Activision Blizzard or Bethesda, which make billions of dollars in sales with their players' money, deny us the right to choose which device we play on. With this petition we demand the following points without restrictions: European Commission, please regulate the companies in the games industry and prevent the inescapable fight for licenses and exclusivity rights in the market to ensure more consumer rights. Publishers, change your opinion, view and finally your terms of use so that services like GeForce NOW or Shadow can be used by us without restrictions. We believe it's not your right to control the market of using but the market of offering.  Publishers, unlock your games on Geforce NOW Publishers, remove the "protections" from your software to prevent us from using your launchers Publishers, let your community & fans decide how we play and where we play   We think it's important to mention publishers and companies that act in an exemplary manner. THANK YOU for your support, courage and understanding of what your fans want and need: Ubisoft CD Projekt Epic Paradox Interactive and many more

Lennart Stein
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