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Petition to Roy Cooper, Support Admin, North Carolina State House, North Carolina Governor

Registry for convicted criminals that have violated a protection order

I'm a survivor of domestic abuse. Over the course of my life I've had to put a domestic violence protection order on 3 of my ex boyfriends, which all them violated the protection order because they just see it as a piece of paper. I escaped from my violent ex boyfriend back in February of this year (2018). Not long after I left him I put a domestic violence protection order on him because I thought he would finally leave me alone but unfortunately that didn't happen. He violated the protection order twice. The first time he violated the protection order was on May 24th, 2018, he snuck onto our property and assaulted me by trying to pull me through a tiny dog door, which caused me to get injured and I'm still having problems with my right shoulder, they put out a warrant for his arrest for assault and battery and violating a protection order, he was arrested 3 days later, spent 2 days in jail and bonded out which his bond was only $1,000 for both charges. You only have to pay 10%, so he got bonded out for $100. We had already gone to court once but it was continued because he had gotten a court appointed attorney. While waiting for the next court date, he violated the protection order again on June 12th, 2018, it was around midnight when he contacted me by sending me a text through the texting app called Kik saying "You think you are protected? I'm not done with you yet", I called the police, they came out, saw the text, took pictures, took a report, the officer's went down to the magistrates office and got a warrant for his arrest and he was arrested later in the evening at his job. He saw a judge the next day and his bond was set at $8,000 and if he would've bonded out, he would've had to wear an ankle bracelet. They had set a new court date for all 3 charges for July 18th, 2018, of course I had to be there because I was the victim and my mother was a witness to both cases. The D.A. who had been working for me (which they should've kept in contact with me about everything before the court date) but they pulled my mother and I outside of the courtroom before court started and told us that they offered him a plea deal while he had been in jail for 5 weeks and the offer was, he pleads guilty to assault and battery and violating the protection order and he would get out on the day of court and they would drop the second charge of violating the protection order otherwise it would go to trial. He talked to his court appointed attorney and he took the plea deal. He was released on the day of court he was charged with assault and battery and violating a protection order which is on his record now (both of the charges are misdemeanors), the judge sentenced him to be put on probation for 18 months, he has to take abuser treatment classes, get a mental health assessment, do community service and has a suspended jail sentence of 60 days if he violates his probation he will have to do his suspended sentence of only 60 days, if he violates the protection order then they said it would be worse. Since my mother was a witness to both incidents, the judge told him that the he can't have any type of contact with her, the protection order is still active. To guys like him, a protection order is just a piece of paper. I want there to be a law put in place that anyone convicted of violating a domestic violence protection order or any type of protection order, should be put on a violation of a protection order registry for the rest of their natural life and must sign it and if they move to a different state they have to register there. It's the same concept for sex offenders that have to register. Please sign this petition for the victims, survivors and for the families that have lost their loved one due to domestic abuse and the abusers that violated the protection order against them. This is extremely important to me and I hope it's important to victims, survivors and to the families that lost a loved one due to someone violating a protection order. It's sad that it's an ongoing problem with domestic violence and people violating a domestic violence protection order because like my ex they don't care about a piece of paper because that's all it is to them, just a piece of paper. Please sign this petition so this can be made into a law! This is for all the victims, survivors (like myself) and for the families that lost a loved one due to an abuser violating a domestic violence protection order! Sign and spread the word to make this a law so that the one's violating a protection order have to be put on a registry for the horrible and traumatizing things they did and do because it just being on their record is not enough! I care about the victims, survivors and the families that lost a loved one because of abusers who violated the protection order! I have became an advocate for domestic violence awareness. Let's make this a law and get Shay's law passed!

Shania Edwards
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Petition to NEW YORK TIMES, Lois Capps, FOX News, California Governor, California State Senate, California State House, Edmund G. Brown Jr., Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Paul Cook, Nancy Pelosi, Melissa A. Melendez, Kevin McCarthy, Maxine Waters, Darrell E. Issa, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Mike Honda, John Garamendi, Xavier Becerra, Jackie Speier, Sam Farr, Barbara Lee, Adam B. Schiff, Scott H. Peters, Jerry McNerney, Anna G. Eshoo, Mike Thompson, mcraven , James Mattis

Help Change the Silent Epidemic of Domestic Violence in the Military

Dear Readers, I ask anyone that can understand the severity that domestic violence victims and their children suffer to please sign this petition. In doing so, I am hoping that this will help me to get the superior court Judge to reconsider his decision of giving the children’s father full custody and move away order.  After years of me trying to leave, I was relieved to start proceedings in April of 2015 finally. When the divorce papers were initially filed, we agreed that I would retain full physical custody and we would share legal custody of our two younger children ages four and five. As a woman who has been diagnosed with battered women’s syndrome, I was satisfied with this agreement.  I concluded that this would dissolve our marriage and free my children and me with the least amount of anguish in a speedy manner. So, I chose to accept his offer versus exposing the domestic violence we endured. In October of 2015, he petitioned for full custody. In doing so, he began his cycle of violence again. My spouse used our dysfunctional family dynamics to achieve his personal agenda of alienating me and smearing my reputation. He proceeded to obtain decelerations from my family members whom I am estranged from and others to write slanderous false allegations against myself.  As a result, he was able to convince the judge that he should be granted temporary full and legal custody. Meanwhile, I retained full custody of my other children from previous relationships.  The simplicity of this divorce had now taken a turn for the worst. For fear of putting my children and me at further risk of abuse, I was forced to expose the domestic violence history now. Let me start with 30 allegations of spousal and child abuse with the younger children’s father as the perpetrator since 2009. Of the 30 allegations, of which 14 of them were appointed a Treatment Manager to be reviewed, which a majority of these were found to have met-criteria for abuse. There is additional history from his prior marriage where the same abuse was documented and found to have met-criteria and provided to the judge. As a victim of domestic violence, I sought guidance through VAFB Family Advocacy in 2012 and was assigned a Domestic Violent Advocate to assist me up until the present time. I provided documentation to the courts of the history of domestic violence, and the courts will not acknowledge the documentation. The documentation I have submitted supports the fear that I have for my children and me regarding our safety. In March 2015, death threats to my life spoken by my spouse to his coworkers resulted in his coworkers reporting these threats to his command. His command then placed a military protective order protecting myself against him which continues to be in place. I was denied, by his leadership after multiple attempts, to obtain a copy of the military protective order so that I can get a civilian restraining order. In my efforts to get this document, I then reached out to our local congressman.    My efforts to get assistants from the military to provide documentation to the courts have been ignored, except that of a Family Advocacy Treatment Manager at VAFB. The Treatment Manager has testified in the court of all the met-criteria documented abuse. As a result, my husband filed an Inspector General (IG) complaint and Command Directed Investigation against the Treatment Manager claiming that he purged himself while testifying in my divorce/custody hearing. This IG investigation activated by my spouse was a blatant attempt to keep me from services from Family Advocacy, reduce my support group by alienating me, trying to stop me from speaking out, and an attempt to silence the Treatment Manager with intimidation. My husband went as far as to testify in court under oath that the Family Advocacy Treatment Manager would be fired for his testimony. This investigation did not result in perjury. After this investigation was unfounded, he then proceeded to harass and stalk the Treatment Manager and his family. This harassment has influenced the Treatment Manager to pursue a restraining order. Also, my former domestic violent advocate from 2009 was issued by his command a military protective order against my husband for similar behavior. To further provoke this situation, my husband has worn his military uniform throughout the divorce proceedings which he uses as a statement to claim military male privilege. This is a false representation of the military uniform and against UCMJ (The Uniform Code of Military Justice) and AFI (Air Force Instruction) codes. This wearing of the military uniform is used as an attempt to persuade the judge by gaining favor versus a basic civilian domestic court proceeding. Domestic Violence in the military is handled vastly different to that of the civilian world. I have personally experienced all of the different types of abuse including that which is illustrated in the military power and control wheel. The various types of abuse include; using coercion and threats, intimidation, isolation, using children, using economic abuse, claiming military/male privilege, minimizing, denying, blaming, and the use of emotional abuse (National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, 2016). Domestic violence is a massive epidemic when it comes to the military and the lack of follow through to protect the victims and punish the perpetrator. While there are resources in place such as Family Advocacy and Domestic Violence Advocates, the accountability with my experience by leadership is nonexistence. Lack of support is especially hard when the victim's crossover into the civilian world to get help when military silences the victim by not responding or helping the victim and protecting the service member. We need to fight for victims to have more rights by directing military commanding officers to respond back to victims when they report such crimes and take action. There needs to be better assistance from the military when a wife leaves a domestic violence service member to get civilian help by acknowledging the abuse that has happened within the military. Members need to be held accountable for their actions that are detrimental to others regarding domestic violence to spouse and children. Domestic violence in the military is a silent epidemic that needs attention. Please sign this petition to help stop this from repeating not only for my children and I but others. In my personal experience, the domestic violence has continued for years, and the military is very aware, yet, I see no changes, thus, putting my children and me at further risk. Pretending or acting as though there is not a problem with domestic violence in the military is not helping the victims. This is a brief summary of the horrendous almost twenty-two months of me attempting to regain custody of my younger children while being terrorized by my spouse. He has shown nothing to date that has proven to be true. In fact, all allegations and declarations he has submitted against me I have provided the court proof to discount his claims. The judge needs to reexamine the evidence that has been presented to the court to make a just ruling. If my spouse is granted a move away order and full custody I will then be forced to move near my children, therefore, isolating me from my support system. An out of state relocation would place me in a vulnerable position to start over in courts for custody and deal with ongoing abuse.  I ask for sympathy and empathy towards my children and myself, as our safety continues to be a risk. Thank you for taking the time to read my story as I plead for your assistance to stop this cycle by signing this petition.   Sincerely,   Lindsay       Reference: National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence. (2016). "Wheels" Adapted from the Power and Control Wheel Model. Retrieved from  

Lindsay Lindskog
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Petition to Seattle Seahawks, The entire Seattle Seahawks organization

Seahawks: Get Kaepernick as a backup. Standing up for basic rights isn't wrong!

Seattle has a rich history of innovation and leadership that dates back well over a century ago. Birthing industry leaders, from Weyerhaeuser to Nordstroms, from Boeing to Starbucks from Microsoft to Amazon, that's now pushing Seattle to becoming the epicenter of the tech revolution.  What makes Seattle such a gem? Is the encouraging, supportive and genuinely welcoming nature of the people that have built and are shaping  this city. Sure we'll have discrimination sexism and homophobia in any society. But the heart that pumps the blood through this city, and the peoples relentless drive to always improve, make a change, and fight for whats right is the secret sauce to what makes this city a rare gem. The position the NFL and the owners are taking on leaving Kaepernick hanging in the balance is and will be the destruction of American values period! I do not and will not stand for my daughter to grow up questioning why a man who stood up for his principles is being punished/ black listed while men who abuse women are being rewarded. Everyone's actions have consequences and ones physical attributes or 40 time does not give them a golden pass and free passage. And please do not make this an issue about money we have enough billionaires in this city to eradicate global poverty!! If your PR and marketing departments need help turning this move into a win call me I'll do it free of charge! I call for all the citizens of Seattle old and new to stand together and welcome Mr. Kaepernick. SEATTLE STRONG!!!

Michael Cash
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