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Petition to Mayor Liz Innes, Councillor Anthony Mayne, Councillor Phil Constable, Councillor Patrick McGinlay, Councillor Maureen Nathan, Councillor Robert Pollock OAM, Councillor Lindsay Brown, Councillor James Thomson, Councillor Jack Tait

Change time-share rules for dogs on Eurobodalla beaches to summer school holidays ONLY

The Eurobodalla Shire Council (ESC) has time sharing arrangements in place for dogs on allocated beaches in the Shire. These time share arrangements CURRENTLY mean that for those beaches, dogs are prohibited between 1st November to 30th April from 9am to 5pm. That's 6 months of the year!!  We understand that Council want time share arrangements during "peak periods". However, all residents know that when schools are 'in', beaches really have very little use. Peak periods for beach use is really ONLY during summer school holidays.  We believe the current restrictions are excessive and do NOT serve the ageing rate paying, VOTING, residents of the Shire, many of whom have mobility issues that make walking during anything other than low tide, very difficult, if not impossible.  It also does not serve busy parents or an increasing number of shiftworkers with dogs.  Restrictions for 6 LONG months of the year is just a NOT fair go.Exercise for people AND dogs benefits the entire community.   It contributes to community cohesion by bringing local people together, fostering new friendships.  It allows people to socialise their dogs, which in turn reduces barking and problem dogs.  It saves all levels of Government money by improving the health of the community, which in turn, means less people in medical facilities and hospitals.Times have changed.  People who own dogs now consider them to be part of their family! In recognition of this, other laws are changing to be more pet friendly too. Look at the new strata management rules where you now cannot unreasonably prevent someone from having a pet in a unit. Look at retirement homes where you can now take pets with you. There are now many outdoor bars and cafes that encourage people to bring their furry family member.  We acknowledge that Council has zoned many areas as dogs prohibited 24/7 because they there are close to environmentally sensitive areas and because some people in our community prefer not to (ever) be near dogs at the beach. However, for the time share beaches, the Eurobodalla Shire Council are NOT giving residents a fair go.  We respectfully ask that the Mayor and Shire Councillors actually go to the timeshare beaches themselves, at any time of the year when school is "in", and see for themselves just how few (if any) people are on the beach! We call upon the entire Eurobodalla Shire Council to PLEASE support a more compassionate time sharing arrangement that truly IS only during peak periods.  One that suits the ratepayers as well as the visitors that are so important to this region.  Please change the November to April restrictions of dogs on allocated beaches and change them to apply ONLY during NSW School Holidays.  

Kylie Clarke
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Petition to Bayside Council

Maintain and make new upgrades to "Bona Dog Park, Sans Souci".

All the local residents who regularly go to "Bona Dog Park" in Sans Souci have been dealing with an ongoing problem for the past year with the Bayside council. They are careless about all the public who attend the park. Shouldn't the council be promoting people to go out and have fun with their families and their beloved pooches? Well they are certainly doing the opposite! There are only 2 benches at the dog park, which means 2 people can sit on each bench. They are situated in a patch of mud on either side of the park and are usually in the bright blazing sun, which means no one wants to sit on them. So us residents decided to start bringing our own plastic chairs to sit on where we can move around the park to avoid the sun and all sit together and bond and have fun. Today (29/03/17) we arrived to the park to realised that all 13 of the plastic chairs were GONE. As anyone else would be, we were all infuriated with this situation and decided to call the council. They were very rude and abrupt on the phone and wouldn't help us solve this problem and kept interrupting what we were trying to say on the phone to them making us feel worthless of ourselves. We are used to the council being careless as every time they mowed the grass something would be damaged with their machinery - either chairs, the gates etc. Us residents pay our council rates to see you damage the machinery WE pay for you to operate. It's great to see our money is getting to good use to damage your machinery. Moreover, there are many other factors at the park that need to be taken care of like the grass getting mowed more regularly, refill the dog poo bag dispensers, empty the rubbish bins completely. Its a shame to see the council negligent about something a lot of locals care about and that has to change!  04/05/17 - Update Today a member of our dog park went down there to witness the council workers who mow the grass, knock over our chairs with their machinery. We have actual footage of this happening.

Mel Puckeridge
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