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Petition to Popp Family, Melissa Dunning

Save Aunt Millie's Bakery in Fort Wayne

Aunt Millie's Bakery in Fort Wayne has announced the closure of their facility in April of 2018.  It is vitally important that the people of Fort Wayne let Aunt Millie's know that this is the wrong move. Aunt Millie's Bakery is absolutely iconic to Fort Wayne.  The smell of bread baking downtown has been part of our identity for 116 years!  Given the current resurgence in business and industry in Fort Wayne, especially downtown, it is a mistake to take away this vital business now.  The company has decided that closing the plant and laying off 91 employees is the right move to "reduce excess capacity", but this is not correct.  The people of Fort Wayne love the bakery and its history that is so entwined with our own.  Why give up on us after we have served proudly as headquarters to this company for over a century?  We are known for the revolving sliced bread sign on top of the bakery and the company claims the sign will remain; but without the smell of the bread baking, what is the point?   The Popp Family should reconsider the closing the Fort Wayne location.  It is especially shocking considering all of the opportunities flooding into our city at this time.  When other businesses are building, investing, and vying for a chance to get into our area, it seems very wrong to move a long-standing integral part of our culture and commerce out. 

Jodi Leamon
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Petition to Steve McShane, Scott Davis, Gloria de la rosa, Tony Berrera, John "Tony" Villegas, Kimbley craig, Joseph Gunter, Luis Alejo, Jane Parker

Leave Our Sidewalks Alone - Stop Downtown Boondoggle in Salinas

Keep Downtown Salinas quaint! Retain existing sidewalks, planters and most trees. The greenest solution is to clean the sidewalks, employ a professional landscape gardener to plant and maintain the planters, and remove/replace only trees that are threatening the small planters. We don't want random tables, chairs and umbrellas that are not associated with specific restaurants.  Take out food is NOT GREEN, and most Downtown patrons do not buy take out to eat on the street, instead, the street furniture will become a magnet for the homeless people.  We already have seating on the planter 'benches' which currently discourages sitting for long periods and sleeping.  Instead, fix the sidewalks throughout the City of Salinas that are in dire need of repair or replacement, some for over 15 years.  Bring HOPE Services back to Downtown Salinas to clean the area. Incentivize restaurants to provide outdoor dining and property owners to convert upstairs to apartments. Steam clean the sidewalks twice a year. Stop the Downtown Vibrancy Boondoggle ("Work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value. To waste money or time on unnecessary or questionable projects."-Google Dictionary) Our downtown IS currently vibrant and is in need of ENHANCEMENTS, not a complete overhaul.  Also, one and a half to two years of construction will kill Downtown and many shops will go out of business directly from the "revitalization" process. Concentrate on beautifying the surrounding streets:  Salinas, Monterey, Alisal, San Luis, Gabilan, and Central Avenue. Do not remove perfectly good sidewalks, planters, and trees to match the grey sidewalks in front of the Taylor Farms Building. Be green and stop wasteful spending! The property owners and tax payers paid for the existing sidewalks and planters for years, and do not want to destroy them, to rip them apart!  It's a boondoggle - let's end it now.  

Trish Sullivan
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