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Petition to Office of Local Government, Niall Blair MP, Anthony Roberts MP, Gabrielle Upton MP, Clover Moore, Tim Hurst, Paul Toole MP

Link Pet Registries Australia wide to prevent theft and loss.

The NSW Pet Registry is not linked to any of the 5 other national pet databases. This means someone could steal your pet and bring it to (or from) NSW and their microchips wouldn’t scan in their new location. With any luck, your pet would end up in a new loving home. But equally, it could end up used as a fighting dog, or as bait, or sold into a puppy mill, or for any number of other awful scenarios. But no matter what, you’d be left heartbroken. A real life example… In 2013, whilst living in Melbourne, my girlfriend and I rescued the two most amazing dogs in the world. A Husky named Cali and a Labrador named Snickers. I registered them and paid the adoption fees, and they came to live with me for good. In 2015, life took us to Sydney. But a year later, my ex and I split up. At first we shared the dogs, but then my ex changed her mind and I haven’t seen them in 10 months and counting. I’m now facing legal bills in the tens of thousands to win them back through the courts, and it’s something that could have been avoided.  You might be wondering how this happened, since I paid for them and they’re registered to me... Well, just a few days after we split up, my ex went down to the local council and re-registered the dogs in her name. They already had microchips with my information, but the NSW registry doesn’t link to any other database in Australia. It’s the only one that doesn’t. So when their chips failed to return any information, she simply pretended they had never been registered before, and that I didn’t exist, even though both dogs had been officially mine throughout the rest of Australia since 2013. She wasn’t even asked for a change of ownership form. It was negligent of the council not to ask why an 8 and a 5 year old dog had chips that had “not been activated", but moreover it’s a failure of the system that their chips didn’t scan correctly. This is exactly what micro chipping is meant to protect against! How is it possible that the registries are not linked? Please sign this petition to have Pet Registries (in particular the NSW Pet Register) linked Australia wide effective immediately. Protect your pets from loss/theft.

Ben McPhee
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Petition to Councillor Angela Claydon

Provide suitable accommodation for homeless people and their pets.

Cheshire West and Chester Council have reduced funding for homeless accommodation. In order to cut costs they have started housing homeless people with dogs in small flats with no outdoor space. Their homelessness manager Eileen Griffiths, and housing officer Alison Reaney, are of the opinion that dogs don't need a garden because they can toilet indoors. It is a breach of the Animal Welfare Act to keep animals in this condition, it is also of course unsuitable accommodation for the homeless, it is unsanitary. I inspected one of these flats that they said was immediately available to accommodate somebody with two large dogs. The dogs would only have comfortably fit in one room. These two dogs are expected by the council to live in one room, and toilet in the same space. The carpet in this room had remnants of dog excrement on it from the previous residents pets. Cheshire West and Chester Council have a homeless budget of £1,060,104. They currently spend £859,104 of that money on their own wages. The council also receive government funding of £6.5 million for "housing related support." In total the council are taking over £7.3 million for themselves, and dedicating under £200,000 of that money to provide accommodation for the homeless. With £7.5 million to provide accommodation for homeless people, this abuse is inexcusable and unnecessary. The council say for 2015-2020 they're going to focus their resources on: "An on-going programme of training for the team" "Customer leaflets and information materials " "Better investment in ICT software for homelessness data" (They are intending to spend £100,000 on this) Their plan is to take even more money for themselves, Whilst they cut facilities for the homeless.They have made this decision whilst publicly acknowledging that homelessness in the area is increasing. I have a better suggestion for how we can spend the £7.5 million: Provide suitable permanent accommodation for people with pets. Address the shortage of suitable accommodation for single people with pets, by building one bedroom houses. Ensure some of these properties are available outside of West Cheshire Homes, for the many people the council have barred from social housing. Provide suitable temporary accommodation for pet owners. Whilst using current housing stock to house dog owners, you need to use properties with private outdoor space . If you have no suitable one bedroom properties for this purpose currently, you should be willing to use properties with a higher number of bedrooms until you've addressed the shortage. Implement regeneration schemes in areas with outdated accommodation and facilities. If you agree that this is a better use of funds please sign the petition. You can also contact Councillor Angela Claydon who is Cabinet member for housing, and Lord Mayor of Chester. Email: Twitter : Facebook: Telephone: 01244 977701 and 01244 977702

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Petition to Responsible department: Department for Environment Food, and Rural Affairs


C.A.G.E.D North West 'Ban the Bolt' Campaign   [Petition Supported by Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon] Each year an estimated 10,000 ex-racing greyhounds are 'unaccounted' for -- puppies that don’t make the grade, dogs that sustain injuries, are pregnant or unable to find homes, most are less than five years old.Many of these dogs are disposed of in the most 'economical' way - by bolt gun. Under existing UK legislation, any person can use a bolt gun to destroy a greyhound, if they are the legal owner. Attempted destruction of greyhounds by bolt has resulted in innocent dogs being left to suffer in agony for hours, before being found and taken to a veterinary surgery to be finally put to sleep by lethal injection.These dogs should at the very least be entitled to a humane death. Destruction of greyhounds should only be performed by use of intravenous euthanasia, administered by qualified veterinary surgeons. Following the controversial use of bolt guns by RSPCA inspectors a few years ago, the RSPCA requested the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) comment on their review of its 2004 euthanasia rules and guidelines. In April 2010 the RCVS announced that use of the captive bolt guns on dogs was inappropriate.Defra have the power to end this cruel practice so we are calling on them to immediately abolish the use of captive bolt guns to destroy greyhounds in the UK.For more information please click on the links below to read about Milton the greyhound and use of bolt gun in destruction.      

CAGED Nationwide
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