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Petition to Hon Mark Furner Agriculture Minister QLD & Hon Peter Dutton Minister for Home Affairs, Hon Mark Furner, , you can make this happen

Abusive dog training www​.​eventbrite​.​com/e/brisbane-australia-jeff-gellmans-2-day-

We call on the local parliamentary minister Hon Mark Furner, Hon Peter Dutton  and Queensland RSPCA to investigate why Australia is allowing dog trainers access to working/ holiday Visa's to our country to train pet animals and their owners using abusive tools and outdated teaching methods. This is a clear breach of the QLD animal welfare code ( to protect animals from unjustifiable, unnecessary or unreasonable pain ). His training methods are outdated, archaic and painfully abusive. See link below: TRIGGER WARNING THIS CLIP SHOWS VIOLENCE AGAINST A DEFENSELESS DOG*F*F-R&eid=ARAXHYyMMy528sM-qHTu9QwR62YeG7VUfZmOmVjk8CC7gCv27eRuBEmU-CGy6FHUleFAK7q9NJ7qPu58&tn-str=*F   We call upon the minister to revoke his working visa so this type of  'training' can be cancelled.   This type of 'training' is a direct breach of QLD Animal Welfare Laws and Legislation..   Mr Gellman is open about his use of electronic shock collars and requests those attending his training purchase an electronic shock collar and bring it with them to this event. This is a clear and factual indication dogs registered at this event with be subjected to various zaps and shocks during the course of the weekend training event. Australia - we are better than this ! We raise millions of dollars to rehabilitate our bushfire ravaged wild animals, yet allow this 'trainer '  access to our country  'shock' and 'boop' our pet dogs. We encourage the general public to think carefully about the welfare of their pet should they be tempted by quick fixes for any behavioural issues they may be experiencing.  We encourage pet owners to seek help using modern science based rehabilitation via a qualified  VET  behaviourist rather than attend this abusive training. Its time we raised our standards Australia. Keep Mr Gellman away from our dogs.   Animal welfare laws in QueenslandAnimal welfare in Queensland is regulated and enforced to ensure animals are treated humanely.The Queensland Government's animal welfare program has 4 main aims:promote the responsible care and use of animalsprovide standards for animal care and use that balance the welfare of animals and the interests of people whose livelihood depends on animalsallow for the advancements in scientific knowledge and allow for changes in community expectations about practices involving animalsprotect animals from unjustifiable, unnecessary or unreasonable painensure that the use of animals for scientific purposes is accountable, open and responsible.The Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 sets regulations for animal welfare standards. These regulations are the basis for the Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2012.This guide covers laws that protect animals in Queensland and how these are enforced.

Lisa Westbury
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Petition to Alan Joyce, QANTAS, RSPCA

Stop animal neglect by Qantas airlines

My beautiful Boxer dog Duke died when flying with Qantas from Sydney to Brisbane. Duke suffered a terrible death- on a day that was extremely hot, he was left in a crate, out on the tarmac, with no shade for at least an hour. Qantas baggage handlers thought it was ok to leave Duke on the tarmac while they loaded all the passengers' luggage, and then continued to leave him out there after the flight was delayed. I became increasingly distressed as I watched him sitting out on the tarmac and each time I alerted Qantas staff of my fears for Duke's safety, they assured me Duke was fine. Qantas investigated Duke's death and have told me they accept no liability for what happened. Their response is that they followed standard animal handling procedures and then continued with their standard statement on 'snub nosed' breeds being at higher risk when flying. I want everyone to know Duke's death had NOTHING to do with the flying, he travelled from WA to NSW two weeks prior, a much longer flight without issue. Qantas, Duke died because you neglected your duty of care and left him out in the heat for so long, he became overheated. An extremely dangerous condition for any dog regardless of breed. If you left a dog in a car you would face prosecution. To me, this is no different. I know I can't bring Duke back, but I want to make sure no-one else loses their beloved pet this way. Sadly, since losing my beautiful Boxer, a Bulldog puppy has also died under the same circumstances on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Melbourne. I have also heard of other tragic stories pets going missing, pets being given to the wrong person, pets collapsing on arrival and needing medical attention and others that haven't survived. If this is Qantas' standard, we need change! Beloved pets cannot continue to lose their lives through Qantas neglect. That's why I'm calling on the airline to undertake a full review of their policies and procedures to ensure this doesn't happen again. Please, sign and share my petition and let Qantas know that our pets are precious cargo! You can read the full story here.

Kay Newman
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Petition to Australian Parliament, Stirling Griff

Protect our pets: food regulations now!

Imagine taking your dog to the vet, sick and in pain, only to be told the food you’d given him will soon kill him? That’s exactly what happened with my darling Vincent. I thought I was feeding him quality food, but the Dog Food I was giving him was destroying his body from the inside out. Why are there no food safety regulations for the food we give our pets? It gets worse: the global company knew their food made nine police dogs seriously sick in December, but didn’t recall the dangerous product until months later. During this time I was continuing to feed Vincent and Mabel this food. How many more dogs got sick during that time including our beautiful Mabel? And it’s not just that dog food – pet owners across Australia have been finding mould or plastic throughout their pet food. There are currently no laws protecting our pets from harmful food, and these global pet food companies seem to only care about their profit. Vincent was magnificent. He was healthy, happy and full of life. In the two weeks before he died, he lost 20kgs. He’d stand at his water bowl and just look up at me as if he knew he couldn’t swallow. I’m urgently calling on the Australian government to introduce regulations that would ensure the food we give our beloved pets is safe for them to eat. Please join my campaign and help make sure no pet owner is misled into feeding their beloved companion food that will hurt them. Don’t let this happen again, next time it could be one of your pets.

Christine and Peter Fry
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Petition to Burnie City Council

‘Small Dogs’ Dog Park in Burnie

Hi everyone, The Burnie Dog Park is mainly filled with labs, golden retrievers and other big dogs. Whilst these dogs are mostly well behaved (we have labs of our own too) their play style is too rough for most small dogs, old dogs and disabled dogs and can cause injury in an off leash dog park. A small number of dogs brought to the park attack other dogs (which I have witnessed), and small dogs wouldn’t stand a chance with one bite having the potential to kill so they need a safe area of their own. Whilst a lot of what happens is typical dog behaviour, we can’t ignore the damage a 30kg dog can cause to a 4kg dog if things suddenly get out of control. After speaking to many locals I have discovered that the reason it’s mainly big dogs at the park isn’t a coincidence, but because owners of small dogs have had their dogs attacked or frightened when at the park so they don’t return. I’m proposing a smaller fenced area be installed within the existing Burnie dog park (or other accommodations made) so dogs of all shapes and sizes have somewhere to play in our community.  Some Burnie City Council officers have stated that this is the first approach anyone has made regarding an area for smaller dogs. Ken Dorsey has agreed to pursue this further for us and council may consider it if we as a community can rally together to demonstrate there is a need and that existing users of the park support the proposal. Please take a brief moment to sign and share with friends if you would like to make this happen! Let’s show council we support the need for a space for all dogs to play. 

Madelaine Keep
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