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Petition to Gretchen Whitmer Dana Nessel

Justice for Alicia Wright

On March 20, 2019 my only daughter was convicted of 2nd degree murder for defending herself against her boyfriend while he was trying to kill her. The system has yet again failed to protect women. No one heard her story yet. I feel sorrow for the life that was lost but domestic violence is very real. I am her voice now and I'm going to tell her story because the lawyers side is based on a lie. The case:The lawyer didn't call any witnesses on her behalf. There were no black jurors in the box or black alternates.  The District Attorney Gregory Boer was behaving suspicious with the jurors. The judge was shocked at the verdict in what was an obvious self defense case.I witness a juror on the phone talking about the case. Sentencing:Her state appointed lawyer did not review the Presentencing Investigation with her.The state did the Presentencing Investigation with her instead, one day before sentencing.Her lawyer said he wasn't ready when I asked what date should I be there for the sentencing.Now:All I want is justice for my daughter and for her to get an appeal.This is bigger than my daughter. Grand Rapids penial system is broken when it comes to minorities.  I am focused on exposing the lack of justice she received from lawyer John Grace, District Attorney Gregory Boer and the tampered jury. Elected officials need to step up and look at her case and everyone that dealt with this case. Help:Please help Alicia get the justice she deserves as well as anyone else going through this same battle.  

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Petition to Florida State Senate

Domestic Violence to become a felony in FL. “The Nicole Montalvo Law”

My friend Nicole Montalvo was a repeated victim of domestic violence. Court documents show that she was kidnapped by her estranged husband on one occasion where he tried to snap her neck, and violently attacked on many other occasions. Nicole would come to work with black eyes and bruises on her arms. She had reported these incidents to the police and although arrested, her estranged husband would be released from custody with little to no consequences for what he has done. And today, Nicole is no longer alive because she was murdered. Her estranged husband, with whom she was in the process of divorcing, and her father-in-law are both suspects in her murder but haven’t been formally charged in the case just yet despite the fact that her remains were found on their property. We want victims of domestic violence to feel safe the first time they ask for help. Nicole would be alive today if a law with more serious consequences were in effect, such as raising the Domestic Violence misdemeanor charge to a felony charge for those that wish to inflict physical harm onto others. This law will help to protect all other future potential victims out there and Nicole’s death would not be in vain. The Nicole Montalvo Law will save lives. Help stop the violence that has caused many women (and men) to lose their lives because of a lack of consequence in repeated offenses. Thank you all so much for your support in bringing justice to all that are and will be affected by DV. We never want anyone else to ever endure what Nicole Montalvo and many others have faced again.

Tamara Greene
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Petition to Kentucky Parole Board

Kentucky Parole Board: Deny Parole for Damien Lacambra (Inmate No. 296119)

*UPDATE 1/27/2020*: The man who killed Amelia is once again up for parole, as soon as February 10th, 2020. A detailed update is posted below in the “updates” section. Besides a date change to reflect the next parole hearing, the below body of the petition remains unchanged from the original 2018 posting. Please continue to sign and share this petition. Thank you. On April 24th, 2016, Amelia Forsting (Lacambra) was shot and killed by her husband, Damien Lacambra. The gun was 4 to 6 inches away from her head. Her one month old son, Luke, was nearby and witnessed Amelia's killing. He only had his mother for 46 days. The murder trial took place from December 4th to 8th, 2017. During the trial, Amelia’s friends and family had to listen in horror while the details of the crime were presented. The prosecutors detailed how Damien was a trained weapons expert in the US Army who loves guns. He is shown as a patterned liar in matters large and small; proudly displaying stickers on his car stating “Afghanistan: I served” despite never being deployed overseas. Multiple people at the trial testified about his anger and jealousy issues. The Commonwealth of Kentucky's gun expert testified that the weapon could not have malfunctioned and that the trigger was intentionally pulled. The lead investigator of the case testified that he believed this was an intentional murder. Damien’s explanation for what happened that day changed multiple times. At first, in his 911 call, he said he had an accidental discharge while removing his gun from the holster. Later, he changed the story to say the gun went off when he was trying to unload the gun. Later that day, after being questioned by LMPD detectives, he said that it was only a joke; he pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger to get a reaction out of her, telling detectives that he thought it was unloaded. Amelia is not able to tell her side of the story. Her one month old son, Luke, will fortunately not remember that horrible day. However, the abundance of evidence presented told her story and was more than sufficient to convict Mr. Lacambra of murder. Amelia’s family and friends were confident that their loved one’s killer would remain behind bars for at least the next 25 years. However, the jury—in ignorance of the evidence presented—returned a verdict of not guilty for the charge of murder. Instead, they sentenced him guilty to the charge of manslaughter in the second degree. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, this is a Class C felony that carries a maximum 10-year sentence. In addition, offenders are considered “non-violent” and eligible for parole after serving only 20% of their sentence. This means that this man, who shot and killed his wife, is considered non-violent by the state and may be released from prison only two years after his crime. His parole date is set for April 3rd, 2018—almost two weeks from today. (*UPDATE 1/27/2020*: Thanks to your signatures, Lacambra was denied parole in 2018. However, he is now up for parole again, as soon as February 10th, 2020.) As friends, family, and concerned members of the public, we petition the Kentucky Parole Board to deny parole to Damien Lacambra, inmate 296119. We are horrified by what this man did and live in fear that he will hurt Amelia’s family, her friends, and her son Luke. He is a danger to not only those who knew Amelia, but all members of the public as well. We, as signers of this petition, represent concerned members of the public and ask the Kentucky Parole Board to deny parole to this man. We cannot retry the case, but we can demonstrate that we, as citizens, are horrified by the crime and concerned about what may happen when the killer is released. We thank the Kentucky Parole Board for considering our concerns and urge you to deny parole for this killer. Thank you. ----------- This petition is authored by The Mary Byron Project on behalf of Amelia's family and friends. Learn more at

The Mary Byron Project
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