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Petition to Justin Elliott, ProPublica


The Wide Open Thieves.It is time for this to S T O P ! Do you donate to the American Red Cross? They won't but I will thank you for making their paychecks, spending accounts, photo opps, vacations for a lot of them, personal gain, car's, gas and insurance to drive back and forth to work. Thank you for going to work everyday and your families doing without so they can enjoy life on your dime.I was a volunteer for the American Red Cross and work tireless hours and worked under some of the best staff members there are. Sad they are all gone now. Why? Because they would not steal from you.How long are we as Americans going to sit on our tails and talk about the rich getting richer? Wake up people, we make them this way.I worked the Superstorm Sandy, the Peoria, Il. tornados, Detroit Floods, Mississippi tornados and many others. I fought for what was right, I seen donations turned away to other organizations to sell, I've seen the waste. I've stayed in the finest hotel in Chicago, Atlantic City and other places on YOUR dime. Guess what, I asked for a staff shelter because I've seen the families come and be turned away. I've seen things thrown away and not given. I've seen the numbers padded.Now we come to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Where your dimes have put over a thousand people in hotels, but kept a few in shelters. My guess as to why is, because they will have a country music star concert for your dollars. The people are NOT going to get the money. This is a way to show numbers. To dip into your wallet. We're all saps. STOP the giving. The Red Cross has the money to give. Big businesses give this money for their write offs at tax time.I urge each and everyone of you that has a heart to contact your media outlet and Government and demand accountability of the Red Cross. STOP the discrimination across America of whom they help the most.Please see below a plea made and think about what you need to do.Sue RussellDecember 2 at 12:22pmMy cousin who is a nurse and volunteering at the Command Center in Gatlinburg just called me in tears and asked me to post this to face book. If you are sending donated items to the fire victims PLEASE make sure to indicate it is for the the fire victims as the Red Cross is re-directing items to other areas of the country. They are also turning away donations saying they do not need them. A lady drove from Georgia with a truck load of disposal diapers and was told they do not need them. Volunteers chased her down and told her to take them to the distribution center that was set up in Pigeon Forge. The need is great in this area....PLEASE do not let them turn your donations away and PEASE indicate on mailed items that they are to be used ONLY for the fire victims you are donating to help. PLEASE SHARE    

Paula Coll
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Petition to Starbucks

Starbucks: Donate a portion of their proceeds from the 2014 Planners to the Typhoon Victims

I was browsing thru my News Feed the other day. I was in a state of shock and dismay as I witnessed, post after post the aftermath of the Typhoon Yolanda. It reminded me of how I was in that very same situation back when Reming hit Bicol in 2006. In the midst of my browsing I came across one post from a page about an Unboxing of the newly-announced "Starbucks 2014 Planner". I was quite offended by the untimely release of such thing that most of us consider as a "luxury" to have. I thought of the mechanics on how to get the planner since I'm already aware on how to avail such - You just have to be able to collect 18 stickers from Starbucks beverages. That's when I felt worse because I thought of all the people sipping on their Choco Java Chip Frappuccinos or Gingerbread Latte Frappe just to be able to collect stickers for the planners while somewhere in Visayas, some thousands of people are wailing for potable water. Just plain, lukewarm and stock water. I felt like I needed to do something about this. And here I am now, my friends, suggesting that for every 18 stickers that customers complete, just the cost of 1 sticker will go to the survivors of the Typhoon Yolanda. This will cost around 150.00 only but guys, 150.00 per person who will get a planner is not bad! In fact it's going to be a great help and will surely go a looong way! Starbucks' facebook page 's cover photo encourages us all to "Create Wonder, Share Joy" . I think this will be the best oppurtunity so that they'll really be able to live up to what they're trying to promote. Let's understand what the essence of Christmas truly is. Let's help Starbucks realize that we can indeed create wonder and share joy by hitting two birds with one stone - buy yourself a drink and give a little Christmas cheer to the survivors of Yolanda! WE never know, the first thing you might write on your brand new planner is an entry about how you were able to collect the stickers, get the planner and give back to our brothers and sisters in the Visayas.

Daniel Peralta
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