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Petition to Bandai Namco, DIMPS Corporation

Add Super Saiyan God & Super Saiyan Blue as CaC transformations in Xenoverse 2

Following the lore of Dragon Ball Super, it's been brought to our attention (the viewers of Dragon Ball Super and players of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2) that the transformation 'Super Saiyan God' and 'Super Saiyan Blue' are available to all Saiyans. In episode 37 of Dragon Ball Super anime we see Vegeta vs. Cabba, and at the end of the match, Vegeta transforms into 'Super Saiyan Blue'.  He proceeds to tell an awe-struck Cabba that 'Super Saiyan Blue' is the latest Saiyan transformation, and that he too can achieve this form if he trains hard enough.  At that point, he ends the match by knocking Cabba out. Furthermore in chapter 22 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, we see Vegeta transform into the red 'Super Saiyan God' form, further proving that a Saiyan is not absolutely required to be the subject of the 'Super Saiyan God Ritual' in order to attain the form.  Vegeta acquired this form on his own, without the help of the ritual, simply by learning how to sense 'God energy'. According to both the manga and the anime, any Saiyan is able to attain both of these forms of Super Saiyan.  Based on this canon information, excluding forms that *any* Saiyan is able to attain from the Create-a-Character platform seems in poor taste.  It is understood that mechanics may need to be introduced in order to balance the game with the addition of these CaC transformations, but that is not out of reach. A large majority of the game fandom would like to be able to attain these forms for their custom characters, instead of sealing and locking them away for only Vegeta and Goku while the anime and manga state otherwise - that any Saiyan is capable of these powers. Please add Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue as CaC transformations available via free update or paid DLC.

Shawn Coover
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