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Petition to President of the United States

Clemency for Ross Ulbricht, Serving Double Life for a Website

My son, Ross Ulbricht, is a first-time offender serving a double life sentence without parole, plus 40 years, for a website he made when he was 26 years old and passionate about free markets and privacy. Ross―an Eagle Scout, scientist and peaceful entrepreneur―had all non-violent charges at trial. He was never prosecuted for causing harm or bodily injury and no victim was named at trial. This is a sentence that shocks the conscience. There is a growing consensus that Ross’s case is a miscarriage of justice and over 150 eminent organizations and leaders have voiced their support. The website Silk Road was an e-commerce platform similar to eBay, where consenting users chose what to buy and sell as long as no third party was harmed (some listings were prohibited). Both legal and illegal items were sold, most commonly personal amounts of cannabis. Ross is condemned to die in prison, not for selling drugs himself but for creating a website where others did. This is far harsher than the punishment for many murderers, pedophiles, rapists and other violent people. All the other defendants related to the case―including the actual drug sellers and the creator of Silk Road 2―received sentences ranging from 17 months to 10 years.  Ross’s investigation, trial and sentencing were rife with abuse.  This includes corrupt federal investigators (now in prison) who were hidden from the jury, as well as prosecutorial misconduct, constitutional violations and reliance on uncharged, false allegations at sentencing. Ross was smeared in the media through false and inaccurate reporting. Ross was not treated fairly and his sentence is draconian. Justice was not served. We, the undersigned, seek mercy for Ross Ulbricht. He told the court that starting Silk Road was a terrible mistake that he deeply regrets, that he never intended harm, and that he has learned the heavy price of breaking the law. Ross is not a danger to anyone. If released tomorrow, he would never come near breaking the law again.  Ross’s life history clearly shows he is a compassionate young man who is very much loved and has much to give. The judge received 100 letters attesting to his excellent character and how much he has helped others. These include those in prison, where he has demonstrated exemplary behavior and tutored, led classes, and helped fellow inmates.  Keeping Ross caged for life helps no one; will cost taxpayers about $2 million; and deprives society of an exceptionally kind, generous and creative person. Even in the face of his walking death sentence, Ross clings to the hope of a second chance. He dreams of a future where he can be reunited with his loved ones, start a family, and use his education and skills to contribute to society. Mr. President, please commute Ross Ulbricht’s unjust sentence. Learn more about Ross's case at
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Petition to Federal Bureau of Investigation, Community Health Network, United States Department of Health and Human Services

Stop Community Health Network And Community East Hospital From Neglecting Patients

Bring awareness to hospitals and doctors who are not treating patients correctly. Share your stories! Thank you! Over prescribing medicine for your own benefit, or finical gain is not how you help an injured person..  Please share and educate others. If this happened to you else where please leave comments. Show what places are not treating people fairly. I have quite a bit of paperwork and lot with attorneys. I’ll be gathering more information as I go through this process thank you! I broke both my legs January 23 2015. Community East Hospital told me nothing was wrong. I was left first with one severed heel for over 20 hours. Before they performed surgery, and took me between 2 and 4 hours to convince them my other heel was severed as well. I was put into isolation for my entire stay, Where I was not fed for 3 days. Finally when I was released 4 days later. I kept seeing their doctor’s, who said everything was in my head. Community Health Network kept trying to feed me depression pills saying I was delusional. Everything was in my head. Additional to the fact I was under their care for 4 months in casts on both legs, that smelled so awfully bad. I kept requesting they changed them as they was bothering me extremely bad, they refused to change the cast on both my legs, entire time under their care. I finally personally removed my own cast after 4 months when I couldn’t take the smell and irritation no more. My skin was coming off underneath my cast. I asked numerous times to clean my legs. Remove and put on new cast’s and check everything. I was advised it was not necessary. I spent 4 months in a wheelchair totally unable to walk. I personally taught myself everything all over again without the help of Community Health Network. I will say my stay and the care I received was the most deplorable conditions, and treatment I ever received in my life. I hope no one else ever goes through what I have encountered with their doctor’s. Finally after switching to IU health network, I got a team of doctors to help me. I have now had over 20 surgeries and procedures since leaving the care of Community Health Network. Not only did they not feed me for 3 days, They did not help me through anything. My gull bladder had grown into my liver. My heart rate was abnormal, lots due to the medication they tried to put me on trying to push pills. I told them from day one. I don’t want pills, let me go back work if I can, just help me, they said your okay. A person doesn’t fall 26 feet land on pavement and say someone with 2 broken legs are okay. They neglected me, first pumping lots of drugs in me immediately after my fall, then saying it was meth. Which I have never seen or touched meth in my life, there for that was a lie. I had to prove it to everyone, even disability court, today I’m legally disabled. Since leaving Community Health Network’s care, I found out both my knees, ankles, my hip, and shoulder was torn. I also found out my shoulder had been dislocated the entire time. They said my spine was okay, which is another lie. I have 2 or 3 herniated disc, 6 intrusion, and a cyst between my s1 and s2. I have script’s, A tote full of medication. From the way they handled my situation. By the time I got the help I needed, I couldn’t walk, had braces up both my legs. I was prescribed 180 oxy 20’s, 90 morphine 30’s, 180 gabapentine 600, 90 tizazidine, and 6 or more other medication. All while they were accusing me of drug abuse, as I sit today with several scripts. I am doing this today, To bring awareness as you neglected me as a patient, almost killed me with medication, and think treating people the way u do is okay, when it’s not okay. I start process for back surgery next week. I had surgery on my right hip Jan 2019, right knee May 2019, left knee June 2019, and shoulder July 19 2019. I had my gull bladder removed 10-23-2015 “I checked the dates” . Blood was found in my Intestines. I had kidney surgery 2016 I believe. I had 4 endoscopy, 4 colonoscopy, 1 pill cam, 1 heart catheter, plus lots other procedure’s done. I finally on my own found a doctor who founded orthopedic surgery practices from IU North. He’s also in Eskenazi. So I see him at IU North hospital, I also have surgery at both of his offices IU North Hospital, and Eskenazi Hospital, also IU Methodist Hospital. Had I not found surgeons on my own. I still wouldn’t be walking today, or as far as I am. Reality is, I probably would of eventually died, I had infection in my leg’s, my arm, my hip, and I still fall because of my back. I feel I will eventually be able to work full time again. Thank’s to the wonderful staff at Dr Ertle’s office. Helping me get everything back together. Having him tell me my shoulder been dislocated for over 5 years, goes to show Community Health Network was not concerned about my health care. I will never recommend Community Health Network to anyone, who leaves a patient in icu isolation with only 4 to 6 rooms, and doesn’t feed them for 3 days. With 2 broken legs, and says I’m sorry I forgot! Then leaves again. This network I’m sure is liable for patient’s on pills, patient’s deaths, and patient’s who today are still disabled because of their negligence, and not doing what’s best for the patient’s. I myself got to the point, I would step and fall down. They put in my disability report I didn’t try hard enough. When they was requesting me to do jumping jacks, and other strenuous exercise. When I had 2 torn knee caps, 2 torn ankles, 1 torn hip, and 1 torn shoulder. How can a person do anything with injuries this severe? Leaving my gull bladder in 9 months until it grew into my liver wasn’t helping my situation either. By the time it was removed, it was bigger than my hand and purple, by this point I was having breathing difficulties. I’ll be happy to share my story with the media, Show document’s I have of medical malpractice. Maybe it will protect someone else from being treated unfairly, and treated the way I was treated. Before my fall I worked everyday of my life. All they wanted to tell me was you will never walk again. Everything was in my head. Finally getting answers nothing is in my head. They neglected me and committed a severe case of medical malpractice. Leaving me injured and wouldn’t listen to me as a patient. Community Health Network doctor’s wanted to make up stuff, say this is what’s wrong. I seen one their doctor’s Terry Iwoski, and he couldn’t talk to me without his eyes rolling in the back of his head. He was so high on medication. I quit seeing him when he tried telling me everything was in my head. I needed Prozac. Reality was I had a lot wrong, It has taken several surgeries to fix the issues. I keep pushing towards being better and able to work again. Community Health Network is terrible. Hopefully my story, what I went through, still going through will help someone else. I’m grateful for the state, and for the doctor’s helping me today. Hopefully over the course of the next 4 years, I can be back to where I was before my fall. Hopefully I will be able to do the things I did before I fell. I hope anyone else who has these kind of issues. Don’t give up and switch practices, find doctor’s on your own. Save all your documents, all your scripts, and prepare for a long lengthy battle against these crooked people. I will never refer anyone or go back to Community Health Network. I learned a valuable lesson with this as well, You can not trust all doctor’s. They don’t care about your health. They are getting paid, and going home normally. This hopefully will help other’s facing a similar situation, as I have been forced to face. And for the doctor’s who has stepped up to help me, Dr Ertle and Dr Riff, Tracy Warner, and the State and there Doctor’s, who agreed I was severely injured. I would like to say thanks. Today I’m walking without braces, and I’m doing better. I start process for back surgery this week.  For anyone considering Community Health Network, Steer clear unless u trust your life with people who don’t care what happens to you. Or your future, they purposely tried to keep me from getting the help I needed from the state. Saying it all was in my head. If you need help go to IU North in Carmel Indiana, and have them help u get set up. Be honest, talk to them, and they will help you. This has changed my life forever. I’ll be in pain forever. Due to how long it took me to get the help I needed. I’m grateful I am not wearing braces up to my knees. I’m getting my movements back, and life is steadily becoming normal as it will be again. I hope no one ever goes through what I have with this network of crooked doctors. Only there for there own benefit. Hopefully this will help others who face a similar situation. Mind you I have photos of every surgery and procedure. All of the tears, the extremely large gull bladder, and all the injuries I have sustained. I did have one good doctor that is in the Network. She works on her own, Tracy Warner foot podiatrist. She has helped me get the necessary help and said i was injured. She couldn’t believe how they treated me. I still see her today. She literally is the only doctor from the network that knew something was wrong listen to me. Told me I need helped and is the one who said it’s in my spine.. Without her knowledge I wouldn’t of been able to seek medical attention on my own for these injuries. Tracy has been a critical role in helping me throughout this process of people not wanting to help. She got me braces and where I least wasn’t falling 24 7. For that I will tell her thank you for everything she has done for me. She is a wonderful doctor who has a patient’s best interest in situations like mine. I know the odd’s of breaking both legs, and the injuries I sustained is rare. But when it happens, The doctor’s need to listen and do the right thing. A person doesn’t go to hospital and doctor’s over 75 to 100 times for no reason. That is just plain non sense and not okay.. I fixed a few dates and surgeries. After IU North called me, and validated some of my procedures today. While pre op for start of back injections. So I can start the process for back surgery. So I can fix the problems coming from my spine. So I don’t fall. I will be 1 step closer to being normal as I can again.. Surgeons who are helping me still today, and helped me through this process, when I explained everything to them, put forth effort to fix everything for me. Dr Ertle Iu North and Eskenazi- Orthopedics  Dr Riff Methodist IU now in Chicago- Orthopedics Tracy Warner Community Network- Podiatrist  Dr Holmes IU North-Spine IU Methodist Urology - Dr Kessler Gull bladder follow up, kidneys, pancreatitis, stomach, colon-colitis  Dr Bruggers Northside ENT - prosthetic ear drum, mastoidectomy downwall Braces and Stability equipments Aoi and IU North , Dr Ertle, Dr Riff And Tracy Warner  ankle supports,shoe supports, Cain’s, walkers, wheel chairs, crutch’s, afo support braces, sling, cast, compression supports, back braces, plus other supports to stabilize areas that were affected  Hardware inside me now 3 clips in my stomach, 3 pins in my side, 1 screw in my foot, prosthetic ear drum right ear that’s without the rest of the future surgeries I still need.. Thank You!   

Fix The Health Care System!
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Center for American Progress, Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, United States Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, Ralph Lee Abraham, Alma S. Adams, Robert B. Aderholt, Pete Aguilar, Colin Z. Allred, Justin Amash, Kelly Armstrong, Jodey C. Arrington, Brian Babin, Don Bacon, Jim Banks, Andy Barr, Nanette Diaz Barragán, Karen Bass, Ami Bera, Jack Bergman, Andy Biggs, Sanford D. Bishop Jr., Rob Bishop, Dan Bishop, Earl Blumenauer, Lisa Blunt Rochester, Suzanne Bonamici, Mike Bost, Brendan Boyle, Kevin Brady, Anthony Brindisi, Susan W. Brooks, Mo Brooks, FOX News, FOX Broadcasting Company, CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, Vern Buchanan, Julia Brownley, Ken Buck, Larry Bucshon, Ted Budd, Tim Kaine, Andrew M. Cuomo, MSNBC, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Kamala D. Harris, Richard Blumenthal, Richard Burr, Amy Klobuchar, Robert Menendez, Lindsey Graham, Patty Murray, Richard J. Durbin, Cory A. Booker, Rand Paul, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Dianne Feinstein, Marco Rubio, Elizabeth Warren

Americans in support of giving Donald Trump to Iran

This is a petition to hand over Donald J Trump to Iran. Some may immediately say, "No way!" but let's look at the facts. Trump has made the unfortunate decision to basically jump start World War 3. This decision is reversible. How? Iran wants Trump. Why shouldn't we give him to them? Solely because he is president? He is a president that was just impeached on not one, but two articles of impeachment. His history of being a conman is only outdone by his history of committing treason while in office. This has been proved time and time again by hard evidence batted down and denied by hard headed Republicans, standing behind Trump solely because he is a Republican. Trumps' crimes go beyond any party line. They are crimes directly against America. Should we go to war and send countless Americans to go die defending a traitorous imbecile's deeply stupid and careless decision. There are so many human lives at stake. Should we sacrifice them all for one treasonous, impeached draft dodger?!  He made the choice to start this potential world war. He is not worth it. Do not let this out of control conman lead so many true Americans to their deaths. He made a choice. He decided to attack Iran. He decided to kill their own. He should have to face the consequences of his actions for once in his damn life.  So I beg you all, think of America. Think of our troops. Think of your children and grandchildren. Think of their future. Think of an America respected by the entire world. Think of a new man in the Oval Office. Think of a new President with dignity, intelligence and eloquence who does not abuse his power. Think of America being on top again. Now change your mindset. Think of a new war. Think of pain and death and all the Americans coming home in flag draped coffins, all to fight this draft dodger's war. Think of the billions and trillions this war will take away from all aspects of American's lives. Think of the money that could have been invested in our country, instead funding all kinds of bombs and ammunition to cause all kinds of death and sorrow and pain for both the "enemy's" side and ours. Is it worth it? Is it all worth it for this one embarrassment that somehow made it into the White House and made a mockery of the highest office in our land? Trump has had a very long and very blessed life. He is one compared to how many Americans a tentative war will kill. If he is a true Patriot, he would sacrifice himself for this country and its future. Step up Donald J Trump. Now is your time. Be the olive branch, the only olive branch that can stop this, that you have started. Be forever remembered and loved as a hero, or start this war and be hated and resented as the man that started all this death and destruction. The man that would a lot trillions of American dollars to war that could be used to solve healthcare, education, hunger, homelessness and so many more pressuring issues for millions and millions of Americans right now. This is my personal opinion protected by my constitutional right of free speech. This petition is a platform for those who agree to gather and show their shared opinion in a productive and documented way.

Caroline Gallegos
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, President Donald Trump, New York Governor, Texas Governor, US Attorney General, Tedd Gassman

PARDON MY uncle- Release my UNCLE he’s served enough time!

My uncle Dionysius Fiumano was sentenced to serve 16 years is federal prison due to him fighting for himself, while the OWNERS of the actually company only received 2 years. My Uncle went to trial and they slammed him with 16 years, while 4 other (3 ACTUAL OWNERS AND ANOTHER EMPLOYEE)people got a slap on the hand. 3 owners got 2 years and another employee just like my uncle got 2-3 home arrest! Where is the Justice here?  Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Is the force who placed over 15,000 white collar crime in prison and did not settle this in civil! Help spread the word FFETF Theres more owners who DID NOT GET IN TROUBLE at all!  My Uncle Dionysius Fiumano was part of a wire fraud situation, he was a SALES MANAGER not a owner, not a signer, not part owner, not a co owner just an employee. Sure he might have done wrong(first time in his life ever getting in trouble) but to give him 16 years for a white collar crime that US attorneys office can’t even get the correct amount straight into what they all truly took from others.  THE (3) OWNERS received 31 million dollars from people and my uncles salary for 3 years was only $550,000 living in California. Another employee just like my Uncle got 2-3 years house arrest!  My Uncle has been fighting in prison & deserves to be released! He deserves the same amount of prison time as the 4 others NOTHING MORE! He was sentenced to 16 years for going to trial.  Hes an amazing father to 1 son and 2 daughter who all lived with him. Please sign to help him come home! 

Chasity Walker
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