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Petition to Florida State Senate

Domestic Violence to become a felony. “The Nicole Montalvo Law”

My friend Nicole Montalvo was a repeated victim of domestic violence. Court documents show that she was kidnapped by her estranged husband on one occasion where he tried to snap her neck, and violently attacked on many other occasions. Nicole would come to work with black eyes and bruises on her arms. She had reported these incidents to the police and although arrested, her estranged husband would be released from custody with little to no consequences for what he has done. And today, Nicole is no longer alive because she was murdered. Her estranged husband, with whom she was in the process of divorcing, and her father-in-law are both suspects in her murder but haven’t been formally charged in the case just yet despite the fact that her remains were found on their property. We want victims of domestic violence to feel safe the first time they ask for help. Nicole would be alive today if a law with more serious consequences were in effect, such as raising the Domestic Violence misdemeanor charge to a felony charge for those that wish to inflict physical harm onto others. This law will help to protect all other future potential victims out there and Nicole’s death would not be in vain. The Nicole Montalvo Law will save lives. Help stop the violence that has caused many women (and men) to lose their lives because of a lack of consequence in repeated offenses. Thank you all so much for your support in bringing justice to all that are and will be affected by DV. We never want anyone else to ever endure what Nicole Montalvo and many others have faced again.

Tamara Greene
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Petition to Attention: Jenie case manager/Monique Sanchez

Christina & Tuesday v/s The State Of Florida

In 2017 I met a man on Facebook.I ended up getting pregnant and leaving my home state of North Carolina.we lived on different sides of the state.When she was born she had cancer (langerhans cell hystisitosis),and Wanting to do what was best,I thought, I ended up moving to his side and in with him.,and also to be closer to st Pete children’s hospital.Many of you know this,but I was caught up in something I wasn’t prepared for.I had seen domestic violence on tv,but I wasn’t prepared for what followed.In the span of nine months I suffered a broken clavicle,fractured ribs,contusions,black eyes,I’ve been cut open,my thumb almost severed,at least 30 concussions.and strangulations..omg..I cant count.i know there has been so much damage to my spinal and neck bones,they are misformed...during all of this he was using drugs(shooting up)and...Tuesday was in the house with me.It was a terrible existence.because of his drug habit amphetamine was found in her system,I took her to the hospital where cps became involved ,Rhy ,my first case worker and also Monique Sanchez was made aware of the intense brutal situation.instead of helping me they took her away and left me in a sense.a month later when I finally got away ,I had suffered every imaginable pain,hurt and brutality you can think of.I pressed charges which Florida did not follow up on,and issued a restraining order they never delivered. Tuesday and I deserve our complete and total freedom from the state of Florida,hernando county.    And we demand charges be completely and fully brought against my abuser,we ask that you consider this,share it,ask me any questions you think of but please.please sign our petition for (Hernando county Florida DCF  to release Tuesday into her families care in North Carolina and Hernando county Florida Police formally file charges against my email is,I welcome any and all advice too.

Chris Langley
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