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Exempt Wartime Interpreters from President Trump's Executive Order Banning Immigration

As an U.S. Army Captain serving in Afghanistan, I was almost killed by Taliban fighters. My Afghan translator, Janis, saved my life. We made a promise to translators like Janis, who served alongside our troops, to help them immigrate to the United States.President Trump’s ban on all immigration of refugees breaks that promise to the thousands of Afghan and Iraqi wartime allies. The president's Executive Order shuts the door on thousands of foreign interpreters, our wartime allies, who served alongside our military since 2001. Enacting a four-month ban on ALL immigration of refugees and an outright ban on the immigration of Iraqis condemns thousands of our Iraqi wartime allies to languish and fend for themselves against the very enemies we asked them to help us fight.The blanket ban on immigration from Iraq and the four month moratorium on immigration from Afghanistan prevents our allies from reaching safety here in America and leaves countless thousands to be hunted for their service to the United States. If we commit to this, we will permanently harm our national security. Our credibility will be forever neutered if not eroded. Why would any potential ally ever trust America to keep its word again? It pains me to think how many US soldiers will now die in future wars because we couldn't recruit the local support that is often the difference between life and death. Moreover, this ban imposes a lifetime moral injury on our Iraq war veterans. Vietnam Veterans speak often of their half-century injury at having abandoned so many of our Vietnamese allies. Please ask President Trump to keep our promise to America’s veterans and allow for the Special Immigration Visa program to continue uninterrupted. Sincerely, Matt Zeller, Co-FounderNo One Left Behind  

No One Left Behind
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Petition to OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

Don't let democracy die in darkness. Shine a brighter light on the 2018 elections.

American democracy is under greater threat than ever before. This is our first national election under a president who has made no secret of his contempt for the institutions of our democracy, including the courts, the free press, and the election process itself. Worse, he is under investigation for colluding with a foreign dictatorship to swing the 2016 election in his favor. And having appointed Brett Kavanaugh to give him a majority on the Supreme Court, after Kavanaugh explicitly argued in 2009 that the president should be immune from criminal prosecution, Trump believes he is above the law. But the polls are giving a more than 75% chance of Democrats taking the House of Representatives in this election, which means they could impeach Trump for collusion with Russia and other crimes. There's no telling what Trump might do to prevent that from happening. But we do know who will be in the best position to hold him accountable: international election observers. Unfortunately, the international election watchdog ODIHR, which sent over 400 observers to thoroughly monitor the 2016 elections, has decided to send a team of less than 50 this time, and has no plans for any systematic observation of voting, vote counting, or tabulation of results. We must call on them to change their minds and deploy as many observers as possible to watch for all kinds of dirty tricks, including mass disenfranchisement, intimidation at the polls, and hacking of computerized election systems. We cannot allow Donald Trump to keep messing with our elections and undermining our democracy. Please sign to let ODIHR know we need them now more than ever. PETITION TEXT: ODIHR's election observation work has never mattered more. I am writing to ask you to be extremely wary on Election Day, and if at all possible, add many more election observers to ensure we get the best picture possible of any efforts to illegally alter the results. If your observers are forced to leave, please make sure the world knows immediately. President Trump is openly contemptuous of the democratic process, and under potential threat of impeachment should control of the House of Representatives fall to the the Democratic Party, as now seems probable in absence of tampering. I wish your needs assessment for the 2018 elections had taken greater account of this dangerously unstable leader's possible extreme reaction to such a threat. I also believe your assessment is out of date because Trump has just obtained a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court through the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh, who stated, in a 2009 Minnesota Law Review Article, his support of “exempting a President—while in office—from criminal prosecution and investigation.” We cannot accept the risk that the monitoring of this election will be insufficient to hold President Trump accountable for any illegal efforts to undermine our democratic process. Please make sure your election observation mission doesn't miss this crucial opportunity to help preserve democracy in the world's most powerful nation.

Benjamin Sibelman
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, President Donald Trump


My husband and I have been ordered to pay PERMANENT lifelong alimony, under the antiquated laws of the state of New Jersey.  We have petitioned Governor Chris Christie, who has changed the law by no longer allowing permanent alimony - however this law does not effect all the unfortunate Americans who have been sentenced to permanent alimony before the law was reformed. The next logical step is to free the payors of permanent alimony that have not been released by the changes of law.  We are sick of this ball and chain called permanent alimony weighing us down - and we know there are many other American's out there suffering from the same form of financial bondage, they have written to us with their stories of financial hardship - due to permanent alimony.  Recipients of permanent alimony should not be the burden of private citizens.  This is a form of slavery and is the opposite of freedom and the opposite of what America stands for. There is no incentive for the alimony recipient to be full and productive, when they receive a check every month.  It encourages laziness.  It is a welfare system, and as such, should be the responsibility of the government.  When a child reaches the age of 18, financial obligation of the parent is over - how can the financial obligation to an ex-spouse continue indefinitely?  We will not be silenced anymore!  Our voices will be heard. Permanent Alimony is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is UNJUST.  AND JUST PLAIN NOT FAIR! Thank you for your support!  Let's make America Great Again by putting an end to permanent alimony!

Erin Foster Palagye
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Petition to Mike Pence, FOX News, CNN, NBC, President of the United States

STOP the MEAN Tweets ! Demand of Pres. Donald Trump to stop attacking people on Twitter

Whether you are a DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, or Independent. Whether you support Trump's use of Twitter at times, or are totally against. Whether or not you support President Trump at all. We are all fellow Americans ! And WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE all agree that we must be kind to each other, and respect each other despite our possible differences as HUMANS ! Therefore we ask President Trump to please stop the personal attacks on Twitter ! Please do not call people dumb, or criticize their physical appearance, etc.. Mr. President, some of us believe you should continue using twitter to reach the public, while many of us disagree. Some of us think it is important that you fight back against the "Fake News" or opposing Politicians with twitter, while some of us do not. WE ALL AGREE however, that it is important to be KIND and Respectful toward each other. We also believe that our children look up to you as their President and do not want them growing up thinking it is OK to use personal attacks against people on social media.  Lastly, even for those among us who support you completely, we feel that when you are mean to others it makes all of us look bad. It also creates tremendous divisiveness among fellow Americans, because many assume that "Trump supporters" who support you are fine with kind of behavior. This is NOT TRUE with regards to the overwhelming majority, but unfortunately still causes us to be very divided. So with one voice, we the "Trump Supporters" and the "Trump Haters" TOGETHER ASK OF YOU that even when you feel the need need to stand up for your policies,PLEASE never use social media to personally attack people! Thank you 

David Gordon
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