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Petition to Bedford Junior High Administration

Make Bedford Junior High Dress Code Stop Sexualizing Young Girls' Shoulders

Young girls around the world struggle to conform to their school's dress code. They are constantly being told "Cover this", "Don't show that", and most of all, "That's 'distracting'". Young women are being told that they cannot dress comfortably because the young men around them will be distracted. We are told this is to prepare us for a professional environment. The truth is, society believes women should be prohibited to dress the way they want because men cannot handle themselves around them when they do. This is teaching a discriminatory message to young men; it is ok to force women to conform to their needs, and that women dress solely to attract boys.  Nowadays, many dress codes prohibit females from wearing clothing that exposes shoulders, upper thighs, and other "provocative" areas. The reason? They are too "distracting". First of all, the age of students being dress coded is below when boys should be looking at girls romantically.  62% of middle schools enforce strict dress codes, compared to 56% of high schools. Logic says that high school should be where most dress-coding takes place. Since this isn’t true, we are led to believe that there may be another factor in play. A lesson, directed towards young, impressionable male minds: Women should be forced to dress modestly because men cannot control themselves. Not only is this false, but it will make for a self-righteous and sexist generation of young men, rather than a generation of respectful gentlemen. Men will grow up seeing women as objects to be sexualized rather than human beings with their own thoughts and feelings. Society is littered with opinions on how women should look. Some think they should wear layer upon layer of makeup. Others believe natural is the way to go. Some think long hair is best, others prefer short. But opinions on clothing are the most common of all.  Sure, women put in their two cents. But the main contributor? Men who believe that women should dress how they think is the most appealing. This is one of dress code's most long-lasting effects. The main reason teachers give while dress coding women is that when they expose their upper thighs, shoulders, or midriff they are distracting to boys. They're then forced to fix the "problem". Dress codings are often very public, occurring in the middle of passing periods when the hallways are full of spectators, including men. When a young boy witnesses a girl being dress coded for distracting boys, it plants a seed in his head. The way many administrators describe the offense makes it sound like the girl was attempting to disturb the classroom when in reality she probably just wanted to wear clothing she thought was cute. However, when a boy witnesses this, it makes him believe that girls are trying to dress for his attention. In most cases this is false, but it can leave a lasting impression on young, easily malleable minds. This young man will grow up believing that women are constantly trying to get his attention, which will cause him to be a misogynistic jerk. We are already seeing the effects of dress codes in schools today. Young men are catcalling women in the halls, even when they’re IN dress code. Women are being sexually harassed. Men are not learning consent at a young age, and that needs to change now. If the dress code continues, nothing will change. Our dress code must become less restrictive, or the next generation of young men will never learn to show women basic respect. Complaints about dress codes aren't exactly new. Females have been protesting the dress code since its beginning. But just because the problem is old does not mean it is not a pressing issue. Dress codes make women into objects for men to enjoy, rather than people with their own feelings and opinions. I'm not saying the dress code is all-around bad. There need to be some limitations on what students can wear. But the strictness of the limitations placed on young women is unacceptable. These unfair limitations are creating a generation of men who view women as both objects who can be manipulated to fit their own needs and slaves whose only goal is to please them. If something doesn't change, and soon, women will lose their individuality, their identity, and most of all, their right to pursue happiness, in all shapes and forms. Sign this petition if you believe that Bedford Junior High should make the following adjustments to its dress code: Allow cold-shoulder shirts Allow sleeves at least two fingers wide Allow bra straps to be visible. Institute punishment for young men cat-calling young women during school hours. IF MY SHOULDERS ARE DISTRACTING, MY SHOULDERS AREN'T THE PROBLEM!!!

Ryan Ingram
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Petition to CMHS School District

Change the CMHS Dress Code Policy

Crete-Monee High school has a pretty strict dress code. Skirts and dresses have to be finger length and tank tops need to be 3 finger width. Jeans can’t have rips above your fingertips. These are some of the rules they have set up in place however it isn’t fair. The dress code is targeted to those who are mainly  on the “thicker” size or those who wouldn’t be considered as skinny. Also the dress code doesn’t work for every body type. There are individuals who have longer arms therefore causing them to have to wear longer skirts or dresses. There are people who are shorter and may have shorter arms which gives them more lead way on what they can and can’t wear. This again is not fair.  The clothes we wear at school is a form of expression, and it’s being taken away. The staff at school seem to be more focused on what females or those assigned female at birth are wearing. If we are not abiding by their dress code we get sent to ISS or home to change, taking time out of our day that is used for learning. We as a school want to come together and fight the dress code. It takes away our freedom to express ourselves and the treatment isn’t equal for each individual. It takes time out of our day that could be spent learning because staff are so focused on what we wear. Dress code stemmed from the rape culture saying that women were raped because of what they wore. So now when something like that happens the first question that is asked is what were you wearing. This ideology does more damage than good. Guys at this school walk around all the time sagging yet the main focus seems to be on the females. There is never a time where you hear a student complain about what someone else is wearing and claiming it to be distracting, so why do the administrators find it so distracting? 

Gabby Nelson
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Petition to Wayne High School

Change the Sexist Dress Code

Schools are supposed to create a safe and positive environment. The dress code has the opposite of that. The dress code does nothing but sexualize young girls, allows victim blaming, promotes rape culture, and tells girls that we should have to hide our body to “protect” ourselves. They are instilled by schools enforcing a standard of modesty contributing to the objectification of women. My thighs, boobs, shoulders and stomach should not be sexualized in a place where i’m suppose to feel safe and comfortable at. We are tired. We are tired of being painted as objects. We are tired of being pulled to the side of class and asked to change because our stomach is showing. Why can’t my shoulders, stomach or thighs be out? Why are they considered sexual ?  How come we have to cover up to make a “distraction free area” for boys, instead of teaching them to respect us? Or instead of teaching boys that women aren’t sexual objects? By having a sexist dress code your allowing boys that they aren’t responsible for their actions and behaviors. They believe they are protecting us from sexual harassment and assault.. When in reality it doesn’t matter what you wear. You can be wearing anything and it can still happen. Making us cover up is just allowing their behavior. Your allowing victim blaming. The dress code not only can ruin mental health but can ruin young girls self esteem. It shows that our body is dangerous and sexual. The dress code is targeted at girls. Everyone should be allowed to feel comfortable in what they wear at school. 

aly g
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Petition to Dr. Gregory D. Little, Jacob Smith III, Tara Black, Tradd Denny, Jenna Howell, Meg Huggins, Terrance Harris

Reform River Bluff High School and the Lexington County School District One Dress Code

It is essential to acknowledge that strict and precise dress codes are remarkably vital in distinct environments such as courthouses or other legislation and administration buildings, weddings or cultural celebrations, and so on, to uphold a level of appreciation and professionalism. However, these statutes provide the opposite effect in a school setting; rather than prove professionalism, they infuriatingly and unscrupulously objectify children's bodies and make for an uncomfortable day of learning. Nevertheless, rather than abolish the dress code, we can reform it. Take a look at the Oregon NOW model for instance: Keep reading to learn why: Some of the most problematic, misogynistic, and unfair dress codes emerge from where you would least expect: the modern-day high school. In a recent article posted by the Atlantic, “conflict over these policies has also spawned hundreds of petitions and numerous school walkouts. Many of these protests have criticized the dress codes as sexist in that they unfairly target girls by body-shaming and blaming them for promoting sexual harassment” (Zhou). High school dress codes take advantage of historical patriarchal qualms against women’s dress and attire, leading to belittlement and harassment against school-age children in an environment meant to protect them. It is absolutely absurd that schools “will not permit clothing [that they deem]distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or otherwise disruptive (“Lexington County School District One 2020–2021 Student Handbook”). Why should a forty-year-old man or even woman determine what constitutes as distracting about a teenager’s body? Examples of these predetermined clothing choices are, but not limited to, “bare midriffs, halter/tank tops, spaghetti straps and see-through shirts, tops or blouses . . . [or even] overly tight or shorter than fingertip- or mid-thigh-length shorts, skirts, skorts or dresses” (“Lexington County School District One 2020–2021 Student Handbook”). How exactly are a minor’s stomach, shoulders, or legs distracting or suggestive? Dress codes in modern-day schools infuriatingly objectify and over-sexualize young women’s bodies, and consequently, it deprives these women of all confidence and makes them feel as if they are inferior to those surrounding them. 

Lana Maas
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