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Petition to aejays , Amazon, Wicked Wicked

To request Amazon remove the hoodies that are glamourising eating disorders

Having lived with an eating disorder for 35 years, since I was12 years old I am compelled to set up this petition. Anorexia for example is an evil, insidious disease, one which is extremely hard to recover from. I myself have fought a hideous battle fighting and to this day live with an eating disorder.  This is the most utterly foolish idea for a company to even come up with. In my opinion this hoodie carries a potential damaging slogan, why on earth are these organisations and Amazon glamourising Eating Disorders. This hoodie is designed for children?? utterly nonsensical and dangerous. The hoodie carries the slogan "I have an Eating Disorder, I'm about to eat dis order of fries, dis order of nachos and dis order of wings". There is another hoodie available which carries the slogan "I Beat Anorexia". According to Beat, UKs largest charity for Eating Disorders, "Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses and their causes are complex. Anyone, regardless of their age, sex or cultural background, can develop an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. They are a range of conditions that can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. Over 725,000 men and women in the UK are affected by eating disorders". As an adult I have witnessed first hand the devastating consequences Anorexia and other eating disorders have on young people, and adults alike. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental health illness – one in five of the most seriously affected will die prematurely from the physical consequences or suicide. There is so much stigma surrounding eating disorders, which may prevent many people from seeking help. Trivialising them in this way only makes it harder for individuals to get help. To all those invovled PLEASE remove this item from sale immediately.

Vanessa Holbrow
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Petition to UK Parliament, Facebook

BAN and REMOVE all "Pro Anorexia" content from social media

** credits to the artist who illustrated the photo ** Pro Anorexia is flooding social media and has a painful amount of problems attached to it. ANYONE of any age can access this material easily and it even comes up on their normal social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr & more.  As someone who is fighting a severe eating disorder, accounts & websites such as : (WARNING : these websites are displayed for the petition only and I do not advise ANYONE other than people in charge who are able to remove this content to click on the links below!) Pro Anorexia influences so many people. From tips on how to diet, to tips on how to get your BMI to a dangerously low figure. Especially on Instagram, I see a lot of accounts claiming they are NOT "Pro" yet they still post photos of extremely thin women & men. There is a block/report option on all social media platforms I have seen it on, but nothing is done about it. It frustrates and upsets me that since I was obsessed with "Pro Anorexia" websites, 6 years later there is still, if not more, disturbing and toxic content floating around the internet with very little said or done about it.  This affects people of all ages and not only is it promoting eating disorders, it is promoting death.  In this day and age, almost everyone uses some sort of social media platform. This means the whole population is at risk.  Please note that eating disorders do not discriminate. ANYONE can become ill. Weight, gender, height, sexuality, race, skin colour & disability do not change the equal possibility of that person developing a life threatening mental illness.  This needs to be dealt with for the sake of my own health, your health & EVERYONE'S health.  Please sign this and share it on every social media platform you use and together we can make a difference. Thank you, Sacha Justine Cuddy & Jodie Kirkman

Sacha Justine Cuddy
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Petition to Susan Wojcicki, Google, Beat , NEDA

Help Eugenia Cooney and her fans by taking down her YouTube account

There are so many videos on YouTube about Eugenia Cooney, a twenty-two-year-old YouTuber with 1.1M subscribers. When you watch a video the only thing I see is the shadows on her arms and knees that are thicker than her thighs. Cooney has a severe eating disorder, whilst this is a major problem in itself, it is even more of a problem that she claims that she is "just kind of naturally like that, I guess" to her subscribers. Help to save Eugenia Cooney, all her 1.1M subscribers and everyone who has been exposed to a video. Eugenia Cooney's followers are predominantly young girls, giving them the impression that it is healthy to look like herself. An example of a video is her latest summer outfits video here where she shows her audience clothes she has bought online. This video is typical of an anorexic 'body check'. some comments on her channel include: "she's perfectly fine the way she is" "#1 Goal in life: be as pretty and skinny as her" "thinspo model" "all hail the skeleton queen"  "perfect" Another comment reading "Maybe if she dies then girls won't be affected anymore. She's so unhealthy" Eugenia also appears in live videos where she denies having an eating disorder. Onision makes a truthful video about Eugenia Cooney here that exposes some of the behaviours that demonstrate she likes the attention she is getting from comments on her weight and her attempt at hiding her eating disorder. It is obvious from Eugenia's body language in all her videos that she enjoys being thin: she will place her arms in unnatural positions for example either hiding them into her body or bringing them far away from her torso, never down by her sides,  allowing her audience to see either nothing or only the position that makes her arms appear the slightest. In her live streams (that can be seen in Onision's video) she smiles when her weight is mentioned and laughs it off. She stands with her legs slightly bent or with one leg pointing away from her body and the other straight, again giving the smallest view of herself to the camera. The only way to stop her from dying is to remove this attention, the most of which she receives from her YouTube channel. Help close Eugenia Cooney's YouTube channel to prevent her from killing herself and for promoting eating disorders to her subscribers. Tell YouTube to delete the videos of her telling people she is naturally slim and take down her channel.  Eugenia Cooney needs: to be removed from YouTube;  a psychiatrist and a dietitian; twice weekly weigh-ins in a specialised hospital, and a target weight that will allow her to return to YouTube. As an anorexia sufferer myself I received inpatient treatment in the Roehampton Priory Hospital and Springfield University Hospital (UK) where the procedure was the same. I was monitored until I gained weight. If I refused I would be sectioned under the Mental Health Act and fed through a nasal-gastric tube. They would not let me die. This will open Eugenia Cooney's eyes to the problem she has. It will tell her subscribers that this is not a healthy weight and that people are not naturally as thin as her. This is not a personal attack on Eugenia, but she desperately needs help and her fans need to know this is not what a healthy body looks like.

Ash L
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