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Stroke victim to meet his idol Dwayne Johnson in person as christmas gift from step-son

Hello Mr. Johnson. I'm Parker Sullivan; I am 15 years old and am messaging you about a wish of mine. My mother Traci Sullivan has been going through some rough times recently, due mainly to a stroke that impacted her fiance Lather Scholtz on November 4th 2016. He was taken to University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), and put into ICU. He soon got his left side of his skull cap removed and placed in his stomach. Please forgive me if this sounds vague: I don't recall much on this subject because it was hard on me. PTSD caused me to block the memories of the hard time. I don't know if this might help, but my mother and her friends started a hashtag for while he was in the hospital (#prayersforlather).The reason I would like you to help is because before this tragedy struck, my mother and her fiance were monumental fans of you. Lather even looks like you in a way, so he's nicknamed "The Pebble" by friends and family. Ever since his stroke it has left him and my mom in an empty void that has little light; he can't maintain little daily things. He fought through his pain during his 23 weeks in the hospital like a soldier, he had a 23% chance of surviving his stroke. But that is in the past, he now is going through therapy weekly and has a lot of fun bonding with his step-son (me) and his son Elijah when he is able to visit from his mothers house. I would really love it if you could come and visit us. Lather would be delighted to see his idol in person. In conclusion, Mr. Johnson, I, Parker Sullivan, am wishing to put together the greatest Christmas present ever for my step-dad. He is a huge fan, and I would love to surprise him with you! ~Parker Sullivan

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