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Petition to Amazon, Jeff Bezos

Remove All Donald Trump Products from Amazon​.​com

January 2021 Update: This petition was originally created in 2015 in response to Donald Trump's racist attacks on Mexicans and Latinx Americans at large during his speech announcing his run. Since then, Donald Trump went on to become President and do all the terrible and racist things he promised and worse. In the wake of the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol and coup attempt by Trump supporters at his encouragement, it has never been more urgent to take a stand against Trump's fascism. I urge Amazon to join Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Stripe, PGA, Shopify, Deutsche Bank, New York City, and many others in cutting ties with Donald Trump and his companies.As of January 13th, 2021 Amazon continues to profit from Donald Trump products sold on its platform.Original post from 2015:As a DREAMer and Latino American who recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree from American University, I am disgusted by the words of Donald Trump regarding immigrants, and particularly those from Mexico, which he called "rapists" and accused of generally being criminals. It's not lost on me that for him "Mexican" probably means any Latino, particularly undocumented immigrants. There was a time when Trump represented the American dream, when he published his book The Art of the Deal. I may not be considered an American by law, but Donald Trump and his words are not how I define American. We have come to this country to seek a better life, for some of us, like myself, it was our parents who brought us here to the "land of opportunity." Trump has been able to have his own success in this country, much of it which probably would have been impossible without the Latino community and many of these Mexican immigrants he seems to despise so much. They work in his hotels, they build and renovate his hotels, work on his golf courses, etc. and he reaps the benefits of their hard work, and then publicly, says these horrible things while seeking the presidency of this country. And while he may not be an immigrant, I don't think Mr. Trump has forgotten that the richest man in the world is a Mexican. For a man who prides himself on making good business deals, who wrote the book The Art of the Deal, he sure doesn't know how to deal with an America that has evolved to no longer accept vitriol like that spoken at his campaign announcement. Amazon has recently responded to the racist terror attack in Charleston that sparked a conversation about our nation's history with race and particularly with the Confederate flag by ceasing to sell Confederate flags on their site. Now I call on them to do the same with Donald Trump and cease to sell his many products on the site listed by Donald Trump and his companies. Trump no longer represents a sound business judgement, he represents societal regression and is a symbol for losing business by being held responsible for spreading hate. NBCUniversal and Univision have both recognized this by ending their TV deals with Trump and not showing Miss Universe or The Apprentice. I call on Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, whose own father immigrated to America as a young man, to also cease business with this man, and stop supporting his hate.

Julián Gómez
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Petition to Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Shane Roden, Rob Vescovo, Dan Shaul, Becky Ruth, Elaine Gannon, Mike McGirl

Say "No" to Renaming I-55 in Arnold to "Donald J. Trump"

State Representative, Mary Elizabeth Coleman, would like to rename a stretch of I-55 in Arnold, MO after Impeached President, Donald J. Trump. Jefferson County should not rename a part of a highway to appease a tyrannical president. Jefferson County is a growing community of scholars, hard workers, and we are increasing in the numbers of people of color moving to JeffCo and I believe that renaming such a busy stretch of the highway will only deter those who could help us keep growing. There are a plethora of reasons to not rename this highway in honor of DJT but here are some to jog your memory; 1) lying to us about the dangers of COVID-19; 2) His over 25 sexual misconduct and abuse allegations; 3) his racial prejudice; 4) collusion with Russia in 2016 election; 5) losing the popular vote, TWICE; 6) he was impeached and could potentially become impeached again; And lastly, President Trump incited riots at our nation's capital- where 5 people died- in order to protest the fair and free Presidential election outcome. And at the riots, dressed from head to toe in Trump gear were White Supremacists, Nazis, and members of the KKK. I fear that if we rename a portion of that highway to DJT then the monsters hidden among us will feel more comfortable and Jefferson County might become a place where it is no longer safe for women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people of color. Please consider signing this petition. Jefferson County has it's quirks and problems and it is not perfect but we can try to continue to improve it by providing a safe environment for passerby's and members of our own communities.

Elizabeth Grieb
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Petition to Carolyn B. Maloney, Rosemary Harold, Brad Hoylman

Don't let Fox News call itself `news`

This petition asks that the FCC revoke Fox News' license until 'News' is removed from its branding, or until it revises its practices to conform with standards of broadcast journalism. The undersigned understand why the FCC does not want to limit protected speech, but demand the FCC enforce its mandate to protect the public interest as concerns broadcasting. The FCC states that "broadcast licensees may not intentionally distort the news," and that "rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest." So why is a cable TV channel allowed to lie, distort, and promote solely Republican causes under the banner of "news"? Since John Kerry's unsuccessful 2004 presidential bid, Fox News has had a clear right-wing agenda, and it has become steadily more biased since Obama's 2008 election. In the Trump era, it has been documented repeatedly (by Politico, by the Washington Post, by Newsweek) how the president repeats talking points from Fox, which in turn broadcasts pro-Trump messaging. Fox News employees join the Trump White House and vice versa; the line between the two is gone. We are witnessing for the first time on American soil televised propaganda, in the style of  fascist and authoritarian regimes. If you haven't noticed this on your own already, it's fully explained by investigative journalist Jane Mayer here.  According to the FCC website "there are two issues related to broadcast journalism that are subject to Commission regulation: hoaxes and news distortion." As measured by Politifact, Fox News is "Mixed factually and borderline Questionable based on poor sourcing and the spreading of conspiracy theories that later must be retracted after being widely shared." This constant stream of misinformation has had a direct impact on the the last several elections, essentially defrauding the nation. In April 2020 their science-denial and misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic is literally killing people. We say, enough, this is madness. Fox News is incompatible with democracy and public health. Right now this country is suffering an epidemic of ignorance. Trump is only a symptom; Fox News is a leading cause, a political operation masquerading as a journalism outlet. Enforcing our broadcasting rules is part of the cure. To be delivered to: FCC Enforcement Chief Rosemary Harold, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and the Office of NY State District 27, where Fox News has its main office and facilities.

Chris Monroe
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