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Petition to Women leaders in San Antonio

Mētú - Women of Diversity Defeating Violence

We are a diverse group of women leaders in San Antonio, Texas. Some of us are survivors of domestic abuse, all of us are horrified that a man who has been accused of domestic violence by both his former and current wife is on the cusp of becoming the mayor of the 7th largest city in the country. We are worried what the election of this man would say to our sisters, sons and daughters. We are convinced his election would set the cause of women back decades in our city. Greg Brockhouse, currently the Councilman for District 6, has for years held close ties as a strategist and key advisor for the police and fire unions in San Antonio. Perhaps it is those ties that account for the convenient disappearance of his police records on these matters. Making our case more difficult is the fact that the organizations tasked with protecting women and children from domestic violence in our city rely on city funding that they stand to lose if this man becomes mayor. For this reason they are justifiably fearful and may be reluctant to call him out. Specifically, we have joined together to draw attention to this situation because: In 2018 there were 28 domestic violence related murders in San Antonio. This number has quadrupled since 2015. Domestic Violence is an epidemic in our community. We believe strongly that a man who abuses women is not fit to serve as mayor of our city. We suspect that the evidence shows a pattern of abusive behavior that should not be so easy to sweep under the rug. We believe that Greg Brockhouse’s character and personality are consistent with that of domestic abusers and other bullies. We believe that in a Brockhouse administration women will have reduced opportunity and power. Sadly, part of the pathology of this problem is that the victims of abuse, are often complicit in protecting their abusers. We are reaching out to distinguished individuals and organizations in hopes that you will help us shine a light on this man, on this issue, and begin a loud and TIMELY conversation about domestic abuse, how to recognize it, how to escape it, how to END it (and hopefully how NOT to elect it).

Mētú San Antonio
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Petition to Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan parole Board

Battered elderly woman incarcerated 29yrs, Governor Whitmer please release LuAnne Szenay

Summary: We are petitioning Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to grant a “commutation of sentence” to Luanne Szenay. Szenay has been incarcerated over 29 years, since 1990 and is now 62-years-old. Personal story: LuAnne Szenay, now 62, she has been in prison in Michigan for almost 30 years. She is a domestic violence survivor. Her husband was shot & killed by a young man who the couple employed, he acted to protect LuAnne & her small daughter.  The couple owned & ran a health food store.  The husband isolated LuAnne from all her friends and any visits to & from her own family were closely supervised and monitored by him, thus preventing her from feeling that she had a safe place to run, this is standard behavior for narcissistic spousal abusers. Words from Luanne’s daughter: “My mother lived in constant fear.  At times my father would drive erratically while screaming at her.  He would throw dishes at the wall next to her.   Sometimes he would hold her against the wall & scream.  I found cocaine twice. I Was kidnapped twice…once by my dad …and once by his friends.  I was raised in an ‘extremists’ religion, this church handled abuse internally. Despite my mother’s pleas for help to the church, she was ignored. This religion demands a wife respect her husbands wishes unconditionally. If she is abused and complains, she will be directed to pray.”The issue: We need your support TODAY. Please sign & share this petition. If you can please email Governor Whitmer at: Please request the Governor grant commutation to MDOC inmate #214992 LuAnne Szenay. LuAnne is not, never has been, nor ever would be a threat to society. After 29 years in prison, her incarceration has cost the MI tax payers over $1.2M. Please consider allowing this elderly women to return to her loving family. Take action! Please sign my petition as my mother is now elderly and ill. She is not allowed access to the health care she needs.  In her words,  “Unfortunately, my medical needs, which are not being met inside the prison, will most likely cause my death. For example, women die often of cancer here. But no one is diagnosed with ‘Stage 1 or 2’. Cancer is only diagnosed at Stage 3/4. You see, once illness is found, then the prison is obligated to give some treatment. Teatment is expensive.” 

Jennifer Szénay
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Petition to United States Supreme Court, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Human Rights Campaign, Donald J. Trump

Violatior of restraining order needs accountability for his crimes. #BringMyBabiesHome

This deserves to be investigated and legal counsel is needed.   There was a protection order protecting myself and my children from ongoing abuse, stalking, and torment, that a man and his conspirators inflicted on my family.   My ex husband, (whose name I'll refrain from exposing in this medium, we will just call him "M") whom I had an active restraining order against, conspired with his friends to set me up. His best friend, "J." assisted "M" in torturing my children, my animals, my home, & me. He set me up on false charges so that he could guarantee I was not home while he hired his friends to break into and rob my home of every possession I owned, brutally kill my cat, stabbed my dog, stole my car (Jaguar) and thouroughly vandalized my home.   My civil rights have been grossly violated,    *(it has been confirmed through appellate court that my right to a fair trial was violated).  I was charged and convicted of crimes that I did not commit.     I was set up.     J and his friends, hired by "M",  barricaded me in a back room I was renting in East Wenatchee,  turned up the heater to high in the house during a heat wave in Wenatchee Wa, in July 2017, forcing me to endure severe heat sickness and almost fatal dehydration. While at the hospital J convinced the doctors that he was my fiance so he could gain access to my medical information to give to M.    I was released from the hospital, still mostly unconscience, to the care of J and his friends. In my delirious state of mind they assisted me in sitting up and swallowing numerous pills they claimed were from the dr. J drugged me, with methadone he had, untill i was unconscience.   J took me to his room,  then raped my urethra, damaging my urinary tract causing me ongoing medical issues, and necessary surgeries. All of this was organized by M., J., and several of their unstable military buddies looking for a tactical game to play together.   M did all this just to cause me pain, (perhaps also showing off his manipulative abilities to  the girlfriend he neglected his family to pursue) as long as I've known M, he has delighted in his ability to get away with tormenting me, abusing the children, animals and me, stealing my belongings especially cell phones so he could monitor my friends and activities and also to make life as difficult for me as he possibly could ; this time he hired friends of his to steal EVERYTHING I owned, including medical equipment, vital medications for blood sugar, anxiety, hyperthyroidism (caused from when M wrapped a ligature around my throat, strangling me and crushing my thyroid and sprained my neck muscles), numerous prosthetic legs I have had since my amputation as a child (from cancer), every precious irreplaceable heirloom, photographs, scrapbooks,t  home made ornaments from my babies & some I had made as a child, every collectible, books, designer clothes, shoes and hand bags,  my jaguar car (registered only to me) they destroyed every part of my home, killed my cat by gutting her, stabbed my dog, then contacted cps claiming the home was not safe for children. It was no longer habitible for humans in the condition they left it in, they broke every light bulb, mirror, urinated up all the walls, burned holes in the carpet with cigarettes, tipped over the fridge so all the food got rotten, J works for the power company so he had them turn off my power, everything was rotted...they even ordered a pizza and left that all over. The police arrived with cps to take my babies but REFUSED to investigate the robbery. Instead it was stated that they believed I kept my home that way!  The children had home therapist that came several times a week to help them deal with PTSD from the traumatic memories of their abusive father. They commented regularly about how frequently I was preparing fresh meals for them and healthy snacks between. The home was only ever messy on occasion since there were 3 active and happy children living there and messes happen. I was a dilligent homemaker but also spent the majority of my time with my children.    He was able to easily manipulate CPS to give him custody of my 3 children (1 of which was not even M's biological son) despite the children also being named protected by the restraining order.  My daughter told a supervisor "daddy and steffy hurt me down there" she was examined by the supervisor and she had bruising on her genetalia, CPS was notified immediately and they refused to get her medical attention or file a claim.  Instead assumed she made it up or that I had coached her on what to say despite my having not spoken to her.  I begged for my babies to be placed in a safer place. To this day M prevents me from any contact whatsoever. He won't let me even talk to them on the phone. Absolutely no contact. My poor babies! They don't deserve to lose their mommy!  The Wenatchee &  to East Wenatchee police refuse to file reports of any of the crimes committed against me.  M delights in his ability to manipulate police officers and cps officials to not even investigate my claims, he is a brilliant and convincing liar, manipulator and abuser of children, animals, & women.   J claimed to be in a romantic relationship with me in order to avoid legal trouble for the crimes he committed against me. Though I can not understand why that would give cause for the police to avoid any level of investigation into the heinous crimes he and his pal M committed against me. However, I  was never in a romantic relationship with J whatsoever, we never shared a room. I never consented to him touching my body.   Of the crimes i was falsely accused of, the most unjust of them was that I was convicted of getting blood and urine on the bed during the drug induced sexual assault, the other fabricated stories the men conjured up, (none of which I am guilty of committing) were all unjust, I was given nothing resembling a fair trial, the prosecuting attorney prejudged me before meeting me.    All I want are the facts throughoughly  investigated, my rights restored and my babies returned home to me as soon as possible, they are the most important part of this story, their precious lives were ripped apart and they were used by a vindictive ex., set only on hurting their loving mother. They were all happy and well adjusted in our stable and joy filled lives we built far away from our abuser, until he tracked us down.  They need to come home. They need their mommy, who has been with them every moment since their conception, the only parent they bonded with, he refused any part in parenting them. They need to feel the love of their mother, every day, so they can grow up feeling secure, stable, and happy.  This is absolutely a violation of a restraining order and a gross violation of my Children's and my civil rights.-PAV

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Petition to, Google, Inc, Google, LinkedIn, Apple,, Amazon, Netflix, Cartoon Network, The Walt Disney Company, Jeff Bezos, FOX News, NBC, Seagate, Microsoft, ABC, Twitter, Inc, Facebook, PayPal, Hulu, Anna G. Eshoo

Silicon Valley Funds Journalism & Justice

As Silicon Valley was transformed into a global force that changed the world, community-based newsrooms that once reported on issues impacting communities, children and families disappeared. Promising to donate $1 million dollars from a legal settlement related to a pending  federal lawsuit, Los Gatos publisher and investigative reporter Susan Bassi  is asking Silicon Valley tech titans to commit funds to bring local reporting back in an effort to  provide greater transparency to community law enforcement agencies, first- responders, schools, family courts and the criminal justice system.  The ambitious collaborative is committed to bringing newsrooms back to high school and college campuses with an eye to focusing on mental health, social justice and financial issues that can deeply impact individuals opting for a career in journalism. Fueled by a $10,000 GoFundMe Campaign on Social Media that will produce the  story of how a group of freelance reporters and activists joined in collaborative YouTube campaigns to indict the most powerful man in Northern California for sex trafficking, obstruction of justice,  and other horrific crimes against innocent families.  Bassi Productions has formed agreements for Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Hulu to produce the important stories of what happened to families as Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen became the most powerful man in Silicon Valley.  Tell the publishers and producers at Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter not to shadow ban the story of how a vexatious publisher got the indictment of the most powerful man in Northern California. 

Bassi Productions
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