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Petition to Ron DeSantis, Florida Executive Clemency Board

Free Michael NOW!!!

  My father in law, Michael B. Edwards is a good man who made some bad decisions when he was young. He lost his father at 9 years old in a tragic accident, was forced to become the man of the house at such a young age, his family uprooted and moved from their home in Georgia to Florida where Michael found a way to numb and suppress his pain, and that was by using drugs.  Michael was a cocaine addict throughout his teenage years that carried into his twenties and he made a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that would carry way less weight if they were made in current day, 2019 instead of 1993.  Instead of being treated, Michael was handed practically a life sentence for a series of non-violent drug offenses. Instead of them having compassion and seeing someone obviously suffering from an addiction, the judge said to Michael "You need to be separated away from society for as long as possible." And they did just that. (That same judge that said those words to Michael was then later arrested in a prostitution sting in 2018.) My father in law has been sitting in a prison cell for twenty six years. He has been clean for 22 of those years, has found God, and reads books often to stay current on technology and marketing.  The system failed Michael at 9 years old, at 18, and all throughout and we are begging you to help us push for clemency. Drug addicts are being treated worse than rapists, murderers and pedophiles over a health issue that should be treated as a health issue-not a crime.  Sign this petition to be a part of the movement to change the mental health narrative and help shift the conversation to where it should be on addiction and the drug war.    **Please keep in mind when you pay money to promote this petition, your money goes entirely to and not to Michael or his family. The purpose of this feature is to open up this petition to more eyes.**

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump

Clemency for Michelle West Serving Life Without Parole

My mom is a first time offender, serving a life sentence based on the word of a murderer who got full immunity for his "cooperation." There is no evidence that my mother ever harmed anyone.  But I don't want to dispute the particulars of her case... What I do know is that I was a small child when my mother was arrested.  She remained hands on, raising me from the confines of prison. She forced me to identify what I was passionate about.  I love fashion, so she encouraged me to go to New York city, which I never would have had the courage to do, if not for my mother's belief in me. In New York I caught the eye of Patricia Field, a renowned costume designer for Sex and the City, and she mentored me. I now work as an in-house stylist for Mr. Sean Combs network, Revolt TV in Los Angeles. I will not get married or have children until my mother comes home and her only hope for justice is clemency.  She has already served 22 years which is more time than most people get for rape, arson or murder. She was indicted for conspiracy and could not cooperate because she was afraid someone would hurt me, so she had no choice but to go to trial. Based on the conspiracy law, and mandatory sentencing, she was held responsible for the actions of other co-conspirators. Only President Trump can free my mother by commuting her sentence. I pray that her petition receives a favorable recommendation and ultimately is signed.  We both deserve a second chance because my life will never be complete until my mother is free - we are both serving a life sentence, every single day.   Please, sign and share this petition.  My mother's story has been featured in; Fusion, The Young Turks, Humans of New York, on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency. Details of her case and aforementioned articles can be found on the CAN-DO Foundation website.  

Miquelle West
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Petition to Roy Cooper, NC Governor, david price, David Rouzer, Robert Pittenger, George Holding, Richard Hudson, Patrick McHenry, Virginia Foxx, Alma Adams, G. K. Butterfield, Mark Walter, Walter Jones, Mark Meadows, Mark Walker

Death by Distribution #Reframetheblame North Carolina laws and policy

The truth is that these laws, once intended to target major cartel dealers, are presently used to prosecute friends and loved ones of the individual who has lost their life due to a fatal overdose. Those impacted most by drug-induced homicide laws also include people selling to support their own use. All too often, these individuals selling who have few options for procuring a sustainable income due to their criminal records (another failure on part of the faulty drug war) which further removes them from operating in the mainstream economy.  The #Reframetheblame campaign calls for people who currently or may use drugs to sign "Do Not Prosecute" Directive Orders.  Designed in the tradition of a Do Not Resuscitate Order, we sign a DNP as a way of taking control of our lives. This a powerful statement on our behalf, declaring that we don't want our lives used as propaganda to continue a drug war that has brought nothing but pain and difficulty. The DNP states: “In the event that die of a drug overdose, I take responsibility for my use.  I do not want anyone charged with murder, or held responsible….” If anyone or anything is responsible for our untimely deaths, it is drug prohibition and our government's insistence that we double down on a racist and classist drug war policy that has proven ineffective over and over again.   The criminal prohibition of drugs and nonviolent drug offenses, remains solely responsible for the jailing of millions. It is this criminalization that has also unleashed a multi-billion dollar black market on our communities.  A public health model approach requires that we move away from old drug war policy. Naloxone access/distribution, Good Samaritan laws, Fentanyl test strips, drug checking stations, treatment on demand and Medication Assisted Treatment ( MAT) are all examples of public health approaches that have shown to be effective in reducing overdose death among people who use drugs. We are asking folks to please talk to your family members and loved ones about overdose, drug-induced homicide laws, and #reframetheblame  today. There is no substitute for honest conversation. Protect yourself and those that you love who use drugs. Unite with us collectively as we demand that our voices be heard, both in life and in death. DRUG-INDUCEDHOMICIDE LAWSFACTSHEET There are 20 states that currently have drug-inducedhomicide laws: Delaware, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas,Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey,North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin,and Wyoming.Four Midwestern states - Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, andMinnesota - have been the most aggressive in prosecutingdrug-induced homicides with a total of 2,378 peopleprosecuted from 2011 to 2016.In 2017, a total of 13 states - Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Maine,Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio,South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia -introduced bills to either create new drug-induced homicidelaws or strengthen existing ones.There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that drug-inducedhomicide laws have any effect on rates of drug use or on thenumber of people selling drugs, two of the primary thingsthey are touted as being able to do.In fact, changes in drug laws that began to be rolled out inthe 1970's resulted in the number of people incarcerated fordrug crimes in the USA from 1980 to 2016 to grow by awhopping 1,101%. In 2016 there were more overdose deaths inthe US than in any year prior. #REFRAMETHEBLAME

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