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Petition to AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION, Michigan State House, Michigan State Senate, Gretchen Whitmer

Family Court Orders Unreasonable Search & Seizure of Mother's Confidential Communications

Tania* is a Protective Mother who has been ordered by the Family Court in Ottawa County to surrender her personal and work-related cellphone to her opposing party and his attorney for forensic investigation.  Tania has been seeking to keep her children safe for more than 3 years, and in trial for 5 days between December 2018-March 6, 2019.  The judge has rendered his decision in favor of the father, despite the fact that the child remaining in her father’s care has reported being assaulted by him since the last court date.  The father, contrary to any child’s best interests to maintain a connection with their primary attachment parent, has been given full custody of the youngest teen--and she is to have no contact with the mother, her brothers, grandparents, extended family, friends, or anyone else in her life.  The father has already removed her from the extra-curricular activities that she once enjoyed.  This has happened under the color of “parental alienation,” as accused by him, his attorney, the "counselors" and the judge. This alarming and recent turn of events will put the child at great risk for suicide attempts, severe depression and forms of self-harm. Parental alienation is a bogus theory that a protective parent somehow manipulates a child to dislike their abusive parent because the child could not possibly have other reasons to be resistant to that “alienated” parent (ie—the child has witnessed or has been a direct victim of the abusive parent’s abuse).  Parental alienation IS NOT recognized in the DSM-V by psychologists, psychiatrists or other mental health providers, primarily because it is junk science (a “syndrome” proffered by a quack who refused to have his work peer reviewed, advanced the cause of pedophiles, and committed suicide by stabbing himself to death).  But it is widely used in family courts to take away abused children from protective mothers and given to abusive fathers, stripping the children and protective parent of their basic human rights. Tania left the home in August of 2010 due to abuse, and soon thereafter filed for a PPO (which was granted, giving her the use of the marital home) and divorce.  The initial divorce process lasted almost 3 years before the final judgment came out in May of 2012, granting Tania full legal and physical custody of her then 15, 12, and 9-year-old children.  A parenting plan that involved a counselor and supervised parenting time for the children's father was ordered, but before the judgment came out, the counselor quit, leaving him with no parenting time, other than the children’s sporting and school events.   Then in January of 2016, Tania’s former husband retained new counsel, who accused Tania of “parental alienation” and the court ordered a “Friend of the Court” investigation.  This investigator recommended “reunification counseling” for the mother and children. The judge still did not grant the father any parenting time, despite his  multiple motions asking for immediate relief, until October 5, 2017, when the mother was ordered to “show cause” for not giving her ex-spouse parenting time--even though the court had not seen fit to order it, and despite recommendations that counseling should continue between the kids and the counselor without the father present. (Note:  Reunification therapy is rejected by the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Bar Association, among others, because it is traumatic to force abused children into therapeutic intervention with an abusive parent.) Tania would later discover through the children’s counseling notes that a full change in custody was being discussed among the court’s ordered therapeutic “professionals” in collusion with the father before the "reunification counseling” had even begun. But on October 5, 2017, the judge issued a 30-page decision ripping the children out of their home and away from their supports, giving the father full custody.  Not only was she denied contact with her children, she was sentenced to 45 days in jail for her efforts to keep her children safe.  She served four days, with the remaining 41 days continuously hanging over her head to force her submission to orders that continue to violate her and her children’s basic human and constitutional rights. Additionally, the judge and counselors held that jail time over her children’s heads as a means to force their “compliance” into "loving" their abusive father—or be forced into reprogramming camps. After the father was given custody of the children, he forced the middle son out of his home (the oldest had, by this time, escaped the jurisdiction of the court).  In June of 2018, the mother was strong-armed into a stipulated order that her ex would get most of the parenting time with the then-15-year-old daughter, and that the 17-year-old son (his sister’s only comfort and emotional support) was not allowed on his father’s property without permission. The children were devastated; the daughter was terrified of living there without her brother.  Tania was told that the agreement would be, in a year, the parenting time would “flip flop” and she would have reciprocal time with the children—all in an effort to force the kids into an “improved” relationship with their father.   To this day, both brothers choose to have no contact with their father, and are concerned for the safety and well-being of their sister while in their father's care. A month ago, after an emergency hearing to address the father’s assault on his daughter, the judge told the parties that he was “26 pages” into writing the decision and it would be out sometime in the future. The judge said that he was NOT taking any new information for the record because the trial had just finished.  Almost immediately after the parties left the court room that day, the judge signed a show cause for Tania to surrender her phone to her ex and his attorney for forensic testing.   This is a violation of any American’s civil rights--an unconstitutional search and seizure, and a violation of Tania’s rights to privacy. It is also a violation of her right to confidential communications between her and her attorney—supposedly protected by law.  Tania potentially faces jail time if she refuses to cooperate. This is an egregious overreach of the family courts, a blatant violation of the public's (and by extension, mothers' and children's) rights to an impartial and unbiased judiciary, and erodes the public's trust in the nation's family courts. As expected, the ACLU continues to ignore the cause of protective mothers in family court and has declined to assist this mother, in particular, to protect her civil rights. Please stand against the corruption and injustice in Ottawa County Family Courts.  Send the message that there is no excuse for violating this mother’s and child’s constitutional and civil rights, and that a violation of their rights is a violation of EVERYONE’s rights.  TELL THE ACLU THAT FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHTS OF PROTECTIVE PARENTS IS IMPORTANT TO FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHTS OF VULNERABLE PERSONS OPPRESSED AND TRAFFICKED BY THE INHUMANITIES AND INJUSTICES OF OUR FAMILY COURTS. *BREAKING NEWS: even as this petition was being written, news came in that the female child in question has been ordered into the sole physical and legal custody of her father, with time granted to the mother only through therapeutic setting.  The mother’s and child’s “electronic devices shall be subject to monitoring and analysis as necessary to assure compliance with the above requirements [that mother is prohibited…from communicating (either directly or indirectly, through third parties) with the minor child unless expressly authorized and appropriately limited by the therapist].”  There is no indication of WHO is responsible for monitoring or analysis. *Names have been changed to prevent judicial retaliation.

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Petition to Women leaders in San Antonio

Mētú - Women of Diversity Defeating Violence

We are a diverse group of women leaders in San Antonio, Texas. Some of us are survivors of domestic abuse, all of us are horrified that a man who has been accused of domestic violence by both his former and current wife is on the cusp of becoming the mayor of the 7th largest city in the country. We are worried what the election of this man would say to our sisters, sons and daughters. We are convinced his election would set the cause of women back decades in our city. Greg Brockhouse, currently the Councilman for District 6, has for years held close ties as a strategist and key advisor for the police and fire unions in San Antonio. Perhaps it is those ties that account for the convenient disappearance of his police records on these matters. Making our case more difficult is the fact that the organizations tasked with protecting women and children from domestic violence in our city rely on city funding that they stand to lose if this man becomes mayor. For this reason they are justifiably fearful and may be reluctant to call him out. Specifically, we have joined together to draw attention to this situation because: In 2018 there were 28 domestic violence related murders in San Antonio. This number has quadrupled since 2015. Domestic Violence is an epidemic in our community. We believe strongly that a man who abuses women is not fit to serve as mayor of our city. We suspect that the evidence shows a pattern of abusive behavior that should not be so easy to sweep under the rug. We believe that Greg Brockhouse’s character and personality are consistent with that of domestic abusers and other bullies. We believe that in a Brockhouse administration women will have reduced opportunity and power. Sadly, part of the pathology of this problem is that the victims of abuse, are often complicit in protecting their abusers. We are reaching out to distinguished individuals and organizations in hopes that you will help us shine a light on this man, on this issue, and begin a loud and TIMELY conversation about domestic abuse, how to recognize it, how to escape it, how to END it (and hopefully how NOT to elect it).

Mētú San Antonio
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Petition to Gretchen Whitmer Dana Nessel

Justice for Alicia Wright

On March 20, 2019 my only daughter was convicted of 2nd degree murder for defending herself against her boyfriend while he was trying to kill her. The system has yet again failed to protect women. No one heard her story yet. I feel sorrow for the life that was lost but domestic violence is very real. I am her voice now and I'm going to tell her story because the lawyers side is based on a lie. The case:The lawyer didn't call any witnesses on her behalf. There were no black jurors in the box or black alternates.  The District Attorney Gregory Boer was behaving suspicious with the jurors. The judge was shocked at the verdict in what was an obvious self defense case.I witness a juror on the phone talking about the case. Sentencing:Her state appointed lawyer did not review the Presentencing Investigation with her.The state did the Presentencing Investigation with her instead, one day before sentencing.Her lawyer said he wasn't ready when I asked what date should I be there for the sentencing.Now:All I want is justice for my daughter and for her to get an appeal.This is bigger than my daughter. Grand Rapids penial system is broken when it comes to minorities.  I am focused on exposing the lack of justice she received from lawyer John Grace, District Attorney Gregory Boer and the tampered jury. Elected officials need to step up and look at her case and everyone that dealt with this case. Help:Please help Alicia get the justice she deserves as well as anyone else going through this same battle.  

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