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Petition to Town of Osoyoos

Opposing the Closure/Relocation of the Osoyoos Off-Leash Dog Park

The Osoyoos Off-Leash Dog Park was created by the Town of Osoyoos in the Summer of 2012. It had been celebrated and well used in the past 5 years!  At the Osoyoos Off-Leash Dog Park there is ideal parking, maintence, space for large and small breeds of dogs, some shade and a water source.  It's is also away from children/playground, as well as roads or loud noises.  It is like it's own little community within Osoyoos B.C. People there support one another, keep one another updated about visits/things happening, and share personal connections with one another.  It's an amazing place to meet locals as well as tourists/people visiting from out of town!  In June 2017, the Osoyoos Minor Baseball Association proposed that the Dog Park be closed and relocated to make space for the teams/tournaments. The potential replacement Off-Leash Dog Park would be at Kismen Park (across from Rattlesnake Canyon), which is a Dog Park/Children's Playground, this is great for people who bring their children as well. Unfortunately this space is not well kept as there is dog feces left often, there are children playing there, making it unsuitable for people who have large dogs/don't know children. It's almost an accident waiting to happen with the amount of people/dogs that currently use the Osoyoos Off-Leash Dog Park.  Currently there is a written petition binder at the Osoyoos Off-Leash Dog Park opposing the closure/relocation: All information I shared in the binder: OMBA Proposal Osoyoos Times: Grand Opening TOO: Grand Opening Osoyoos Times: Pages 110-113: Town Council: Approaching Council: Gerald Davis & other town staff: 

Elizabeth Burnett
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Petition to Mr. Cam Guthrie, Ms. Heather Flaherty, Ms. Colleen Clack

Fenced leash-free dog park for the City of Guelph

There are no fenced in places to bring our dogs in Guelph. Dog parks provide a great place for dogs and their owners to socialize and get exercise. Many people are owners of dogs that are unable to let off leash due to a number of reasons; whether it be a puppy who is still training, or a breed in which the instinct to explore is natural. This doesn’t mean that these dogs don’t deserve the socialization and exercise that a fenced leash-free dog park can offer. Dogs that are well-socialized tend to show less aggression and are more relaxed. Plus, fresh air and exercise are key to keeping your dog healthy. Dog parks don't just benefit the dogs themselves. Pet owners that have had the opportunity to visit a leash free park will tell you that it's a great place to meet other people and to develop friendships and bonds. It also helps people to get outside and encourages them to get some exercise with their dogs. The community of Guelph could also benefit from a fenced leash-free dog park as well-exercised dogs are unlikely to nuisance bark, as some dogs do when they're bored and have no stimulation. Having a designated dog park also helps to encourage pet owners to use it, thus reducing or minimizing conflicts with other recreational parks. I am asking the City of Guelph to construct an environment for our pets to exercise and socialize that is safe from traffic and other obstacles. According to the Canadian Animal Health Institute, approximately 41% of Canadian households include at least one dog, and in an animal loving city such as Guelph – I would guess that this percentage, and the number of dogs who could benefit, is even higher. Please support me in asking the City for a fenced dog park in Guelph.

Meghan Bertenshaw
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