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Petition to Johnny Isakson, Nathan Deal, Georgia State Senate, Georgia State House

Shared Parenting-Joint Custody Assumed First in All Divorces Involving Children in Georgia

I have been going through a custody battle here in Ringgold, Georgia now for three long years. I raised my child until she was 5 years old. During the end of my marriage with her dad. He decided to force a mental evaluation on me. This was during a time my mom was having major life threatening issues as well. She was very sick. I was in my home. Not causing any trouble. Him and I had a few disputes but he was the one who was throwing tantrums. He broke stuff, got a DUI etc during this time. The police were out at our home the night he got a DUI, they seen the damage he done in our home in front of not only our children, a friend's child as well. However the police come and force me to go to get evaluated. Because my ex-husband convinced my sisters to sign something at magistrate stating they were concerned about my mental state. Some of the police knew he had domestic violence issues. He had been acting out very recent. That didn't change their mind on making me get evaluated.  Fast forward. During my custody battle my rights were completely violated. They used my medical history against me. Which he had nothing much at all, as far as proof. They just based everything on his testimony. They claimed they were worried about my mental history. I am stuck trying to prove I am sane. DO you realize how hard that is? The more you want to prove that the harder it is. I am sane. However I am depressed due to my rights being trampled on. He keeps saying I need to take my medication to see my daughter. I have showed him medication. I have showed him counseling papers. Nothing is ever going to be good enough. It is just a big hoopla excuse.  The scariest thing I have been diagnosed with was bi-polar, and he has stated from his own mouth. I have never and would never hurt any child in court. Oddly enough bi-polar is caused by mental abuse and stress. I think most everyone going through a long divorce and custody battle is a little bi-polar. He refuses to give me anything but supervised visits. And for the last two and a half years I have been under SUPERVISIONS!! I have paid a local company called Four Points for over a year to supervise my visits.That concluded in 2016. Since then I have had to have my sister supervise us for a year. She has a life of her own. She would love to be able to live her every other Saturday doing her own thing. I have raised children most of my adult life. Him and I had four children between us. I had a son, he had two daughters, and together we had a daughter. He knows for a fact and most every one  can see from the past I have always been a loving and dedicated mother. My son is 18 years old, he has never had any stitches or broke bones. I may be a little too protective :) but my kids are well took care of.  All of this heart ache and pain has been brought on mostly because he has a lawyer, and I can't afford one. I find it odd, they could not care less about his criminal history. But they are concerned about what a state funded doctor concluded after talking to me for 5 minutes as I was extremely mad after being forced to go. I have begged and pleaded with the judges to view his criminal history, to force a drug test. Because I know for a fact he had issues with drugs. No one HEARS me without representation. I thought our court system was made "For the People" People meaning average citizens. His argument is invalid for why I do not have rights to normal visitation or even split custody.  For 1. Even if I do have some sort of mental handicap it is my right to treat it any way I see fit. I can treat it with natural herbs, religious ministries, and I DO NOT have to take any medication I feel is a threat to my health. And I do feel like 85% of all medication the state funded doctors distribute is a threat. They mostly prescribe medicine they are testing. That is all they have offered me. That is the way they stay funded I guess, by treating us all like guinea pigs. For 2. If the diagnoses I have can not be medically proven, I have the right to rebut the diagnoses entirely. And still to this day bi-polar is a MEDICAL GUESS. Nothing has been linked scientifically to prove anything about it. It is basically an opinion. I can' t even say hypothesis, because that has to be created from research.  For 3. To take away any of my rights based on a handicap or a mental issue. I was suppose to be given legal representation and a jury trial. None of these rights and or laws have been followed. There are several things I want changed. I want the forced mental evaluation law to be changed. Not all of us get along with our siblings. And to force someone to get evaluated should take much more than two signatures from a blood relative.  I want SHARED PARENTING to be considered first. I want it to be illegal like it is in most states to not have a set time for visitations. Our divorce papers state I can see her at any and all times as long as we agree. There is no SET time. Which causes many issues. I got a TPO just trying to get him to AGREE on a set time that the DIVORCE papers STATED to do. I want the Catoosa County Court to follow laws. From my understanding they are suppose to ask about domestic violence in all custody cases. He has had charges on him due to domestic violence. Not ONE time did any judge in the last 3 years during my battle ask me if there was any domestic violence past or present.  I want government agencies to have to take complaints seriously even in the midst of a custody battle. DEFACS hasn't investigated anything on him assuming I am a scorned ex-wife. And last but not least we NEED legal aid for civil trials in Catoosa County. My daughter has been appointed a Guardian Ad Litem, but he has yet to follow normal proecedures. His report was supposed to be completed for over a year. It is still not in my file although it was COURT ORDERED. Most of the lawyers who offer services who consider financial hardship are in Atlanta and refuse to drive to Ringgold, or are in Chattanooga and not allowed to cross state line. But for this petition to be signed I guess it has to be about one thing. SO lets start out with what could have prevented this nightmare from the beginning. SHARED PARENTING-I would like to see in all divorces in Georgia that Joint Custody BE THE FIRST ASSUMED CUSTODY IN ALL DIVORCES UNLESS OTHERWISE NOT FIT. AND IF AN OPPOSING PARTY CLAIMS THE OTHER PARENT IS UNFIT. UNFIT SHOULD BE PROVEN WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT TO CHANGE THE RECOMMENDED JOINT CUSTODY. Meaning there has to be some HARD EVIDENCE supporting the claim. This law would make a world of difference and lighten the heart ache for children and parents alike who are victims of Parental alienation in Georgia. Please be aware of our needs and help out by signing this petition and sharing.  

Amanda Locke
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Petition to Congress, we need bills to protect our Families Assets, Ro Khanna, governor's office, Women Shelters, Assemblymen Stirpe

Stop "Financial" abuse in Divorce it is Domestic Violence! Congress is not protecting us!

Congress does not protect Families in Financial Abuse which IS Domestic Violence during a Separation or Divorce! My X Husband withdrew our IRA and my family's Life Insurance Policy because it was not protected/frozen by law! (And Div attorneys lack the knowledge!!!). There is Life Insurance Law 3113, but this law is ambiguous! It states Administrator of Insurance Co has to be notified in Divorce to freeze Life Insurance, but it does not state WHOM it is that's supposed to contact the Adminstrator?!??????? So everyone points fingers!!! SO WHEN DIVORCE ATTORNEYS DON'T CONTACT INSURANCE ADMINISTRATORS, AND YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT DOING A "DIVORCE ATTORNEYS JOB", if the money is stolen, withdrawn, by a disgruntled spouse, there is NO safety net in place for us Domestic Violence Victims and Children!I 've spent $10,000 in a Civil Lawsuit against my divorce attorneys for not utilizing life insurance law 3113 (which is still too vague, I have to fight to change this!). So I, myself, researched and found QDRO's (qualified Domestic relations Order), states div attorneys have to notify the Administrator of the Life Insurance Company and mine did NOT! This was their Fudiciary Responsibility! So, IIhave to sue my Divorce Attorneys, out of pocket (even though a Domestic Violence case would be a FREE ATTORNEY?) So, I've had to fight this battle on my own!!!!   No Attorney would take case because it's a "conflict of interest"!!?? So I have spent $10,000 on raw gut Attorneys who took case for money but didn't even know QDRO or life insurance law 3113! Then the Attorneys Retainer says they the Attorney doesn't guarantee a WIN! So your money is basically stolen by Civil Lawsuit Attorneys! THIS IS CORRUPTION!!! We need laws in place to protect our assets in Divorce. We should have a Domestic Violence Financial Abuse relations Bill that protects us and it should be prefunded with FREE Domestic Violence Attorneys JUST LIKE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASES ARE! I shouldn't have to pay $10,000! THIS IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FINANCIAL ABUSE!!!!! Retaliation in a Divorce through Financial Abuse is very common! Why aren't we protected like someone in a physical Domestic Violence case? Why are victims of Domestic Violence protected by shelters, Attorneys etc yet Financial Abuse is forgotten? Please help me protect spouses in a Divorce against FINANCIAL ABUSE retaliation! THIS IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALSO!!!            

Leora LaClair
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Petition to Colorado State Senate, John Hickenlooper, Cory Gardner, Colorado Governor

Protect our children from violence when a mother or father has a history of violence.

My name is Kim Sosa. I am grandmother to 3 beautiful grandchildren and a retired law enforcement officer. My daughter recently got out of a violent relationship. Her live in boyfriend who is currently on drugs and has a history of domestic violence, a long criminal record, and abuse, threw her out of the house and kept her children. The police were unable to get her children back until she filed a restraining order and for custody which cost $300 and could not be done until the following day. The children were in danger during the time she had to file. When she got them back, they were filthy and the baby had dried feces indicating he had not been changed. In addition he had lost weight. With this man's history, the children should have been given to her immediately so they were safe. When she called the police all they did was check the house(which was filthy And had bed bugs) but the police said "It could be cleaner but it's ok" They were told several times the children were in danger as he had beat my daughter and there was a recorded history of abuse and drug use. In Colorado, the law states the police cannot take children from a parent if there is no custody agreement. The parent has to file a restraining order and file  for custody before they can get their children back. In a case where there is no custody agreement, the law needs to be changed to show if there is a violent history in one parents record, especialy the parent who took the children, then parent cannot keep the children and the children should be placed with the safest parent. Then the  parents can follow legal procedures for custody or visitation after. The children should not be put in a position where they are unsafe just because there is no custody agreement. It should be law that the record is pulled on both parents in a domestic case to make an informed decision. 

Kim sosa
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