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Petition to Kathryn Barger, Marcia Mayeda, Don Belton, William Saunders, Melody Emmick, Sheri Koenig, Janice Hahn, Lindsey P. Horvath

L​.​A. County Animal Care and Control Must Fully Reopen NOW!

JUNE 2021I started this petition after learning our Los Angeles County Animal Pounds were closed to the public. I went to go adopt MIMI (seen in this picture) when I learned this 15 year old doll face was dumped by her owner. I drove 8 miles in traffic at 3 in the afternoon to save her. When I arrived, they turned me away. I assumed it was because of Covid, but the staff corrected me. They told me it was just the way they wanted to do it from now on. Instead of allowing the public in the animal pound to see the animals, Los Angeles County residents would have to find an animal they wanted to adopt on the Internet and then schedule an appointment to see ONLY that animal. I asked them if they were joking. They told me no. In that moment, I knew I was about to wage war against their new policy but first I had to get Mimi out. I did get Mimi out but the next day, I showed back up to the pound with a sign in hand. "Open The Shelters" it read. A few employees secretly gave me a thumbs up. One employee asked me if I needed water. After seeing that, I knew I had the support to the pound staff.  I also knew I had to dig in and that this fight was going to take everything I had. With a little over 20,000 signatures, we've got their attention. My goal is 100,000 signatures and a fully re-opened Los Angeles County shelter system. Over the last two years, I've realized that Los Angeles County Animal Pounds have zero oversight. The Director Marcia Mayeda can simply close down the shelters and she is accountable to NO ONE. Help me make Los Angeles County Shelters accountable to the people who fund it. I'm committed to use this petition to make REAL CHANGE. Please help me help them. Sign today.UPDATE JANUARY 2023Los Angeles County Animal Pounds continue to turn away adopters who show up during morning office hours without appointments. I've been successful in getting the pounds to open during the afternoon hours but we all know that's not enough. Meanwhile, they are killing our community homeless animals left and right. Over the last 6 months, our pounds have welcomed more than 12,000 animals. Sadly, more than 4500 of those animals were killed by staff members. We demand all 7 animal pounds return to their pre-pandemic kennel hours. The only way we are going to get them to fully re-open is with your signature and support. We've got them to partially re-open but now we've got to push those doors wide open.Update on Mimi who inspired this petition...Mimi lived with us for 6 months until she passed away from cancer. We did everything we could to save her live including flying her to Las Vegas to receive immunotherapy treatment. In honor of Mimi, please sign this petition so more lives can be saved.Share this petition www.OpenTheShelters.comPlease email and/or call and let our Los Angeles County Supervisors know you want OPEN ACCESS to ALL LOS ANGELES COUNTY ANIMAL POUNDS as it was before Covid hit.LA COUNTYDistrict Onefirstdistrict@bos.lacounty.govPhone: (213) 974-4111Supervisor Hilda L. SolisDeputy for Animal Care and Control District One is Tammy Omoto-FriasDistrict TwoSupervisor Holly J. MitchellHollyJMitchell@bos.lacounty.gov213-974-2222District ThreeSupervisor Lindsey P. Horvath ThirdDistrict@bos.lacounty.govDistrict FourSupervisor Janice Hahn(213) 974-4444 FourthDistrict@bos.lacounty.govDeputy for Animal Care and Control District One is Kelly CrossDistrict FiveSupervisor Kathryn Barger(213) 974-5555Kathryn@bos.lacounty.govCONTACT THE POUNDS:Care Center Contact EmailsAgoura: agoura@animalcare.lacounty.govBaldwin Park: baldwinpark@animalcare.lacounty.govCarson: carson@animalcare.lacounty.govCastaic: castaic@animalcare.lacounty.govDowney: downeyctaip@animalcare.lacounty.govLancaster: acclancaster@animalcare.lacounty.govPalmdale:

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Petition to Sylvia Jones, Doug Ford

BAN dog tethering in Ontario *NO EXEMPTIONS* , NO MORE cases like these 14 chained dogs!

OUR GOAL IS 150.000 signatures. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! Tethering of a dog is inhumane, cruel and can be dangerous to the confined dog, people, and other animals. Constant chaining/tethering makes dogs neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and often even aggressive. They are often starving and out in the cold or heat, isolated and deprived of pretty much everything.  A change is needed NOW. We need your help to help the dogs. WHAT DO WE WANT? For ALL dogs, no exemptions, we want: * A law for a total ban on tethering of all dogs, no exemptions. *  Adoption of the CVMA guidelines for animal care to be used by all Inspectors, SPCA Inspectors and Law Officials investigating complaints of animal Cruelty of Distress. WHAT HAPPENS TO MANY DOGS IN ONTARIO? The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association denounces tethering. But....Ontario has NO LAWS to protect dogs from this fate! So, the cruel practice keeps happening. The government and its animal welfare division are not on top of this. Like with these 14 dogs, found in an open field on short chains, in the cold, without water and clearly starving. It took many calls from neighbours and Canadian dog lovers starting January 21, until the dogs were finally taken away from that horror place on February 13. This is shameful and gross neglect of duties! Would this even have been done without the build up of social media pressure in the past weeks?Read the terrible story of these 14 chained hunting dogs here on facebook Chaining/tethering dogs like this is very common in Canada, and very much so in Ontario, for instance with sled dogs, hunting and working dogs! Such cases pop up daily, to our sadness and despair.  This is cruel and should be stopped forever.  This petition aims at Ontario premier Doug Ford and Minister Solicitor General, Animal Welfare and Police in Ontario, Sylvia Jones. They have the power to make these laws. We will get your signatures to them.  WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? * Please sign and share this petition, so we can put pressure on authorities to ban tethering by law. Please Share, share, share! <3* When you see a constantly tethered dog, you can try to speak to the owners, and you can document by video and pictures, and share this with the right authorities and on your social media.* You can of course also do something extra and email the government in your area. Find your MPP here- Change is possible when we all speak up for a humane treatment of all dogs!  

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Petition to Greg Abbott, Governor Greg Abbott, US Senator Ted Cruz, US SENATOR, JOHN CORNYN, Representative Terry Wilson, Fire Marshal Jason Fryer, Texas State Fire Marshal, Chief John Sullivan, MayorJosh Schroeder, Amanda Parr, Shawn Hood, Mike Triggs, Steve Fought, Kevin Pitts, Tommy Gonzalez, Senator John Carter, Kathryn Pantalion-Parker

Establish & Enforce Laws for Innocent Pets placed in boarding facilities & Vet. Clinics

On Saturday, September 18th, 2021, 75 dogs (Family members), needlessly lost their lives due to a fire and smoke inhalation at the Ponderosa Pet "Resort" in Georgetown, Texas. Let's not ignore this and not make these tragic loses be in vain by creating legal and enforceable changes. Recognize Pets/Animals as Lives not Property or objects. The business owners legally, and as posted on their website do not have staff at the facility 24/7 (Overnight). Nor do they have a fire alarm, smoke or carbon monoxide detector, or fire sprinkler system, or a monitored alarm system in place that would alert safety officials of potential safety concerns: law enforcement or fire department according to officials reports.  The Fire department was alerted to the fire taking place by 911 calls from citizens who were driving by the kennel, once flames could be visibly seen escaping the roof from the sides of the metal building these babies were trapped and ultimately died in.   With today's technology, there is no excuse for not having fire/smoke alarms connected to sprinkler systems, remote monitoring systems, and possibly even doors that open to the outside connecting kennels (having this in place could have saved Lives!). Additionally, people pay exorbitant amounts of money $80+ per pup, per night (see the webpage for costs) and TRUST to have their babies Cared for, Supervised, and Most Importantly SAFE! Yet, not one human being is present for any type of supervision at the facility or for the beloved pets for many hours throughout the night (7 p.m., to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday, and even longer on the weekends). Regardless if it is in the Fine Print or not, this is IRRESPONSIBLE of any such facility who charges and has lives in their care and custody, and this Must change. Law makers, please create and ENFORCE laws to mandate monitored fire safety alarms: smoke & carbon monoxide detectors; fire extinguishers; sprinkler systems; 24/7 human supervision and care; bi-annual fire and code inspections for said business types, along with other safety measures to significantly reduce the chance of this happening again and prevent further deaths and loses.                            Please look at changing laws for "Grandfathering" buildings and instead look at when new businesses start and the type of the business in an established building verses the structures age. Additionally, mandate that clients, pet owners can physically view and have access to where their pets are being boarded at verses simply having a video camera set on one area of the facility. THESE ARE LIVES, NOT PROPERTY! Change the Fire and Legal Codes to recognize this Now! The State of Illinois has already put measures in place; Texas and the rest of the United States can and Should expand on their lead and follow suit! THANK YOU for Your SUPPORT! GOD BLESS THESE INNOCENT SOULS (BUNNY Richards,  CLYDE Richards,                                                               SCOUT Shay,                                                                                                                SHOES Jaeger,  COASTER Jaeger,                                                                        PENNY Sauseda,                                                                                                ZANDER Gattey,    GRANGER Gattey,                                                                GRAYCIE Treadway,                                                                                            MACK Lamia,                                                                                                    SAMMY Hardt,                                                                                                ROONEY Rogers,    DEMPSEY Rogers,                                                              LILLY Ellis Jones,                                                                                                 SUNNY Moore,        LOLA Moore,                                                                    SAMMY Lovelace,     AURELIUS Lovelace,                                                            ACE Manzana,  MOZART Atilano/ Manzana,                                                        GOOSE Quiroz,                                                                                              CHIPPER Hurd,                                                                                                    TOBY White,                                                                                                            TITAN Taylor,    PIPER Taylor,                                                                          BEARZY Gouthieur,                                                                                              GIZMO Huckins,  DREXEL Huckins,                                                                              MARGO-CLAIRE Hardy,                                                                                    BUDDY Wright,    RUDY Wright,                                                                             ACE Signorelli,                                                                                                      CALI Hewa,                                                                                                         SADIE Dobel,     LEON Dobel,                                                                             DANA DANE Jordan,                                                                                                ROCCO Childress,                                                                                            SAILOR Simmons,                                                                                              CANELO O'Connor,                                                                                                ARTEMIS Anderson,                                                                                              RICKY Gregory,   EARL Gregory,                                                                MAVERICK Kirtley,                                                                                              TEDDY Rutherford,                                                                                               ZEKE Ahrens,                                                                                                    MOLLY McLlellan,                                                                                                      PARKER Craddock,                                                                                              MOTLEY Benefiel,                                                                                                          NASH Lobo,    LOUIE Lobo,                                                                                    SNOOP DOG Miller,                                                                                              KONA Affolter,                                                                                                      ROXIE Bullard,                                                                                                      BLUEY Bunditwong,                                                                                     GUNNERY SERGEANT Champlain,                                                                   OZZIE Champlain,                                                                                               DUKE Edwards,    DUTCHESS Edwards,                                                         ANGUS Goodrich,                                                                                                ZEKE Harmon,                                                                                            SHANDOW Holifield,                                                                                               ACE Howell,                                                                                                        PIPER Huston,                                                                                                      LUNA Kratzburg,                                                                                                  DEAN Lockhart,                                                                                                              MAIA Murray,                                                                                                              DASH Ordonez,                                                                                                  SHERLOCK Perry,                                                                                                      ZANE Skinner,                                                                                                    TOBEY Spangenberg,                                                                                          HOPE Streeter,                                                                                                  HUNTER Wheeler,                                                                                                FIONA T.,                                                                                                          WALKER Williams,                                                                                                TINO Yerks AND THEIR FAMILIES!   Facebook: PROTECT ALL PETS Email: Website:    

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