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Petition to FOX News, CNN, ESPN

Remove Laura Ingraham from the news for her racist and stereotypical comments

Recently Laura Ingraham made a statement on live t.v putting her input over what NBA star Lebron James tried to addres. He spoke about how he feels about todays current situation regarding the social injustices that still go on in this country and the questionable comments and decisions that are made all too frequently by our current President Donal Trump.  While other people of all colors in this country; Both everyday citizens or celebrities have expressed their distaste for the way that social injustices highlight the news more often than not, and the leadership role that President Trump currently plays; not once has she made a comment on air the way she has recently. She targeted a black athlete at her soonest opportunity and said it with such passion that you could hear the hate in her voice as the bigotry surfaces She continues with claims that because he pursued his career right after high school that he is uneducated. So because someone pursues their career, they are not informed or aware of the current situation that surrounds them? Also she claims it was not a racist remark; but if this were another pro athlete who were not of color would she have come out and said any of this? Doubtful; as again there have been other athletes and other celebrities that have come out and spoken but now this is an issue that she felt she must address? She also said: "Must THEY run their mouths like that?" Again she was not addressing all athletes she was addressing the 2 Black Athletes who decide to use their platform as a voice for change.  This type of commentary is what spreads hate across the country and makes things the way that they are today. This is what we have to endure? Is this what our kids must grow up seeing on their news station; that someone with a platform, if you're of color that you can not use your platform to try and better this country? This world?... It's a shame that people of color are still targeted even to this day. People of color are what helped shaped the world as we see today. We should be able to speak up on the social injustices without having someone like Laura Ingraham using her national spotlight, on the biggest news station on television to tell us to "shut up and dribble" and undermine the intelligence of people of color because she does not agree with our viewpoints.  Please sign the petition and let's start making a difference in our communities. That includes the tv stations that should be informing us about real news rather than having to hear the bigoted comments of a racist woman over the air. 

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Petition to Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor


With national statistics, data , and high numbers of deaths,illnesses attributed too drugs and as well our failing public schools, as direct links to the  "Drug Epidemic",  in Northern New Mexico,  we have been placed at the top of national graphs and state counties as one  of the worst places for drug overdose, suicide and illness in the country. Thus, we the undersigned concerned tax paying citizens are "Demanding a "State of Emergency" be declared in the county of Rio Arriba, in the state of New Mexico. For several decades we have been in a heavily oppressed, repressed and dire situation in regard too loosing large numbers of souls too include : Teens,  young and old adults as well as elderly citizens too the drug infestation, both legal ( narcotic/opiate, ect... ) and  illegal ( heroin/meth/pink/cocaine, ect..) drugs. As the Federal Government  and DEA cracks down on prescription drug dispensing, the adverse effects have increased the use of heroin and thus, increasing higher incidences of Hepatitis-c, AIDS, Crime, and Criminal Activity in all facets our livelihood. The age groups of addiction has scattered in both directions, currently it has trickled down too adolescence and gone up in some cases too great-grandparent ages. Its is no longer a "FAD" or a "TREND" in many circles it is becoming a "RITE of PASSAGE" and a way of life in others. WE are demanding that;   1) Assessment, treatment, triage, substance abuse teams be dispatched throughout the county communities. ; 2) That a temporary centrally located "medical" detox-facility and housing area be established too address our addicted citizens needs, with hopes that a permanent facility be established in the near future.       

Hermano Pedro Herrera
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