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Petition to California Supreme Court, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Investigate Lawyers Covering Up Sex Abuse and Domestic Violence

The California State Bar investigates less than 1% of lawyers engaging in criminal and immoral conduct. We are demanding mandatory disbarment and investigation  of lawyers increasing conflict in divorce and custody cases for profit. We are also demanding the removal of government lawyers who assist in the harm to women, children, families and the elderly.  In Silicon Valley divorce lawyers have made millions by creating  custody battles that separate families and financially ruin parents.  Divorce Files Show Innocent Mothers and Fathers:  Arrested for Domestic Violence, with no prior criminal history. Ordered on Supervised Visits that Require Payment to See Their Own Children  Forced to pay for lawyers for their children during a divorce.  Forced to Sell their Homes to pay lawyers and custody experts.  Restrained from Speaking with their child's teacher. Restrained from their children's birthday parties and graduations.    Every year thousands of children are being harmed by being legally kept from their parents,  grandparents , aunts,  uncles, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins and friends. This has created a financial boom for divorce lawyers, and resulted in harm to children who suffer from :  Depression Anxiety  Loneliness Failure to Form Meaningful Relationships Financial Oppression Suicide  Loss of Meaningful Relationships with their own Mothers Loss of Meaningful Relationships with their own Fathers Increased Risk of Alcohol and Drug Use  Increased Risk of Teen Pregnancy Loss of Education Failure to Thrive We don't need to look to our boarders..... this is happening here in American Communities. Join us on removing lawyers who harm children for a living.   

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