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Recently there has been a lot of media coverage on the tragedy of Coco the dachshund being killed in the dog attack.  Hero may be PTS (put to sleep) because of the negligence of Cocos owners.  FACTS:- Coco and 2 other dogs escaped their yard, and ran to the park where Hero and his owner were walking. - Hero was on lead walking with his family when 3 dogs ran up and attacked him- 3 UNLEASHED dogs ran up and attacked on leash Hero. -Hero's owner was doing the right thing, walking her dog on a leash in a leash only area. - Coco, A dog half the size of Hero (as well as 2 other dogs) attacked Hero, Coco was a small breed and it is inevitable that in an attack a larger dog would cause extensive damage to a small dog. - Cocos owner has blasted her fake story on news and social media, vilifying Hero and his owner, and thankfully the true story as well as CCTV footage has emerged showing what really happened. Coco was not being walked as owner first stated, Coco ESCAPED and attacked another dog!! CCTV link will be at bottom of this petition. - Cocos owner has changed her story so many times now to try to look innocent and vilify Hero, and that speaks volumes. RIP Coco, and condolences to her family, but lying to sentence another dog to death is just disgusting.Witness has come forward on social media and stated that the 3 dogs in fact did attack Hero, and that the fault was not Hero. My aim here is to urge the Cardinia Council to NOT put this poor dog to sleep, This is a tragic incident but Hero was NOT the instigator, CCTV footage has shown what really happened!! As well as witnesses stating this was not the fault of Hero or his owner. Hero was defending HIMSELF and HIS FAMILY against 3 dogs attacking him. Let's not make an already heartbreaking tragedy worse by putting a dog to death for defending himself and his family.

Emma Douglas
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Petition to Jamie Hyams, Joel Silver, Cr Jim Magee, Cr Anne-Marie Cade, Cr Margaret Esakoff, Cr Clare Davey, Cr Tony Athanasopoulos, Cr Mary Delahunty, Cr Dan Sztrajt

Equal Rights for Greyhounds

Willow is a retired racing Greyhound. Destined for euthanasia when she was no longer of use, she was adopted by Glen Eira resident, Danny Mileikowski and given a second chance.

 She now lives happily with cats and chickens and is a Therapy Dog at Caulfield Hospital’s geriatric psychiatric clinic.

 Willow loves nothing more than to meander around with her owner and socialise with the other dogs at Princes Park in Caulfield South. Like all other dogs she has benefited immensely from being able to socialise with other dogs and other people and her confidence has grown by the day.

 Sadly, Glen Eira Council has decided to target Willow and Danny and has fined them more than $700 for the ‘crime’ of being off leash in a designated off leash area.Apart from being born a greyhound, Willow has done nothing wrong. If you believe that greyhounds should be given the same rights as other dogs and that greyhound owners shouldn’t be punished for their selfless act of kindness of rescuing these gentle dogs from a certain death, please support this petition.All we are asking is that Glen Eira City Council makes some move towards welcoming greyhounds into the community.  This could include:- creating designated greyhound off-leash areas and/or times- creating an accreditation pathway - a 'pink tag' - that certifies that placid greyhounds are as welcome as all other dogs in off-leash areas in consultation with greyhound owners, vets and animal behaviouristsThank you for your support.

Colin McEown
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