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The U​.​S. should make recycling mandatory

Why The U.S. Should Make Recycling Mandatory How many times a day do you think you mistakenly put your leftover materials in the wrong bin? Our planet is slowly corrupting, and we need to bring attention to this matter immediately. Hello fellow classmates, my name is Eleanor Hall, and today I will be explaining the dangers of Landfill, and why the U.S. should make Recycling a mandatory requirement. The world as we know it is constantly changing positively and also negatively. When trash is collected into the landfills, methane is released, a highly toxic greenhouse gas that absorbs heat, thus why global warming is such a threat to us. Not only is it harming our air quality, but also the wildlife around us.  Animals that call the landfills there “home” have a very hazardous diet consisting of plastic, aluminum, and many other resources you would find laying in a garbage bin. Finally landfills put a life long effect on our soil and water. After baking in the sun, toxic chemicals seep to the bottom layers of the leftover build up, and drastically harm the soil and water. The water and soil is weakened to the point that it is no longer able to fight off forms of bacteria. Not only will recycling benefit our environment, but our economy. A variety of new jobs will be created, just to make sure that people are being told what to do, and following the new guidelines that the United States would entail. You see one simple action like this, keep in mind that many other countries have taken, would not only benefit our environment, but our economy.

Eleanor Hall
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Protect our earth from dying.

Right now we are facing the pollution effects. You see it on the news, on Instagram, Snapchat stories, and documentaries on Netflix. This problem is uniting all human beings. This one is for our future. This action is especially intended for all the teens and younger people out there. For the ones who want to be part of this change, (but don’t know how). What is the problem? Right now the earth is heating up, but the increasing temperature needs to stay under 1.5°C. This way the atmosphere can keep absorbing the CO2. But when experts and scientists made a prognostication about how we live now, and how the CO2 emission will develop, they came with a shocking prediction: By 2028 the atmosphere’s temperature on earth will have risen by a total of 1.5°C, and by 2045 a total of 2°C. So they say we won’t stay under the 1.5°C, which means that if we keep living as we do now, our earth will be exhausted in about 26 years, and we won't be able to save the world anymore. Calling on those who have a huge impact on our environment is the only option we have for our families and friends to live in a better world, now and in the future. Our demands: Do everything you can to stop the global temperature from rising by more than 1.5°C. Make climate action a priority across all parts of government. Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 at the latest. Richer countries should do this faster. By 2030, global emissions must be half as much as they were in 2010. Stop using fossil fuels as quickly as possible.  Make sure that climate change doesn’t violate anyone’s human rights. Make sure that those affected by climate change the transition to a fossil-free economy, are properly informed about what is happening and are able to participate in decisions about their futures. Make sure that countries help each other reach these goals; richer countries must help others. Restore the environment at home and abroad, so nature can fight back against climate change. We can do this. Sign this action and call on the political decision-makers all over the world, to create a planet where there is (almost) no human emission of CO2. We will not go down without a fight. We will keep rising until governments will act. LET'S MAKE A CHANGE AND STOP THE CLIMATE CRISIS! LET'S SHOW UP FOR EARTH. Please support our campaign and join us! Sign this, if you are also #Showingupforearth Follow us on:

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Petition to David Ray

Recycling bins for Splash/Spray

         Girl scout troop 52048 is looking to have recycling bins placed in Ponte Vedra Florida Nocatee's Splash. We feel this is important because things that can be recycled are being thrown away. Trash then gets washed away into the ocean and hurts or kills animals and plants. Many people visit Splash and order food or throw away snack bags and broken flip flops. All of that can be washed away. By the time it all dissolves, there will be no earth.           Our goal is 2000 signatures. Please help us reach our goal so we can help the environment and save millions of living things. Just one small change in earth can do a whole lot. Our girl scouts are doing this not only to get our bronze award, but to help in general. Our girl scouts will earn their bronze award if they complete this mission to get recycling bins onto splash.                The things that you throw away are buried in the ground. They are buried in something known as a 'landfill'. These are very deep holes which hold A LOT of trash. The problem is, there are only a few locations left in most western countries which actually have space to hold all of the waste people are generating. Because of that, it gets washed away into the natural habitats that both other animals, and we need. But when you recycle, all the mixed recycling is sorted and separated into different types of materials by hand or machine (or both) before being sent to manufacturers who make it into new products. Once collected and sorted, recycled materials become valuable commodities in the worldwide market. So we can put it to good use again! Imagine all that material that can be used again being thrown away so it can destroy the Earth.             One little thing can change the world. That's why we need you to sign this petition to help in making a change. Thank you.

Troop 52048
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