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Petition to Jeff Bezos Change Your Policies on Erotica Classifications and Rape

Jeff, I recently tried to publish my story on Amazon. I have other books and stories on there and have never had a problem. However, this horror story was put into the erotic category. I can only assume that it was because I put a content/trigger warning on the story about a non-graphic rape of a 13 year old girl. I called and talked to someone to explain that I was uncomfortable with the idea of a 13 year old being raped and having to endure the demons that come with that being put into the "erotic" category. The part of the story deals with her friend trying to save her and then being forced to comfort her afterward and how that changes their relationship. However, I was informed that there was NOTHING I could do to have the book placed in an appropriate category. Once it was labeled as "Erotica" it had to stay there. Since I am DEEPLY uncomfortable with the idea of someone calling that scenario erotic and continuing the disturbing trend of "rape culture" in America I unpublished the book. I seriously think needs to reevaluate what constitutes being placed into the erotic section. You are doing nothing but feeding into the idea that women and young girls enjoy being raped and that it is considered sexual. One in four women have been the victim of rape or molestation. We need to be able to have books and stories that deal with this in a serious manner without being inappropriately labeled (sexualized/fetishized). I also have to wonder if this would have happened to a larger publishing house. If someone had contacted me and asked about the content warning I would have explained. We could have had a conversation and tried to work this out. Instead I only found out when I checked the Amazon page to see how everything looked before launch. I am all around disgusted by this. Your company needs to change its policies and the way it deals with the labeling of erotica material immediately. The longer this goes on, the harder it is for the 25% of women who are victims to find closure and move on in their lives. If someone in your department considers the discussion of a 13 year old enduring a rape to be erotic material then that indicates a problem on your company's part that needs to be rectified.  Kristi Brooks

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Petition to Jeff Bezos

Amazon's Rating & Review Process Needs More Transparency!

Authors are being told reviews have been deleted. Bloggers are being warned not to submit false reviews even when the book has been purchased. Reader's reviews are being unfairly removed regardless of information provided. This is hurting authors, bloggers, and readers alike! Yes, it's very important to have rules and guidelines for reviews. This protects the integrity and hard work of authors worldwide. This helps prevent false ratings from being posted. But when you see thousands of reviews being deleted with little to no explanation, there is serious cause for concern. Independently published authors represent 25% of Amazon's market*. This is a huge amount. Yet, when asked repeatedly to establish a more transparent review process to assist these authors, Amazon has refused. When individual authors ask for clarification of why a review was removed, they are again refused or given a standard response. Even when information is provided to clarify the relationship to the reviewer, Amazon is reluctant to help the author.  This must stop!  It takes an extreme amount of work and money to publish a book. It takes a great deal of time to seek out people to read and provide honest reviews. Authors depend on these reviews for promoting, sales, and increasing visibility. Amazon is the number one platform for independent authors to publish their work. It is completely unfair of this company to use their size and power to control and dictate what is and is not acceptable in this area without providing more precise and transparent rules to follow.  We want Amazon to establish new guidelines for reviews. We want Amazon to develop a better system to flag false reviews - one that takes into account the current atmosphere of self publishing, bloggers, readers, and the review process.  We demand that independently published authors, representing nearly a quarter of Amazon's eBook sales*, are given a more transparent decision when reviews are not approved or removed.     (*Statistics reported within this petition are from: )

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