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Petition to Theresa May MP, NHS, Caroline Dinenage MP, Department of Health, Stephen Barclay MP, Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Matt Hancock MP

Eating Disorders are not just about weight #dumpthescales

Having being hospitalised and on the brink of death from anorexia once before, when I relapsed in 2016 I was terrified of ending up in hospital again. Getting to that point where I would lose control. That relentless anorexic voice nagging at me day in and day out.After four months of battling with that voice in my head I decided it was time I reached out for help. I referred myself and got an appointment at an Eating Disorder Unit in London only to be told “I wasn’t thin enough for support”.I left the appointment not sure what to do, all I had wanted was someone to talk to, someone to take my relapse seriously and to give me some help. I felt like a fake. A hypocrite.   The month that followed was a mess. I couldn’t shake that anorexic voice that was slowly destroying me again, making me feel suicidal, taking over my every waking moment. One evening I sat at the train station for hours and just wanted to give up on life altogether. I remember thinking about how much better life would be for everyone if I wasn’t here. Something stopped me that evening ending my life altogether and I had this realisation that if I wasn’t thin enough for treatment I would have to manage this on my own.    My story isn’t unique but a daily occurrence for people with all eating disorders who are seeking treatment. When asked to imagine someone suffering with an eating disorder, most will imagine a stick thin, gaunt looking girl. But this is not the reality of eating disorders. People with eating disorders are currently not getting a fair deal in society. Despite the guidance too often individuals are turned away from receiving essential support because they aren’t skinny enough to be considered at risk. This leaves the individual feeling like they aren’t worth getting that support, feeling like a “fake”, potentially losing more weight to hit that target and in some cases feeling suicidal. This is why I’m calling on the government to review the eating disorder guidance delivered by clinicians.  We know that early diagnosis is a critical element in the success of treatment for eating disorders and by the time 'obvious' signs of eating disorders have manifested, it is likely that the illness will have become ingrained in the individual, and therefore much more difficult to treat. If we want to prevent people getting more unwell, save the NHS money, prevent hospital admission and save lives we need to have this review and ensure that we get full implementation of the clinical guidance around diagnosis.  The guidelines are right but these are not being uniformly implemented across the nation to the detriment of thousands of people daily. It is time we stopped waiting for people to hit crisis point before offering them support.  We need to be able to make sure that people with eating disorders are getting the right support in a timely manner. With 1.25 million people in the UK living with an eating disorder we can’t afford to wait any longer the time to act is now.  #DumpTheScales  

Hope Virgo
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Petition to Theresa May MP

Save people with eating disorder please spread this pettition so theresa May will see this and get more clinics  There is a big problem in this world,  people are dying from eating disorders,   the support is rubbish because of the lack of government funding. This illness has taken people's lives, but with the right support lives can be saved.   We need more units and help for people affected by this evil illness.  The government just aren't giving enough money into eating disorder facilities and people's lives could be saved if we keep on fighting for people's rights. It's not just a simple solution as telling people they need to eat, this illness needs to be to be better understood. An eating disorder can be sly, and cunning and manipulative, and this is not the person who is suffering from the illness,  it is the eating disorder inside. We hear stories from people experiencing problems,  the same difficulties that were there over 20 years ago, Prince William recently spoke of this in connection with his mother's battle with bulimia. THINGS Must Change. We need to put a stand to it and tell the government we need more clinic and specialist help,   there aren't enough. The government needs to do it because it affects many young people, and devastates so many families. People should not be dying from this illness. Please support this petition. Lets get this pettition spreading so theresa may will decide to get more clinics   

Aaron Wwe
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Petition to Jeremy Hunt, David bradley, Rosena Allin-Khan

NHS Adult Eating Disorder Psychotherapy cuts: Patients at Springfield affected SW London

I urge you to support me in appealing the current service review at Springfield Hospital, Tooting, that heavily affects the support available to Eating Disorder patients by prompting a response from Jeremy Hunt (Secretary for Health and Social Care), Rosena Allin-Khan (MP for Tooting) and David Bradley (Chief Executive of SW London and St. Georges Trust) to the suggestions initially made by patients that counter the decisions.    After a service review announced today at Springfield Hospital (South West London and St. Georges Mental Health Trust) it has been decided that significant changes are to be made to the psychotherapy provisions to adults within the care of the Adult Eating Disorders Service. This includes the reduction of psychotherapy from inpatient and day patient services where it is already accepting very few patients for individual therapy. Eating Disorders form as a maladaptive coping strategy to a deeper psychological tension, for which psychotherapy has been the tried and tested solution for over a decade in the service and other services across London. Changes to the type of therapy to many Eating Disorder services have come about as a result of the changes in the NICE guidelines in 2017, outlining vague suggestions.  After a patient feedback meeting with (and subsequent letters addressed to)  the review board it seems the opinions of the patients do not matter. Having had access to the professionals being removed from their posts for nearly 2 years, I am saddened and frustrated that mental health continues to be demoted in the hierarchy of NHS budgeting and the opinions of patients continue to be ignored. It is estimated by the charity BEAT that 1.25 million people in the UK over the age of 18 suffer from an Eating Disorder with this number set to rise.  

Gabriella Rutzler
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