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BBMP: Renew and issue contracts for Animal Birth Control (ABC) service

Imagine you are walking down a lane. You see one street dog. You either ignore her or feed her something -- and you walk on. A month later, you see not one but seven dogs on the same street -- the original one and her six puppies! Dog populations can multiply every month, which is why Bangalore’s municipal corporation (BBMP) has a free Animal Birth Control (ABC) program in place. As part of the program, BBMP issues contracts to animal welfare agencies to ensure humane surgeries on dogs, as well as anti-rabies vaccinations for the safety of the community. However, this program can be effective only there is a continuous ABC service in operation. The good work of six months can be lost by missing out on a single month of ABC. The contract of my locality's ABC agency ended in early October this year, and BBMP has neither renewed it nor appointed another agency to take over. For every month of delay, the population will rise. It is no surprise that Bangalore's street dog population was 2.9 lakh at last count. Please sign my petition asking BBMP to renew old contracts or issue new ones, two weeks before the old agency’s term ends in an area, to ensure the smooth, continuous functioning and handover of the ABC program. BBMP must also renew or issue new contracts for all expired ones on or before 30 November 2018. Today, my area (West Zone) is affected -- covering 44 wards in six constituencies: Malleswaram, Rajaji Nagar, Vijaya Nagar, Mahalakshmi Layout, Gandhi Nagar and Chamarajpet. Tomorrow, your locality could be left without an ABC program. Last year, with re-zoning and fresh contracts being issued, citizens were left without ABC in some areas for several months. This burgeoning population is a recipe for disaster -- dog migration, more fights, more bites. If we want all this to stop, we need to act SOON and contain the numbers. Please sign and share my petition. Together, we and BBMP can work towards a smooth ABC service and reduce the man-animal conflict.

Nandita Subbarao
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Petition to The Animal Welfare Board of India

Sterilisation of dogs to control the population.

The stray dog population in India is in millions. While some are sent to shelters and later get adopted there are still many dogs that are left on the street due to overcrowding in shelters or simply a new pack of dog takes over the same area. The dogs left behind are mostly mistreated by us humans. We hear many incidents where people mistreat stray dogs, and during the lockdown the cases have increased significantly. Sadly, dread and obliviousness have driven numerous Indian residents and authorities to see street dogs as only an annoyance and to look for eradication utilizing unfeeling strategies like harming and beating. While there are laws against animal abuse,mostly people don’t face the consequences they deserve. For the safety of dogs, they are sent to shelters, which are mostly overcrowded. Though shelters try their best to provide as much as much food, due to overcrowding there’s often food shortage. In fact cases of restaurants selling dog meats are sadly very common, dogs who are left behind are often victims of such cruelty. There is an urgent need to control the population of these dogs, to avoid overpopulation and also to save them from such inhumane treatment. The lone logical strategy to humanely lessen street dog populaces is mass fix and fixes, generally known as animal birth control (ABC). Through ABC programs, all the street dogs inside a local area or district are sterlizied and afterward delivered back to their areas. Implementation of sterilisation is the best way to control the population, it’s also the most safest and humane way. Our motive through this petition is to control the population of dogs. On the off chance, everybody should not simply just view dogs as an individual creature but most importantly someone who we share our planet with.

Rashi Agrawal
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