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Petition to Jeanna Trotman, Zach Trotman, The Trotmans

Let Murphy bring a stick into the house for once!

Murphy (I assume your last name is) Trotman. We see your struggle. We know your pain. We feel for you and we are here for you if only to secure one isolated moment of joy for a dog so care-free and loving in intent, and relentlessly persistent in the pursuit of simple pleasures. Have you ever had a dream? Has the glint of a better life ever set you on an immovable course? Transformed you into an unshakable force? Changed your condition to the point that your mind interpreted even the most impenetrable obstacles as children's playground equipment? Enter Murphy, the jovial German Shepherd. Murphy is among the goodest of boys. He enjoys time with family (one sister and two parents, whom he loves very much), attacking vacuums, and going on walks outside. The latter cause is the inspiration for this petition and the accompanying, exhaustive description. Murphy is taken outside often to adventure, romp around, and more-than-likely burn off some extra energy before returning to an orderly home. For as long as he can remember, he has always found enjoyment in sticks he finds on the return trip to the house. These sticks vary in size, circumference, species, and weight, but one variable remains constant across all types... The profound feeling of delight they provide. Without fail and on every trip you can find Murphy Trot-ing toward the Trotman residence with a newly acquired branch. To Murphy's dismay, every trip results in the dastardly reminder that there are no sticks allowed inside... As it is known, German Shepherds aren't the most social of dog breeds; however, they are extremely loyal to those they choose to befriend. An owner, maybe. Perhaps another dog that happens to share the same household and family. Possibly even... A fragment of a nearby tree? As outsiders, who are we to decide which friendships are valid and which should be cast aside at a moment's notice for the sake of over-working a Roomba? "Friend" has previously been defined as "a familiar or helpful thing". After countless trips outdoors, Murphy has become familiar with enough kindling to melt the polar ice caps himself (which would be terrible, climate change is real). Sticks that entertain, stems that calm, branches that make his doggone day. Unfortunately, as familiar as he gets with these herbal dismemberments, he is all-to-familiar with the anguish that comes next. Still, in an act of optimism only capable of a canine, Murphy scampers home hoping for a change of the human heart. "No!" It is a wonder he doesn't answer to it by now. A word so easily uttered, yet so heavy when it lands. Murphy's ears depress and the lively gleam fades from his eyes, teeth gnashing. And so, as every day before, he is forced to abandon his new-found friend at the base of the Trotman stoop. A saddened saunter up the steps signals another day's loss. We are here today fighting a battle for the voiceless and incapable. We don't ask for much, just one simple exception where a rule otherwise remains rigid: let Murphy carry a stick into the house one time. We believe this to be a fair exchange for his unconditional love and the non-consensual exploitation of his handsomeness, loyalty, and fervor (and yes, even his untimely and misplaced bowel movements) online. If you share our same passion for this cause, the dog it defends, and the opportunity to do good in the world, we implore you to sign and spread this petition.

Neil Larson
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Petition to Bernadette Dunham, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA, Director: Risk Management & Investigations, SA Dept of Agriculture, Deputy Director Investigations, South African Veterinary council

Petition for the immediate withdrawal of Simparica (flea & tick treatment) from the market

Controversial tick and flea "remedies" Nexgard and Bravecto were both approved and released in late 2013 and early 2014 respectively. Ever since, the controversy around these products has been increasing on a continuous basis. Both of these drugs already have quite an impressive legacy of suspicion of causing extremely serious adverse reactions, including the death of several hundred of innocent Canine victims. March 2016 saw the addition of Simparica, yet another so-called Isoxazoline flea and tick “remedy”… and already several dogs have been adversely affected by this new drug. It is yet too soon to state an accurate number of dogs that have been affected, but for such a young drug, the growing total of already reported adverse reactions is concerning. The 26 reported cases stated have occurred between the release date March 2016 and Jul 2016. Considering the fact that the drug had by Jul 2016 only been on the market for 4 months, this is very good reason to doubt the safety of this drug. In view of what had already been reported for its two sister drugs, it would be fair to assume that Simparica is going the same way. These drugs are supposed to protect our pets by killing the pests that invade the lives of animals. At least that part of the promise holds true: they are deadly to ticks and fleas... If it ended there, and the quality of our pets' lives were improved by these so-called “remedies”, they would have been welcomed with  open arms... but it doesn't end with killing the pests; numerous side effects have been experienced by many beloved pets and reported by their owners, including severe gastritis, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, seizures and even several deaths. Many dogs died after having ingested an Isoxazoline drug. In spite of numerous calls to Merial, Merck and the FDA and lately also to Zoetis, the manufacturer of Simarica, our problem seems to be ignored. And now, after the sad passing of Cuddles, the very dear and beloved Canine friend of Susan Rae, following a dose of Simparica, I feel that it is time to take action. Please read the posts on this public Facebook group:  and this one: The story of Cuddles by Susan Rae: While she was still alive, after the drug was administered: “I spent the entire day at the Emergency Veterinary Clinic. My Baby has liver disease and acute pancreatitis. Cuddles is with me 24/7 since I am currently homebound. I really miss having her with me. She has to stay in the hospital for a few days and can come home if things go ok. I am so sad and depressed. I have been crying all day. I love that little dog” After the sad event of her passing: “I want to thank you for adding me to your group. I just wish I would have known about this a couple weeks ago. Through research I have found that Simparica, Bravecto, and Nexguard all have one thing in common, they kill dogs! We had to put our sweet, sweet Cuddles to sleep a week ago. She was a little, precious toy poodle. Our Vet called Cuddles a miracle dog. She was 15 1/2 and probably would have lived a few more years if I had not given her Simparica. Throughout her life Cuddles had liver disease, Cushing disease, pancreatitis, and the last few years, some kidney problems. Although she was not in kidney failure. She was on medication for all of these diseases and I gave her the best medical care possibly. The is why she lived so long. Cuddles had NEVER had fleas in her life. She was licking so I took her to the vets. Her bowels and blood test came out fine. Her kidneys and liver had even improved, but she did have fleas. He gave me a free sample of Simparica and told me to give her one that afternoon. I gave it to her at 4 and by 6 she had diarrhea. Later that evening she had pure blood coming out of her with dry heaves. Then the tremors started. I had to take her to the emergency clinic. Total waste of time. My vets the next day. He didn't think it was from the pill. She got worse and we were up with her all night. She was bleeding to death internally, vomiting, tremors, unsteady, would fall when she would try to walk, salivating. Would lean against the wall and hang her head down. It broke my heart to see the pain I put her through by giving her Simparica. We put her to sleep early that morning. I am having a very hard time forgiving myself and don't know if I ever will. Please do not give your dog any of these pills. Cuddles was fine and tests were great that morning. Thank you for letting me share this awful time in my life. I hope it will help save another dog's life.” Here is a link to the combined ADE report for Bravecto, Nexgard and Simparica: Here are links to articles by two well-known holistic veterinarians on these three drugs: After reading the story of Cuddles as posted directly from Susan Rae's Facebook profile, as well as the attached ADE report and the two articles on the safety of the Isoxazoline drugs, please decide for yourself. Is a third Isoxazoline drug really necessary while the two older ones have not even been proven beyond doubt to be safe for our furkids? And then please do the right thing by signing this petition. We need this drug, and the other two, to be withdrawn from the veterinary scene with immediate effect. And we need them to stay off the market. Our dogs do not need these drugs, as there are other much safer methods to combat the problems that these drugs are supposed to combat but are in fact aggravating because of the horrible side effects. Think about it: Your dog can still contract a tick borne disease because the drugs don’t even repel the parasites. They have to bite and attach to the dog and take a toxic blood meal off the victim in order to die… Thank you Antoinette LeRoux

Antoinette LeRoux
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Petition to Massachusetts Legislators

Extend Massachusetts's seven day hold to include cats and owner surrenders

Many of us believe that ALL homeless dogs and cats and other domestic animals (such as bunnies, gerbils, etc) should have the BASIC right to go to a good home. Yet, in Massachusetts only stray dogs are afforded the BASIC right to be held at an animal shelter for 7 days before being euthanized --- this is so that the lost dog's owner has the chance to find and re-claim his or her pet.  The mandated minimum hold time for cats, rabbits, gerbils and other animals is zero days........yes 0 days. (Owner surrendered dogs also have a mandated minimum hold period of zero days.....) As the pet parent of cats, I would like to know that my cat -- should he or she become lost (although indoor cats, one can accidentally go outdoors) would also be held for 7 days so that I can find and re-claim my pet. As an animal owner, I would like to know that if illness or other condition forces me to relinquish my animals to a shelter, that my pets will not be killed right away -- simply because my animal is an owner surrender. I have no plans to surrender my animals -- most animal owners do not -- but animals should not suffer an immediate death for circumstances beyond the owner's control. Please join me in asking Massachusetts legislators to extend the mandated 7 days hold to all homeless domestic animals, unless seriously or terminally ill.  (Community Cats, unless seriously or terminally ill, should not be killed at all, but returned to the place found or another suitable location)

Committee for Pet Shelter Animals
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