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Petition to Director General Police (DGP Punjab), Capt. Amarinder Singh, Kaptan Singh Solanki, Karan Avtar Singh


Undercover investigations by animal activists from NGO Fauna  Police reveal shocking results- In the state of Punjab, a brutal and inhumane bloodsport is carried out in plain sight – Gambling on fighting dogs as they bleed to death! As dogs bred and trained to be vicious and attack each other are set at each other’s throats to fight, a gory, painful and horrific sight unfolds! Gamblers, Dog owners and spectators take a perverted thrill in watching blood fly, cheering the winning dogs on, the blood lust amply evident, having laid bets worth inordinate amounts of money on their victory. A victory that comes at the cost of the 'losing' dog - throat and tongue torn out, eyes gouged out, heart punctured, dislocated limbs flailing, kicked aside by its owner as too worthless to save. The lives of these dogs are stories of horror and pain, brutal training and abuse from the time they are tiny, helpless puppies. Those puppies that do not have the right temperament for the fight ring are killed or left to die, the rest are trained to be ruthless killers, the fear of a grotesque and painful death pushes them to monstrous fights for survival against stronger dogs, tearing each other apart in the ring aware of punishments that await them should they not perform, a jeering crowd egging them on and fueling their frenzy. Needless to say, several dogs lose their lives and die painful deaths.  The culture of violence that is bred with these dogs is shocking. Only the most unfeeling, psychopathic, perverted person would encourage & take pleasure in a sport that exploits a helpless animal. Please help ban dog fighting by joining Fauna Police and Friendicoes SECA in requesting the Chief Minister of Punjab to immediately end this cruel and illegal practice and punish those caught indulging in this blood sport.

Friendicoes SECA
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Petition to Raj Kumar Khatri, A Manju, Manjunatha Prasad, Sarfaraz Khan, KJ George, Ramnath Rai, Upayukta , S Shekar, Dr KM Mohamed Zafrulla Khan, Smt Padmavathi, RR Rashmi, S. Gowri Shankar (CPIO), Sidhanta Das, AWBI, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Maneka Gandhi

#ABC for #Bangalore -City urgently needs fast, efficient Animal Birth Control

THIS AFFECTS YOU! Also innocent children & please help our beloved Bangalore be responsible & humane.   Bangalore's population is now 120 lacs, & dogs have increased to nearly 3 lacs - but shockingly, instead of doubling the ABC/sterilization Centers, our state has inversely REDUCED from the mandatory 10  to  just 2 ABC Centers i.e CUPA, Koramangala  & Sarvodaya , Queens Road. This is gross dereliction on the part of the BBMP & Animal Husbandry Department whose primary city charter is ABC & ARV. The ABC (Animal Birth Control) centers are stretched to capacity and due to low ABC, dogs multiply & helpless puppies & female dogs bear the brunt of anger, abuse & torture . The Indian Constitution mandates kindness to animals and mandatory ABC for street/community dogs. This is reiterated & enforced by the Supreme Court. At some point, it is also the humans who may have to suffer due to rabies, bites etc., so why are we allowing this to happen? Public & Animal Lovers are forced to bring  street dogs for sterilization or do it at their own cost even though it is the BBMP Animal Husbandry Department's primary duty to ensure a robust & sustainable ABC program for the health of the city, residents and dogs. An unconcerned BBMP seems to be callously waiting for a situation of complete breakdown , after which perhaps they would push for a culling solution like Kerala criminally has - a shame on the golden state of Karnataka. While the whole ecosystem needs addressing, right now we understand that the centrally located , heritage Queens Veterinary Hospital where ABC NGO Sarvodaya is housed , is being demolished to make way apparently for a multistory , specialty Vet hospital (no details available). Where will Sarvodaya go then, and how will the ABC happen, where will the public bring or collect the dogs for sterilization. The lack of vision in demolition and relocation of Sarvodaya without a Plan B is a classic example of BBMP's rampant unconcern and disrespect for this serious issue in Bangalore, voiceless animals as well as to the public it serves. There are old heritage buildings which are being demolished and a tree mapping done last month shows 92 old trees of various heights and girth in the property , which should NOT be touched. Our demand as Bangalore citizens : Sarvodaya remains centrally located to cater to Bangalore dog population& is additionally strengthened with kennels & one more ambulance for pick up ABC Centers to go up to a minimum of 10 in Bangalore with catching and kennel facilities Two additional Shelters for rescue & care be put up Strong ABC experienced people like Dr Peeran et al  be brought in as Advisor to ensure that ABC numbers increase. At least 5 Mobile ABC Ambulances be brought in to cover each ward on weekends. More intern vets put on to ABC program Accountability for ABC numbers etc to be shared with public on a monthly basis Details of the Vet Hospital & facilities to be shared to the public & animal lovers Greater transparency on ABC , rescue and collaboration with public. Monthly meetings and updates on progress , statistics with stakeholders. BBMP ensuring prompt payments and easing logistics to ABC NGOs. Their current apathy is shocking, and the fact that they even  gone so far as to ask an NGO for a bribe, is even more so. Strict punishment and fines introduced for erring ABC officials who do not make the program a success and support it fully. They MUST be heldaccountable Cross department training for Animal Husbandry, BBMP and NGOs so they are able to understand each others situations and objectives , and help each other WIN, instead of tripping each other up , at the expense of the poor dogs. There is clear antagonism & apathy on the program Information dissemination, trainings & open discussions with public so they know the responsible and humane action to take . Proper census on pet and street dogs to be held Links: SUCCESS RATE OF ABC PROGRAMME with Year & Operations 2013: 52,524, 2014: 30,410, 2015: 35,261, 2016: 952 Shocking ! It requires WILL, and Government & Citizen Intervention. Time is SHORT. PLEASE DO IT NOW. (Pic Credit : Grass Root Films/Wunderbar Films )

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore
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Petition to Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation

Our mission is to have a designated off-leash dog area forming part of BGC Greenway Park

Dear BGC residents and visitors, My name is Rhett Pickering and I live in Two Serendra near SM Aura. I believe there is a need for a designated off-leash, fenced-in dog park within BGC. I plan on giving this petition, once it has been signed by a sufficient number of people, to the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation. When my dog Luna joined our family nearly two years ago, there were ample open spaces available to allow a dog to roam safely. These spaces were not actual "dog parks" but undeveloped construction sites and as we are all no doubt aware, those spaces are becoming less accessible as development in our precinct continues. I love living in BGC and am becoming concerned that maintaining the physical and mental health of my dog is becoming increasingly challenging. The creation of Greenway Park has been welcomed as a go-to place for both myself and my dog. Joggers, families and other dogs and their owners mingle peacefully in an area isolated from traffic which allows a high level of safety for these mixed use leisure activities. It has also become a social meeting place for dog owners further strengthening community social and support networks. (Here is a link to a map of Greenway Park ...,121.0440508,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xdb3d2a7b2dfdcc33!8m2!3d14.5486507!4d121.0440508 Large cities such as Toronto, Sydney and London have developed off-leash dog parks. Given the high number of both local and expatriate dog owners in BGC, creation of an off-leash dog park would be a welcome amenity and there currently exists an opportunity to complete this simple project in an area of Greenway Park.  BGC Greenway Park is within walking distance not only of residents of Two Serendra but also nearby residences around Burgos Circle and Forbestown. It is increasingly being utilized by residents of Makati, Quezon City and other areas within Metro Manila, who flock to the area on weekends to experience the open space and nearby cafes. There is no other off-leash dog park within a reasonable travel time of BGC and those that do exist certainly need a car to get to. Creation of a off-leash dog area at Greenway Park would: - Provide another attraction for BGC. This has flow on effects for local businesses around Forbestown and High Street who are already pet-friendly. - Strengthen social networks between residents of BGC. - Reduce carbon footprints by having an area within walking distance of our residential abodes. - It would give passers-by a wonderful source of entertainment. Children will be able to watch as the dogs enjoy themselves and in this case we are also proposing that a sturdy and well-maintained fence would need to be erected to delineate the off-leash boundaries. - Dog parks can be a source of community, bring together people of diverse backgrounds and ages, and increase the overall value and appeal of an area. - A delineated area would lower the potential risk of dogs running onto the walking path interfering with joggers. I am suggesting the dog park be converted from an open area that already exists as part of Greenway Park. This area is the triangular section of open space where Greenway Park meets 26th Street. The open area is opposite UCC Coffee. There are no adjacent playgrounds or facilities nearby, except for the walking path. There are no current uses for this space and it has unofficially been adopted as a meeting area for dog owners and their pets already. Given the generally flat nature of this area, it seems no great challenge to fence off the area from the walking track and the end of 26th Street. From the many discussions I have had with other dog owners and dog lovers, I believe there is a similar view and if you are one of these people, I ask that you please sign this petition in order to begin the process of having an off-leash, fenced-in, dog-park created in Greenway Park.  Regards, Rhett Pickering

Rhett Pickering
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