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Send Donald Trump to Fist Fight Kim Jong Un

Read as advertised. Our president, Donald Trump, and the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, should settle their differences personally through fisticuffs instead of using nuclear threats to constantly rile up justifications of war and fear in their respective peoples. In the scope of American history, we already had a generation of soldiers establish the armistice with the Korean peninsula after a long and grueling 3 years of tense battle between the forces of North Korea (with the help of then Soviet and Chinese forces) and South Korea (with the aid of UN forces and the American military). \ Things have changed drastically since then. Almost every country on the planet has a nuclear option that could end the world as we know it in an instant, just as it did at the end of the Second World War with the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing thousands of unwarranted and innocent deaths. It makes a good portion of us on all sides anxious that we could be bombed at any second by a flagrant error made by any of our world leaders. Therefore, the reason I have created this petition is to encourage the usage of the oldest battle tactic in the book; the fist fight. It has been used for as long as humans have existed and is the least likely way to end up with fatalities on either side, which neither country needs or would like to have either. At the same time, the fist fight is one of the most personal ways of getting aggression out, and since these two seem to hate each other so much, it practically warrants that they should engage in old fashioned fisticuffs. Not to mention that if we were to televise this event, it would probably be the most-watched fight event in all of world history. Two combatants, with world jurisdiction, fighting the way the people have always wanted; without innocent lives being lost, without sons and daughters unable to come home to their mothers and fathers, without terrible power vaccums that will drastically change world politics and create new terrorist insurgencies. It's a clean, fair fight. By signing this petition, you believe and endorse that Donald Trump (and a system of security detail) and - if he agrees, since this petition only has gravity within the American system of laws - Kim Jong Un (with a similar system of security detail) will travel to a designated point where both parties will be able to fight without the threat of assassination. Before the fight commences, they will both have to sign an agreement to lay down nuclear arms and any threat thereof throughout the length of their respective administrations against the opposing nation, regardless of the outcome of the match from the moment they enter the ring through the use of a contract as they enter, to register themselves eligible to contend against each other. This contract will also allow them diplomatic immunity in the unspecified area that they will fight in as well as the ability to seek aid should they retain any injuries as a result of this bout, to assure that they will not be trifled with in this personal combat. Any competitor which does not fulfill this agreement will be subject to forfeit, and the victory conditions for the other side will be granted, as seen below. They will then engage in a agreed style of fist-based combat (I think boxing would be the best form or action; it has a solid and clear ruleset which will leave the two opponents with the least amount of damage) with a clear ruleset until a winner is settled. The stakes of this match are admittedly very high, due to the fact that this match is between the leaders of two entire countries. I believe that the most generous but high stakes are laid out like this: If Donald J. Trump is declared the victor: North Korea's main complaint amongst all know factions of the world is their lack of humanitarian effort towards their own people. Should Trump come out victorious, Kim Jong Un and his administration will have sanctions written against him, giving limited control over the people he rules over. His administration will continue to work with foreign affairs, but he shall not be able to address or make the rules of how his state operates, including revoking the "god-emperor" status of the North Korean dictator, as losing this fight on live North Korean television will prove that he is not all-powerful in every facet to his people. This will be determined by world-appointed and properly accredited and verified humanitarian ambassadors who will help improve the North Korean way of living. In essence, North Korea will be made into a puppet government with regards to his own populace, while keeping the Kim administration intact for as long as they are welcome to rule. Donald Trump can continue to operate America as he sees fit, with a laurel that he successfully quelled the issues with North Korea without having to resort to unbelievably violent means. If Kim Jong Un is declared the victor: If Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is decided the winner, then the North Korean state will continue to operate as it sees fit, and shall have any embargos of trade removed from nations to allow for the proliferation of the North Korean state. Donald Trump must be banned from Twitter and all other social media networks where he is able to quickly reply to any threats made against him, and he must not ever mention foreign affairs again to his people, while maintaining a foreign influence in private. Instead of Donald Trump using his Twitter, he will be replaced by a team of ghost writers who will keep an eye on his affairs and report them to the American people via these banned accounts. However, to compensate, Donald Trump himself must host a poll weekly-ish designed by him and hosted with the express intention of having no outside influence with opinions that he has had and introduce them to the people, where the people will show him what they agree with. This will allow him ample proof to justify or nullify any of the opinions he had without having to listen to his breadth of "fake news" telling him what is and isn't the voice of the people he is ruling. By instilling this brand of direct democracy with the people, the president will have the same vote of confidence that Congresspeople get through their jobs, and will instill a new system of elector feedback that we desperately need in the American political system. With your signature, we can put our worries as respective people to rest about when the nukes will finally drop on our respective countries. Please sign today to ensure that nuclear arms will continue to be our last resort instead of our first line of defense.

Nathan Cline
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Petition to Internal Revenue Service, Federal Communications Commission, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, James Comey

ReAudit Trump over his Possible Income Tax, FTC, FCC Violations & FBI Favoritism.

Donald Trump may have violated "Rule of Law" on many occasions during the 2016 presidential campaign. Here is a list. Donald Trump may have funded his entire presidential campaign with Income Tax Evasion Money.   Donald Trump may have broken FCC rules when he repeatedly lied & slandered  his opponent, Hillary Clinton, over the airwaves claiming that his never indicted and never convicted opponent was a "criminal".   Donald Trump's close relationship to the National Enquirer and the Enquirer's ongoing misuse of their front cover headlines to voice their anti Clinton bias, as fact, rather than as their opinion, is possibly an FTC violation as well.  Perhaps as many as 10 million eyes per week saw opinionated National Enquirer Anti Clinton headlines being reported as breaking Headline News Stories. The anti Clinton headlines came out on average one to two times for every four monthly publications. Whenever the National Enquirer created outrageous Clinton phobia headlines and presented them as fact rather than opinion, they were most likely violating FTC and FCC rules. The fact that the National Enquirer Supports Trump makes the entire action highly offensive and most likely illegal. FBI director James Comey needs to explain why Hillary Clinton was under investigation and REinvestigation for emails while Donald Trump was not being investigated for Income Tax Evasion, FCC Violations by using the airwaves to purposely lie for personal and political gain, and FTC Violations for his quid pro quo relationship with the National Enquirer. These three separate issues clearly gave Mr. Trump a Financial, Deceptive, and Media edge over Hillary Clinton during the Presidential Campaign. Enough of an advantage to alter the final presidential outcome by a significant amount. James Comey needs to explain why the FBI did not find it alarming that a presidential candidate may have funded his entire campaign with income tax evasion money, yet the FBI did not find it necessary to investigate Mr. Trump. What we experienced during the 2016 presidential campaign was a Candidate bullying his way through the process, always falling forward into the next day so everybody would forget his transgressions from the day before. That is why it is important to request government agencies do what they are supposed to do, and do what the media missed, honor the rule of law and actually do their job by exposing actions that need to investigated. We need answers to the questions that were not asked by the media of James Comey at both of his Hillary Clinton press conferences, such as, "Is Donald Trump being investigated as well? That one question alone would have put a better perspective on the FBI's overall purpose and would have allowed journalists to expand their own mindset over what was really going on. Was the FBI only targeting one candidate but not the other, why ? But beyond that, why are the FTC, FCC and the IRS standing still when its their job to investigate Trump's possible Presidential Campaign Transgressions? Has Hillary Clinton fallen into the trap of the Good Old Boys Network in which the men who dominate these agencies can't see how biased they have been towards Donald Trump and his possible law breaking ways? Is Attorney Loretta Lynch too timid to do her job? Does Rule of Law only apply to women, and is Rule of Law only enforced during Republican Presidential Terms and not during Democrat Presidential Terms? No matter what has come before, it is time for Donald Trump to be investigated over possible rule of law violations.  If Donald Trump believes he is above the law when it comes to running for the presidency, how much worse might it get were he to actually be inaugurated on January 20,  2017 without first being investigated on numerous potential rule of law violations.

Alessandro Machi
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