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Petition to United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Domestic Violence Rally 2019

STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE We never really know how Domestic Violence will affect the lives of an individual until it affects your sister, your mother, your daughter, your aunt, your brother, and intimate, a close relative, a friend, a neighbor, someone from school or a coworker. What do we say? How do we act? What can you do to Help? Should I mind my business or help them? Is this a family matter or should I just let the police take care of it? Should I really get involved? These are many of the questions that go through the minds of the day to day citizens. And each and every day we still deal with Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence and Violence towards children.  We want to affect change by having our victims protected immediately especially after their intimate partner has been sent off to jail. We need victims protection programs and a larger advocacy program that helps families move. We need to place assailants on an ankle bracelet system after they make bond so that they will not come to commit the same crime after they have been released with bond after 24, 48 or 72 hours. Many of your Intimate Partner homicides happen at the negligence of our judicial system, They release these assailants and not knowing they intent on committing the same crime or a murder. With the ankle bracelet and GPS unit system on the victim's phone, we will give victims time to leave their property and time for the police to catch the offender. THIS IS NECESSARY!!! As it stands today the statistics towards Domestic states: "Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten. Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Most often, the abuser is a member of her own family. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women—more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. Studies suggest that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually. Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup.  Nearly 1 in 4 adult women and approximately 1 in 7 adult men report having experienced severe physical violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime.16% of women and 7% of men have experienced contact sexual violence from an intimate partner (this includes rape, being made to penetrate someone else, sexual coercion, and/or unwanted sexual contact).10% of women and 2% of men report having been stalked by an intimate partner." We must let our voices be heard; we must gather together and rally at the Steps of the Lincoln. Help us make our voices be heard; we will not be SILENT. Help us move for change; let our legislators, senators, and President understands us. Not just for us but for our children. Let's draw a CHANGE FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. SO let's ALL WEAR PURPLE ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2019 at the steps of the Lincoln. Let's all come from across the nation and support DV. See you here!!!

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Tina's Law: Domestic Violence Offender Registry

On the morning of November 24th 2017, Tina Stewart was brutally murdered by her boyfriend. Tina's boyfriend beat her to death; beating her to the point that he broke both of his own hands. On the day of court the judge stated, "This individual has a history with violence and why wasn't this known?".  It was at the moment, Don Estes, Tina's Uncle, made a promise to his niece, he would do everything in his power to change the law so there wouldn't be a next time that a judge, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone that would have to ask why they weren't aware of someone's violent history.  It's time to make a difference. It's time to take a stand. And, it's time to change the law!  We have a registry for sex offenders and we even have a registry for animal abusers across the country. Why do we not have one for individuals that are abusing men, women, and children?  Tina's Law would require any person with a domestic violence abuse charge against them to be registered; similar to sex offenders. We need to hold these individuals  accountable for their actions. Making this change in the law across all states would prevent someone that's been charged with domestic violence from moving to another state and starting over, as if they've never done anything wrong. This would be a national registry so hiding or moving to another state is not going to keep anyone from knowing their history with violence. If you're convicted of domestic violence, you will go on the registry. It's a lifelong registry for a felony conviction and/or if you have two or more misdemeanor offenses of domestic violence against the same person. If Tina had known about her boyfriend's violent history, she would have never gone out with him. This law will save lives! We need your help by taking a stand with us to change the law. We're not only asking you to sign the petition, we're asking you to also share the petition and help us with making a change. 

Allyson Hottinger
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Petition to Emily Tout, NYS Parole Board

Keep Domestic Violence Victim and Family Safe and Deny Parole

Please sign this petition to help ensure that our family and community can remain safe and protected by denying parole to David Dietrich, an inmate in a NY state Correctional Facility. This is David’s first parole hearing and the literal safety of people’s lives are dependent on him staying incarcerated. My hope is with enough signatures, that we can show the NY Parole Board the danger that his release poses upon society. My name is Emily, and for well over five years, I have been a victim of severe Domestic Violence, perpetrated by David. With an overwhelming amount of safety planning, our son and I were able to somewhat safely leave. Despite an order of protection being in place for my son and I, David violated this court order dozens of times, threating and stalking me for weeks, and then kidnapping and violently attacking me. Finally, David was given a plea deal and sentenced to prison. David is not only a domestic violence perpetrator, but he has committed dozens of acts of horrific sexual assault and rape, child abuse, strangulation, severe beatings, stalking, theft, illegal gun ownership on top of shooting towards me - directly in our home, kidnapping, and more. David and his friends and family will go to no end to stalk and injure me. As a man in his forties, we started dating ‘officially’ when I had just turned eighteen – I was a child. He quickly transformed me into his puppet, doing anything he demanded, because I was positive that I would be murdered if I didn’t. Between previous illness and the amount of head and neck trauma that I sustained, I needed emergency brain and spine surgery. Not only was the surgery horrific, but it led to multiple chronic illness and serious concerns regarding my brain and spine. I am now paralyzed from the waist down and waiting for another surgery. I am twenty-three years old, a single parent to our son, financially responsible for every aspect of life for the two of us, own a business, and am also a graduate student in a dual-degree for Law and Social Work. It takes me an insurmountable of effort to continue with these things, due to the constant fear of imminent danger and the emotional and physical impact that his abuse has imposed upon me. This impacts every single aspect of my life, and makes every task incredibly difficult. This was not a one-time incident. David has been abusive in his previous relationships for the past 18 years. Shortly after I began dating David, he tried to hurt a woman that he had previously been in a relationship, despite the fact that he was in a new relationship. The abuse that he inflicted upon me was a pattern and each incident was planned and carried out in such a way that is simply pure evil.  Searching for safety since leaving David has been incredibly difficult. If David is released on parole, he poses an extreme danger to my son and myself. Likewise, multiple friends and family members were harassed and stalked by David and are also in fear for their lives. Our community is safer with David incarcerated. Given David’s history, the direct threats that I received from him and from others, and the devastating impact that he has not only had on my son, myself, his other children, my friends, and our society, there would be an overwhelmingly high likelihood that he will end up severely injuring, or ending one of our lives. David is not capable of rehabilitation. David has already been on probation, has been mandated to domestic perpetrator classes, attended inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment, has completed substance abuse treatment. He was extremely abusive throughout all of these treatments. He would come home from his DV perpetrator classes and inform me that he is learning how to get away with hurting people and not leaving evidence. He has shown almost twenty years of incredibly violent, degrading, selfishness, controlling behavior, and a need to overpower anyone that he can. Being incapable of rehabilitation, remaining in prison is the safest option. My life depends on him remaining incarcerated. Please help. With great thanks, Emily T The undersigned petition members strongly encourage the Board to DENY parole of David L. Dietrich Jr. Petition for the case of New York State v. David DietrichNYS Division of Parole/Victim Impact Unit97 Central AvenueAlbany, New York 12206 Greene Correctional Facility165 Plank RoadP.O. Box 8Coxsackie, New York 12051-0008(518) 731-2741 (Greene County)David Dietrich DIN # 18-B-1798 RE: David Dietrich DIN # 18-B-1798

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Petition to Roy Cooper, Support Admin, North Carolina State House, North Carolina Governor

Registry for convicted criminals that have violated a protection order

I'm a survivor of domestic abuse. Over the course of my life I've had to put a domestic violence protection order on 3 of my ex boyfriends, which all them violated the protection order because they just see it as a piece of paper. I escaped from my violent ex boyfriend back in February of this year (2018). Not long after I left him I put a domestic violence protection order on him because I thought he would finally leave me alone but unfortunately that didn't happen. He violated the protection order twice. The first time he violated the protection order was on May 24th, 2018, he snuck onto our property and assaulted me by trying to pull me through a tiny dog door, which caused me to get injured and I'm still having problems with my right shoulder, they put out a warrant for his arrest for assault and battery and violating a protection order, he was arrested 3 days later, spent 2 days in jail and bonded out which his bond was only $1,000 for both charges. You only have to pay 10%, so he got bonded out for $100. We had already gone to court once but it was continued because he had gotten a court appointed attorney. While waiting for the next court date, he violated the protection order again on June 12th, 2018, it was around midnight when he contacted me by sending me a text through the texting app called Kik saying "You think you are protected? I'm not done with you yet", I called the police, they came out, saw the text, took pictures, took a report, the officer's went down to the magistrates office and got a warrant for his arrest and he was arrested later in the evening at his job. He saw a judge the next day and his bond was set at $8,000 and if he would've bonded out, he would've had to wear an ankle bracelet. They had set a new court date for all 3 charges for July 18th, 2018, of course I had to be there because I was the victim and my mother was a witness to both cases. The D.A. who had been working for me (which they should've kept in contact with me about everything before the court date) but they pulled my mother and I outside of the courtroom before court started and told us that they offered him a plea deal while he had been in jail for 5 weeks and the offer was, he pleads guilty to assault and battery and violating the protection order and he would get out on the day of court and they would drop the second charge of violating the protection order otherwise it would go to trial. He talked to his court appointed attorney and he took the plea deal. He was released on the day of court he was charged with assault and battery and violating a protection order which is on his record now (both of the charges are misdemeanors), the judge sentenced him to be put on probation for 18 months, he has to take abuser treatment classes, get a mental health assessment, do community service and has a suspended jail sentence of 60 days if he violates his probation he will have to do his suspended sentence of only 60 days, if he violates the protection order then they said it would be worse. Since my mother was a witness to both incidents, the judge told him that the he can't have any type of contact with her, the protection order is still active. To guys like him, a protection order is just a piece of paper. I want there to be a law put in place that anyone convicted of violating a domestic violence protection order or any type of protection order, should be put on a violation of a protection order registry for the rest of their natural life and must sign it and if they move to a different state they have to register there. It's the same concept for sex offenders that have to register. Please sign this petition for the victims, survivors and for the families that have lost their loved one due to domestic abuse and the abusers that violated the protection order against them. This is extremely important to me and I hope it's important to victims, survivors and to the families that lost a loved one due to someone violating a protection order. It's sad that it's an ongoing problem with domestic violence and people violating a domestic violence protection order because like my ex they don't care about a piece of paper because that's all it is to them, just a piece of paper. Please sign this petition so this can be made into a law! This is for all the victims, survivors (like myself) and for the families that lost a loved one due to an abuser violating a domestic violence protection order! Sign and spread the word to make this a law so that the one's violating a protection order have to be put on a registry for the horrible and traumatizing things they did and do because it just being on their record is not enough! I care about the victims, survivors and the families that lost a loved one because of abusers who violated the protection order! I have became an advocate for domestic violence awareness. Let's make this a law and get Shay's law passed!

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